Arego Life Review: How On Earth Is Serotonin = Happiness? 


As a researcher in Chemical Engineering, I was stuck with the question of how could Serotonin be equal to happiness when I first came across Arego life. Is there any fact explaining this or just one of the marketing strategies to get you hooked unto a product?

I guess you’re also wondering how or perhaps you’re interested in the business opportunity this will bring you supposed the “happiness magic” Serotonin is true. That, of course, will be a huge income opportunity…everybody wants to be happy and with the high rates of depression, the harvest is ready. 

So in this Arego Life Review, I want to bring to light…….

  • Serotonin = Happiness: Is that true and if it is, how does the scientific explanation of it translate into real life?
  • Demystify Arego Life Income opportunity: Bringing to you the reality in partnering with them with the business opportunity
  • Evergreen alternatives which require no experience…the 4-step blueprint that’s helping over 1000’s of people online. The best part is…it’s FREE

 Before we get happy with Serotonin, let’s take it gradually with baby steps to get to the bottom of Arego Life.  

Quick View of Arego Life

Product Name: Arego Life

Arego Life Review - is it a scam or legitWebsite:

Headquarters: Utah, USA

Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founders: Don Coplin, Jim Douville and Adam Baadsgaard

Founded: March 2018

Products: Nutritional supplement

Price: $49.9/$149.95 for Marketing Partners

Summary: Arego Life is a direct selling company in the nutritional supplement niche which sells its product using a multilevel/network marketing method. Arego Life’s flagship product, Adapt X.1 is claimed to make you happy because of the Serotonin component and thus presenting an income opportunity for people to make money with it. 

My Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Remarks: Approach with caution

number one recommendation

What is Arego Life About?

Arego Life is a network marketing company which was founded in 2018 and has its main office in Utah, USA. Their main product, Adapt X.1 which is categorized under nutritional supplement was discovered after 20 years of research led by Dr Don Coplin. According to their site, their product contains a ”happiness hormone” called Serotonin which impacts all aspect of your life. 

Featured boldly on the website are these 3 big men; Adam Baadsgaard, Jim Douville and Dr Don Coplin. Adam Baadsgaard is the co-founder and CEO, Jim Douville is the President and Dr Don Coplin, a 17-year retired dentist is introduced as an avid researcher and formulator.

Arego Life Review - founders

Now that you know the great minds behind this company, let’s delve into what they have to offer. 

How Do You Earn Money With Arego Life?

A marketing partner’s (MP) earning is made through enrolling customers which is similar to retailing in other companies and building a team. The former is related to the sales of the product itself while the latter is with recruitment into the Arego Life business.    

Enrolling Customers/Product Sales

50% of the sales volume you generate from your customers is paid out through the compensation plan to you. The payment of commissions here is done daily and monthly. You earn commissions when new customers you enroll make their first order, old customers reorder and when you also make a personal purchase. 

Building a Team/Recruitment

Arego Life tries to keep it balanced by offering 50% of MP’s purchases as payment through their compensation plan. They’re team commissions which are earned on people you recruit into the business. The money you earn in this option is also paid daily and monthly depending on the category it falls under. 

What you earn is somehow unlimited depending on how much you work as a marketing partner. 

How Do You  Become a Marketing Partner with Arego Life?

Arego Life doesn’t state on their website whether you’re required to pay an annual fee before you become a partner with them as done by Qnet, QuiAri and Acti-Labs. To become a Marketing Partner, you’re to complete an online form providing the following info;

  • Personal Information
  • Kit Selection for Marketing Partners (MP)
  • Automatic Shipment
  • Payment Information
  • Replicated Website

For an MP you have two kits so select from; Starter kit which goes for $49.9 and Executive kit for $149.95. Selecting one of these kits is compulsory as MP. Replicated website is a back-office you get to manage your business. It requires a unique name and password. 

When you’re through with that, then your network marketing business journey begins. Let’s take a look at the compensation plan.  

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Arego Life Compensation Plan – Is It Different From The Rest?

To enjoy most of the commissions I’ll be delving in, you need to have the start-out-right goals at your fingertips;

Arego Life has a blend of retail enforced and residual commissions that come with the recruitment of MPs into your team. Hence the more you put in the effort, the higher your chances of receiving a lot of bonuses;

Retail Commissions

Arego Life pays you 25% commission on Adapt X.1 product you sell to customers. This could be new customers or old customers of yours that reorder Arego Life product. The commissions here are paid daily. 

New Customer Pool Commission

Aside from the retail commissions, Arego Life also deducts 25% of total sales you make on new customers into a New Customer Pool (NCP) where you earn shares depending on the day the sales were made. The shares are calculated as follows;

Period of sale shares per product ordered by new customers

  • First 7 days 4
  • 8-30 days 3
  • 31-60 days 2
  • Over 60 days 1

For example, if $50,000 worth of products are purchased by new customers in a particular month the NCP amount (25%) will be $12,500. Assuming the product purchase are distributed in the days as shown below;

Arego Life Review - NCP calculations

Value per share = 12,500/1350 = $9.26

Hence your commissions in the first 7 days = 9.26 * 4 = $37.04. This commission is paid monthly into your account. 

Commissions Earned By Building a Team of MPs

Recruitment Commissions

You earn 25% commission of the first order your personally enrolled new MP makes. The amount varies depending on the kind of kit your downline signed up with. 

The Uni-Level Commissions

Arego Life Review - unilevel bonusAs you continue to recruit more people into your team, you build a level of MPs forming a pyramid where you make commissions on them to the 10th level.

The commissions are paid as follows;

  • Level 1 – 3  ==> 3%
  • Level 4 – 6  ==> 2%
  • Level 7 & 8 ==> 5% 
  • Level 9       ==> 2%
  • Level 10     ==> 1%

To be qualified for these commissions, you should have one active personally enrolled MP and 50PV which does not include new customer’s first order. In this unilevel, MPs who’re not active are compressed out of the pyramid.

Arego Customer CO-Op (ACC)  Commissions

rego Life Review - customer co-opThis is similar to the unilevel except that this works on a 3X13 matrix with a different set of rules for qualification. In this matrix, the first level is three, the next 9 and then 13. The matrix undergoes constant renewability as MPs are removed or replaced based on qualification. 

To earn your position in this matrix you have to be both activated and qualified. To be activated you must have 3 personally sponsored purchasing customers in any 30 day period. You qualify by having 3 actives (50PV) personally enrolled MPs who have also activated.  

The commissions from this matrix are paid out from 40% of the 25% of downline volume from customers second-order upward and any MPs order above their first 100PV for the month.

100% Check Match Bonus

Arego Life pays you a 100% matching bonus on all ACC commissions earned by your personally enrolled MPs. This captures even MPs who may have overtaken you in the matrix 

Company Founders Pool

20% of the 25% sales volume plus $2.5 per bottle is channelled into a similar matrix like the ACC. According to their compensation guide, this is paid out to members who help build Arego Life but doesn’t provide details as to where the money actually goes. 

Lifestyle Bonus

Arego Life has 12 ranks in all whose bonuses are different from the unilevel and matrix. Among the 12 ranks, only 10 receives monthly bonuses;

  • Regional Directors –  $100 
  • Regional Executives – $200 
  • Regional Partners – $400 
  • National Directors – $800 
  • National Executives, National Partner, Global Director, Global Executive, Global Partner and Beachcomber all receive a $1000 bonus.  

Before you qualify for any of the above you need to meet certain qualifications to be eligible. Usually, your personally enrolled MPs should be in a particular rank before you’re considered. 

Global Bonus Pool

Arego Life gives away a prorated percentage up to 5% of the company’s total volume of sales except for new customer volume;

  • Rank Beachcomber receives a prorated share in 1% of the company’s volume every month known as the Everest Infinity Pool based on total Team PSV to infinity
  • Rank Global Partner and above receive a prorated share in 1% of the Denali Pool every month based on total Team PSV in 15 levels
  • Rank Global Executive receives a prorated share in 1% of the Denali Pool every month based on total Team PSV in 15 levels
  • Rank Global Director receives a prorated share in 1% of the Alps Pool every month based on total Team PSV in 8 levels
  • Rank National Partner receives a prorated share in 1% of the Alps Pool every month based on total Team PSV in 8 levels

The Product – Adapt X.1

Arego Life Review - Adapt X productNow that you know what you stand to get with the business model of Arego Life, let’s take a closer look at the product you’ll be recommending to people if you decide to work with them.

Unlike Acti-Labs and Qnet with several products to choose from, Arego Life has one product – Adapt X.1 spray. According to Arego Life, Adapt X.1 helps the body to naturally balance its’ Serotonin (sometimes called happy chemical) levels. 

And when that happens, you’re promised of the following benefits;

  • 8% Less Tension
  • 15% Less Depression
  • 25% Less Irritability
  • 33% Faster Falling Asleep
  • 50% Improved Sleep Efficiency
  • 40% Improved Sleep Quality
  • 30% Fewer Wakes at Night
  • 24% More Time in REM Sleep

For its usage, it’s recommended to spray and swallow 6 times daily for best results. This sounds like casting a magic spell in your mouth…just a joke the spray works faster.    

What I like about Arego Life

Personally, joining a direct selling company in network marketing with only one product will take more than words to convince me…I’m very sceptical. However, Arego Life has some good things worth pointing out…you’re entitled to your own decision.

Good #1: 60 Days Money Back Promise To Customers

Arego Life Review - money back guaranteeNot all companies do that. The usual thing has been a 30-day money-back guarantee but they offer twice that which implies that they believe in their products. According to Arego Life’s refund policy, a customer can return the product if, after 60 days of usage, it doesn’t deliver results as claimed or you’re unsatisfied. 

In that case, you can request a refund but you should have purchased 2 bottles of the product to be considered. If you buy only 1 bottle you’re automatically disqualified from the money-back guarantee. This is because there are 220 sprays per bottle of Adapt X.1 which roughly takes you approximately 37 days for 6 sprays daily. 

Surprisingly, this money-back guarantee doesn’t apply to Market Partners. However, for a Market Partner to enjoy that you need to first try the product as a customer. In all, I think this is a cool deal for anyone who wants to try the product as a customer. Less risk.

Good #2: A Good Effort to Balance Compensation Plan

Although the Arego Life Compensation plan is not perfect per FTC guidelines, they’re making an effort to toe the line compared to most MLM companies. The reason why I’m saying this is that for a Marketing Partner to be activated, you need to sign up 3 customers which is a way of promoting direct selling as encouraged by FTC. 

Also, qualifying for bonuses not only requires signing up 3 MPs but helping them activate that is getting 3 customers each. That’s a good thing and I hope they go on to improve other parts that go against FTC guidelines. 

Red Flags Revealed – Is It Worth Partnering With Arego Life?

Redflag #1: No Income Disclosure Statement

As appealing as their compensation plan looks, they don’t have any income disclosure statement on the website. This implies that you have no way of assessing your chances of succeeding with their business opportunity which to me is a big RED FLAG

Irrespective of the effectiveness of the product as claimed, you can’t pump money into it with no clue of the possibility of succeeding. At least, they should have something to show for it that you wouldn’t be throwing your money away by providing some basic income statistics.

Although, having that there wouldn’t mean that you’re going to earn similar as someone is earning but it gives you some confidence that you’re investing in a good business. 

Redflag #2: If You’re Mindful Of BBB Accreditation, Forget It. No Rating!

For those of you who are confident in BBB investigations, note that Arego Life is not accredited, neither is it rated by them. If you’re new to what BBB does, check out the video below for a better understanding. 

This implies that they’ve not been proven by BBB of their claims so that should send a caution to you if you’re deciding to join the company.  

Redflag #3: Relatively Cheaper Serotonin Supplements Are Available on Amazon

Arego Life Review - amazon serotonin productSince the focus of their flagship product, Adapt X.1 is Serotonin, I did a quick check on Amazon to find out if there exist similar products. Interestingly, there are a number of them which are far cheaper than what Arego Life offers. You can get Serotonin supplements even below $25. 

A single bottle cost $70 and preferred customers get them at $55 on Arego Life which is far more expensive to what’s on Amazon. What this means is that you have to give people a good reason to buy from you as an MP with Arego Life. If you can’t convince people on why they have to choose Adapt X.1 over what’s on Amazon, then your chances of succeeding as MP is very very slim. 

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My Conclusion – Is Arego Life Scam or legit?

Arego Life has been around for quite some time and on the surface seems to be retail-focused with its compensation plan. From the information I’ve gathered so far, Arego Life is not a scam but I’m not so much convinced with their claims of Adapt X.1 and how it promotes happiness. 

Do you just switch to happiness mode with the spray of Adapt X.1? My further search discovered that Serotonin can be found in the brains, bowels and blood platelets. It plays a key role in mood balance and quality of sleep but there hasn’t been a clear link between Serotonin levels and depression (or making you happy). 

Maybe Arego Life has to come clear on this or we take it as just marketing hype.

On the business side, it’s kind of strange when MPs are given a commission on their purchase. I think it’s simpler when offered discounts. Overall Arego Life tries to balance the retail and recruitment requirements in their compensation plan. 

Aside from other things that make me sceptical with Arego Life and its business, you should be able to keep up with the following if you want to make money with them. If you can’t, don’t expect to find any success; 

  • Chasing people here and there to sell them products or get a network of customers
  • Buying products every month to meet the requirement for commissions, which forces you to cough up the money for it all the time even when you don’t have it. You sometimes have to buy more than you need. 
  • Organizing meetings regularly for your downlines and having to call at least 20 people a day…you’re mostly on the phone 

That’s my experience with MLMs, which I couldn’t keep up with. If you can’t, then there is a better option which I’ve found to make money online where…..

  • People rather come to me without approaching them
  • You don’t have to own or buy any product or build any pyramid scheme to make a full-time income

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Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with Arego Life.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

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14 thoughts on “Arego Life Review: How On Earth Is Serotonin = Happiness? ”

  1. Nice and very comprehensive article about Arego Life. Serotonin=happines made lots of questions in my mind and wanted to read the review to find out what is behind it. In my opinion, this seems too much multilevel marketing for me. Another issue is there are much cheaper and pretty similar products sold elsewhere, Amazon included. If there would be much smaller fees for joining this, I could give it a try. However, thanks for sharing this. Thanks to people like you and sites like yours, people are not only able to make money online but also to consider whether some programs and platforms are worth it or not and people can also avoid getting scammed if there would be actual scams out there. 

  2. To be blunt, I would never consider giving a chance to this arego life serotonin. They are offering a business model that is known to have made people poorer than they ever could be richer. Hence, MLM marketing is not really a good way to go for me. However, I like the offer of being able to enjoy all these lifestyle benefits and their commissions seem nicer too. But left to me, I am more okay with not getting involved with them at all. Thanks

  3. Personally, I have never been a big fan of MLM programmes and seeing now that arego life doesn’t have a BBB rating is already discouraging. I think that I better find something else to spend my time on. I really don’t understand how they got so much rating from you because even if the product does work, there are other cheaper ones online that’ll do the same job. Overall, nice review. Very detailed.

    • I gave that rating because of the effort in trying to meet the FTC guidelines…..being retail focussed than recruitment biased in their compensation plan. The decision is with you….just to help you with comprehensive information to make the right one. 
      As I stated, MLM is not for everyone so if you can’t fit there are other ways to make money online like Affiliate Marketing without having to experience the bitter side of MLMers.  

  4. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing post as it can be of great benefit to so many people out there. There has been great interest by people in going online to make money and to some people very effective while some have fallen victim of bad online businesses. Going by this product, it has quite a good niche that can sell well, and that’s a good step, however its MLM scheme program is a turn off for me. I have been involved in quite a few where it took so long before I could hear something reasonable. Nice being here.

  5. Thank you very much for this review on arego life. An old-time friend was trying to introduce me to the business itself but I didn’t know if to trust it or not. From your explanation, I have seen many MLM programmes that use the health niche. They believe this is the best way to sell their products. Nice one here.

  6. Hello there, thanks for sharing this really nice information. I have been looking for an online means to start earning since I retired from my job. Looking at this product to be sold, it’s quite necessary and would easily be sold to people. I’ll love to give it a try, but looking at the MLM program in it, is it compulsory I recruit people into it before I can get my commission?

    • Hi, grateful to have your comment. 
      From their comp plan, you’re not strictly to recruit if you want to make money by retailing their products to customers. However, if you want to earn residual income with their system, recruitment is unavoidable. 

  7. Hi there and thank you for your review.
    I am a German natural health practitioner. In recent years I am working more and more with people and patients who suffer from stress…and of course the problems that arise from it. In Mai, a doctor friend introduced me to this spray. Of course I was sceptical. But…I trusted him and wanted to give it a try. I was myself in a challenging situation of my life. By the way, the product does not contain serotonine but a substance called Seroctin, an adaptenol from young corn plants. I tested it myself and gave it to several volunteers…. the feedback was fantastic. Even my usually scared cats responded to it and reacted suddenly more trustful to strangers. My own experience with it in terms of my inner peace an regained restful sleep convinced me to register as a distributor in August 2019 and recommend this product to my clients, patients and colleagues. The success is amazing. As per today I have a downline of 768 distributors, many of them from the medical field. In January I was able to meet with the founders in Germany and I can say to be more than happy having chosen this product and this company.

    • Hello Martina,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s good that you have firsthand experience with the products. I see you’re doing well considering the number of downlines you’ve built in less than a year. I want to believe your profession has no influence on this achievement. Anyway, I wish you well in your endeavours.


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