Is Qnet Scam or Legit? This Is What I Discovered..[Review!]

Is Qnet Scam or legitimate Company

Are you at a decision point of becoming an Independent Representative and wondering whether Qnet is a scam or a legitimate company to give you the financial freedom you desire? My search on the internet has discovered something interesting…two sides, one as boatloads of haters and the other, lovers with successful claims. 

That leaves me also in wonder…Is Qnet a scam? I’m not on any side here so what you’ll find in this review is an unbiased, informative article providing you with all the facts within and without to blow the lid of any confusion on your mind.

Revealed in this review…

  • The facts that reveal the intention of Qnet which is worth knowing before making any decision 
  • The controversies over the head of Qnet that you can’t afford to ignore if you’re going to invest your hard-earned money
  • The better way revealed in making real money without telling lies or luring people into a cooked up stories.

The Best Part: You don’t need your credit card to get started!

So let’s delve in. 

Quick View of Qnet

Product Name: QNet Ltd

Qnet ReviewHeadquarters: Hong Kong

Industry: Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing

Founder: Vijay Eswaran

Founded: 1998

Services Provided: Travel, Life Style, Holidays & Education

Products: Consumer Goods, Watches, Jewellery, Personal Care & Health Devices

Price: $30 Yearly

Summary: Claims to fall under direct selling industry which uses multi-level marketing and network marketing as its distribution channels of products through an e-commerce store. Qnet offers a wide range of products for Independent Representative to earn money through direct selling and recruitment. However, there are several controversies on the internet about the legitimacy of the company.  

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

Recommended: No

number one recommendation

What is Qnet About? 

Qnet is a direct selling industry which uses multilevel marketing aka MLM and network marketing to sell out products through an online store. The company focuses on direct selling, however like most MLM’s you have to recruit more people to earn a good amount of money. 

Qnet has been in existence since September 1998 and forms part of QI group led by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company’s income comes from services such as lifestyle, travels, holidays and products such as watches, personal and health care….just to name a few. 

7 Facts About Qnet That You Need To Know

Qnet has over 20 years of experience around their belt and yet has tons of complaints about them on the internet due to misrepresentations of financial freedom preached to people by some representatives. This raises a lot of questions and you might have more of that than the answers to them on the internet. Therefore getting to know some facts about Qnet will be of good interest in determining its trust level…..

F#1: Qnet was first established as GoldQuest which was later changed to Questnet, QI limited and now known as Qnet. One would ask, why the series of the name change? 

F#2: Qnet started as a distributor of commemorating coins and officially distributed coins for Olympic games namely Sydney(2002), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) and 2002 FIFA world cup 

F#3: By 2007, Qnet had acquired QI comm, Prana Resort, and Spa, Swiss Watchmaker, Down To Earth product (DTE) and started marketing energy, health and nutritional products 

F#4: Though Qnet was registered in Hong Kong the base of its operations have been in India and other African countries. It’s interesting why they’ve not gained roots in either Hong Kong or China. This leaves me thinking…….

F#5: Qnet claims to be an e-commerce store but ordinary retailers can’t purchase any product from them unless you use a referral ID of Qnet Independent Representative. 

F#6: Businesses on Qnet are conducted through the following sites;,, and (not working anymore). Aren’t you curious to know why most of them are centred at India? 

F#7: The company operates in over 30 countries and has offices in the following countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire and Rwanda with franchise companies in India, Singapore, and Turkey. 

How does Qnet work?

Qnet has an online store with a wide range of products and services which you get access to it provided you’re a customer. It utilizes a multilevel marketing strategy where independent representatives(IR) who commonly call themselves entrepreneurs refer customers to their products and receive compensation upon purchase.

The compensation is based on sales volume received on purchase by referred customers and individual representatives on their team. Qnet categorizes its customers into three; 

Retail customers: are individuals who regularly purchase Qnet products but don’t participate in the business model of the company. 

Potential Independent Representatives: are individuals who purchase Qnet products and join the business model of the company. You can consider this category as inactive or unproductive members who’re not yet making money from the networking marketing model of the company. 

Existing Independent Representatives: are individuals who are regularly buying products of Qnets and building a team of IR’s to earn sales volume for products purchase and recruitment. They’re the most active individuals whom you’ll often hear as entrepreneurs. 

Any of the above customer categories would need a referral ID before you can create an account or purchase a product from Qnet online store. When you sign up as an existing IR or better still IR, you’re given a starter kit and a virtual office where you manage all your transactions. 

Qnet works on a binary system where you build sales volume on both legs through bonuses on recruiting new IRs or purchase of products. Like most MLM’s you need to meet certain requirements in the volume building for both legs before payment is made to you. Although, Qnet stresses on direct selling more than recruitments the truth is that, you can’t earn much with only selling of product with this system.    

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How Do You Make Money With Qnet?

There are two main ways to make money with Qnet but before that, you need to be a member referred by an Independent Representative(IR). Without a referrer, you can’t sign up for the program. You make money by;

#1. Direct Selling

As the company stresses on, they’re a direct selling industry. What it implies is that you make money through commissions you make from sales to customers you make. As an IR you’re given a discount on product from Qnet’s online store so any customer that uses your referral ID to purchase any product earns you profit. 

Mathematically, Your Profit = Retail Price – IR Price

So the more products you sell, the more money you make. However, you don’t become a millionaire or earn that financial freedom as most IR’s preach it. That brings me to the next one. 

#2. By Recruiting new IRs

To earn much or make residual income as they’ll put it you have to build a network of people who will also be selling within your team. In this way the more people you recruit into your team the more your network grows and the more money you make. 

Although Qnet preaches more on direct selling company but truthfully speaking from my personal experience in MLMs, you can’t bring more money to the table if you don’t recruit more people. It’s easy to be convinced that you need only 2 people and your 2 people also need 2 and so forth that before you realize you’ve built an empire raking in money.

As easy as it sounds on paper, the reality is far from it. It takes more than 2 people which is the more reason why I now resort to this recommendation to make money online. 

Qnet Compensational Plan

The only reason that will make you become an Independent Representative (IR) with this business is how much money it can bring to the table. Like most MLMs, Qnet offers you two major ways to make money; the immediate one being sales from purchase from direct downlines and retail customers and the other from recruitment.

Qnet offers 7 different ways to compensate you which are categorized into 4 namely, refer, repeat, rise and retain. The first two being solely on direct sales whiles the last two on recruitment. 


The commissions/bonuses under this category are business volume (BV) and repeat sales points (RSP) earned from direct sales through your purchase, retail sales and downlines sales. BV and RSP are earned from products purchased on the online store of Qnet and are specific to the product. 

Under this category, you earn

#1. Retail Profit

Qnet Retail profitYou earn this profit when a retail customer uses your referral ID to purchase on the Qnet online store. It’s the difference between the price paid by your customer and your discounted price as Independent Representative (IR). First qualifying purchase of your downlines at a retail price also earns you this profit. 

#2. Early Payout 

You earn this commission after you’ve activated your account by having two qualified direct downlines placed on each side of your tracking centre (TC). A 1,000BV of your lower-volume team for the first 4-weeks from your time of registration earns you $50 first early payout and the second 1,000BV for the first 6-weeks earn you another $50. 

Qnet early profit

In all, you earn a total of $200 when you complete the third 1,000BV. 


These are commission/bonuses earned from recurrent sales from retail customers, direct downlines and personal purchase. The commissions are accounted to you as and when the sales are made…….it’s paid weekly. You’re paid in two ways under this category;

#3. Step Commission

It’s a commission paid to qualified and activated IRs according to their Group Business Volume (BV) on the Lower Volume Team and Compensation Level. Qualified and activated means that you should have at least 500BV in your tracking centre and your two direct tracking centres. 

Qnet step commission

This commission is paid weekly according to the maximum allowable amount per tracking centre and varies with your rank. 

#4. Repeat Sales Commission 

These are commissions you make from the repeat sales point accumulated through sales from your retail customers, personal purchases and any Qnet product from your line of referrals recurrently. You can earn these commissions to as high as 10 levels…your rank determines the commission level. 

These are paid weekly and you must have at least 50RSP to qualify. 10,000 RSP is equivalent to $300. 

Qnet repeat sales commission

The below chat illustrate how the RSP works or is calculated. 

Qnet RSP commission


You earn this commission when you advance in ranks by recruiting more people into your team and purchasing more products. Succeeding at this level comes with great leadership and team-building skills. Having that will earn you……

#5. Monthly Rank Advancement and Maintenance Bonuses

There are seven ranks in all which comes with different benefits and commissions. To advance in or maintain rank requires you to satisfy certain conditions within a fixed month period. If you’re at Gold and above but couldn’t meet the maintenance requirement, you’re demoted to a lower rank but never goes below Silver Star. 

This is a very smart move to keep IRs working their fingers to the bone…it can squeeze everything out of you. Following are the requirements for advancing in ranks and maintaining bonuses… 

Qnet bronze stari. Bronze Star

  • Registered IR, Qualified and Activated (one-time requirement only). 
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

ii. Silver Star

  • Qnet silver starQualified and Activated and must be a Bronze Star (one-time requirement only)
  • OPTION 1: 3 Qualified Direct Referrals with 500 BV each
  • OPTION 2: 2 Qualified Direct Referrals with 1,000 BV each
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

iii. Gold Star

  • Qnet gold starQualified and Activated and must be a Silver Star
  • 500 Direct BV
  • 600 Group RSP from downlines within line of Referrals
  • Requires 2 steps 
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

iv. Sapphire Star

  • Qnet sapphire starQualified and Activated and must be a Gold Star 
  • 1000 Direct BV
  • 2000 Group RSP from downlines within line of Referrals
  • Requires 40 steps 
  • 5 Downlines  with Gold Star rank or above
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

v. Platinum Star

  • Qnet platinum starQualified and Activated and must be a Sapphire Star
  •  1000 Direct BV
  • 5,000  Group RSP with a maximum of 2,500 GRSP per downlines from at least 2 different legs within line referrals
  • Requires 120 steps 
  • 5 Downlines with Sapphire Star rank or above and 10 Downlines with Gold Star rank or above
  • Achieve the Platinum Star rank requirements for 2 Consecutive Months 
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

vi. Diamond Star

  • Qnet diamond starQualified and Activated and must be a Platinum Star 
  • 2000 Direct BV
  • 15,000 Group RSP with a maximum of 7,500 GRSP per downlines from at least 2 different legs within line referrals
  • Requires 200 steps 
  • 15 Downlines (any downlines) who advance/maintain Sapphire Star rank or above ( a maximum of 11 from any side of his/her Account) and 1 Downline with Platinum Star rank or above
  • Achieve the Diamond Star rank requirements for 2 Consecutive Months 
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

vii. Blue Diamond Star

  • Qnet blue diamond starQualified and Activated and must be a Diamond Star 
  • 3000 Direct BV
  • 20,000 Group RSP with a maximum of 7,500 GRSP per leg from at least 3 legs 
  • Requires 320 steps 
  • 10 Downlines (any downlines) who advance/maintain Platinum Star rank or above ( a maximum of 7 from any side of his/her Account) and 2 Downlines with a Diamond Star rank or above ( 1 on each side of TC 001, at least 1 within line of sponsorship)
  • Achieve the Blue Diamond Star rank requirements for 3 Consecutive Months 
  • You must achieve 50RSP to be eligible for RSP commissions.

These ranks requirements tell you how much work you need to put into recruitments and selling of products even when you don’t feel like. 


Again bonuses earned under this category comes with strong leadership skills in recruitments and meeting certain requirements for a stipulated amount of time. With my experience in MLM’s, ranks here are seldom attained…only a handful of people gets to this level. However, it’s achievable.

#6. Rank Maintenance Bonus

This bonus goes to IRs who are in any of the last two ranks; Diamond and Blue Diamond Star. You have to be in any of these ranks for 6 consecutive months to qualify. If you checked the rank maintenance closely, you’ll find that this wouldn’t come by pushing a magic button. 

To meet that rank requirement is one headache and repeating that for 6 months continuously is heck a work. For Diamond star, you earn $10,000 while Blue Diamond Star earns $30,000. It’s good money but you have to be more than just a “salesperson” to make it. 

#7. Year-Round Incentives

These are promotions run by Qnet to motivate IR’s in advancing in ranks or building up a certain amount of BV. They come in the form of points, cash incentives and other rewards. You can earn them as long as you meet the requirements put across by Qnet. 

Qnet year round incentives

These are nice looking money from the compensation plan but the truth is that only a few IRs’get to make them. 

Qnet compensation plan explained…

Qnet products and services

From inception till now, Qnet has added several products to their online stores which provides a variety of things to promote as an IR. Products and services that are available to be promoted as IR includes…

Health and Wellness

Products under this category are food supplements that boost the immune system, helps to maintain skin, provides energy for your daily activities and weight loss management. According to them, these health and wellness products have undergone clinical studies and have been proven. The products are;

Qnet Health and Wellness

Olive leaf extract: popularly called your bodyguard which is claimed to boost the body’s immune system and thus contains 400% greater antioxidant than in vitamin C. 

LifeQode: consist of 5 different types of food supplement claimed to make you live long and for vitality. Among this group, you’ll find QAlive for men’s stamina, EDG3 junior for growth and development of children, EDG3 for precursor Amino acid, Kenta for longevity and H2GO for instant energy. 

Amezcua: According to them, they’re products developed to focus on boosting the natural properties of water and also keep your energy levels up for daily work. There are 5 products in all namely Chi Pendant 3, Bio disc 3, Bio light 2, E-guard and Evolv

Qafe Green Coffee: A food supplement formulated to help you burn fat and reduce your weight by increasing your bodies metabolism. 

Home and Living

This product line is designed to ensure a safe environment in the house. It’s focused on purifying water at home and making the air safe for inhaling. The products here are;

Qnet Home and Living

HomePure: are solely filtration systems for removing particles, contaminants and other metals from water for safe drinking in the home. There are 3 main products namely homepure nova filtration system, homepure prefilter and homepure alkaline stick. 

AirPure: are electronic gadget designed to make the air safer and breathable. Also has 3 products; airpure zayn, air purifier and air humidifier. 

Personal Care and Beauty

As the name goes, the products are focused on maintaining healthy skin for both men and women. They’re products for the face, body and hands to protect the skin from the cellular level. You’ll find…

Qnet Personal Care and Beauty

Physio Radiance: There are two skin products under this category-physio radiance replenish and physio radiance visage plus. They’re claimed to help make your skin self-regulate and self-repair at the cell level to keep you at the youthful age. They term it anti-ageing skincare. 

Defy: According to Qnet, this product is engineered to defy old age and harmful effect on the skin. It’s specifically for men who want to keep the face from lines and wrinkles. Two products: defy dirt fighter and defy youth tonic

Biosilver: A single product claimed to have SilverSol technology for cleansing and sanitizing your hands and body. 

Watches and Jewellery

Qnet has 3 main products under this categorize to add to your outlook. They are…

Qnet Watches and Jewellery

Bernhard H. Mayer: Swiss-made watches certified under Swiss standards of quality and assurance. The company for this jewellery is known for luxurious products and has a good reputation. You can find these products on Amazon and Alibaba.

Himalayan Crystal Collection: This jewellery is believed to conduct and transfer energy from the crystal to the user and hence boost your energy levels when you wear. It’s claimed to be scientifically proven of this property of good energy content. You can find this product too on Alibaba.

Brooke and Blaze: There are two series of products – Iris Grotto Series brass jewellery sets and limitless series of bangles and rings made from luxurious rhodium/brass.  


Qnet has a video marketing platform like Youtube dedicated to network marketing. It’s called Vtube+ and you can create your channel, get access to other video materials of experienced members in the business. You can find it on the play store and has an android version


Qnet offers e-learning courses carved under the name qLearn. They have a good number of courses ranging from management, computing to network marketing. The courses are offered in 5 languages; English, Arabic, Russian, French, and Bahasa Indonesia as at the time of writing this review. 

Has a variable style of teaching such as text-based, animations and videos. 


Qnet also invests in travelling and has three packages covering people who seek to take short vacations to escape their stressful environment, explore and discover interesting places in the world. The packages include tripsavr, QVI club and Q-breaks. 

Qnet Holidays

How Do You Become an Independent Representative of Qnet? 

To become an Independent Representative you shall:

(a) Be of legal age in the state, territory or country of your domicile;

(b) Have a Referrer (without a referral ID, you can’t sign up);

(c) Complete the online Representative Application Form by providing true and accurate

information about yourself on the official website of the Company;

(d) Purchase an “IR-Ship Package”, the price of which includes the first year Annual IRship Fee, which is payable by Representative upon joining.

How Much Does It Cost to Be Independent Representative?

Compared to similar companies, I will say Qnet cost a bit less to join…$30.00/year. However, you have to buy products regularly that cost more than the registration if you’re ever going to make money with them. 

Although the amount involved in joining is small I wouldn’t recommend it because Qnet has a lot of complaints and controversies about just a click away. That to me is a no to bet your money on. 

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Qnet Controversies You Need to Know

Since its founding, Qnet has not come clean in any country they found themselves. They’ve faced several controversies between them and their Independent Representatives or country authorities. Some are…

  • An Australian Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, the Nepalese Home Ministry, the Sri Lankan Central Bank, and the Iranian Government marked GoldQuest now Qnet as pyramid scheme while Fatwa council said the binary system of Qnet is prohibited their Sharia Law. 
  • From 2003-2005, Indian police arrested two QI managers while the Department of Trade and Industry ceased them to operate in the Philippines after several complaints from members. Sri Lanka and Iran banned Qnet then GoldQuest for letting the country to lose 15 million dollars and half a billion dollars respectively. 
  • In 2007, Eswaran was arrested by Indonesian Interpol on the charges of fraud as their system was regarded as a pyramid scheme but was later dismissed on court trial and the officials were released. 
  • Syria and Sudan in 2009 shut Questnet down for allegations of a pyramid scheme and poor quality of products and non-receipt of product. 
  • In Turkey between 2010 and 2011, at least 10 people mostly Qnet workers were subsequently taken into custody for fraud activities and operating in ways the authorities disagreed. After the collapse of the network in the country, 30,000 members lost money amounting to $50 million. 
  • The controversies of Qnet continues to sprawl from country to country every year ending up with the arrest of IR’s and officers with allegations of pyramid schemes, fraud, tricking people to join, poor products and compulsion of recruitment. Countries like France, Mali, Ghana, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal and others have got their story to share in this. 

To find out if this trend is consistent, in the company knowing what the public is saying will help in our judgement…

What The Public Is Saying About Qnet

There seems to be conflict on the internet about Qnet…while one side praises the company, the other side prays for hell on Qnet. So to give you an unbiased perspective let me share with you what the public is saying…

Looking through the eyes of people who have worked with Qnet, this is what glassdoor provides…

qnet complaints 1qnet complaints 2qnet complaints 3

Viewing from the sight of individuals who’re victimized in this business, complain board showed these

qnet victims 1qnet victims 2qnet victims 3

To understand the other side of the Qnet controversies, Business Line interviewed Singapore-based Zaheer Merchant, Director Corporate Affairs and Director Legal Affairs who put its that the issue is lack of laws brackets direct selling companies with pyramid schemes. You can read the full article here.

Qnet Red Flags Revealed!

Too Many Complaints

Following closely from their historical data has revealed that most countries where Qnet found itself barely operated without hiccups and arrest. While any network marketing company could also face similar frictions with authorities, what has been frequently reported about Qnet is hard for anyone to ignore if you’re thinking of investing with them. 

The arrest has varied from founder through IR’s who sold people out on false information to officials who share a common vision with the QI group. I don’t think you would want to join a company only for you to be detained in your country for alleged fraud because of what you’re engaged in. 

If You Can’t Recruit People, Forget About Joining Qnet

Boldly and confidently presented by most Qnet officials about the company is one of the leading direct selling companies in Asia. Their video marketing has stressed on helping people to reach financial freedom through direct selling but in reality, you can’t make much with that. 

You have to recruit more people into the experience I wouldn’t wish for you because chasing people here and there sucks. People have to pose like business tycoons with a luxurious lifestyle to lure others into it meanwhile they’re not. While this business thrives on recruitment, what it implies is that those at the top will be the ones to make more money…that’s how most product pyramid schemes work and nothing else.  

You’re Forbidden to Sell Any Other Company’s Product

In Qnet’s policies and procedures, you’re not allowed to introduce any other product apart from theirs to your retail customers or downlines. It against their terms and agreement the moment that you sign up to be an Independent Representative.

This means you’re stuck only with Qnet products. Even if another company’s product is good to use or promote, you do not introduce it to your network. However, my #1 recommendation gives you the freedom to promote any product you want…no one tells you what to promote and what not to promote. 

57 Qnet Associates Busted For Multilevel Marketing Scam

What I like About Qnet

Although I wouldn’t recommend Qnet to anyone considering their history of complaints and controversies it good to share some few things I like about them. 

Good Variety of Products

Despite complaints on the poor quality of some product of theirs, Qnet does well for the variety in their product and services. This present IRs with a wide range of options to choose and sell from. It’s far better than most MLM with few products. 

Training for Independent Representatives

Having the skills in network marketing is not only relevant to thrive in the business but helps you to develop yourself in dealing with customers. Qnet offers several channels of training to help members out in terms of leadership skills, mindset training, team management and having access to mentors which is very essential to succeed.

My Conclusion – Is Qnet Scam or Legitimate Company?

Qnet has been labelled as a fraud, cheaters, Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and others, by people who either couldn’t succeed with the company or are victims sold out on a story of making money doing simple things. From the information gathered and my experience with MLM, I wouldn’t say Qnet is a Ponzi scheme but can be regarded as a pyramid scheme with products. 

With several complaints and long history of controversies, Qnet doesn’t have a clean sheet as a legitimate company but it will be harsh to pronounce it as a total scam because the company has been exonerated in certain court cases. 

That being said, it seems like real issues have been misunderstanding between country authorities in the way Qnet operates which is the reason why I wouldn’t recommend. The fact that massive recruitment is what will make you more money is a no-go area for me. I failed in most MLM’s companies I joined because of it and if you’re like me and can’t do the following then don’t join…

  • Chasing people here and there to sell them products just to make profits
  • Having to buy products every month, in other terms Autoship will force you to cough up the money for it all the time even when you don’t have it. But you need it to qualify for bonuses…that has always been the bait.
  • Organizing meetings regularly for your downlines and having to call at least 20 people a day…you’re mostly on the phone 
  • The possibility of losing the company of friends and families because they’ll finally hate to always hear your sales pitch

But I found a Better Option where….

  • People rather come to me without approaching them
  • No need for making calls and losing any friend or family because of it.
  • You don’t have to own or buy any product or build any pyramid scheme to make a full-time income

The best part can start for FREE and no CREDIT CARD is needed. Click on the FREE guide below to get started…

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Oh, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with Qnet.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

6 thoughts on “Is Qnet Scam or Legit? This Is What I Discovered..[Review!]”

  1. “A pyramid scheme with products” – I like your summing up of Qnet in this way. I have no experience with this particular company (thank goodness) but I did get sucked into a MLM scheme a few years ago and it was an awful experience with no good qualities at all. I came to realise there is really very little difference between MLM and pyramid schemes other than one is just about legal and one isn’t. It really isn’t a system that will work for 99% of people and the only way to make any money is to recruit more people to sell to other potentially vulnerable and desperate people.  Thank you for such a detailed, well-researched and thorough review.

  2. In all honesty, Qnet does offer some excellent products here and also, their commission and compensation offers are massive and immense. However, I see the reasons why you pointed out that there may be some issues with the company itself. Being the fact that they offer an MLM based business offer, that is bad on its own because the chances of getting any money through MLM is very limited and minute. Also, the fact that I don’t have access to sell other company’s product and majorly, recruitments too. All these are what contributes to the reasons I’d rather not join this platform for now. Thanks

    • You’re welcome, Tracy. I agree with you on that…their compensation plan offers a great deal of money but that tells you the number of people you have to recruit into your network.  

  3. Hi,

    This is a great review, very informative and helpful.  Qnet is a pyramid scheme that lures people to join through misrepresentation and hidden costs.  You have given enough information to assist anyone to make an informed decision, especially those who may be considering to join the scheme because of the low registration cost.

    Great work.  All the best.


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