Is PointClub a Scam OR $5 Bonus For a Cool Start?

Is the $5 sign up bonus gotten your attention on PointClub surveys and aren’t sure whether it’s genuine side gig or a scam to write off? Congratulations for doing your due diligence and it’s by no mistake to find yourself here.

Free $5 is attractive but all that glitters is not gold so you might want to know all that comes with it before making your decision. In fact, PointClub surveys is not the only survey site with this kind of seemingly kind gesture.

In this review, we shall not only be determining whether PointClub surveys is a scam or good survey site but how to find other genuine ways to make money online.

Is PointClub a Scam

What Is PointClub About?

Product: PointClub Surveys

Founder: NOT disclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid To Take Surveys

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

PointClub Surveys Review

New products and services are developed every now and then so market research studies have become a common thing on the internet nowadays. There are many market researchers on the look for survey takers to offer their opinion and in return get rewarded in point for their time.

PointClub is one of the platforms where these clients and survey takers are hosted to meet their needs. PointClub surveys is one of the old survey sites which started off in 1995 and doesn’t look to be offline any time soon. As a marketing strategy, they generously reward you a bonus of $5 which I see as a nice way to say you have a long way to go with them.

You earn in points for the surveys you participate which is redeemable in cash through PayPal and other gift cards when you hit the minimum threshold. They’ve got a nice way of welcoming you on board but is that where you can make significant money?

How Do You Make Money with PointClub Surveys?

It Starts with Your Sign Up

PointClub welcomes you with a cool 5000 points equivalent to $5 after you complete your sign up. This is to get you started and motivate you to earn more on the platform. The $5 bonus comprises of 2,000 points of sign up bonus, 1,000 points profile bonus, 1,000 points profiling question bonus and 1,000 points email verification bonus.

This is too attractive to ignore if you’re a fan of surveys and you can try PaidViewpoint and PrizeRebel for a similar treat.

PointClub bonus

Daily Streak Bonus

PointClub surveys has a nice way of keeping their members active. You’re rewarded points for logging in to your account every day.

PointClub daily streak bonus

Starting with level 1, you make 10% extra bonus for all the surveys you complete. On the fifth day, you move up to level 2 where the bonus rises to 20% and it increases once you check in every day to the point where you hit 100%. To hit 100% means you’ve continuously logged in every day for 100 days.

You reduce in level when you become inactive or fails to log in so you might want to check in every day even if you don’t have a survey to keep your level up.

Daily Sweeps Bonus

If you don’t mind following them on Facebook, it will be a cool way to earn points by visiting their Facebook page to grab a super code that qualifies you for a contest. You put the super code in your daily sweep shoutbox to qualify for the context. Every day 10 people are selected randomly and are awarded 1000 points.

PointClub daily sweeps bonus

It’s not much though but it does make a difference if you’re lucky to be winning every time. The super code can be entered once daily.

PointClub Survey

You’re invited for surveys depending on your profile and demographics. So being honest with the information you provide has a major influence on the number of surveys you will get.

The surveys earn between 500 to 2000 points. This is the main feature of PointClub which implies that quality answers will be demanded to make the points. You wouldn’t succeed if you intend to play the system to earn more points or get more surveys. Anytime you log in, the surveys available will be displayed on your dashboard.

Disqualification Bonus

PointClub never leaves you empty handed for any survey you attempt or complete. Anytime you’re screened off or disqualified for trying a survey, PointClub rewards you 12 points as a way of appreciating you for trying.

It’s not much though but it shows that at least their platform cares a bit about you, unlike other survey sites. Once a while it will happen because it’s bound to happen in all survey sites.

How Much Money Can You Make on PointClub?

Earning in points might be deceptive to how much you’re actually making for every survey that you complete. Despite that, it’s a good way to cross international borders with a common currency. 1000 points are equivalent to $1. This means every point you earn fetches you $0.001. This tells you how much effort you have to put in to make the 25,000 threshold points.

With their kind gesture, you only have 20,000 points to go since your sign up earns you a bonus of $5. It’s a bonus but you won’t have it until you’ve worked out the 20,000 points. So to me, until you make that point it’s not a bonus.

Most of the surveys you participate fetch between 200 – 2000 which you wouldn’t be getting every day. That’s a long way to go and from this pennies accumulation adventure, you should expect your first withdrawal in months but it can take you weeks if you work hard though.

The Two Sides To Weigh Out

PointClub surveys offers interesting bonuses to accumulate points but it wouldn’t shoot you straight up to the minimum threshold points. You can balance out the following two sides to make your decision. 


#1 It’s FREE to join

#2 Offers generous bonuses to keep members active

#3 Reward points for even disqualifying for surveys

#4 Has direct cashout option through PayPal

#5 It’s open to all countries


#1 Has limited options for making money

#2 You can’t stop your job over it (Can’t be rich with it)

Complaints Against PointClub

As you can’t hide from the truth, survey sites are usually pennies collecting platform. It takes patience and consistency if you’re interested to make a little side income. Some members have expressed their bitterness on some issues on Police surveys and Trustpilot.

However, PointClub has tried responding to them on those platforms which shows they at least care about their service. Check them below;

>> It takes forever to make money – no surveys!

PointClub takes forever to make money
PointClub takes forever to make money
It takes forever to make money

>> They’ve frozen my account for no reason! Ripped me off my money!

They have frozen my account for no reason
frozen my account for no reason

>> Redemption of point is still pending! Why?!

Redemption of point is still pending

Conclusion - Is PointClub a Scam or Legit?

Well, from the standpoint of surveys, PointClub is not a scam but it’s not something you can quit your job over. The website has been operating since 1995 which places it on good standing and thus qualifies it as legit.

However, no matter how good their profile is, that wouldn’t be the one paying the bills. You are! So it behoves you to make a stand as to whether joining the club of pennies accumulation is where you want to be. If you don’t mind spending your time in exchange for pennies, then chances are that you will love joining the camps of Clixsense, Surveytime, PointsPrizes, TimeBucks, Tellwut and Prolific.

Do You Desire Financial Freedom?

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You don’t want to be your own boss? Wait! Respondent has very attractive offers and high paying research studies which you can earn averagely $140 per hour. It’s free to join and you can add a number of options from the best scam-free websites that pay you for testing websites. These can be added to your income stream.


Over To You!

Do you have any experience with PointClub surveys? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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  1. If they’ve been around since 1995 they’re definitely legit and I’m glad to see that they’ve at least tried to address their complaints. There are definitely better ways to make money online in the cyber universe, with Wealthy Affiliate being my favourite at the moment. PointClub is another one of those platforms that might be a good thing to do on the side, but for those serious about making online income want something more like Wealthy Affiliate


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