Boostpal Review – A Scam or Make $0.4 Per 30 Second?

Are you wondering whether Boostpal is a genuine system to make money online or it’s a scam you would have to stay away from? Does this system deliver the kind of promises it makes to you by just watching a video for 30 seconds? My review will provide you with inside information on what this system really is.

Falling for scams is bitter experience and so I would like you to follow me closer to what I’ve gathered from this platform. With my experience online about these systems, you’re easy to fall prey but is this one of them? Let’s cut to the chase.

What is Boostpal?

Name: Boostpal


Country: Claims to be in the UK

Model: Pay Per Impression

My Overall rating: 4.5 out of 10

Boostpal is a Paid-Video-Ad system which offers short online videos and video ads to consumers to watch for at least 30 seconds. When you carry out that activity it’s said to have made a video impression and that you’re credited a percentage of the advertisement money. So, the greater the number of videos you watch, the higher you’re paid but you would have to pay a subscription fee for any number of videos you want to watch in a day.

This independent advertisement technology company as they claim came into action from United Kingdom creative hub. However, its global network originated from Bristol and they have their commercial team and leadership operations in London and San Francisco respectively as found on their site.

In their point of view, watching a video for 30 seconds in the comfort of your home is an easy way to make money online. One would ask whether this is real because several platforms of this nature are created to rob people of their hard earned money. So you really have to watch out about them. Upon my due diligent research, I found out that their website domain has been in existence for less than 3 years and the site is well secured.

Their business concept is somewhat too good to be true but that’s how it’s operating now. It credits members the amount as they claim depending on the kind of membership package you sign up for.

BoostPal | Welcome To The New Era Of Video Monetization

How Boostpal Really Works?

To understand the system of Boostpal I would take you through how video content owners like Youtubers make money online. Video content owners commonly on youtube make money when viewers click on an Ad or watch an advertisement served on their videos.

To an advertiser, an impression is made anytime someone views that Ad for not less than 30 seconds or when clicking on it. When that activity takes place the video owner is paid. So what Boostpal does is that it centralizes a platform where an advertisement is served for people to not only make an impression by viewing but get paid for it. So, in a sense, it’s split the amount that should have been paid to a video content owner with the customer who viewed the video.

However, you would have to sign up before you can get access to the video to make money from. Is it real? Yes, it is but it’s a question of how long can they keep this system. I’ve tested and they’ve proven to be real for now and functioning as they claim. Per their system, you make $0.4 for every video that you watch for 30 seconds. They claim to have over 30,000 paid videos to serve customers with.

Any membership package you sign up for is due 6 months except for free membership which lasts for only 13 days. You can renew or upgrade your membership when it expires. From what I found, their system allows for withdrawals on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up in Boostpal?

Boostpal has 6 types of membership package. Every package comes with a particular number of videos to watch in a day and several other options which are shown in the table below.

You’re to note that the system does not guarantee you any fixed amount of money you would earn. Your earnings are dependent on the package you choose and the number of videos you watch in a day. You can start with a free membership where you watch only 2 videos per day.

However, you can upgrade to any package you want during or after trying the free membership if you think you can work with them. I’ve tried myself to ensure that I give you genuine information that it works but can’t give you a 100% guarantee.

Anytime you would want to upgrade to any level, the system calculates the difference you have to pay if your previous package has not expired. You do that using Perfect Money, Payeer or Bitcoin. The same medium is used in withdrawing your money with mobile money as an additional option.


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The Pros About Boostpal

  • Their system is secured.
  • You have a free starter package where you can check out the platform before you upgrade.
  • They have a well-structured site which is up to standard.
  • You can also refer someone to the platform and earn some credits.
  • You watch the video at your own pace.
  • You can maximize your earnings by becoming a regional representative

The Cons About Boostpal

  • You can’t withdraw any money for the 13-day free package. This is because the minimum payout is $15 and your money wouldn’t be up to that amount by the time your free membership expires. That’s 2*0.4*13 =  $10.40
  • You can only withdraw on Tuesdays and Fridays. This sometimes changes which is a sign of a business that you can’t really trust.
  • You’re likely to view the same videos every day. This makes me wonder about the legibility of the business so you might have to think through well before signing up.
  • To earn enough money, you have to pay so that you can watch a lot of them. It’s something I’ve been asking myself: why must I pay to watch an Ad in order to be paid?

Is BoostPal a Scam or Legit?

From my experience with other scam platforms, Boostpal is trying to play its cards well to not be seen as a scam. Hence, you have to tread carefully because this is an internet based business and anything can happen. If you’re a business minded person, you have to prepare for any risk even if all indicators show a green light.

Although, I’ve made a withdrawal from the business since I tried to discover its true identity but it doesn’t guarantee that it’s legit because I have some doubts about them. So, all I can say for now is, Boostpal works as it claims in the time being.

You’ll hear some comment around that it’s a scam and that mostly come from people originating from Kenya. From my research, I found out from some members that the company closed down access to them when fraud activities were noticed. Other than that, I’ve no concrete information now to say that this upcoming company is a total scam. That’s will be ridiculous. Try your free membership to find out.

You can see the withdrawal I’ve done since I tried this system. It’s not that much but its accumulation can make a little difference as pocket money if they stay true to their claims.

If you want to reach me personally for some information about them, you can do so through my email and I will be glad to help you.

My Personal Analysis

At this point, you should have a good amount of information to decide whether to join or not but I will recommend that you try the free membership to assess the platform yourself before making your final decision about them.

Starting from the outlook of the site to the delivery of service, I will say Boostpal is well structured to fit a legit business model which is intended to help people make money online by watching a video for 30 seconds. Also, when I ordered my payment, it took less than 12 hours to receive payment.

The business model is not that bad since you watch videos of people without getting paid for the ads you click or watch sometimes. This is giving you a fair deal to earn from a system someone has created but here are my doubts about their claims that you might want to ponder over before deciding to join them:

  • The $0.4 per 30 seconds video is too good to just fall for it. The reason is that some genuine Get-Paid-To (GPT) and Paid-To-Click (PTC) platforms like Clixsense and fusioncash do not give that high amount of earnings per 30 seconds of engagement. So it’s something you have to think through before joining because I’m wondering on how long would this system go with this payment strategy.
  • There are issues with the originality of their business location.
  • If you look at their payment system, it seems to support more of African setting to the extent of having mobile money as available options. It makes me doubt because a business from UK should have a lot of things favouring citizens of that country. This speaks more of a scam business playing its cards well to fraud people.
  • To clear some issues circulating around, I tried to message them but I haven’t received a reply since. This should get you thinking to find your right answer about them.
  • Also, they’ve now reduced the days of withdrawals to only Fridays claiming that they’re facing problems which are signs for you to watch out.

All these points to the high risk you face in investing with them although people are claiming it’s totally legit and that they’ve made a profit with them. I’ve tried it myself but to tell you the truth, you can’t trust them so watch out.

However, if you’re seeking a more reliable business model which can be owned by you, then you can follow what I will be sharing next.

Do You Care Building Your Own Business Online?

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Your Multi income stream searcher,


24 thoughts on “Boostpal Review – A Scam or Make $0.4 Per 30 Second?”

  1. Boostpal is very legit (I guarantee that). Recently, we had few challenges on the site due to a system upgrade. Now, all upgrades are complete and we are really making it. I am able to withdraw without issues even via MTN Mobile Money since its supported in my country.
    People who visit boostpal on VPNs or Proxies end up getting their accounts blocked but due to high fraud level, boostpal can’t allow VPNs or Proxies. (Most sites don’t).

    • so how come I’m unable to visit the site?. I tried loading the site and it’s not responding. I’m beginning to think this boostpal thing Is a fraud???

      • Hello Selorm,
        I think it might be a technical problem. If they’re indeed a good business to trust as Jarib says, they will be back. You have every right to suspect them but try not to be in a rush to conclude on them. Wait a while and let see what happens.

    • Why do you have to pay to use this service? The site is getting paid by advertisers to drove traffic, correct? That is the huge red flag to me…Pay you so I can get paid to watch videos. That is the classic Ponzi Scheme Model. I also noticed this question is not in the FAQ on the site @jarib. Sounds like a Nigerian Ponzi Scam to me.

      • Hi John,
        Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It’s something I’m doing a background check on and comparisons with most legit sites that are of this category. It’s only a matter of time to bring out whatever is hidden. Until then your decision to join the platform is dependent on you.

    • Hello Sir Johnson,
      Thanks for passing by to share your experience with Boostpal. I’m glad you’re earning something with this business platform and wish you more success. I hope the information provided will be useful to those searching about them.

    • Hi Rhema,
      Fortunately, the website is back and running. Recently I read about their upgrade news but I’m surprised the site was behaving that way. They’re asking their customers to be patient because they did a system upgrade and server migration.
      As I pointed out in the review, all these should be expected if you want to work with them since it has to do with the internet. I hope things get better for you.

  2. Why did boostpal closed to Kenya’s and what fraud activity contributed to the closure of the site to our brothers in Kenya

    • Hi Francis,
      I’m glad you stopped by. All that is found on some site is fraud activities were detected but to hear straight from the horse’s mouth, I’ve sent them a message. It’s been a while though but they’ve not replied me yet. I wouldn’t want to speculate because I’m not part of their administration so I will give you the right answer when they reply. You’re always welcome to check it out.

    • Hello Thomas,
      Thanks for stopping by. In fact, I’ve not only tried their system to see how it works but to know their true nature. So, I would want to get a reliable evidence and get back to you on this.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for passing by. It’s a hard truth to bear that boostpal has gone silent in the system and I don’t think they’re coming back. That’s how most scammers have been. They hit their target and off they go. Sorry for this bitter experience. However, if you want to invest in a trustworthy platform where you can build your own business online, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for you.

    • John, I see your frustration and it’s something I can relate to. By now you should accept the fact that boostpal is not what they say they are. They’re not in the system.

    • Hello Thomas,

      I’m not sure but it possible looking at the similarity of their investment plans. The dashboard of Workmines is similar to that of boostpal which makes it so obvious that they wouldn’t stay for long. Boostpal laster about 4 months from the time I tried it.

      However, Workmines was registered in 2017 from domain check. They may be paying for now but it’s only a matter of time for them to be exposed. I wouldn’t advise you to invest in their system because I don’t see any sustainability with their business model.

      If you want to make real money, check out my #1 recommendation.


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