Rotate4All Review – A Scam or Legit Paid To Promote And Advertise?

Checking on Rotate4all and wondering whether it’s a scam, a waste of time or a platform that delivers to its members what it claims? Is it a legit paid to promote site worthy of your time or just one of those scam sites you would have to stay away from? Can it really help you to generate leads, traffic or referrals to your website or just a mere advertisement service platform that has nothing good to offer you? You’ve found yourself in the right place to get all these answered.

First of all, congratulations on doing your diligent check. Scam sites are flooding the internet these days and you wouldn’t want to lose your hard earned money or waste your precious time with them. My review will provide you with a guide to help you decide about rotate4all.

So, let’s get started!

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What is Rotate4all?

Business name: Rotate4all

Owner: Ivan Levente


My Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Rotate4all is a multi-level online platform which provides an advertisement service to business and website owners who want to take their leads, traffic, sales or affiliate referrals to the next level. It also provides a paid to promote (PTP) program for users who want to earn some pennies carrying out simple tasks online such as surfing websites, promoting PTP links on some allowed sites, referring others and engaging in a contest on their platform.

In a nutshell, it generates income from Advertisers who sign up for their offers to pay their affiliates or users who help them advertise. In other words, you earn from their site as a publisher who shares generated links from the platform on social media and other valid sites. By so doing, you help them publicise the program of their advertisers as you earn through people clicking on your links.

Per my thorough research and trying their platform, I discovered that the business was founded by Ivan Revente in the year 2013 and has been in operation since. It has quite a good history and some users rank it as one of the best work at home earning platforms. However, your position about this platform will be decided by the end of this review.

How Rotate4all Really Works?

As highlighted earlier, rotate4all operate in two ways; an advertisement service providing platform and a paid to promote business model.

As an Advertisement Service Platform

This is the main source of income for the site. It advertises programs of bloggers, business and website owners through its affiliates on a wide range of online platforms using social media and other internet platforms. It claims to advertise your program through a rotator which runs 24/7 simultaneously on hundreds of popular high traffic sites.

This is possible because it encourages its member to share their link on social media and other high traffic sites like PTCs. They have different packages for an advertiser to choose from and it’s charged based on the number of days. The lowest price you can get is $4.9 for a day and $989.99 for 365 days.

Below is the list of service and price list. You can reach them here.

As a Paid To Promote

For individuals who want to earn some few pennies, your opportunity lies here. It’s FREE to join but cost you only your time. You promote your given links by sharing it on your social media and other valid links. Your main task is to draw traffic through that link to help them serve their advertisers. However, not all traffic you generate through the link is valid if you violate their standards and you’re only credited for the valid sources.

Valid traffic sources

  • Grid & Prize programs
  • Manual PTC & TE
  • Revshare sites
  • Social sites

Invalid Traffic Sources

  • Rotator-advertising programs
  •  Autosurf programs
  •  PTP programs
  •  Pop-unders

Can You Make Money With The Platform?

Yes, you can but the earning rate is very slow to me and you would only be earning a few pennies in a day. Their system requires a lot of time to make a dollar so you would have to be patient in order to earn. You can earn from the following ways;

  • Promoting your link as a publisher
  • Surfing module
  • Referral module or an affiliate program
  • Contest

On their referral system, you earn 20% of what your downlines earn on the PTP and the surfing modules. In order to earn much, you have to refer a lot of people to make a significant amount of money in a day only if your downlines actively work every day. Other than that, you can’t even make a dollar a day.

To clearly understand their ways of earning in PTP and surfing modules, go through the table below. The surfing per site earns you $0.0002 of which you can earn $0.25 in a day if you’re willing to view 1250 sites within 24 hours.

Pros About Rotate4all

  • Their system is very secure and well managed to ensure smooth running.
  • They provide reasonable earning.
  • It has a higher earning rate than most PTC sites.
  • It’s one of the popular paid to promote sites that have lasted long online.
  • You can earn pennies in the comfort of your home.


  • Their homepage has little information about what they do.
  • The site is not user-friendly, it looks so stiff to me.
  • To maintain their system, they have a lot of terms and conditions to abide.
  • It has a history of easily banning members without a notice when any term is breached.

Is Rotate4all A Scam Or A Legit?

The business has been online for more than 4 years which qualifies it as legit. So, rotate4all is not a scam and it delivers as it claims except for complaints of easily getting banned. However, you can’t earn much in a day if you intend to earn very big. You might want to look elsewhere if you’re get-rich-quick kind of person.

Although, rotate4all can earn you some pennies by actively engaging in their ways of earning without flaunting their rules. Is it worth your time? Can you equally invest that time into other opportunities online that can earn you more? Read on.

My Personal Analysis About Rotate4all

As you’ve read, rotate4all has a commendable strategy to provide traffic to business and website owners whiles securing funds for its promoters. Needless to say, their site needs improvement to better user experience in navigation, they’re able to maintain their system through a stringent rule. With that, you can be assured of a secure and an honest way of earning some pennies if you don’t mind spending hours for that.

I don’t think you’re worth $0.25 a day as your working rate. Although, your total earning in a day can be more than that but hardly would it be above a dollar. Even for that, you would have to actively be promoting your link and referring several people to their site before you can increase your earning. What if you can invest an equivalent time or a little more into your own business that you can build online to make a consistent income?

Rotate4all, is legit which doesn’t cost you a dime to register and earns you more than most PTC site but the question is, can you surf 1250 websites every day just to earn $0.25? To me, it will be a waste of time or inappropriate designation of my time to earn some pennies whiles I can equally invest that time to earn more in building my own online business.

You can try it since it’s free and use your leisure time sometimes to earn pennies but if you can afford to build your own business, then read on to find out my number one recommendation. Build your online business empire and earn consistent income.


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You can read more about it here to get full knowledge about them but If you’re that curious, you can try their FREE MEMBERSHIP to see what’s inside.

Your comments are most welcome. Do well to drop your experience below about rotate4all if you’ve used their platform before and I will be more than glad to connect with you. Until then, I hope you make a good choice.

Your friend,


10 thoughts on “Rotate4All Review – A Scam or Legit Paid To Promote And Advertise?”

  1. I really appreciate all the time and research you have put into analyzing and reviewing different online companies to state you can make money with them.  Here is just another example of one where I could see myself spending an enormous amount of time trying to make a small income, yet getting very little or nothing.  Doesn’t seem like a good utilization of my time for sure.  thanks for the great review.

    • Hello, 

      I can see your expectations are high and that’s very understandable because time spent is irreplaceable. However, if you want to build a significant income stream then you might want to check out my recommendation for making a passive income. 

  2. The offer of this Advertisement Service Platform is intriguing.However,I would like to understand the details better.If I sign up, do I need to create and submit an ad for one of my products ? What I must do to just promote my website to generate leads? Would these leads be qualified for a mailing list? Have the prospects signed an opt-in form? How do I find more about this program? As you can see I am not familiar with advertising platforms.You also recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.Is this the same site as Wealthy Affiliate which I really like?

    • Hello Carlos, 

      You would have to sign up as an advertiser and choose one of their offers. Rotate4all will then add your site or landing page to their ad list for their users to view. If a user sees an offer on your site and would want to take it, you can exchange it with his or her mail. 

      Yes, the prospect can sign up an opt-in-form provided you have something that he’s interested in when he comes to your site. If you want to find out more about them, click here

      Yes, they’re the same. 

  3. Hi Derrick – thanks for the review. It’s always good to explore additional ways of adding to your income. I was wondering if Rotate4All might be a good side hustle but, from what you say, it probably isn’t 🙂 At least not worth the time for the return.

    I’ve given up looking for Get Rich Quick schemes 🙂 but it would be nice to find something that gave you a half-decent return for the time and effort you put in.

    Affiliate marketing is attractive but I’ve heard it can take months to get off the ground and there’s no guarantee that you’ll make any money at the end of it. I’m not after Get Rich Quick but it would be nice to see a return on time invested. What’s your experience of the time it takes to start earning?

    Thank you, Ian

    • Hi Ian, 

      Thanks for your question. Affiliate marketing has not only proven to be attractive but a lucrative business to make a passive income. However, it requires hard work to start making a consistent income and the returns are unlimited.

      The time to start making money varies based on how you work. For me, I started making a 3 figure income in my third month with this site. I work on a part-time basis spending 3-4 hours every day. 

      If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, then you might want to check out this FREE platform. It doesn’t require any credit card info to sign up.

  4. Thanks for this great deal of information. There are many internet platforms offering this service rotate4all is rendering. The question is people really getting the said traffic that can convert into their site. The answer is no. Many people are just creating a pay to promote and advertise sites just to milk other people’s money. 

    Have decided never to waste my time on such platform this year. Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted platform to get the right traffic. There are many testimonies every day of people making sales daily. Also when will I stop earning peanuts by clicking peanuts for viewing ads. No that is not  journey I will like to embark on in 2019.

    Thanks for your help in providing quality reviews of sites.

    • Hello Tsquare,

      Good for you that you’ve found something that works for you. I admire your new year resolutions and wish all the best in your endeavours.

  5. I would not use them. Many of the views do not count so they only pay a fraction of what they claim. Many users are banned so they don’t need to pay them out. They do pay though but those are desperate users that ignore the fact that they are sending too much traffic. They also ban people for speaking negatively about them which is really wierd.


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