GetPaidTo Review: You Even Earn with Idle Computer

I’m not that a fan of GPT sites but GetPaidTo got my attention with an interesting feature of theirs which allows users to earn money online not just engaging in simple tasks but even with an idle computer. Yes, you heard that right. 

So if you’re here chances are that you’ve heard of these claims and you’re wondering how true can you earn money whenever you go online as they put it or whether GetPaidTo is even worth joining. 

First of all, let me congratulate you on doing your background check because not all that shines are gold considering the rate at which people are deceived on the internet. I’ve personally tested the platform so, in this GetPaidTo review, I’ll provide you with firsthand information on what I discovered from my test and research. 

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GetPaidTo Review

Name: GetPaidTo

make money every time you come online


Headquarters: Likely to be in the USA

Platform Type: GPT

Founder: Not Disclosed

Date Registered: January 19, 2000

Cost: FREE to join

Summary: GetPaidTo is a GPT website that pays you for participating in tasks such as surveys, offers, and playing games. An interesting feature that comes with this platform is renting your unused bandwidth in exchange for money just turning your computer on without you doing anything. The company has received loved from users due to its good payment record and appears to be a nice place to make extra bucks. 

My Overall Rating: 8.7 out of 10

Remarks: If you have an unused bandwidth to rent, participating in other offers can earn you a good extra income 

number one recommendation

What Is GetPaidTo About? 

GetPaidTo was first registered in 2000 as GPT site where users engage in tasks to earn points which are redeemable for cash and other gift card rewards. The website underwent an overhaul in 2015 introducing extra features to increase the earning options which have given it a new look. 

Apart from it referred to as a GPT site, it can also be associated with a cloud service platform that allows users to exchange their unused internet bandwidth for money without having to do anything. This gives it a unique identity among similar platforms from both angles. 

The website has been in operation for over 15 years and appears to be loved by users due to their good history of payment. However, it seems strange how a platform with a good reputation would want to go anonymous in terms of the big brains behind it. 

But who cares, so far as they’re honouring what they claim to offer, that becomes not much of news to talk about. Let’s delve into how you can benefit from it if you care less about the faceless founder. 

How Do You Make Money with GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo provides different options of earning on the platform which makes it one of the great GPT websites to make extra cash for your pocket. What fascinates me is the bandwidth renting feature that helps you to make money with your idle computer. It’s a whole income potential on some platforms such as FluidStack, Honeygain, Earn Money Wizard, LoadTeam and Packity

Rent Your Unused Bandwidth For Money (Up To $40/month earning potential)

This earning option has a whole lot of competing websites which I have curated under an article I wrote on ways to make money with your idle computer. There are several options so you can find out if you’re interested in putting your idle computer to work for money. 

To make up to $40/month with this option, you must have the following technical requirements: 

  1. Microsoft Windows (64bit) or Linux (Ubuntu). 
  2. A desktop computer. Laptops that are online more than 50% (12 hours) of the time are also accepted. 
  3. 2GBs of RAM.
  4. 10 GBs of free storage space.
  5. Upload Speed of >1Mbps

In addition to signing up on the GetPaidTo website, you’re required to install another application on your computer so that you can earn from this option. The application enables your computer to be recognized as an exit node where your bandwidth can be accessed for their cloud services. 

ways to earn on getpaidto website

This is just a subsection of one of the main options available on GetPaidTo website. There are numerous ways to earn points on GetPaidTo which can be categorized as:

Daily Surveys

You can get unlimited surveys every day which has the potential of earning you tens to thousands of points from the survey routers. However, the number of surveys that might be available to you is dependent on your profile. GetPaidTo provides you with several routers including: 

  • TheoremReach
  • YourSurveys
  • Red Fire Network
  • Yuno
  • Enligne Survey
  • Opinion Capital
  • Reward Labs
  • Revenue Walls

Each of these routers comes with several studies that you can participate to accumulate points. 

Playing Games

This will be your go-to option if you’re someone who plays games in your spare time. There are so many games to choose from which you can earn points anytime you participate. The games are categorized under:

  • Card
  • Arcade
  • Strategy
  • Puzzles
  • Word

So if you do play these games already, then why not participate to make extra cash doing what you do. 

Offer Walls

There is a wide range of tasks to do under this option to earn points which ranges from installing an app on your phone to watching videos. If you’re one who’s skeptical about having an unknown app on your phone, then you wouldn’t want to try this. The networks available here are: 

  • AdGem
  • Adgatemedia
  • Peanutlabs
  • Adscendmedia
  • ayeT-Studios
  • RadiumOne
  • Kiwiwall
  • Offertoro
  • Fuber
  • Revenue Universe

That’s a good number of options but these don’t make you many points than surveys. 

Earn Quick Points

As the name implies it’s the easiest earning option on GetPaidTo which is one of my favourites in accumulating points on the platform. You earn by filling captchas, watching videos, doing simple quizzes, tasks and even just leaving your computer on as you rent out your unused bandwidth. 

These options can be found under;

  • Hcaptcha
  • Jungle 
  • Bandwidth

While the first three options wouldn’t make you many points compared to taking surveys, the bandwidth alone can make you as much as $40 every month. As explained earlier, you rent your unused bandwidth to the platform in exchange for money. Nice way to make passive income which can’t be found on other legit websites like PointsPrizes, Rewards1, TimeBucks, and PrizeRebel

Referral Program

Apart from earning points by actively participating in surveys and tasks, GetPaidTo offers you the chance to make commissions on points of friends you refer to the platform. You’re rewarded 15% commission which does not affect the points of anyone you refer.

So if you have huge social followers who’re also interested in making side income participating in surveys, then it can be a good way to maximize your earnings. 

How Much Money Can You Realistically Make with GetPaidTo?

That’s a simple question but a tough one to give a definite answer. With my experience online, GPT websites usually don’t earn you much but what GetPaidTo offers is likely to make you a nice extra income. 

Considering all the earning options, you’re likely to earn between $5 – $40 every month which is uncommon in its industry. If you’re renting your bandwidth in addition to participating in surveys, then you’re likely to make a little extra cash not less than $10. 

Let’s say you averagely earn 500 points and rents your unused bandwidth using a computer of 10-100Mbps upload speed every day. For 30 days, you make 15,000 points which are equivalent to $3 and $8 for renting which totals $11 – realistic!.  

How Do You Withdraw Your Money?

As mentioned earlier, GetPaidTo rewards you in points that are redeemable for cash and gift cards. Every 5,000 points you earn is equivalent to $1 and it can be withdrawn by direct transfer via TransferWise and Skrill or through cryptocurrencies, Amazon gift cards, and PayPal.  

For Skrill, cryptocurrencies, and Amazon, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $1 while bank transfer and Paypal are $5. All come with transaction fees except Amazon gift cards. Also, cashouts are manually processed which is currently between business hours of 9 AM – 5 PM EST. 

Reality Check – Things To Note Before Joining GetPaidTo


  • Free to join at no sign-up cost
  • Offers a wide range of earning options
  • Provides several withdrawal methods
  • A relatively lower minimum threshold of withdrawal
  • You can make as much as $40/month by renting your unused bandwidth
  • Available everywhere
  • SSL Certificate meaning your personal information is safe on the website


  • Most cashout options come with a transaction fee
  • You can’t actually quit your job over it (check this #1 recommendation)

What I Like About GetPaidTo

Support Team Is Very Responsive

I faced validation issues during the sign-process and so I sent them a support ticket. I sent it with the hope to receive a response after 24 hours but I got it in less than 30 minutes which is commendable.  

I tried it for the second time and it also came within the same time as the first which implies you can rely on them for support. However, GetPaidTo allows one support ticket at a time which I think it’s cool. 

Good Payment Report

No matter how easy earning points is,  a GPT which does not pay members of their hard-earned money is not worth breaking a sweat over it. GetPaidTo has proven not only to be a supportive platform but one that cares about people’s efforts. 

Reports from users show that they’re paying and that anyone with spare time to exchange for money can make some extra cash. Most users love using the platform because of this proven record. 

customers review about GetPaidTo
GetPaidTo users payment proof
payment proof of GetPaidTo

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My GetPaidTo Payment Proof – I Tried It Myself!

I gave GetPaidTo a try myself so you wouldn’t have to take the risk testing any waters. Here’s the good news……..I’ve received two payments from them after meeting the minimum threshold as seen below:

GetPaidTo payment proof from my personal testingGetPaidTo payment proof that shows it's a legit website

All the payments were made in less than 24 hours. From what I’ve experienced so far, they don’t delay your payment. At least not for the Paypal option that I use. You can sign up here to earn a bonus.  

Is GetPaidTo a Scam?

NO! GetPaidTo is not a scam. All indicators show that GetPaidTo is far from a scam website.

They’ve been in operation for more than 15 years and they’ve proven to be a legit website by paying members as claimed. I have tried the platform myself and made two withdrawals as shown earlier. What I can’t guarantee you is how long it will take you to make your first withdrawal. 

What is going to change the phase of the earning rate on GetPaidTo is the bandwidth renting that has been added. Not only can you earn points by actively participating in surveys and tasks, but you can also let your idle computer make you the money while you sleep. This is a great way to make nice extra cash if you have unused bandwidth. 


GetPaidTo is a legitimate website with several ways to earn from including selling your bandwidth for money. It’s a pretty good side hustle but you can’t quit your job over it. 

Regarding your safety on the website, there is not much to fear with your personal information since the website is secured. Their dashboard is simple and neat and you can easily navigate your way around. Although you can’t quit your job engaging yourself on GetPaidTo, you can definitely make some extra cash

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Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with GetPaidTo.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

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