What Is BTC Smash About? A Scam OR Free Bitcoins In Your Wallet?

We all mostly get caught up surfing the internet to connect with friends and families or absorbed in games on our phones. Have you imagined how awesome it would be to make money just by smashing virtual objects like playing a game on the internet? Well, BTC smash says they can help you to earn free bitcoins online by just smashing virtual objects at zero risks without even providing your personal information.

In this review, I’ll not only provide you with information on what BTC Smash is about but will guide you to decide whether it’s worth your time trying this opportunity. Despite its being free to join, can you really make money as they claim or it’s a shady platform to just waste your precious time?

First of all, congratulations on doing your diligent check before trying them. Personally, I don’t follow such platforms to make money online since I discovered the one-stop platform that’s enabling me to create multiple income streams. However, what I’ll be providing you is my honest opinion to help you decide.

Let’s get straight to it!

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What is BTC Smash?

Business Name: BTC Smash

Owner: Not Found on Website

Website: btcsmash.io

Price: FREE

My Overall Rating:  2 out of 10

Summary: BTC Smash is a website that claims to generate revenue from advertisements and provide fun-filled activities by just destroying virtual items to earn some bitcoins. You sign up at no cost and proceed to earn by clicking on the virtual items until the hits available in your account is finished.

The virtual items are destroyed in exchange for bitcoins and you can play as long as you want provided you have hits in your account. It sounds easy, right? It is but there hasn’t been any record of withdrawal proof from most users.

How Does BTC Smash Work?

You sign up by just providing your valid bitcoin wallet address at $0 with no personal information and you can begin your journey of smashing things away. You’re given 50 hits to start off with your destroying adventure till you run out of hits.

The earning per destruction varies and you’re likely to earn no coins for a number of smashing that you do. Upon trying I would say that the probability of earning a bitcoin per smash is 30% and it will take a long time to make the minimum amount of withdrawal.

When you run out of hits, you can fill by:

  • Waiting for 3 hours for the system to auto-refill for you.
  • By inviting friends to earn you more hits or using features such as mine, invest, offers, using your links, codes and awards.

With these features, you can earn limited hits to play the game as long as you want. So in effect the more hits you have, the longer you can smash the virtual items in exchange for bitcoins. Here is a short video to explain more;

However, it’s a question of how much can you earn and how long it would take you?

Would You Really Earn Much?

The earning rate of BTC smash is high compared to most PTC and GPT sites but that will require an active work of long hours investment to earn that. Meanwhile, you can’t be certain of whether you’ll ever make that minimum amount of withdrawal or even get the money.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.03500000 BTC which is equivalent to almost USD130 at the time of writing this review. Like Coinbulb, rotate4all, btcclicks and neobux, this will take a long time to get to the minimum withdrawal amount although BTC smash offers more than them.

Is BTC Smash A Scam Or A Legit?

BTC Smash has been in the system for less than a year at the time of writing this review which doesn’t qualify it as a legit platform but whether it’s a scam depends on user experience and complains.

From the information gathered online, the common thing found is that the platform is not paying. And there hasn’t been any proof of payment from this platform and my doubts about it are high to conclude it a scam.

In addition, here is a common complaint among users and my doubts;

  • For a start, you’ll be earning at a high rate to almost make it to the minimum amount but hardly would you get there. It’s been observed that when you’re close to the 0.0350000 BTC, your subsequent earnings will be generating you very little bitcoins even if you have as high as ten thousands of hits which can possibly push you to the mark. You never get there!!
  • There’s no clear information on how your smashing of virtual items translates in their revenue generation from advertisements.
  • You’re bombarded with advertisements which may sometimes involve games of nudity.

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Shun The Time Wasters, REAL Opportunity Is Here!

Instead of DESTROYING to earn why not CREATE to make money online. These systems like BTC Smash might sound like an easy way to make money but in reality, it’s a time-waster. This is why I don’t follow most systems like that to make money online. Besides, it involves active work of long hours of investment to make a dime.

Up to this point, I’ve shown you what BTC smash is all about, what is required of you to make pennies and the reason why you’re not going to make any money as no one has ever reported earning any dime per my research. Let’s be real here if all the smashing done on BTC smash brings money to the table, the platform should be choked by now.

Here are your options…you can continue to follow platforms like BTC smash or get onboard one that really delivers results. Either way, you’re going to get results but whether it will be one you’re happy about depends on the decision you’re going to make now.

To do something different that deliver results, click on the guide below for a road less travelled but you live better. The best of all is that you have nothing to lose but something to lose not checking it out..

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Your comments are most welcome. Do well to drop your experience below about BTC Smash if you’ve used the platform before and I will be more than glad to connect with you. Until then, I hope you make a good decision.

Your friend,


20 thoughts on “What Is BTC Smash About? A Scam OR Free Bitcoins In Your Wallet?”

  1. Hi Derrick – great post.  Wish I would have found an article like this when I tried a similar free app that would pay you bitcoins.  It was a total waste of time.

    I appreciate the information about BTC Smash, and I’m sure anyone else who I sent intrigued by it will appreciate reading this information as well.

    Nice job,


  2. This is just great. I was looking for a review about BTC Smash and this article delivered me that. This article had everything I needed to know about BTC Smash. I learned how much I can earn from it and if it is worth my time or not. Thank you so much for the rundown on this platform.

  3. Hi Derrick,

    This is an excellent product review with lots of details information about BTC Smash. I believe your review will help many beginners who are struggling to make money online and fall in this risky product’s attraction. I have no interest to get involved with it. I would rather prefer your #1 recommendation of joining in Wealthy Affiliate University. Thanks for writing this excellent review about risky product site.

  4. Hi Derrick,

    Thanks for providing this overview of BTC Smash. It doesn’t sounds like a scam in the sense that they are taking money from you, it does however sound like a scam as you can’t realistically make money as they’ve promised. It just looks to me like they’ve set this up to get lots of site visitors and then sell advertising, not quite as bad but still a waste of your efforts. Thanks for altering people to this.

  5. so far, after 6 months. zero payouts from this site. zero web contact. every person gets stuck at a limit and no hope of cashing out…trust me, i review over 100 sites and this one goes into the scam category. it will eat all your hash, let it look like you making something, and around 85% to 90% cashout, you will never win another satoshi and be stuck forever..

  6. Hi Derrick thank you for the warning about this btcsmash thing. im a begginer here and needed to make extra cash for my family, but due to lack of income i cant fund my wallet since ive been scammed many times. i was hoping that btcsmash will help me but unfortunatley i saw your warning on the internet about the scam. ive also been searching for sight that can loan bitcoin if you have any recommendatoin please email me at armandomkhwanazi@gmail.com.

    • Hello Aletta,

      I’m glad you’ve found the review helpful and it’s my desire to help as many as I can to avoid scams. Sorry for your loss too. I’m not into loan offers so I can’t be of help to you in that area.

      However, sites like Respondent, PointsPrizes, Clixsense and Rewards1 can help you make decent money online with a little effort. It doesn’t cost you money to sign up for them so you can try out.

      If you also want to make passive income online which I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate platform can show you how to do that for FREE if you’re willing to work it out.

      I hope it helps.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It is of this reason why I wrote this review for people to save themselves from a similar experience. If you really want to make money online, then I would recommend that you check out the best way here.
      However, if you seek just a small few earnings, then this list will help you.


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