Is Take Surveys For Cash Scam OR $3,500 For Your Wallet?

I was completing blown away seeing this offer but on second thought and recalling my experience with surveys, this is too good to be true.

You might probably be also wondering whether Take Surveys For Cash is a scam or a valuable product to rake in cool $3500 per month. I wish I could say that you get exactly what the owner is letting you believe, but I’m afraid not. There are some skeletons in the cupboard that you have to be in the known.

So sit tight as I reveal to how making money with surveys actually work for you to judge for yourself whether Take Surveys For Cash is worth your money.

What Is Take Surveys For Cash About?

Product: Take Surveys For Cash

Founder: Jason White (May not be real person)


Platform Type: Paid Surveys Intermediary 

Cost: $39 + downsells & upsells

Best For: NO ONE except owner and affiliates

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

Take Surveys For Cash is a Clickbank product which is supposedly owned by a faceless, unverified, self-acclaimed king of paid surveys Jason White. He claims to have discovered a weird trick in taking surveys that bring in paychecks every week.

He claims that this weird trick has changed his earning from $3 to $500 daily just for taking surveys and can help you replicate it only if he shows you how. REALLY?

Take Surveys for cash payment lies

This is over exaggeration because I’ve reviewed several paid survey sites that can help people to make extra income but not this kind of crap this guy is selling. Paid survey sites generally pay pennies to cents. 

Not even Surveytime, Pointsprizes, Rewards1 and Clixsense can make you such amount every day. Honestly speaking, I’m tempted to believe that the $500 daily claim comes from selling this product of his. I’ll reason it out with you, just sit tight.

Do You Care To Know Who Jason White Is?

I’ve been online for quite some time and it takes just a click to know people who are known of their speciality. Jason White claims to be King of Paid surveys who has earned $274,000 just for taking paid surveys since 2009.

Where the heck has he hidden? You can’t find him anywhere. And if he’s that “King”, why would he not show his face in the video. After all, he said the results of his trick has been verified.

So, would you take the word of an unverified owner of a product who claims to have a verified earning? Isn’t that weird as his weird trick? That’s for you to ponder over it.

Take Surveys for cash king of paid surveys

How Does Take Surveys For Cash Claims To Make You Money?

This product claims to show you some tricks to help you make money from paid surveys, right? How exactly would Jason White and his weird trick work for you?

Before I delve into how the product works, let me take you through some basics of how paid surveys work.

How Does Paid Survey Work?

You and I use products and services from several companies. To scale it up to the entire world, it’s billions from these companies. In order to understand to improve their products, they need customers feedback. Customers opinions are very important to them not only to bettering their product but maximizing their profit. 

That’s why they allocate funds for market research studies to not only get complaints from customers but ideas. So they pay research marketing companies that are survey sites like Respondents, rewards1, Paidviewpoints and many more.

With these platforms, you can sign up for free and participate. Normally, you’re rewarded in points which are redeemable for gift cards. Frankly speaking, you can’t be rich taking paid surveys because the earning rate is very low.

Here’s a video for more explanation,

Taking surveys is as simple as the video explain but making from it is not as simple as it looks. Earning rates are usually low.

If you’re doing it for some extra income, fine. You can’t stop your job over. You usually earn pennies to a few dollars hours of work.

The Ugly Truth To Face!!

So how is Take Surveys for Cash going to give you financial freedom? Ironically, you’re going to make Jason White financially free. Here’s why…

Jason White is just going to be an intermediary between you and these survey sites. In other words, he will direct you to a number of survey sites which in the first place you wouldn’t have to pay for it to sign up.

And nothing changes, you have to work yourself out like everyone else who joined freely. Using Jason White’s product doesn’t change how much you earn per survey neither does it tell the sites to exclude you from prescreening questions.

However, it helps Jason White travel with his family 3 or 4 months every year this way. You might probably end up being his referral for all the survey sites he sends you to. Once you sign up through those links, he earns commissions from your own earnings.

That’s how I believe he’s earning his $500 every day if that’s even true. To be financially free with paid surveys as he’s hyping the product, you have to be also selling products like his.

So do yourself a favour by searching for FREE paid survey sites and work your butts out as you would do with his false tricks.

How Much Are You Paying For This? Sales Funnel

If you know how much you’re going to pay before you get this secret weird trick, you’ll understand that it’s actually meant to make Jason White financially free and not you.

The sales funnel explains it better.

As you can see when you enter your name and email to get access, you’re directed to a sales page to order the package for $39. is not that expensive as you would say, but you wouldn’t get any value for your money.

He makes it more appealing by reducing it to $27 when you try to exit. And it gets more interesting when he brings it down to $12 which you would say it cheap to try out. You better stay put because there are hidden upsells to it.

If you look at the sales funnel, there are 3 upsells when you after you’ve purchased. $37 for upsell 1 and $24 for upsells 2 and 3.

Why do you have to be paying for something free to join only to be making pennies? The upsells might be moderate but I wouldn’t recommend it for you because it’s not worth your money. 

If you’re that interested in taking surveys, then Respondent is my number one go-to place. You can earn averagely $140 per hour if you qualify for the research studies. Others you can try out are surveytime, Pointsprizes, rewards1, Clixsense and Timebucks.

But if you desire financial freedom as Jason White is selling you, then check out my #1 recommendation to understand how things work online.

Anyway, note that the upsells mentioned above are just one-click-upsells. It means the moment that you accept the offer, it’s automatically taken from your account. This is one of the unpleasant ways people can lose money with Clickbank offers.

The Two Sides To Weigh Out

The analysis I’m doing here is based on my experience with the internet world and how most scam schemes work. So I’m going to provide you with the two sides for you to decide yourself.

After all, it’s your money. I’m just helping you to make a good decision.


Guaranteed Money Back

There’s no good aspect to talk about this digital product in particular except for the 60-day guarantee money back. Since it’s a Clickbank product, it’s part of their policies to get your money in case products bought are not meeting your expectation.

However, getting your money back may sometimes be tedious especially when you don’t have a very convincing reason for that request.

If the red flags against this product are not convincing to you enough and still curious, you can give it a try. I will be glad to have your comment if you do so. I don’t recommend it though.


#1 Over Hyped Product

You’ll be easily sold out by Jason’s sales pitch if you’re desperate to make money online and oblivion to how things work. To be honest with you, I was amazed when he said discovering the weird trick has made him increase from $3 to $500 per week.

I haven’t come across a survey site that earns you that much. People work for months, I mean months to even withdraw 20 bucks. How much more $500. Besides, he’s not the one providing you with the surveys, but an intermediary. 

Trust me, this guy is selling you into fallacy. You can’t stop your work over surveys because it can’t pay you the bills let alone taking your family on vacations with it. REALLY? This financial freedom he’s talking about is a dream.

He’s the one making the money as you buy the product and also work for him as a referral. Think of it – that will make him financially free and not free.

#2 Manipulated check images of payment proof

You’ve definitely handled a check before so it wouldn’t require a second eye to realize that the money on the checks is manipulated. See for yourself.

Do you see the inconsistency in the number and the other texts? Boldened number. That can be easily done with photoshop and other tools. Don’t be surprised.

That my suspicion of what he did.

#3 Jason White can’t be verified as King of paid surveys

Of course, no football player will get advice from a basketball coach so he’s to sound convincing that he knows how surveys work. Apparently, that’s to sell into believing his false promises. 

A real KING OF PAID SURVEYS online can’t be found in google webs – then where else? This is so laudable to trash his promises if he can’t stand up for his genius. So if he can’t provide proof of his personality, then how much more the money he claims has been verified.

#4 Geo-targeting trick

Take Surveys For Cash has really planned into their marketing strategy to lure innocent people into purchasing their product. Do you notice that your country logo is tagged on the pages?

Take Surveys for cash geo-targeting

That’s where I’m residing. This shows Jason White is hugely leveraging technology to get you to jump unto his program. It wasn’t designed specifically for you.

It’s using your IP address to incorporate all those features into it. Very interesting and you’ll be carried away if you don’t know.

Compaints Against Take Surveys For Cash

Besides my personal analysis on the Take Surveys For Cash with my experience, I’ve researched other platforms to provide you with an unbiased review. My aim is to create multiple income streams and help others too who genuinely seek that.

So let’s look at what people are also saying about the product.

>> Take Surveys For Cash takes your money and gives you unavailable sites

Take Surveys for cash complaint
Source: Youtube

>> Getting refund was not an easy task

Take Surveys for cash complaint of refund
Source: Youtube

>> A user seeking for how to cancel account

Take Surveys for cash complaint of cancel account
Source: Youtube. The question is why would this person be seeking for who to cancel account if Take Surveys for Cash is not scam? Who wouldn't want to make $3500 every month just for surveys?

Conclusion - Is Take Surveys For Cash Scam or Legit?

Well, taking surveys shouldn’t cost you any money to sign up. And Jason White is not doing anything unique than forwarding to you free survey sites to create an account.

Besides, upon his alleged weird trick discovery which I doubt there’s any, you still have to work yourself out on the survey sites like any other person joining for free elsewhere.

The amount you earn per the survey doesn’t change. Jason White’s trick can’t change that because he’s not the company paying the money neither can he force their hand to increase your earning. After all, it’s your work which will make you the cents accumulation and not his trick.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t recommend Take Surveys For Cash to you because there are too many red flags for it to escape the scam bin. You’re not going to make that $3500 per month just for taking surveys. At least, my experience knows how much effort is needed to make that amount of money with the internet.

So save your money and try out several free survey sites like Rewards1Surveytime, PointsPrizesClixsense, TimeBucks, Tellwut and Prolific. They wouldn’t make you the $500 every week but it’s better than holding unto fake promises. 

But if you want to make more than what surveys can provide you, then check out my #1 recommendation. That’s my main income stream. 

Do You Desire Financial Freedom?

If you desire financial freedom and unlimited potential of making money with the opportunities on the internet, then starting off your very own online business is the sure way to go. You can learn how to do it with Wealthy Affiliate training which is newbie friendly and easy-to-follow. You don’t need any experience to get started that’s why I recommend it as a one-stop way for multiple income creation.

You don’t want to be your own boss? Wait! Respondent has very attractive offers and high paying research studies which you can earn averagely $140 per hour. It’s free to join and you can add a number of options from the best scam-free websites that pay you for testing websites. These can be added to your income stream.


Over To You!

Do you have any experience with Take Surveys For Cash? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

                             Share it, if you like it! 🙂

Your friend, 


6 thoughts on “Is Take Surveys For Cash Scam OR $3,500 For Your Wallet?”

  1. I signed up for a free offer similar to this and never got anything remotely usable. Instead I was inundated with spam emails that I’m STILL trying to stop from pestering me and littering my Inbox.

    I agree with you that if someone has a legitimate business then information about them should be public record somewhere. LinkedIn, BBB, social media… we oughtta be able to find this guy if he’s legit, but that’s obviously not the case here.

    Thanks for giving us a heads-up to keep us, and our money, safe!

    • Hello TJ, 

      You’re always welcome to my site and I’m glad to have your thoughts on this. Every hero stands by its name but this weird trick inventor, Jason White is running from it. It’s very interesting. 

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for posting such an honest review. your explanation of how to spot a scam is really helpful.
    Having the list of legitimate sites to use is a bonus.
    I didn’t realize that you should not pay for access to these kinds of sites. That information alone will save me some trouble.
    I also appreciate that you state honestly that it takes a lot of work to make money on the web.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Derrick,

    Previously, l do take surveys during leisure time to earn some extra income but l can frankly tell you is really waste of your time as they paid you pennies and there is hardly any survey available. Let along not to mention about Take Surveys For Cash system by Jason White which can help you earn $3,500 per month. It’s totally a scam.

    You don’t have to pay for joining any of those survey platforms, and further if you want to earn more and be more productive l urge you to set up an Affiliate Marketing business. 

    Best wishes.


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