Kids Paid Money Review: Just Another Rebranded Scam!!

The internet is an interesting place where new opportunities are launched day in day out to help people to make money online but one would have to be careful on which train to jump on. All that glitters is not gold and so you would have to do your due diligence.

So with that said, I’m assuming that you’ve heard or read that Kids Paid Money can pay you $10 for every friend you invite to their site and you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or a real opportunity to make money. To be straight with you, it’s a total scam and would advise you not to spend your precious time spamming friends and families with affiliate links hoping to make a whopping $500.

In this Kids Paid Money Review, I will not only be presenting you with facts as to why this site is a scam but will show you that it’s just a rebranded scam site I’ve reviewed and also help you with other legit platforms that are FREE to make money with.

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What is Kids Paid Money?

Company name: Kids Paid Money

Founder: Not Found on site


Business Type: Get Paid To Invite Friends

Price: $0.00

My Overall Rating:  0 out of 10

Kids Paid Money is a get-paid-to site that claims to provide easy money for members who like to make money online by leveraging social media. In other words, you drive traffic to their site in exchange for money. It claims to provide other ways of earning through their platform by testing apps and completing easy surveys.

Also, it claims to be part of a bigger company called CryoEarn LLC (a total lie!!) which has been in existence for over 10 years. With their rapid growth, they’ve made a huge fortune to the extent where their affiliate commission rate is increased from $0.10 per referral to $10. REALLY? Who does that?

I don’t think a profit type company would be generous that much to pay people far higher than what the gurus of the internet world like Google could pay to their affiliates. This all points to how untrustworthy this site is and I will go deep into it to provide you with the full proof.

How Kids Paid Money Claims To Put Money In Your Wallet?

To convince willing users who know little about how making money online works, kids paid money says you need only three steps to start your journey of making easy money.

#1 Sign up

You put in your personal details in exchange of referral link where you can spam any social network that you have an account with. This is with the hope that anyone seeking to make money online will click it, earning you $5 and $10 in addition when the person also signs up.

#2 Share Your Affiliate Link

They illustrate it so easy on their site – head to your twitter account and type in the keyword “I need money”. Drop some few lines of words as if offering a solution to that kind of problem and leave your link there.

That sounds easy, right? It is but you’ll only be tarnishing your image and making the owners of this shady business rich because you never make a dime. That’s the truth!

#3 Cash Out

So when you’ve sent huge traffic and generated a number of referrals for them, there comes your payment. They claim instant payment to users through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, Bank Transfer and others but you’ll be shocked that your money never lands in your account.

The strategy proposed by Kids paid money looks simple and easy to lure people in believing them but you’re not going to make any money. They’re not here to help you but get access to your personal information. If you really want to make money online, then you might want to check Respondent, a high paying platform of good reputation.

Is Kids Paid Money A Scam Or A Legit?

ScamKids Paid Money is a total scam which you wouldn’t have to take a second look at because it has nothing to offer you other than wasting your precious time, playing on your integrity and getting access to your personal details. You might think there’s nothing to lose here because you don’t put in money but bear in mind that you don’t know what your personal information will be used for.

Also, the time that you’ll be using to spam your social networks could be converted into trying legit sites like Clixsense, Ojooo WAD, PointsPrizes and Coinbulb even if their earning rate is low. However, there is a one-stop platform that I’ve tried which can help you build a business online to make a passive income.

With that said, I back my assertion that Kids Paid Money is a scam with the following reasons and red flags.

It’s just a rebranded scam site

This site, a get paid to invite friends as it claims is no different from dinero facil gratis website that I labelled a scam some months ago. Whatever Kids paid money is claiming here is exactly the same as what they also said. The website they both used is the same and was obtained free. You can check for yourself here.

In fact, if you search in your browser, you’ll be redirected to the kids paid money website. So, it just a rebranded site with some tweaks here and there like a Chameleon changing colours. Is this a platform that you’ll take their word for what it claims?

kids paid money vs dinero facil

The commissions seem very good but not real.

No one desiring to make money online would ever reject the commission that Kids paid money is offering but the truth is you’re being baited. They can’t be that generous to give out that amount they’re claiming by just sharing links on social media. Even big companies like google, youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram and the likes can’t afford to pay you free $25 for sign up, $5 for anyone just clicking on your link and $10 for anyone that signs up through your link.

Is it that they don’t know how to use their money or they’re running a charity program? It’s just a way to capture the attention of people who seek get-rich-quick schemes but if you want to make money online, you have to look elsewhere like Respondent. Kids paid money is a total waste of time.

10 years in business. REALLY??! That’s a total lie!

This site really amazes me. They’re just 15 days old at the time of writing this review and they’re claiming 10 years in business. Even the bigger group that they claim to be part of does not really exist. If you follow up on the name, the best result you get is a website ( where they have a session for their advert. See for yourself.

So, they’re just playing on the minds of people to leverage their precious time to their advantage. If you so trust this site on their claims then invest your time rather into PointsPrizes to make a $20.

You’ll not only waste your precious time with this site but your personal information and integrity for anyone you direct to sign up.

You never succeed in withdrawing money you’ve made.

No payment proofBeing paid for something you’ve worked for is a good feeling. Everyone can relate if you’ve experienced that aha moment before. You might think you’ve made whopping money, ready to be harvested but to your surprise, a disappointment. You’ll be redirected to complete some surveys giving you some hope of getting the money.

You never get the money. They’ll fool you till you give up. It’s like seeing a promised land but not able to taste it. The annoying thing is, they will keep you busy with the long process of claiming your money. Check someone’s experience;

Someones experience

Fake testimonials of payment

Like I pointed out earlier that kids paid money is just a rebranded site of, they have the same testimonial of happy members. So that should make it clear to you that this shady business is planned to intentionally fool you and insult your intelligence.

It’s clearly seen from the below images that, there’s no difference.

Fake testimonials

There’s nothing good that this platform can offer you except deception. If you want a better platform of TRUE testimonials that will not only help you to just make money online, but a passive one to live a fulfilled life, then try my recommended training platform. It’s FREE to join at $0 cost with no credit card details.

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So, What Should You Do? Any Better Option?

Don’t give it a second thought to even try it, if I should advise you. There’s nothing that they can offer you so ignore them. Yes! There are a number of options that I can help you with depending on how much you want to earn and the kind of life you desire to build in making money online.

If you don’t mind spending some time earning pennies per clicks then Ojooo WADNeobux, Coinbulb and BTC clicks would be your go-to area but Clixsense and PointsPrizes can earn you more. Also, Usertesting, Userlytics and UserFeel can earn you at least $10 for any usability testing that you conduct for 10 – 20 minutes while Respondent can put $140 averagely in your wallet for every hour spent.

However, if you desire to create a passive income online where you get to be in control of your working time and the amount you should earn, then you might want to try my one-stop platform. It’s FREE to get started. If you want to know about them before signing up, then you should check out why I recommend it.

If this post has been helpful and provided you with some insights, then do me a favour by sharing it with someone.


Do you any experience or thoughts concerning Kids paid money? Share it in the comment box below and I will be glad to connect with you as soon as possible.

Until then, I hope you make a good decision.

Your friend,


10 thoughts on “Kids Paid Money Review: Just Another Rebranded Scam!!”

  1. Hi Derrick,

    This is an excellent product review with specific information about Kids Paid Money. Personally, I dislike joining
    those websites who use fake testimonial and bluff for joining with multiple hidden upsells program. After reading the whole review, I have totally agreed with you that this is 100 % scam site and I will stay out from this. Alternatively, I would prefer your number one recommendation of the wealthy Affiliate Site. Thanks for sharing this awesome tips.

  2. Wow … the audacity of some of these programs.  I can’t believe the lengths they would go to to gather people’s details.

    I value reviews like yours for they are me source for staying on top of programs; and especially to note scams like these to steer clear of.  The investigative depths you’ve gone to for your review is to be applauded.

    And I’m grateful for sites like your one-stop platform that offers real tools, real guidance and real means for one to create earning revenues online.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kid paid money is another scam site please beware I registered with them last month and the story isn’t different from what was written on this article all they seem to do is use our clicks and visiting their websites to make money, I made a withdrawal request early last month and till now I’m yet to get paid.

  4. I just joined kids get paid then i decided to check reviews on it and all the reviews so far has been bad but your own sums it up
    I’m scared


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