Is 4Life A Scam? It’s Shocking Why Most Are Making Nothing!

In the health and nutritional niche MLM companies, a common thing you’ll find among them is the discovery of a groundbreaking blah blah blah that has exceptional benefits to the human immune system, a pitch that will cause any bedridden person to sit up. 

I was once won over by these messages so if you’re here, it means you’ve chanced on 4Life and its Transfer Factor slogan and wondering whether it’s a scam or worthy products to even make money out of. 

There are numerous of these companies on the internet of which some have helped distributors to make a full-time income while others have left people bankrupt, not to mention thwarting of relationships. Is 4Life one of the good ones or the money-drainers to stay away from? That’s what this review will help you to answer. 

Revealed in this review….

  • The science of 4Life Transfer Factor…a helpful health discovery or hype with nothing to offer?
  • Why over 96% of distributors in 4Life are making almost nothing or better still failing. 
  • Evergreen opportunities online: what you’re missing if you don’t know…best part is, it’s FREE and requires NO CREDIT CARD. 

Let’s delve right into it then.

4Life Review

Product Name: 4Life

4Life review


Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee

Founded: 1998

Products: health and wellness nutritional supplements

Start-Up Cost: $25+

Summary: 4Life is a health and wellness multilevel marketing company with a wide range of Transfer Factor products which is believed to boost the immune system. The company is 20+ years in operation and has an average yearly revenue of $300 million dollars but has a low success rate for distributors who look forward to making money with their business opportunity. 

My Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Remarks: You must be willing to recruit massively, else you’ll be part of the 16% that earns 0. 

number one recommendation

What is 4Life About?

4Life is a direct selling company in the health and wellness industry that uses network marketing aka MLM strategy to reach its customers for product purchases. The company has been in operation since 1998 with a team of researchers and marketing crew headed by David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee as the founders.

Founders of 4life research company

With over 20 years of experience around their belt, the company can be said to have fairly competed in the marketing space and their annual income range of $100 – 500 million is something to show for. According to them, they have an R & D team with several research collaborations including Universities and other partners to deliver high-efficiency products. 

The company has received accolades for business success in various aspects which are beautifully displayed on their website and seem to have a strong love from renowned athletes who use their products. The “magic wand” formula that 4Life never cease to preach about is the Transfer factor which is outspoken to support the immune system. 

So if you’re here, the two most probable reasons for wanting to know more about them are:

  1. You want to find out if 4Life Transfer Factor products deliver results as preached by distributors. 
  2. You want some assurance you can make money with 4Life 

Well, there are interesting findings from my research…….

4Life appears to have positive feedback on their products. Comments and reviews from users over Facebook, Amazon, BBB and other platforms suggest the product works for some people. However, the company had some issues with authorities which I’ll go deeper into it later. 

In the MLM world, it’s believed that with great products the business aspect flourishes. I wish I could say that for the business aspect of 4Life income opportunity. 

Many people who ended up in disappointment are likely to yell at 4Life as a scam. Why? Most distributors joined with the high hopes of financial freedom only to realize they joined the wrong train. 

Very few, however, do make it to the top which you might ask – how? 

Well, you’ll find out in the following sections why things are so and that will help you to decide by the end of this 4Life review.   

It Starts with 4Life Products (The Transfer Factor Technology)

4Life like Acti-Labs and Qnet has a wide range of products with their flagship technology popularly known as Transfer Factor. According to 4Life’s website, Transfer Factor “are molecules that transfer immune memory and knowledge from one entity to another, and are part of a ground-breaking approach to immune system support”. 

In simple words, 4Life’s Transfer Factor products are designed for you to maintain a vigilant immune system. My background research reveals that the Transfer Factor is a complex group of low-molecular-weight proteins that are produced by lymphoid cells in small quantities. 

Usually, this chemical is taken from humans or animals which have developed immunity against certain diseases. Therefore its main task is to strengthen a weak immune system to fight against pathogens. 

From 4Life’s website, they have three proprietary ways for the Transfer Factor extraction namely:

  1. UltraFactor XF: transfer factor proteins and other peptides extracted from cow colostrum
  2. OvaFactor: transfer factor extracted from egg yolk 
  3. NanoFactor: also extracted from cow colostrum except that they’re nano-filtered according to 4Life
4life catalog of products

Based on these 3 proprietary ways, 4Life has developed several products delivered in the form of capsules, powders, chewable tablets, juice beverages, and topical products. The product categories are;


So these give you a wide range of products to sell which implies that you must have a big customer base in order to make money. In this kind of business too, you must be ready to defend your products. 

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Under the above categories are specific products which you can explore here. In reality, you can’t achieve financial freedom without recruitment. 

And that also comes with rejections which you must overcome if you want to succeed. Most distributors who are not able to handle these don’t make money in the end. 

You’ll find out why in the subsequent section of this review but before that let’s delve into the compensation plan of 4Llife company. 

4Life Compensation Plan

You would want to master 4Life’s compensation plan and do all the mathematics if the business aspect of 4Life is what brought you here. 

Just like most MLM companies, you make money by selling products and recruiting members into your team. Any of these two requires skill which you would have to develop in order to succeed in the business. 

The comp plan is pretty simple and easy to digest. In summary, they’re:

Retailing Profit

The profit is solely made on products sold. It works as a buy and sells method. You buy the products at wholesale prices as a preferred customer or distributor and resell them at retail prices. 

For example, if you purchase a product of $50 and you resell it for $75, you make a $25 profit. So anytime you resell 4Life products to a customer you make 25% of their purchase as profit. 

Apart from the retailing profit, all the other incomes are based on recruitments which are calculated according to points referred to as Life Points (LP) by 4Life. 

Builder Bonus

As you build up your team of preferred customers and distributors, you become eligible to earn cash up to $800 provided you’ve met all necessary requirements.   

Infinity Payout

While you advance in ranks as your team of distributors grows, you get the chance to earn multiple commissions at different levels in your network which is fully captured in this PDF

For a systematic breakdown of the compensation plan, I’ve added the video below to walk you through. 

It’s obvious from the compensation plan that there’s no escaping of recruitment if you so desire to make a lot of money. If you’re not ready for it, anything otherwise that your enroller tells you will be a lie!

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Meanwhile, 4Life offers Incentive Trips…….

These trips are given to high-ranking distributors in appreciation for their hard work and leadership in recruiting more people into the business. 

You’re mostly treated with world-class trips to exotic locations where you can go with your partner or loved ones. 

As attractive as it sounds, most distributors never get a glimpse of these places neither do they make it to the promised land. How do I know? 4Life’s income disclosure clearly spells it out!

According to the income statistics (October 2018 to March 2019), over 96% never made a stable income let alone achieving financial freedom.

4Life income statement

Approximately 16% of distributors were found to make no income at all not to talk of the amount they invested in their business. So why are most failing?

Over 96% of Distributors Are Not Making Stable Income, Probably Failing! Why?

If you’ve come across people yelling at 4Life as a scam then this is probably one of the reasons. Most of these people ended up in despair and made no money due to these reasons. 

#1. Lack Of Requisite Skills

Networking marketing like any other marketing requires a set of skills to not only recruit but sell a product to someone who has need of it. Not being able to meet customers at the point of their need to convert them into sales is something one has to develop personally. 

Most people jump on the train upon being sold on the idea of rags to riches with no detailed info on what is required to get there. And this will require some amount of time and failures before it is mastered. 

#2. Starting on a Wrong Foot (Wrong Mindset)

Most people are sold out on stories of “get-rich-quick” and rags to riches which misinforms them on what it takes to really thrive in this business. They’re sometimes informed of one-time investment to little work which becomes a surprise when the reality of selling and recruitment dawns on them. 

 In my experience, no one with this kind of mindset survives in the business. No matter how you are baited with sugarcoated words, it doesn’t take off the fact that you need the skill for generating an unlimited number of leads

#3. Targeting Wrong Team Players

The fact that you buy into this type of business model doesn’t mean that your family members and friends would like it too. Like it’s normally taught in this business, you start prospecting from those close to you before reaching out to other prospects. 

People tend to target friends or people who they perceive to be fit for the business but later turn out to be the wrong one to start off with in the first place. Sticking to these people normally drains your energy and retards you finally.

#4. Low conversion rate

Earning huge income in MLMs is a matter of numbers – not able to generate more leads means no money. The biggest problem faced by most network marketers is having no prospect or a small list of prospects to talk to. 

Having a long list of prospects is one thing, but converting them into customers or distributors is a skill one would have to learn in order to maximize conversions

If you lack both skills of building your prospect list and converting them, then it’s a waste of time to join in the first place. 

#5. Not Being The Product of The Product (No Passion)

One thing that you’ll find in most success stories is having passion. For MLM businesses it comes by being the product of the product your company deals in. If you don’t use the product yourself to know inside out of what it really offers, people wouldn’t feel your exuberance when you’re sharing your story of what it does. 

If you’re not passionate about the business and its products people will notice it and no matter the big words you use to convey your message, it will yield no results.

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What The Public Says About 4Life

Without great products, there’s no business. From reviews online, 4Life’s products seem to have positive feedback from users. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings

4Life is an accredited business on Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a rating A+ which is a bit of relieving to know that their claims have been investigated and have come clean. 

4life bbb rating for business

The video below explains what BBB does if you don’t know about them.  

Despite BBB ratings, not everyone gets breakthroughs with their products and some have logged complaints about them. However, those complaints have been resolved. 

Customer reviews from Amazon

A summary of the hundreds of customers who have reviewed 4Life’s Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor product show that about 77% of them gave it 5-Stars. The most recent product review is captured below;

4life amazon review

While this is a good number for positive feedback, it’s worth noting that results obtained in using these supplements will differ from person to person since we have different immune systems. 

With my experience in MLMs, there are times when someone will have a breakthrough with the products while others get disappointed. So the efficiency of the product wouldn’t be absolute for every case. 

4Life’s Facts And Ugly Truths/Cautions To Note

4Life’s products are well-spoken off by a good number of renowned athletes, however, the company has faced issues with authorities which you need to be aware of. 

Issues With Authorities

By now you might be convinced that the company has a lot to like about them but they’ve not come clean from all angles. In November 2004, Food and Drug Administration reviewed their website and found out that 4Life’s products are promoted for conditions that cause the products to be drugs which were a violation of their Act and thus were issued a warning

4life FDA warning list

Fast forward to 2010, FDA issued a notice of fraudulent product list to alert customers of products that are illegally marketed in relation to the 2009 H1N1 flu virus. 

4Life Transfer Factor was enlisted as one of those products which are not cleared, approved, or authorized for the diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment, or cure of the 2009 H1N1 flu virus. 

4life FDA fraudulent product list

Furthermore, also sent a letter to 4Life in 2016 citing over 140 examples of unsubstantial health and benefit claims of their products by their distributors to remedy their deceptive marketing hypes. 4Life in response to that made the necessary corrections and suspended distributors who made those claims. 

What I Like About 4Life

Giving Back To Society

Apart from the accolades and group of world-renowned athletes lined on 4Life’s website to prove their authenticity, what I admire about the company is their foundation. 

They help their distributors and employee to give back to their local community to help vulnerable children. That’s a true way to make an impact on the life of the less privileged ones. 

How Do You Join 4Life

There’s no explicit sign-up button as a distributor on their website which most reviewers don’t usually cover and others get it wrong. 

In order to participate in the dream of 4Life and earn from the compensation plan, you first have to become a preferred customer by using the sign-up button. In signing up you’re required to purchase enrollment kits which cost $25 (plus tax and shipping)

4life steps in signing up

As a distributor, you can receive generous commissions and get the chance to enjoy all paid out vacations when you meet the qualifications. 

Is 4Life Scam Or legitimate Company?

4Life is not a scam. The company has been in existence since 1988 and they’re not going out of business anytime soon, at least not for now considering their continuous growth.

They have a wide range of products which makes it good for business. That presents unlimited potential because it expands your customer base. 

However, the issue is most are not making money as covered above so that will require you to be skilful in your prospecting.

In addition, you have to recruit massively to attain your financial freedom which is what most distributors in other MLM companies are engaged in daily. In your recruitment, you really have to make sure you don’t overstep your boundaries as provided by FTC. 

The truth is without recruitment, there’s no achieving of any reliable income from this business. 

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A Word of Advice

If you’re someone who is passionate about selling and see yourself doing it for a long time, then you can give 4Life a try. 

The common thing I’ve noticed about all those top-ranking distributors is that they’re products of the companies’ products. So what I’ll suggest to you is that you use their products for at least a month to have testimony yourself of which you can passionately share with people to drive sales home. 

That will be your journey in the selling industry and it will mean that you have to learn the skills to generate unlimited prospects for your business both online and offline

And you should be prepared to face rejections over and over again without losing enthusiasm. That’s how you toughen yourself to move on. If not then the business is not for you. 

If you’ve realized at this point that 4Life is not for you, all is not lost. So what’s there for you?

4Life Best Alternative

If you’re really determined to build a business even in the comfort of your home to support yourself and your family, then I can guide you through an online program to write your own success. 

I found this program when I was struggling to support myself financially and it’s helping me make passive income working part-time while I do my graduate studies. 

Several people are making a full-time income doing what they’re passionate about with the program and I believe they’re not better than you. The best part is, you can give it a try without committing any financial information of yours. 

Final Words – Over To You!

You deserve a pat on the back for following through the review to this part and I’m believing that whatever confusion or answer you were looking for has been addressed. 

If you find it helpful then you can share it with anyone who is caught between two minds on whether 4Life is a scam or a legitimate company to partner with and I’ll appreciate it so much. 

Furthermore, in case you have a passion that you don’t know how to make money out of it, there’s a FREE guide below that you can sign-up for it. All that you need is your name and email. 

Until then, feel free to share any experience or questions you have about 4Life and I’ll be more than glad to reply. 

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Your friend



8 thoughts on “Is 4Life A Scam? It’s Shocking Why Most Are Making Nothing!”

  1. 4Life seems like a decent MLM, especially compared to other MLM companies and opportunities. I like the fact that you can resell the products. Many MLM companies don’t let you do that. Nonetheless, I still think selling their products would be hard for a person with no sales experience or MLM experience. Although, it’s cool that the company offers incentive trips. 

  2. There are so many health and wellness niche that are MLM. Seems like these new companies just pop up like mushrooms. In order for me to join MLM, I have to believe in the product and actually use it so I can sell it. It is also important to me that the compensation is not too complicated and also not nail me with the too expensive to maintain my membership. 

    It seems like 4Life has been around for awhile. Never tried their products but they seem to have a good rating. Unfortunately, I do not like the complication of the MLM structure, I will not be joining them. Thank you so much for your review. 

  3. Sooooo…  As a distributor of these products, I am not only competing with other distributors but also a mega-giant – Amazon???  HOW is anybody supposed to make money through this with Amazon in the picture unless there is a huge price differential – which I doubt.  Buying on-line is now what people go for and most do not want a salesperson in their house.

    • That’s the reality you have to face if you’re going to be a distributor. What it means is that you should be skilful in selling and be able to give tangible reasons to customers why they have to buy from you. 
      It’s a tough road where most unprepared distributors fail but those who learn from the experts succeed somehow. If you don’t see yourself succeeding with 4Life, why bother to join. I think one has to analyze the facts and truths available before joining. 

  4. I have had some experience with at least 3 MLM companies and I’ve found that what you stated about 4Life to be true for them also. Recuitment really paints a nice picture of rags-to- riches but after that initial investment, things fall apart unless you have that customer base. Recuiting friends is usually difficult because they usually don’t share your dream or passion for the industry. Many of them too, hate the idea of selling, so even though they may like the product and see it’s potential, they hesitate to join. Some of the things you listed as a negative against 4Life, I don’t see as negative though, like the censure by the FDA. It is well know that if the FDA does not test and approve a product, then saying that it does something that that body does not agree with would mean they coming down on you. It does not mean that the product does not do that for which it is promoted. Great article though.


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