What Is TimeBucks About? Bucks To Enjoy OR Scam To Avoid?

Searching for ways to make easy extra bucks online and wondering what TimeBucks is about or you’ve heard about TimeBucks and want to know whether it’s a scam or not? Whatever the reason of finding yourself here, I must congratulate you for your due diligence. 

TimeBucks claims that you can make money from your downtimes by just engaging yourself with their platform. Is what they’re claiming true, worth your time or it’s one of the scam sites like many other that you have to stay away from?

This review will not only provide you with the necessary information to know all that TimeBucks is about but will help you make an informed decision or detect a scam if it is and help you discover other ways to make extra income or passive income online. 

So, let’s get the ball rolling!!

What Is TimeBucks?

Product: TimeBucks

Owner: Australian Clearing Pty Ltd 

Website: timebucks.com

Platform Type: Get Paid To

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

What is TimeBucks About

TimeBucks is a reward site which was founded on April 2014 with the intention to help people exchange their downtimes with some extra bucks. It’s owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, a private company with other successful companies in Asia. 

It provides you with a wide range of activities which you probably do it every day such as taking selfies, watching videos, taking surveys, subscribing to a YouTube channel, following someone on Instagram, performing web searches and many more. So if you’re someone who is doing this every day, then it’s time to convert it into money while you enjoy what you do.

It claims to be unique as compared to its competitors because they pay you in real cash and not in gift cards. Below is a brief intro of what TimeBucks is about.  

How Do You Make Money With TimeBucks?

TimeBucks offers several ways in generating extra bucks for your wallet which makes it fun sometimes if you’ve got that time to burn. When you sign up and get to your dashboard, the following will be available to you to make extra income:

#1. Paid Surveys

The are several options of surveys from different sponsors that you can take part and each comes with a different earning rate depending on the time it takes and the type of survey. However, the number of surveys are dependent on your demographics and like most surveys, you would have to answer prescreen questions before you get started. 

When you don’t find any survey there, you have to check out other earning options. The amount you make here also varies from country to country but mostly $0.1 – $1.0 or above.

#2. Get Paid From Contents

 This task provides you with 3 different ways of earning money. They are

Click ads: you get paid to view an advertisement from sponsors and you view it one at a time. The average earning is $0.001.

Social theatre: this pays you $0.001 for every 2 offers you complete and it’s usually videos or other contents from sponsors. You can watch all the offers til there are no more tasks to do. 

More TV Time: This pays you $0.001 for every 45 seconds of view and two buttons that you click on the sponsor’s page. You can do this for a maximum of 50 times which in all earns you $0.05 a day. It’s reset every day. 

To experience how it works, watch this; 

#3. Watching Videos

This pays you averagely $0.001 per 60 seconds for every video that you watch. You can only view one at a time and considering the earning rate a lot has to be watched to make something significant. 

#4. Referral System

TimeBucks offers 5 level referral system for anyone you direct to their platform. When the person set up the account and starts to earn some money a commission is accrued to you. This might be the easiest and fastest way to increase your earning rate but it will take a lot of time and effort to realize it. 

Your referral on level 1 earns you 15%, level 2, 3, & 4 earn you 2% whiles level 5 earns you 1%. It’s not much but its cumulative effect becomes significant. 

#5. Offerwalls

This comes with a number of offers where you can complete to earn cents. They’re very low but completing a multiple of them might make a difference so it’s about how much time you’re willing to invest. 

#6. Tasks

These are jobs which earn you cents like offers. To take any of these, you have to open figure eight account. They’re usually simple tasks from completing of instructions to checking out information on sponsor sites. 

#7. Social Tasks

Here, you earn averagely $0.005 for simple tasks normally done on social media. You’re paid for actions like following people on Instagram, subscribing to a Youtube channel, upvoting videos like on Facebook which requires you to spend 20 seconds before money is credited to you. 

This is a very interesting offer because it’s something we usually do but this one is targeted at money. 

#8. Cash Back offer

TimeBucks has a list of stores where you can make commissions for the things you purchase through them. This is a nice way to make some money off your purchases while you do online shopping. The interesting thing is that when your referrals also make a purchase through the stores, you can make some commissions as well. 

If the store you wish to do your purchases is to not part of the list,  a request can be sent to TimeBucks for them to add. Commissions made here take 5 business days to reflect in your TimeBucks account and the commission depends on the type of product you buy.

#9. Roll

This is a free money tab where you try your luck to win $100. Before you qualify for that, you should at least have completed 10 tasks being it daily polls, slide show and others. You earn at least $0.002 if luck fails to be on your side and this resets every 24 hours. 

You also earn 50% commission from your first level referrals who win anything from this part. 

#10. Once Off

This has to deal with promoting TimeBucks to expand their community. There are two ways to earn here;

Promotional Video: You’re paid $3 for an approved video of TimesBucks. You’re required to make a 5 min long video showing off the features of TimeBucks and upload it on YouTube. After adding your referral link and other necessary things in your Youtube description, you send them the link for your payment. This is unique to TimeBucks. 

Free Bitcoin account: You earn $0.05 for creating an account on a bitcoin platform. You’re given a link to follow where you complete that task to earn the money. Sounds funny, right? It’s true.  

When you make the threshold amount, payment is automatically sent to you through PayPal, Payeer or Bitcoin on every Thursday. The minimum amount of money for withdrawal is $10. However, if you want your money to accumulate to a certain amount you can choose ‘Hold my payment’ option. When the amount is reached, then you change it back to the medium you want your withdrawal to come from and it pays automatically. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

The average amount of money you can earn depends on a number of factors especially the country you come from. This is because the surveys and other offers provided varies from place to place. People from the USA are likely to make the minimum amount of withdrawal faster. 

However, the amount you’re going make wouldn’t make you rich overnight or can’t be an income source for you to draw a budget on. It’s only an extra income platform so if you want to make a significant amount of money, then you have to spend more time and try out other options like Respondent, PointsPrizes, Clixsense, UserTesting, Userlytics, UserFeel and TryMyUI

Breaking it down further, the average earning per task is $0.001 while the promotional video earns you a maximum of $3 which wouldn’t recur. In addition, the maximum amount that surveys can earn you is around $1. This implies that you’re going to crawl for a long while before you make the minimum withdrawal. Nonetheless, some users are making as much as $50 which means a lot of effort is required. 

Watch Out! Your Account Could Be Banned.

This is to sound caution to users who would think to outsmart the system. If you want to earn on this platform, you have to dance to their music so do yourself a great good to read their terms of service before you fall a victim. To share a few, avoid;

>> Generating fake traffic to the site
>> Using traffic exchange websites like hitleap to send traffic to TimeBucks 
>> Using automated software to complete offers without actually completing them.
>> Using deceptive means to try to increase your earnings by breaking the rules
>> Buying and selling other user’s TimeBucks accounts

You should be fine if you abide by these and you’ll have a nice experience there. 

What You're Likely To Complain About TimeBucks

If you’re convinced about this site and want to try it out, you should keep the following in mind so that you prepare for it. 

>> Surveys require qualification questions 

This is one feature that people detest against surveys and it’s understandable if you’re in the shoes of the sponsors. NO one would want to throw money away. To get the best out of surveys users take, it has to be ensured that you’re knowledgeable in the area of the survey. 

The annoying thing is having to answer questions for about 5 min only to realize you don’t qualify. You can take other offers though but you might want to check out UserTesting, UserFeel, Userlytics and TryMyUI if qualification questions in surveys are a bane to you. 

>> Unavailability of tasks

In as much as TimeBucks present you a number of features to earn from, you’re likely to meet empty offers or tasks for some time. You don’t always get all the earning options filled up to its full capacity which affects your earning. 

However, if you would want to build your own business where you don’t have to worry about tasks and amount to earn per week, then try out my #1 stop platform of making a passive income.  

>> Very low earning rate

You’re mostly earning fractions of a penny from most of the offers and tasks you complete which would take quite a long time for you to make the threshold amount required for withdrawal. If you’re ok with this, then you might want to add Ojooo WAD, CoinBulb, BTC clicks and neobux to augment the pennies. 

But if you want a higher earning offer, then Respondent should be your go-to area because it has the potential to make you averagely $140 in an hour. 

Is TimeBucks a Scam or Legit?

The earning rate of TimeBucks is low but it’s definitely not a scam. They’re paying users as they claim and there is a number of payment proofs showing the withdrawal of around $10, $14, $45 and others. In addition, TimeBucks has been in the system since 2014 which qualifies it as a legit platform so you can try it if you have some time on your hands.

However, you’re to note that it gonna take quite some time for you to make your first withdrawal. Adding Clixsense and PointsPrizes to it would give you more options as they’re also free to try.

Final Thoughts - Is TimeBucks Worth Your Time?

Up to this point, you should know your stand about TimeBucks. It’s free to try and you have nothing to lose except the time you’re going to burn. Even as the question of is the earning rate worth your time lingers on your mind, you should consider the kind of life you want to build with this platform. If you want to try it for the fun of extra income, then you’re good to go. 

If not, then you might want to consider a better way to make a living out of the time you spend on the internet. Because not only does TimeBucks require active work to make pennies but consistency to make the threshold. What if I can show you a FREE training platform that can help you make a residual income with this same effort. Read more about it here.  

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in how I’m making money with the internet then I’ll encourage you to take a look at the training which is helping me create passive income part time working from home. You can start yours for FREE and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

If you have any thoughts or questions about anything in this post, please do well to drop it in the comment and I will be glad to respond. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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