Top 15 Vegan Affiliate Programs: Up To 60% Commission!

A research in 2018 revealed that over 3.5 million people in the UK consider themselves as vegans and more than 7 million people have also switched to vegetarian for different reasons.

The increase in veganism and vegetarian foods have grown from popularity to more of a movement across the world. As of 2016, the vegan market for China and Australia were projected to grow by 17.2% and 9.6% respectively totaling the largest of 9% of the market for the Asia pacific.

On the other hand, over 50% of vegan product consumers in the US consider vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle. More people are jumping onto this bandwagon as the vegan market cease not to grow.

So if you’re in this niche, you have a plethora of products to promote and unlimited opportunities to make money in this growing market. The below 2018 statistics says it all – a great distribution of US citizens by income identify themselves as vegans or vegetarians.


Since people become vegans or are vegetarians for different reasons, I’ve put together vegan affiliate programs covering most categories to help you out.

Products in this niche are not only foods, but also cosmetics, fashion and others which I will be sharing with you in a moment.

Vegan Affiliate Programs

  1. All Around Vegan Box
  2. Corkor
  3. St. Tropica
  4. Sunburst Superfoods
  5. Vegin Out
  6. Future Kind
  7. Gunas
  8. Ora Organic
  9. Petit Vour
  10. Veecoco
  11. Nutriciously
  13. Ground Based Nutrition
  14. The Detox Market
  15. Zatik Natural

All Around Vegan

Affiliate Program by All Around Vegan Company

All Around Vegan is a subscription based vegan product which is designed for vegans, vegan activists and those who’re eager for vegetarianism. It’s aimed to help people live a convenient vegetarian lifestyle while keeping themselves active.

They offer a monthly subscription box containing 4 categories of vegan products including food, bath and body, lifestyle and activism. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and the box can also be purchased as a gift for someone. They also have products which can be bought directly from their online shop.

All Around Vegan welcomes individuals who want to promote the products to join their affiliate program through ShareASale network. Affiliates get access to resources and tools to promote, track and monitor sales made through your traffic.

Why Should You Promote All Around Vegan?

All Around Vegan offers a good category of vegan product, unique subscription box, long cookie duration and fairly good commission.

The subscription box can be given as a gift which you can leverage in your marketing strategies for people in this space.


Affiliate Program by Corkor with Cork tree

Corkor is a PETA-approved vegan company which specializes in vegan accessories in the fashion space. The company name, Corkor as derived from the cork oak tree was founded by couple Natália and Vítor.

Corkor mainly produces wallets and bags of different designs for both males and females from purely cork oak tree barks. Their products are 100% animal free with no cruelty substances. They look, feel and bear much resemblance to leather providing a good alternative for vegans and its enthusiasts.

Besides the bags and wallets, they also offer belts, mouse pad, desk mats, key holders, baseball cap and slippers – all from the cork oak tree.

Corkor’s affiliate program is powered by Refersion and invites applicants with websites or blogs across the globe who create  vegan, eco-friendly, fashion and lifestyle contents. Affiliates are given links and resources to track and monitor sales.

Why Should You Promote Corkor?

Unique eco-friendly fashion products of good range for selection, attractive commission and offers a 2-year warranty for products which you can pitch in your campaigns for more sales.

St. Tropica


St. Tropica is a certified cruelty free and certified vegan company which focuses on natural beauty products. They’ve built their brand on obsession with healthy hair and skin and passion about clean beauty using purely earth friendly ingredients.

They offer a range of products in the hair and skin niches as well as gift cards. Their popular product is the 60 day hair vitamins which comes with 100% 60 day money back guarantee. According to St. Tropica, their products don’t contain any Silicones, Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Soy, Additives, Stabilizers, Preservatives or Fragrances. It’s purely natural ingredients suitable for vegans and a natural beauty lifestyle.

You can become an affiliate by signing up directly on their website through a simple online form. Once approved, you’ll have a dashboard where all activities of your promotions can be tracked and monitored,

Why Should You Promote St. Tropica?

St. Tropica products are not only backed by certification but tons of picture and video testimonies,100% money back guarantee for their hair vitamins which you can use to boost confidence in customers.

Great affiliate commission and low minimum payout requirement.

Sunburst Superfoods

Affiliate Program by Sunburst Superfoods for vegans

Sunburst Superfoods is an online store which has been selling superfoods for over 6 years. They’re dedicated to providing raw, non-GMO, and vegan Superfoods that are dried at low temperatures to customers for a healthy living.

They offer a broad range of products mainly as superfood powder, snacks, seeds, bars and berries.The products can be categorized under four main concerns namely focus, energy, immunity and longevity depending on one’s needs.

Sunburst Superfoods ships all orders from their online store in one business day and offers a 30-day money back guarantee to inform customers that their products are of high quality.

They have partnered with ShareASale network to offer their affiliate program to people who are interested in promoting their products. Affiliates get access to banners, text links and online reporting tools to check and monitor your commissions, clicks and sales at any time.

Sunburst Superfoods also provide coupons for promotions, however, you earn 5% commissions for sales made through that. They have an average order size of $70 which is bound to increase with time.

Why Should You Promote Sunburst Superfoods?

Diversified vegan products for selection, long cookie duration, money-back guarantee and free coupons to leverage for increasing sales.

They have been selling products online since 2007 which implies that they’re not leaving the system soon.

Vegin’ Out

Affiliate Program by Vegin' Out

Vegin’ Out is a weekly vegan meal delivery service based in Los Angeles with a mission to help anyone interested in eating healthy but are challenged by long hours of working. Their delivery service covers Los Angeles, Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Nationwide clients.

Vegin’ Out offers meal plans catalogued under healthy vegan, low-carb, 5-day vegan soup/juice cleanse, 21-day cleanse and vegan and blood sugar control (diabetic friendly) which are delivered to clients’ offices or homes. Some of the meal plans come with side dishes as well as nutritional checklists to help clients in selection.

The dishes served by Vegin’ Out are mainly lunch and dinner foods. According to them a single order contains 9-10 vegan meals which can last one for 6-7 days. The meals are prepared from fresh organic produce and ingredients void of preservatives, MSG and oil.

To become an affiliate for their program, you have to sign up with their partnered affiliate network, ShareASale. You’ll be given resources and online reporting tools to run your promotions and monitor your sales.

According to their data, their sales range from $100 to $620 with the majority of the sales coming from targeted email lists.

Why Should You Promote Vegin Out?

Unique vegan affiliate program, a good range of vegan meals and great conversion rate for email list of vegan enthusiasts.

You can increase your commission from 15% to as high as 23% for outstanding monthly sales. You can as well earn commission from direct referral of clients offline.

Future Kind

Affiliate Program by Future Kind for Vegans

Future Kind is a vegan supplement producing company founded by two Australian brothers with certification in nutrition. As vegans themselves, their company’s mission is to be the world’s most sustainable vegan supplement brand as a way of contributing the world in combating adverse climate changes.

Future Kind offers a wide range of supplements which are categorized under goals: sleep, immunity, hair and skin, energy and stress. The primary supplements offered on their online store are vegan multivitamin, collagen, Omega-3 and Iron + vitamin C. Besides the vegan supplements, Future Kind also provides organic based apparels as well as a vegan vitamin subscription program.

Their affiliate program is powered by Refersion to provide affiliates with resources, 10% coupons, tracking tools for campaigns and management of affiliate commissions. For every first sale made, you earn 40% commissions and 10% commissions on repeating sales which are paid to you at the end of the month when you meet payment requirements.

Why Should You Promote Future Kind?

Wide range of vegan supplements for selection, great commission, 60-day money back guarantee and 10% coupon which can be leveraged by affiliates to increase sales.

Awesome subscription offers and apparels to add to your promotions.


Affiliate Program by GUNAS for marketers
  • Commission: 10%
  • Payment Option(s): Direct deposit, Check or Payoneer
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • URL: GUNAS Affiliate Program

GUNAS New York has received accolades in the vegan fashion and activist world with recognition from various media. It is PETA vegan certified and provides cruelty free products.

GUNAS mainly offers bags of various designs for both males and females. In Addition, they provide wallets, lady shoes and bag accessories for vegetarians and people who buy into the veganism movement. Despite being plant-based products, one does not lose the look and feel of a leather.

GUNAS partners with ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. After approval, you’re given affiliate marketing resources to track, view reports and manage your campaigns.

Why Should You Promote GUNAS?

Offers free shipping on orders from $150 for USA and Canada, established in the industry, long cookie duration and a variety of products for selection.

Makes room for return/exchange of items which you can use to increase your affiliate clicks.

Ora Organic

Ora Organic Vegan Affiliate Program for marketers

Ora Organic is an Austin based company which focuses on supplements made from plants for individuals concerned about sports nutrition, beauty, gut health and vegan lifestyle. They aim to replace supplements made from synthetic chemicals.

Ora Organic products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and made from organic and sustainable plant-based sources. They have a variety of products catalogued under fitness, gut health, beauty and general wellness. Each of them comes with labels where you can find what they’re composed of.

Partners to their affiliate program are invited to join either through PartnerStack from the website or ShareASale network. Affiliates are provided with resources to manage and monitor their campaigns.

Why Should You Promote Ora Organic?

Good base commission, variety of products to make selection and top performing affiliates are given allowances. You’re also given heads-up on upcoming promotions and new products.

Petit Vour

Petit Vour Vegan Affiliate Program for marketers
  • Commission: 20% standard & 55% on subscription signups
  • Payment Option(s): Direct deposit, Check or Payoneer
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • URL: Petit Vour Affiliate Program

Petit Vour is a beauty and vegan lifestyle online shop that offers the crème de la cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Their mission as animal lovers is to be the point of intersection of luxury vegan destinations and progressive values.

Petit Vour offers products which are arrayed in categories under beauty, lifestyle, and gifts. These products are mainly for makeup, skincare, hair, bath and body, clothing, wellness and other accessories. Aside from their broad range of products, they also offer several subscription boxes with interesting perks for vegan lifestyle.

You can join their affiliate program by directly sending an email to stating the country you reside in, reason for applying and your website or social handles. The other option is applying through the ShareASale network.

Affiliates get ads, banners, text links and tools for enabling you to view reports of your campaigns and monitoring of your commissions.

Why Should You Promote Petit Vour?

Broad range of products in the vegan space for selection, great commission, new photos and graphics are regularly provided for your campaigns.

Petit Vour also offers promotions, giveaway opportunities, and 20% discounts in PV points which are redeemable for cash which you can leverage for increasing sales. Over $80 average order value making a good earning potential.


Vegan Affiliate Program by Veecoco Company

Veecoco is an online vegan cooking platform founded by vegan twin brothers from Germany with the aim to boost people’s confidence in the kitchen in preparing healthy plant-based foods. As a cooking school, they partner with experienced chefs from all over the world to bring to table varieties of vegan recipes.

Veecoco offers over 500 vegan cooking lessons from 16 courses which are taught by expert vegan chefs from Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Vietnam and others. Most of these chefs have their own restaurants and deliver the best vegan recipes from their country.

Beside providing diversified styles from various cultures, their courses teach a variety of vegan foods including but not limited to pastries, desserts, cheese, soups, pizzas and chocolates from plant based sources. They offer two memberships for the courses: yearly and monthly and come with other resourceful materials. They also provide 1, 3, 6 or 12 gift cards which gives the recipients access to their courses.

To become an affiliate, you need to sign-up on their website through an online form and your application will be processed in two working days. Affiliates get access to marketing resources and text links to use for your campaigns.

Why Should You Promote Veecoco?

Unique vegan cooking courses with a broad range of recipes from different cultures, lucrative commission and very easy to apply.

Veecoco offers a 7-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee which you can leverage to increase clicks and sales.


Vegan Affiliate Program by Nutriciously for marketers

Nutriciously is vegan digital products which target individuals who are getting started in veganism and people who want to manage their weight with plant based foods.

They offer 2 different ebook bundles namely “From A to Vegan: The Complete Starter Kit” and “Live Lightly: The Sustainable Weight Loss System”. The former contains 6 ebooks for those who’re just getting started in the vegan lifestyle and the latter has 3 ebooks with contents focused on a healthy slimming approach with plant-based diets.

The ebooks contain guides, cookbooks, meal plans, formulas and worksheets to usher people into a plant-based lifestyle and reducing weight.

Interested partners in their affiliate program are welcome to join through their website by filling a simple online form. However, there are a few criteria that you’re to meet. You should have an audience interested in healthy living from plant-based sources.

Nutriciously offers a tiered commission system which is give as follows:

  • 0-4 sales per month: 50%
  • 5-9 sales per month: 55%
  • 10+ sales per month: 60%

Overall, they’re a great commission to make a sizable income.

Why Should You Promote Nutriciously?

Lucrative affiliate commission and offers an ebook sample for your assessment before jumping into their program. You can as well utilize this on your audience to increase sales.

Vegan Affiliate Program by for Promoters is a unique healthy vegan meal planner which uses artificial intelligence to provide plant-based meal plans for individuals. Their algorithm uses one’s nutritional requirements and information keyed into it to customize meals specifically to the person’s health needs.

The planner can take individual information of families and provide a weekly meal plan for every member. The prepares for users weekly meal plans and grocery lists for plant based recipes as well as information on how much calories each meal contains. is subscription based and can be cancelled at any time. They offer monthly and annually plans which include weekly vegan meal plans, grocery lists and over hundred recipes. Their plans and recipes are regularly updated to give customers the best experience.

You can become an affiliate for free by signing up from the website using a simple online form. Affiliates are provided with the marketing tools and links to run their promotion.

Why Should You Promote

Unique vegan meal planner, lucrative affiliate commission and it recurs for referrals that stays on it for a long time.

Offers 14-day free trial to new users, $0 for 1st month of monthly subscribers, free healthy vegan lifestyle ebook and 30-day money back guarantee which you can leverage in your campaigns to get more sales.

Ground Based Nutrition

Ground Based Nutrition Affiliate Program for Vegan Audience

Ground Based Nutrition was founded by Charles C. Weller after his several years of experience in representing dietary supplement and nutrition companies as an attorney. He started the company to provide high-quality plant-based products to help people reach their fitness goals and supplement their ketogenic lifestyle.

Ground Based Nutrition provides plant-based supplements catalogued superfood proteins, sport series, keto series and immune support. Each category has a wide range of products tailored to plant-based lifestyle and healthy living. The product cost ranges between $4.00 and $300 depending on the type of package.

Ground Based Nutrition uses Refersion to manage its affiliate marketing program from their website. Affiliates referred to as ambassadors by their program are given personalized promo codes for their followers, 20% promo codes for customers, early access to new products and tracking tools to view your campaign performances. Qualifying sales of affiliates are paid bi-weekly through PayPal.

Why Should You Promote Ground Based Nutrition?

Offers a good range of plant-based supplements to make a selection, good commissions with extremely long cookie duration, boatloads of rewards in points which are redeemable for products, discounts and coupons.

Besides, Ground Based Nutrition offers 2-4 weeks money-back guarantee giving you several marketing leverages to use for increasing sales.

The Detox Market

The Detox Market Affiliate Program for All Vegan Products

The Detox Market is one of the largest green beauty marketplaces with several stores in the US and Canada. The company focuses on cruelty-free products and aims to help people who seek to detox their beauty bags.

The Detox Market offers a wide range of products categorized into skincare, makeup, wellness, detox mode, hair and body. Beside that, they also run the detox box subscription which can be cancelled at any time. The subscription has three options: one, three and six months which are delivered to customers’ doorstep.

You can sign-up for The Detox Market affiliate program either on their website or through ShareASale and it takes about 48 hours to review your application. Provided your niche is in the vegan or cruelty-free space, you’re considered irrespective of the part of the world that you are.

Affiliates get access to tools for tracking sales and viewing reports of campaigns. You’re also given first access to new product launches and ads tailored to your needs.

Why Should You Promote The Detox Market?

Established company in the green beauty industry with a wide range of products for selection, customizable commission on sales and recurring sale potential.

They offer discounts on certain products and free giveaways for certain amount of purchases which you can leverage to increase sales.

Zatik Natural

Zatik Naturals Affiliate Program for Vegetarian Activists

Zatik Natural is an organic certified company with products suitable for vegans and are free of gluten, soy and alcohol. With the aim to make people feel and look good, they focus on eliminating any synthetic chemicals to provide the purest of products.

Zatik Natural offers over 32 different products catalogued under skin, wellness, hair and body care. They have stores located at different places in the US and provide free shipping as well for orders over $35.

You can become an affiliate by signing-up through ShareASale. When approved, you’re given links and access to materials needed for your campaign. Affiliate commissions are paid once you meet the minimum threshold set by the affiliate network.

Why Should You Promote Zatik Natural?

Backed by organic and cruelty-free certification, good range of products for selection at relatively fair commissions.

Summary of Vegan Affiliate Programs

There are different payment methods and requirements used by the aforementioned vegan affiliate programs. I have provided them in the summary table to help your decision process.

Usually the programs pay a month’s earning in the first 20 days of the following month. However, for a PayPal NET 60 payment system, sales you make in let’s say January is paid in March. Affiliate programs who use this system do it to allow for their refund period to pass.

Hence, checking the payment options available to you is something you wouldn’t want to turn a blind eye on. Also, If you don’t know which vegan affiliate program to start with, then you would want to check on the next section after the summary.

Affiliate ProgramPlace to Sign-UpProductCommissionCookie DurationPayment MethodPayment Threshold
All Around VeganShareASaleFood, bath and body, lifestyle box10%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
St. TropicaMain WebsiteHair and skin beauty15%30 daysPayPal$5
Sunburst SuperfoodsShareASaleSuperfood powder, berries, snacks, bars10%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Vegin’ OutShareASaleVegan meal delivery service15%unknownDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Future KindRefersionVegan supplement, apparels, subscriptions40%30 daysPayPal$100
Ora OrganicPartnerStack / ShareASalePlant-based supplements20%UnknownDirect deposit, Check or PayoneerUnknown
Petit VourShareASaleBeauty and fashion20%30 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
VeecocoMain WebsiteVegan cooking courses30%30 daysPayPalNo minimum required
NutriciouslyMain WebsiteMeal plan and weight lossUp to 60%30 daysPayPalNo minimum
Vegan.ioMain WebsiteVegan meal planner, grocery list and recipesUp to 60%30 daysPayPalNo minimum required
Ground Based NutritionRefersionPlant-based supplements20%580 daysPayPalUnknown
CorkorRefersionPlant-based wallets, bags and accessories10%30 daysPayPalUnknown
GUNASShareASaleBags and accessories10%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
The Detox MarketMain Website/ShareASaleGreen beauty and detox10%30 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Zatik NaturalShareASaleOrganic beauty, hair and skin15%15 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50

How To Choose the Right Vegan Affiliate Program: A Guide

Each of the vegan affiliate programs provides different products and services so it can be confusing which one to start with especially if you’re a beginner in the affiliate marketing community.

Earning a commission from affiliate programs is an aha moment for every affiliate marketer. However, picking one which is relevant to your niche could be tempting if you’re only after high commissions.

While making money could be one of your motivations as an affiliate marketer, putting the interest of your audience first can make things simpler. Here’s what I’ve put together to assist in your selection.

Know your target audience: Your audience for these affiliate programs are vegans/vegetarians, vegan activists and animal activists as well skeptics of vegan lifestyle.

Hence knowing the category they fall in will make your choice of program easier. So be sure of your exact target and whether or not your contents are in alignment with what the affiliate program offers.

Website Age and Residence: Before dropping your application at any of the affiliate programs, cross check to see if they’re particular about your website. Some may prefer established sites while others may care less about it.

Verifying will save you a lot of time and disappointments. There are cases where you shouldn’t hesitate to apply even when they say established sites. But for others that are specific about your country of residence, don’t bother to apply if you don’t qualify.  

Payment Method: The last place you want to find yourself is earning commissions where it can’t hit your account. Affiliate networks like ShareASale and Refersion have a number of payment methods.

However, they differ from which country you’re in so verify that first. In doing that, you’ll be certain whether or not their program is open to all countries.

Commission: You wouldn’t want to leave any money on the table. Knowing the commission in regards to their product value should inform you its worth of your investment or time.

While your focus should be on helping people, earning pretty decent commission from your effort will be encouraging to grow your online business. Having information on earning per clicks or average order value of the affiliate program should also help you ascertain the earning potential.

Cookie Duration: Long cookie period is what you would strive for. Some customers usually do window shopping and may not buy through your link at the first click. So a pretty long cookie duration will be helpful not to throw some opportunities away if they should go back to buy some other time.

There are other things like the variety of products offered by the affiliate program, their market domination and authenticity that you shouldn’t also ignore. With these, I think you should be able to make a good selection even as a newbie affiliate marketer.

Final Thoughts: Recommendations

There’s no cap on the amount of money you can make with these vegan affiliate programs if you make the right choice for your audience and know how to do your marketing well. With the growth rate of veganism, more people are now switching to vegetarianism having realized its benefits. .

This presents an opportunity as an affiliate marketer to provide valuable information while you throw in your affiliate links without being spammy. If you’re good at it then the sky is your limit to how much you can earn.

Moreso, the key to increasing sales is getting more traffic to your website and knowing how to write contents with visitors’ intent. Many affiliate marketers who have learnt these skills make sales every day.

I learnt to do that with this platform over three years now. If you’re just starting out affiliate marketing, then you might want to check it out as well. They provide you with all the resources you need at an affordable price. You can even check it out for free – no credit card!

If there’s any vegan affiliate program that you would want me to cover, please kindly share it in the comment below and I’ll look into it. Until then, I wish you success with your choice.

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  1. A vegan diet can also be called a strict vegetarian diet, because it excludes any products of animal origin, unlike a vegetarian diet that may include milk and dairy products, as well as honey, eggs or even fish and seafood.
    Veganism is closely linked to activism and the fight for the rights of all animals.

  2. With so many more people favoring a plant based diet and turning to vegan food, this is great to find that there are so many companies offering vegan options, and then also have affiliate marketing programs associated with them. 

    Most of these affiliate programs seem to be food and beauty orientated. I am in the sustainable and ethical fashion niche, so do you know if there is a company with an affiliate program that specializes in vegan fashion? Thank you. 


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