What Is Neobux About? A Scam OR Make An Extra Income?

How would you feel if you’re rewarded for all the clicks and things you view on the internet? I guess it would be exhilarating, right? Because we all spend a lot of time surfing the internet here and there. Well, Neobux apparently claims they can pay you for clicking. So if you find yourself here chances are that you’ve probably come across Neobux and wondering what it’s about or you’re sceptical. Don’t worry, I understand your position and I’m here to help you with my experience.

First of all, I must congratulate you on doing your due diligence. In as much as opportunities on the internet are on the rise, scammers too are flooding the system to rob people of their hard-earned money as well as wasting their precious time. Is Neobux one those scam sites or a total waste of time that you have to stay away from?

My review will not only inform you of what Neobux is about but will provide you with a guide to recognizing a scam site, a total waste of time money making tool and lastly how to make real money online. Let’s get straight at it!

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What is Neobux About?

Business name: Neobux

Website: www.neobux.com

My Overall Rating:  6 out of 10

Neobux is a paid to click (PTC) site which is popularly considered as one of the best easy ways to make money per click. The site was established in 2008 and since has been paying users who would like to spend their time viewing ads in exchange for some pennies. On my research, I came across the founder of the business as Fernando. Like most PTC sites, Neobux works as an advertisement site which provides ads to members who don’t mind trading their time for a couple of pennies online.

It claims to help people earn money online by not only viewing ads but by playing online games, winning AdPrizes, taking market surveys, inviting or renting referrals, receiving affiliate commissions, completing online offers and tasks. Actually, users of the platform help them to make money by viewing ads provided on the site.

In other sense, it provides advertisement slots for business owners and entrepreneurs who want their presence to be known online. The main idea is that viewers who are attracted by the offers presented on these sites will hopefully visit ending them traffic.

For advertisers who want to reach out to customers, neobux offers you a way to do it where they promise you a strong anti-cheat protection system.

How Does Neobux Work?

As an advertisement site, it bridges the gap between advertisers and their potential customers. This is the main way neobux makes money from advertisers. The amount you’re charged per advertisement depends on the ad type and the number of clicks you want. The ad type refers to how long you want your ad to be viewed by neobux users.

The cheapest ad type you can get is 5 seconds for the micro exposure and 60 seconds for the extended exposure which happens to be the maximum. From these ad types and number of clicks, the minimum you can be charged for advertisement is $5 and the maximum is about $20,440. Check it out in the chart below.


As an extra income seeker who wants to earn some pennies online by viewing these ads and carrying out some tasks, you have to sign up on their site. You’re then given a number of ads to view every day. Depending on the number of advertisers they’re serving, you’re likely to view averagely 11 ads in a day each earning you mostly $0.001 per view.

How Do You Make Money With Neobux?

The main reason as a non-advertiser in joining this platform is to make an extra income for your pocket. However, I don’t expect any individual who wants to be financially free to count on this platform as his breakthrough opportunity. Neobux is not much different from BTC clicks and CoinBulb which are only capable of accumulating you pennies as you help them serve their advertisers. You wouldn’t earn much like building your own business that can fetch you far more than what they promise.

You make money with neobux in the following ways;

Viewing Advertisements

You’re required to click on the available ads and view until the time assigned to it elapses without having to interact with it. You can choose to do other things while time runs but you would have to leave the browser open in order to be credited with that view. As a standard user, you can earn anywhere from $ 0.001 – $0.015 per click whiles golden members earn from $0.010 – $0.020 for about 5 to 60 seconds.

This is how the ad looks like;

Direct and Rented Referral

You can maximize your earnings by referring someone using your affiliate link or renting referrals within the platform. This only earns you a fraction of what you actually earn per click and you should view about 4 ads every day before you will be credited with the bonuses from your referrals.

Mini Job Offers

As the name implies, you carry out mini-tasks which involve drawing boxes on products to verification of datasets and the likes. You can earn anywhere from 0.75 cents to 10 cents per task and this will take some time for it to be completed. You can have as high as 500 tasks for a mini job and you can imagine how long it will take for you to complete that.

In order to be eligible for these jobs, you have to create a Figure eight account.

Playing games

You have a number of games such as word, card, arcade, puzzles and strategy to play where you’re rewarded $0.001 per game session for any that you complete. You’re required to play for a minimum of 2 min and anything less than that fetches you nothing. You have up to 125 game sessions per 24 hours

If all these earnings feel like a chicken change to you, I understand. I can show you how to make a living building a business online with this training. It’s FREE and requires no credit card to get started.

What You Have To Note Before Signing Up

Although neobux has been in the system since 2008, it doesn’t make it a reliable way of earning money online. Hence if you want to join the party of clicking ads to earn pennies, balance the following out to see where you stand.

Neobux Pros

  • You can sign up for FREE
  • Supplies you with a good number of ads, mini-jobs, games and coin offer daily.
  • Their system is stable as of now and has been in operation since 2008
  • Fast payment system

Neobux Cons

  • Earning is low: You can’t earn much to support your living.
  • Rented Referrals are suspected to be bolts. From neobux, they say the rented referrals are members who signed up without any referral but their pattern of clicking makes it hard to believe that they’re humans. You would wonder why a human being who wants to earn money will sign in and just log out after clicking about 3 or 4 ads. It doesn’t happen just ones but occurs a number of times.
  • In addition, one could rent as high as 4000 referrals and leaves me in wonder on how many occasions would one sign up without reading or hearing about Neobux from someone.
  • They have very strict rules on their forum
  • You won’t be credited for your referrals unless you have been more than 15 days on the platform.
  • Somewhat expensive upgrade for members: It costs $90/year to be a golden member and $890 for the ultimate package which to me is expensive for someone who has the time to earn pennies per ad click.
  • You’re easily suspended in raising sensitive concerns
  • You can’t afford to stay inactive. Your account would be suspended if found inactive for about 30 days and totally deleted for about 60 days.
  • The support is unreliable

Is Neobux A Scam Or A Legit?

Neobux has been operating since 2008 and paying till now except for the bitter experience of some members. With their sustainability till now, I will say it’s not a scam but it possesses traits of Ponzi scheme.

Why am I saying that? To earn much as a user per your clicks, you have to upgrade to other membership costing anywhere from $290/year – $890/year. This means they can’t pay you that much as a standard user from the genuine advertisement they’re offering to members unless from monies on upgrade. Without the upgrade money, they can’t offer that clicking rate.

I would, therefore, advise you to tread cautiously to not fall a victim of bitter experience if you want to upgrade. If you have that amount of money for an upgrade, I would recommend you to build an online business through this training where your future can depend on. You can even try it for FREE rather than making someone rich.

Complaints Against Neobux

Others who are fortunate to make some money without issues stands with neobux but other users with bitter experience have received no or less attention. What you’ll commonly find among others are;

  • Outright ban from the platform especially after expressing your dissatisfaction on their forums.
  • Rented referrals actually cost you more than they earn. Referrals whom you’ve rented to help you make money would actually have very low clicks.
  • Deletion of your account after exceeding the minimum time of usage on mobile phones and tablets. It means you’re not required to use mobile phones or tablets for viewing ads.
  • You’re left to the mercy of your own pity if you encounter any issues with your account. Some members have lost their monies upon problems encountered on the platform and have not received any help to fix their issues.


Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Neobux is legit and provides you with a way to make extra money online but it can’t help you to build the future that your life would depend on. To some members, they’ve made a good amount of money with strategies they put in place but you will be surprised how much effort and time it took for that amount to be made.

You can as well implement those strategies in addition to patience to earn as much as $200 per month. And how long can you continue that clicking without being bored? Would that be a legacy you can leave your children for a better life?

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The awesome support is what has helped me to this far in my journey on the platform and I would personally be assisting you in the platform. You can just have a look inside and if you find it worth a try, then you start your journey of success.

You now have the relevant information necessary for you to decide on whether to join neobux or not. This is my personal opinion on why I wouldn’t solely depend on neobux to give me a breakthrough in my finances but your decision is totally dependent on you. If you want to sign up with them and spend your leisure time, you can follow the link here: neobux.com

Please feel free to drop your comment and experience with neobux if any and I will be more than glad to connect with you. You can as well share your thought about my stand too. Until then, make a good decision that you will be happy living with.

Your friend,


6 thoughts on “What Is Neobux About? A Scam OR Make An Extra Income?”

  1. Great review on Neobux.  I can agree with you that this is probably not a scam.  But I sure do not want to waste time on my computer viewing ads or playing games, only to earn pennies.  I think I have more constructive ways to spend my time, LOL.  I am just curious if you have given this a try to actually see what you can possibly make?  I see as being very minimal if anything.  Looks like a lot of unhappy members as well.

    • I’ve only tested the free membership which earns you 0.001 per ad you click. Although some have earned around $200 for paid membership over months. 

  2. Hi! I’m thankful I came across your post. I have not just discovered an opportunity to make some money online through NeoBux (even though it’s just pennies, it’s still a legit way), but also learned a way to identify a scam!

    But, I would also like to explore this other opportunity you have mentioned. I’m really serious about working from home. Thanks for mentioning better options than NeoBux to generate income online!

  3. Hi Derrick – I had never heard of Neobux before, so I enjoyed reading your article about this business.  You provided a very thorough review which I felt was very helpful.  I appreciate your honest opinions and insight into what to look at.

    Based on your post, Neobux is not something I would persue.  And you provide enough information for someone to want to look into Wealthy Affiliate.

    Nice job,



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