Hedgefinity Review: A Scam OR Turn Your $11 Into $42M?

Checking on Hedgefinity and wondering whether it’s a scam or a business that will turn your $11 to $42 M? There are several systems of so-called “financial freedom” to people willing to work online that one has to be very careful when trying to join.

Can this system really turn your $11 to $42M as it claims? $42M might be true for the system to explain but unrealistic to me with the amount you’re investing. I have quite a good experience with these systems and I will be analysing it together with you through this review.

The system might be feasible to generate that kind of income if you should work it but when would that be achieved and what would be required of you to get to that dreamland? Stick around for me to provide you with my insights and analysis about this platform.

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What is Hedgefinity?

Business name: Hedgefinity

Owner: Not Found on Website

Website: www.hedgefinity.com

Model: MLM

My Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

Hedgefinity is a multi-level marketing platform with a structure which enables members to donate money into their network and earn as they climb higher on the levels by referring people to it. It claims to have a team well equipped with 10 years of experience in this industry from the field of finance, marketing, management, ICT and software development to ensure the smooth running of their business model.

The business model of this company does not involve any physical product but just a circulation of money in a network to members who meet the requirement of their strategy. From their site, they have an automated system which manages payment and filling of members in their network.

Their system is claimed to have an auto filling of direct or indirect members, automatic upgrade, unlimited referral of $5 per each and an unrestricted withdrawal of money in the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Paypal and Payeer. Their site looks organized as a business model but whether it will offer what it claims is something you would have to conclude by the end of this review.

How Hedgefinity Really Works

Hedgefinity like most of these systems that I’ve come across encourages you to sign up with a one-time payment of $11 and start your success journey by referring others to the business.

When your account is activated by paying the $11 to their system, you become eligible to introduce two people and earn $10 each from them. With a total of $20, you’re debited $10 and the other $10 goes into the system for your upgrade. From their business plan, your tree expands in multiple of 2 till you get to their last rank.

When you activate your account with the $11, you’re ranked a Challenger and the others follow as your network grows. The order of the ranks are:

Challenger: Get 2 people to earn $10 and upgrade to Herald

Herald: Earn $20 when 4 Challengers in your downline upgrade to Herald

Guardian: Earn $80 when 8 Heralds in your downline are upgraded to Guardian

Crusader: Earn $640 when 16 Guardians in your downline are upgraded to Crusader

Archon: Earn $10,240 when 32 Crusaders in your downline are upgraded to Archon

Legend: Earn $327,680 when 64 Archons in your downline are upgraded to Legend

Ancient: Earn $41,943,040 when 128 Legends in your downline are upgraded to Ancient

Divine: Your final rank when you’ve earned the $41,943,040

It so simple, right? It might look that simple but trust you me, you would have to chase thousands of people before you can realize that. It doesn’t come that easy to complete and if its a pyramid scheme which usually it is, the owners might be the first to earn that amount.

Bonus Packages in Hedgefinity

To motivate its members to work hard and expand their community, members do not only get money on an upgrade but are rewarded some extra money for the extra effort they put in promoting this business system. They are;

Direct Referral Bonus: Members who agree to the vision of this business idea and get others on board earn $5 dollars per sign up. So the higher the number of referrals the bigger your income.

Facebook Post Bonus: This has to do with spreading the business idea to the social world through Facebook. It’s a marketing strategy to get traffic to their site and members who do that are debited with $0.5. You’re required to share your referral link on social media through your dashboard.

Video Testimonial Bonus: Once in every 90 days members are encouraged to share video testimonies about the business in exchange for $2. From their business, you’re to share a genuine video with them but I’m wondering whether they really mean it.

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Does Hedgefinity Have Support Platform?

On their website, they’ve beautifully lined up their social networks and means of connecting with them in case of any challenges but it seems to me like its a mere formality. On Facebook, members have complained about lack of support on their page and they seem to be in frustration.

On their social links too, there seems to be less activity that makes me wonder whether the business really operates. Therefore, I can’t assure you of good support from them looking at what’s going there already on the page.

Is Hedgefinity A Scam Or A Legit?

Hedgefinity might not be a scam but it’s not a business I will recommend to invest your money in. You might be tempted to join them looking at the amount it promises you of earning with just $11. It will be a waste of time in the end if you do join. Their system has the potential to work unless there are thousands of people signing up. In my experience with these systems, as the network gets broader, problems arise and they normally collapse leaving investors stranded.

On the other hand, if it’s going to promise everyone that joins to get that $42M then I will frankly tell you that it’s a deceit. Because in situations where they are not able to manage the system well, the money gets stuck in their network and all the money goes to them. I don’t trust this system to earn you that amount it promises so you might have to watch out.

Yes, the system might work but it unrealistic to me.

My Personal Analysis Of Hedgefinity

What I’ve learnt in my journey of earning money online is that systems of this type have very low investment capital and it becomes logical to believe what you can earn considering how they’ve structured their plan. The truth is that the system is feasible to work but most of the time it’s unrealized. In the early stages, you might earn a dime but it’s not something your life can depend on.

When people get into their system and it gets complex most encounter problems and folds up soon after. This leaves members frustrated looking at the time you invested and the friends you had to convince to come and join the platform. You end up tainting your trust among friends whiles the money that gets stuck in the system goes to the owners of the business.

Looking at their plan, they get a dollar anytime there’s a new Challenger sign up. That’s a smart move to convince you that they are not here to take your money but frankly speaking, $1 cannot sustain their management system for long looking at the side bonuses they run.

$5 bonus per any direct signup, $2 for genuine video sharing and $0.5 for sharing your link on Facebook are what makes me wonder how they are going to take care of it. Offering these bonuses which are far more than the amount they themselves receive is enough to know that it’s not a business you have to spend your hard earned money and time with.

Can you see it the way I view it? About 99% of the money you invest goes into their system which is cycled so it will be hard to run their bonus offers and still keep the system soaring unless they have a way of supplementing it.

That’s my genuine analysis from my experience with these systems but the decision is yours to make. You can also think it through and see. The other thing too is they’ve displayed the currencies they deal with but currently, only Bitcoin works with their system.

If you really want to earn money online, I can recommend a platform for you to build your own business empire.

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An Evergreen Alternative Available For You

While most of these platforms have left people frustrated on the journey of making money online, there are actually genuine ways to make money but it’s hard to find since the internet is flooded with a lot of scams. The Hedgefinity type of systems makes you chase people for money here and there because you have to go outside there and bring people which will not generate you much as you would expect.

Instead of chasing people, it can be people rather chasing you whiles you earn income through the service you provide. It’s a skill that you have to learn to create your business online in generating a consistent residual income. You can get that training at Wealthy Affiliate University. It will train you on how to earn money online and provide you with the tools to that.

You can work at home, do it part time if you have a job and it can keep you busy if you’re a retiree while you make extra money which later can be your full-time income. Consequently, you build a business empire online where;

  • You get the chance to travel over the world
  • You become your own boss and do what you love to do.
  • You can spend enough time with your family and friends
  • You can work anywhere and still make money

You can find out more about this platform here if you want to make money online but if you’re that curious, you can try their FREE MEMBERSHIP to see what’s inside.

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