What Is CoinBulb About? A Scam OR Easy Earn Per Click?

Have you come across CoinBulb and wondering what it is about or you want to clarify issues with it before you sign up with them? Perhaps you’ve heard that it provides you with an easy way of earning Bitcoins by just clicking on ads and you want to be sure that it’s not a scam. Is it or a legit make money online opportunity? My review will walk you through to find the right answers to this before you make any mistake.

First of all, congratulations. You’ve done a good thing researching about CoinBulb. Doing your due diligence on systems of making money online before committing yourself is a good way to save your hard-earned money and precious time.

So, let’s delve straight into it to see what CoinBulb can offer.

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What is CoinBulb?

Business name: CoinBulb

Owner: Not Found on Website

Website: coinbulb.com

Price: FREE

My Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Bitcoin business models are increasing these days on the internet since Bitcoin is gaining popularity in the market and making transactions easier. So everyone would want a bit of Bitcoins in their wallet and CoinBulb presents an opportunity to do that.

CoinBulb is a paid-to-click online business model and an advertisement site that connects online business platforms to individuals who are interested in investment or making money online especially in Bitcoin. So, it sustains itself by getting offers from advertisers and then serves it viewers called ‘clickers’ with these ads to earn some pennies per view.

If you have a business in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, then CoinBulb would be a good medium to increase your online presence or generate more traffic to your site. It charges you with respect to the number of clicks and duration you want your ad to be viewed.

As clickers on CoinBulb, you’re rewarded microBitcoins for any ad you click and view from 10 seconds to at most 30 seconds on the site. In fact, there are several PTC sites like this form on the internet and one similar site I just reviewed is BTC clicks. They’re same in concept, except for their website themes.

There isn’t much to this CoinBulb so let dig deeper to see what it can offer you or we just conclude that it’s a waste of time.

How Does CoinBulb Work?

As an advertisement site, their main goal is to help advertisers gain traffic to their sites from the Bitcoin community. So if you have a cryptocurrency business model, this site would be an ideal place to reach out to people who are interested in Bitcoin trading. CoinBulb gets remuneration from these advertisers in exchange for what it claims as high-quality Bitcoin-related traffic. You don’t have to sign up as an advertiser but you fill their online form to grab a deal.

You and I called ‘clickers’ come into play when these ads are made available to viewers. This is where you can earn fractions of a dollar by just viewing these ads from 8 seconds to about 30 seconds without being required to interact with the websites.

The advertisers are of the hope that viewers who see their business models attractive would visit their sites to cut a deal. This is how traffic is generated for the advertisers. To start earning pennies from the site, all that you need to do is to sign up at no cost (FREE) except for your time and start your viewing journey at the view ads tab on the menu. The average number of ads you get to view in a day is about 10 but it can sometimes be higher or lower depending on the number of advertisers CoinBulb is serving.

Currently, CoinBulb offers two main types of ads to members. They’re active window ads and surf ads. The active window ads fetch more microBitcoins than the Surf ads which seems to be an unlimited ad view. This is how the active window ads look like

The surf ads are mostly advertisement from online business owners who want their offers to be seen by viewers. The viewing duration ranges from 8 seconds to about 30 seconds which can earn you a minimum of 0.00005 mBTC to a maximum of about 0.00015 mBTC per click. From the last time I tried this ad, they were around 22 ads with about 95% which earns you 0.00005 mBTC. Most of these ads are not Bitcoin related.

You’re also given a daily bonus from 5 to 30 Satoshi by claiming it at the daily bonus tab and you can increase your earning by referring people to their site to also view ads. Or you can as well upgrade to a premium membership which I wouldn’t recommend you to do because you’ll still be earning pennies in a day. You withdraw at a minimum of 0.1mBTC which would take you a long time to get there and payment is processed in 48 hours.

Would You Really Earn Much?

With fractions of a dollar per click, you will not be earning much in a day even if you have a huge number of referrals which wouldn’t be easy to get. So, if you’re someone who is impatient and wants to earn a significant amount of money in a day, you might want to look elsewhere. In case you’re not used to Bitcoins, let me break it down to know how much you’re really earning if you choose to register with them.

Let’s do a simple mathematics here.

1000 mBTC is equivalent to 1 BTC which implies that if you’re earning averagely 0.00010 mBTC per click, you’re actually making 0.0000001 BTC per ad you view. Converting it to US dollars will be 0.0004 per ad which is less than a penny. It could be your side attraction thing to spend your leisure time on it though but it wouldn’t fetch you much.

At the time of writing this post, 1 BTC would fetch you approximately $4,300 per Google’s conversion rate and this could tell you how long it will take for you to earn this significant amount of money. You will only be able to earn a dollar in a day if bitcoin should skyrocket to around an 8 figure. While this is possible, it will take years for this to be realized but does this make it a scam?

Is CoinBulb A Scam Or A Legit?

CoinBulb is not a scam if I should conclude. My search on it showed that they’ve been around for more than 2 years which makes it a legitimate company to work with. From what’s trending online on social media about CoinBulb, they have a good report of payment history. However, you can’t be sure of the future with this online system so you would want to be cautious if you intend upgrading to a premium membership.

You can go here if you want to register and see how it works for yourself. While CoinBulb has proven to be a legit company to add to your income stream, you might as well want to consider if its worth your time.

My Personal Analysis

CoinBulb has gained the trust of most users because it’s paying and have been online for long which is a good thing. And from their business model, it’s sustainable as long as advertisers keep on giving them offers which is something worth noting. Looking at the earning rate, it’s reasonable for the amount you earn per view in reference to their advertisement charges.

CoinBulb is offering you this opportunity to earn pennies online at no money cost except for premium membership which puts it in a good name position to work with but as to whether the money you earn with them is worth your time is dependent on the kind of life you want to build with making money online systems. As I’ve clearly explained above, you can’t make a significant livelihood out of what you earn on this platform.

Even if you have a huge number of referrals and a premium membership ticket, it will be difficult for you to make a dollar a day, let alone a reliable income. That’s why as a multi-stream income enthusiast, I have my main income generating business model.

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Make Real Money Online And Invest

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I will be more than happy to respond to your questions or clarifications if any. If you’ve ever used CoinBulb platform, do me a favour by sharing your experience in the comment box below and I will be happy to link up.

Until then, I hope you make a good choice.

Your friend,


10 thoughts on “What Is CoinBulb About? A Scam OR Easy Earn Per Click?”

  1. Interesting article – never heard of that particular program you mention but I can’t say I hadn’t the greatest experience with cryptocurrency. I do agree it is the future in many respects, but at the same time, I like to put my money where I can control something, not hoping something will happen. Your second recommendation is much better in my humble opinion…. Do you think crypto will win over cash?

    • Thanks for stopping by. I hope you make something significant with my recommendation if you choose to join the program. 

      That’s an interesting question. Cryptocurrency is doing well but I don’t think it will take over cash.  

  2. Hey Derrick! How are you doing buddy? I’ve really enjoyed reading this post on “Coinbulb” as it’s very informative. I’ve been always looking at ways to make money and this sounds like it’s gonna work. I can’t wait to try it. Do they send out payments via PayPal or how does it work?

  3. Thanks for bringing this information to my notice. I do like to research about any program I want to run online. Practically I’m not new to this type of set up. What I know is that you have to be ready to waste a lot of time before you can even earn $1. Is that the kind of life I want to live in 2019? My answer is capital NO. Have wasted my time in the past doing all sort of slavery stuff online. But in this new year my resolution is to be focused. And I’m not going back. Having joined WA I have all my assurance that with all the support of all my successful friends I will also succeed and achieve my financial goal. 

  4. Hi there, 

    Although this method sounds like it’s legit, earning a fraction of a penny per click it would take forever to make even just a dollar in bitcoins!  

    I think that this method, although it has some potential, is really like you have pointed out here: unless someone has a lot of spare time on their hands, I don’t see how we could make any significant money with this!  Then again, for someone who wants to gain some Bitcoins using this free method, they could probably end up with a fraction of a bitcoin in a prolonged period of time…

    Thank you for breaking things down.  I will not waste my time with it and will see about your Wealthy Affiliate University: Why I Vote It #1 For Creating Multi-Stream Income Online instead.  That is more the kind of thing I was looking for.  I see that they also have a free membership.  How long is the free membership good for?


    • Hello Denis, 

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Yh, CoinBulb would take a lot of time and patience to see your first dollar. 

      For my recommendation, you can remain free membership forever – as long as you would want to stay with them and there are no upsells or whatsoever. I hope I’ve answered your question.

  5. Its great that this is not considered a scam but I still think that education is very important.  That education is to make sure we let people know they really will make no money with this.  Even working 24 hours a day it will take a long time just to pay your internet bill.

    The nice thing is you have made that aware and I think thats great.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such an honest review.  It will help many who are considering this option to make money online.


    • Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you’ve seen the two sides of it. Some opportunities tend up to be a loss more than something we could make a fortune from. 


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