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Hello there and welcome to Multi-Stream Income Online website! The person behind this site is Derrick Adams (DerrAd for short), a graduate researcher in Chemical Engineering and lives in South Korea. 

When DerrAd is not found in the Process Systems Engineering Laboratory (PSE) modeling, optimizing and controlling process system units with simulation tools, then he is on the internet researching and finding ways to help people avoid scams online. Also, he delights in assisting people who agree that depending on a single stream of income is a thing of the past.

Derrick Profile

It all started when I had the experience of being stuck with a job which takes all your time with a salary only enough to pay your bills and live hand-to-mouth for the remaining days of the month. As a young guy, I didn’t want to tell my story in my old age as I’ve experienced from most pensioners that depending on a single income source is their regret. 

In the same light, I’ve met people who hate their jobs but they have no option than to keep them, others who love their career and the field of work but their salaries are nothing to write home about and others who have high paying jobs but has less time for themselves and their families. You’re likely to find yourself in any of these categories if you’re reading this. So what did I do then?

The Search…………

This took me on the train of internet search for ways to make money. As a newbie, I fell victim of many scams and other opportunities that simply couldn’t work for me. Starting off with peer-to-peer (P2P) business, I didn’t only lose my hard earned money but soiled my integrity among friends I introduced. 

As if that’s not enough, my quest drove me to other scams which promised financial freedom but left me with worries and headaches. Some made me money which I could see on virtual machines but never made it to my bank account. They all didn’t deliver the results I desired but loss.

Taking a Different Route……..

I went on to try network marketing aka MLM which took off smoothly for the start. The compensational plan of the company had the potential to be the breakthrough business. I was excited and convinced to succeed because I met people who were already making it big in the company. 

I unlearned, learned and relearned to be equipped with the skills that go with the business. Training upon training, business meetings for underlines here and there, and several calls every day but I couldn’t survive there. 

I’m not saying MLMs don’t work or they’re scams. There are actually genuine companies with real products like what I joined but you need to build yourself up for the network marketing skills.

Couldn’t Go Further – Frustrated!

As an Engineer, I’m a person of fewer words since mathematical models and simulations do most of the talking for me. I simply couldn’t keep up with the theory – 20 calls a day, warm your cold prospects, build your list, attend business meetings, find customers for your products, monthly autoships and many more. 

I learnt a lot of things though but I simply couldn’t survive in the business. My team members dropped and business gradually recessed. That sent me to hibernation on internet business search. My interest died……………

But Then Something Happened, A New Beginning 🙂

Some months later, I received a message from a friend, a get-rich-quick scheme. That took me to the internet again to search. I found that it’s a scam but it came with a turning point for me. 

Not only did I find that it’s a shiny glass scheme but found a genuine way to make passive income online. Voila! I discovered affiliate marketing and a training platform that’s helping many people to make residual income just working part-time.

As sceptical as I was due to my past experience, I decided to take a look inside the platform because it was a free offer. NO CREDIT CARD was required so I felt safe trying it but little did I know that it was going to be my last stop platform. 

As I went through the training and became enlightened about how making money with the internet works, the hope of building my own business revived. I thoroughly went through the corners of the platform hoping to find something I could use to paint it a scam but found none.

Convinced at this point, I decided to stay and now I can humbly say it was a wise choice.

The Real Journey of Success Begun…………

After having enough from the training platform, Wealthy Affiliate, I upgraded my membership to have the full potential to build my business. The supportive community in Wealthy Affiliate was a major strength to my growth and survival till now. 

Meeting this calibre of people from different parts of the world is awesome. I had not met amazing people like that with the desire to help you succeed.

With this supportive community backing me and well-planned training, my business took off. Members shared their testimonies about what they’re earning and how they’re becoming financial free every day and it still goes on today. Below are some of them;

WA earning proofs

With these testimonies, I believed that with consistency and hard work it’s going to pay for me too. Sooner than I expected, there was my first sale. 

It was like hitting a jackpot. The amount wasn’t much but it convinced me of greater times ahead because if corn eyes will grow big it starts from germination. 

And then, on the 1st of the new month, I received my first payment through PayPal – a 3 figure income. That was a joyful moment!!

WA first payment

And it gets better ………….

You Can Start Your Business Today!! No CREDIT CARD Needed!!

Not only have I succeeded in building the business that generates passive income but has personally developed myself through the platform. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or making money online, but the training thought me everything. 

I owe most of the things I’ve learnt to the founders of the platform. It’s with this experience that I intend to help others who seek financial freedom to avoid scams and find genuine ways. 

If you’re in the category of those who love what they do like me but want to find other ways to create multiple income streams, then Wealthy Affiliate could be your one stop too. 

Apparently, there are a lot of pensioners, students, work at home Dads and Moms, Professionals from different fields already succeeding on the platform.

The clock is ticking, you can start your business today and you have access to all that I’ve learnt to your success for free. You can follow me to the platform and I will be there to welcome you together with the community.

Over To You

Your thoughts and experience in making money online are welcome. You can drop it in the comment below and I will be more than happy to connect.

If you have questions too, I will be glad to respond and you can reach me through my email for any personal chat. You can take a look around on the site.

All the best,

Founder of Multi-Stream Income Online (derrad@multistreamincomeonline.com)

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your online journey, and how you found your ultimate destination at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I can really relate to your story, as I had a similar journey before I found Wealthy Affiliate, and like you, I have not looked back since then.

    I think that many other people will also be able to relate to your story, and I really hope that when they do read it they will do exactly what you did – join Wealthy Affiliate and never look back!

    I wish you every success in your business.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hello Chrissie, 

      Nice to meet you and I’m glad we share something in common. It’s my desire to help others who seek genuine ways to make money online. Thanks for your wishes.  

  2. Thank you for creating Multi-Stream Income Online, a website with encouraging message. 
    I agree with you that in today’s modern day we mustn’t depend on a single stream of income.

    I completely relate to all what you have said. I have been there too working in a job with a meagre salary, living from hand to mouth. I also came across Wealthy Affiliate by chance while searching online for genuine training service.

    I congratulate you on discovering WA and starting this incredible journey to your financial freedom. Also, for starting a good thing to help others avoid scams. Before people sign up for any programme the first question they ask is if its a scam or not.

    • Hello there, 

      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you’ve also discovered this amazing platform. I wish you success in your business too. 

  3. Hello Derrick,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I too have been the victim of a scam, not very many though thank god. This one seemed legitimate and they even got me on the phone to close the deal before I could really do my research on them and find out if they were legitimate. Only after I sent them a thousand dollars as one half of their basic membership, did I do a search and find out that they weren’t as respectable as I thought. 

    If you ever hear the term “Dropsurfing”, avoid it like the plague. Any kind of dropshipping or selling on Shopify will include a lot of money for Facebook and other types of ads to get traffic to their store. With other e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon, the traffic is already there. You just pay the fees for the privilege of selling on their amazing platforms. Anyways, lesson learned and I still have a chance of getting the money back on a chargeback due to not accepting their agreement or receiving the product. Bank of America has yet to make their decision or contact me about it, so fingers crossed.

    I know all too well the experience of being stuck at a nine to five job. Ever since I graduated from grad school, I’ve been laid off of three different jobs now, averaging about 2 years or less at each job. This recent one really made me consider a new profession or pursuing multiple income streams. I was tired of putting in all this overtime and extra stress and work and not seeing the results I wanted in my income. I only was able to increase my income once a year in the form of a raise, which is not enough compared to what I’m seeing other people do in the e-commerce sphere. 

    There is so much opportunity out there now for people to make more money, that it’s no excuse at this point not to. I stumbled across WA by studying to be a web developer and building a website. I came across an article, I think it was Eddy with a “y”‘s article on his work at home no scams domain. He explained the process very well and I was really impressed with what the platform could offer. I think it pretty much sells itself once they get just how great it really is. 

    I tried MLM as well in college, but could not devote much time to it while studying for architecture. Being in the studio was my job and there was little time for anything else. I part of me does want to go back to designing, but the other part of me is done with the politics and business of large firm architecture. Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope to hear more about your thoughtful reviews.

    • Hi Daniel, 

      Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you. I agree with you totally that the opportunities out there are enormous but one has to do his due diligence in order to avoid scams and that’s what my website stands for. I hope to be of help to people who seek legit ways to make money with the internet. 


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