Top 15 Homeschool Affiliate Programs: A Whopping 50% Commission!

Over the past years, the homeschool population has recorded an estimated growth between 2 to 8% per annum. A drastic growth has been seen from 2019 to 2021 and in America alone, 9 million people have experienced homeschooling as of February 2020. 

Research shows that children who are homeschooled significantly perform better in academics and in the “real world” life than those who attended institutional schools. Because of this and other reasons, homeschool numbers are expected to increase across countries where homeschooling is legal which presents a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers.    

Parents or guardians who’re venturing into homeschooling are likely to search for related resources so I have done the hard work for you in putting together the best homeschool affiliate programs to serve your audience. 

There is unlimited opportunity for you in this space ranging from homeschooling training to materials for different grade levels to children with special needs. Some of these homeschool affiliate programs offer as high as 50% commission which you’ll find in a moment.  

Let’s cut to the chase to find what you want! 

HomeSchool Affiliate Programs

  1. 7Sisters Homeschool
  2. All About Learning Press
  3. Answers In Genesis
  4. Compass Classroom
  5. Design Your Homeschool
  6. Homeschool Tracker
  7. Homeschool Goodies
  8. Homeschooling With Dyslexia
  9. Intoxicated On Life
  10. Kids Cook Real Food
  11. Living Life and Learning
  12. Nest Learning
  13. The HomeScholar
  14. The Old School House
  15. Write Shop

7Sisters Homeschool

7Sisters Homeschool Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

7Sisters Homeschool was started around 2010 by 6 homeschool moms with the vision to share their experience with homeschool families in the United States and beyond. Their learning has led to sharing with people their community, support, and resources to help anyone in the homeschool journey.

7 Sisters as popularly known offers curriculum, coaching, and encouragement for homeschooling from the lowest grade level to high school graduation. Their online store has several resources on various subjects and guides to assist homeschool teachers. 

You can join the affiliate program on their website through an online form. You’re to send an email in addition to one of the sisters to note your registration and activate you. Affiliates are added to a closed Facebook page upon approval where you’re given resources to start your promotion. 

7Sisters Homeschool Takeaways: 

7Sisters homeschool has over 10 years of experience with a large group community to offer homeschoolers first-hand information, high commission, and a very long cookie duration. 

Besides, you have freebie resources at your disposal to leverage for increasing sales. You also get to join a group of experienced homeschoolers where you can utilize information to help your audience. 

All About Learning Press

All About Learning Press Affiliate Program for affiliate marketers

All About Learning Press is a company whose mission is to help homeschool parents with the right tools to help their children with reading and spelling. It was founded on a quest to help a child with severe dyslexia which has now been extended to help other children. 

They provide products that are all about reading and spelling. All about reading contains four levels with a pre-reading program and interactive kits while all about reading has seven levels with a spelling interactive kit.

The All About Learning Press reading program covers the key element of reading such as Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Decoding, Fluency Vocabulary, and Comprehension. In addition, they provide customers with a one-year guarantee for any product purchase which is good for marketing. 

You can sign-up on their website to be an affiliate. As an affiliate, you get over 200 banners, an automated link customization tool, tracking resources, and training materials to help your promotions. 

All About Learning Press Takeaways: 

All About Learning Press has been recognized with accolades for its products, proven resources that help children with dyslexia, a great team, a wide range of reading and spelling materials. 

They offer great cookie duration, free resources that you can utilize in your promotion as well as their one-year guarantee. They can help you drive home a good number of sales if your audience is reading and spelling-oriented.  

Answers In Genesis

Answers in Genesis Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

Answers in Genesis is a Christianity-defending ministry that aims at equipping believers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to defend their faith. They focus specifically on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis by presenting an evidential biblical worldview to expose popular evolutionary theory fallacies.

Answers in Genesis provides an Answers Bible curriculum for homeschooling to help parents equip their children with a truly biblical worldview. Their resources provide in-depth Bible teaching,  apologetic connections and activities to enlighten the understanding of children in the Christian faith.

Apart from the homeschool curriculum, they also offer the Answers Education Online program which consists of reading assignments, videos, and discussion forums with instructors and other students. All are designed for people of ages from preschool to adults over 20 years. 

Their affiliate program is powered by ShareAsale, however, you can make inquiries on their website for more information if you want. They appear to welcome sites of any authority which is very good for beginners.    

Answers in Genesis Takeaways:

Answers in Genesis has a wide range of products and an awesome commission. Their ministry has been in existence for over 30 years which gives you a great assurance of your partnership. 

Besides, they have a Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter that provides Biblical history experience which you can pitch to your audience. They also offer regular specials and clearance that affiliates can leverage to increase conversions.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

Compass Classroom is a subsidiary of Compass Cinema which started creating videos for homeschool moms and children in 2010. Their vision is to help moms homeschool their kids from a Christian worldview. 

Compass Classroom offers a homeschool video curriculum that is power-packed with 30 years of homeschool education experience. The product is a series of workshops that includes 6 videos, educational philosophy, age-appropriate learning, encouraging spiritual growth, teaching children to read great books, and building a curriculum. They have other educational materials and boatloads of free resources that are supplemented to their main product. 

Affiliate marketers who are interested in their product can sign-up on their website but they partner with iDevAffiliate to manage their program. You’re given a range of banners and text links upon approval. You also get access to real-time statics and reporting to know how your campaigns are performing. 

Compass Classroom Takeaways:

Suitable for parents who want to homeschool their children with a curriculum made from a Christian worldview, offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 

They offer a free homeschool planner and other free resources which you can utilize as a marketing strategy to increase sales. 

Design Your Homeschool

Design Your Homeschool Affiliate Program for affiliate marketers

As the name suggests, Design Your Homeschool provides a step-by-step homeschooling guide for parents who are just getting started and for those who want to examine their existing curriculum. The resources offered by the creator are curated from the experience of homeschooling 6 children who have been successful with their approach. 

Design Your Homeschool has products that cover creating a homeschooling vision and subject curriculum that is tailored to your child’s needs. They also offer templates to guide parents in coming up with curriculums that are unique to their family’s capacity. 

You can join as an affiliate through the E-Junkie affiliate network. You get access to affiliate resources and tools to help you track your conversions and manage your campaigns. 

Design Your Homeschool Takeaways:

Design Your Homeschool fits parents who are just getting started on the homeschooling bandwagon and wondering how to go about it. They offer an attractive commission and you have access to giveaways that you can use for your campaigns to increase sales. 

Their affiliate program accepts marketers who are even beginners. 

Homeschool Tracker

Homeschool Tracker Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

Homeschool Tracker was founded in 2002 with a mission to support the homeschool community through a software package for planning, record keeping, and reporting students’ progress. It’s an online-based software with features that comes at different prices. 

Their online software can be used for taking attendance, assignment creation, grading, making lesson plans, maintaining a library for homeschooling, report card generation, and rescheduling of plans.

It offers the flexibility for homeschool students to view assignments and keep track of their scores online. Homeschool Tracker offers monthly, annual, and bi-annual subscriptions for their software which cost $8, $65, and $119 respectively. 

They have partnered with Refersion to manage their affiliate program. Affiliates get access to tracking tools and resources to run campaigns and monitor traffic.    

Homeschool Tracker Takeaways:

Homeschool Tracker has been operating for over 15 years and has a strong authority in the space of homeschool tracking software packages. Their commissions are recurring so far as the customer stays on a plan for any amount of time.    

Homeschool Goodies

Homeschool Goodies Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

Homeschool Goodies is an online store of Kirkwood Education Online with the mission to equip parents with the tools to homeschool their children to be self-taught learners. Their unit studies are Christian values-focused which are designed to be an added value to the homeschooling curriculum. 

Homeschool Goodies provide unit studies and activity packs including Math, Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Printing Words, Numbers, Early Preschool, Science, American History, and Alphabet. 

You can sign up for the affiliate program directly on their website. Affiliates are given access to promotional graphics and tracking systems to monitor referral activities. However, you have to be a resident in the United States before you can be considered for the program. 

Homeschool Goodies Takeaways:

Homeschool Goodies has a good range of products and an all-year-round cookie duration which is excellent for business. You also earn commissions on product referral purchases other than the one you referred. 

Homeschooling With Dyslexia

Homeschooling with Dyslexia Affiliate Program for homeschooling affiliates

Homeschooling with dyslexia was founded out of over 20 years of homeschooling 7 kids with dyslexia. The creator by the name of Marianne envisioned providing well-researched, proven methods and tools to parents or teachers who are homeschooling kids with dyslexia. 

Homeschooling with dyslexia offers parental courses, mentoring groups, and a range of dyslexia books for homeschool families who have children with dyslexia conditions. The courses include but are not limited to spelling, writing, and auditory and visual processing for homeschool parents and teachers to help understand their kids. 

You join the affiliate program from the website by completing a simple online form. Affiliates get access to banners, text links, and a monthly affiliate newsletter with tips and offers for their campaigns. 

Homeschooling With Dyslexia Takeaways:

It appears to be a unique homeschooling affiliate program focusing on children with dyslexia, a good range of products to make a selection, and offers a very attractive commission.

Also, they offer lifetime cookie duration and freebies which you can incorporate into your campaigns to increase sales. 

Intoxicated On Life

Intoxicated on Life Affiliate Program for homeschooling bloggers

Intoxicated on Life provides over 30 homeschooling resources created from Christian virtues to help parents bring up their children from a Biblical standpoint. Their online store has resources on writing and sciences. 

Apart from homeschooling products, Intoxicated on life offers products on healthy living, sex ed, faith, and family. They also have free resources and helpful tips for parents who want to homeschool their kids using proverbs. 

Intoxicated on Life partners with iDevAffiliate to manage its affiliate program. You’re given a range of banners and textual links to use in your marketing. With the iDevAffiliate management platform, you can track and monitor traffic and conversions. 

Intoxicated On Life Takeaways:

Very lucrative affiliate commission and a good number of homeschooling resources. Their products are tailored toward parents who want to homeschool their kids with a touch of Biblical principles in their curriculum. 

Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food eCourse for homeschooling affiliate marketers

Kids Cook Real Food is an online course designed for homeschooling parents who want to teach their children how to cook. The course simplifies cooking in a way that children learn in a fun way yet safe to handle themselves in the kitchen. 

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse has 3 flagship curriculums (beginner, intermediate and advanced), each containing 8 classes of video demonstration that parents can follow with their kids. They also have all kids and module integrations curriculums to provide flexibility for parents but bear no common core with the other curriculums.

Apart from the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, you can also promote similar courses offered by the creator i.e eBooks at Kitchen Stewardship and Stress Mastery Mini-Course for Busy Moms. 

You can join the affiliate program through the Kids Cook Real Food website and your application will be processed within two weeks. The good thing is you don’t have to be a big site or even a blogger to promote this eCourse. 

Kids Cook Real Food Takeaways:

The creator of Kids Cook Real Food eCourse has been featured on internationally recognized media outlets and has authority in this space. It’s a unique homeschooling affiliate program you’ll find on the internet. 

Kids Cook Real Food eCourse offers the highest commission with an insane cookie duration in the homeschooling space. You also get to enjoy a tiered commission in addition to promoting other products of the creator. The affiliate program is beginner-friendly and welcomes even people with no websites. 

Living Life and Learning

Living Life and Learning Affiliate Program for homeschooling marketers

Living Life and Learning is an online store that offers homeschooling products for parents who are getting started or want to create printables that are customized to meet the needs of every child. 

Living Life and Learning provides maths and science activities books as well as homeschool planning bundles for moms who need help with their organization. The founder with over 10 years of homeschooling experience also offers DIY printables course for teachers and homeschoolers which is served on

The course teaches homeschooling moms and teachers how to design printables for children without being tech-savvy.  The courses go for $29 and $59 with bonuses included. 

You can join the affiliate program on the Living Life and Learning website through an online form. You don’t have to be on a big website to apply and the approval rate seems to be high. Affiliates are given resources to run their campaigns to make sales. 

Living Life and Learning Takeaways:

Offers lucrative commissions and courses that few people are focusing on in the homeschooling market. You have the flexibility to promote either books or courses which gives good options of items to select. 

Nest Learning

Nest Learning Homeschool Curriculum for homeschooling affiliate bloggers

Nest Learning started over 20 years ago as creators and distributors of animated stories from the New and Old Testaments with the mission to impact the lives of children, families, and caregivers. 

Today, Nest Learning covers a wide spectrum of products carving a name for itself as a wholesale distributor of family entertainment, home education, and Christian products in the market. They have a long list of homeschool curriculums for grades 1 through 12. The curriculums cover maths, science, social studies, language arts, parental resources, grade level kits, elective subjects, and other supplementary resources for homeschool moms and teachers. 

Nest Learning partners with ShareASale to provide its affiliate program. Affiliates can track sales, and get real-time reporting and commission checks through the network with the resources given.  

Nest Learning Takeaways: 

Nest learning offers over 14,000 products making a good range for your selection. They also offer free shipping for sales over $79 which you can leverage to increase sales and clicks. 

They pay every month provided you meet the minimum payment requirement.

The HomeScholar

The HomeScholar Affiliate Program for homeschooling affiliate marketers.

The HomeScholar focuses on parents who are challenged in homeschooling high school students to gain admission to college. They offer training, encouragement, resources, and support to parents who are homeschooling high school children. 

The HomeScholar has two flagship products known as high school solutions and club memberships. These products focus on equipping parents with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and support needed to curate high school homeschooling curriculum as well as planners to help their children succeed.

They offer additional resources on high school transcript solutions, comprehensive record solutions, and college launch solutions. All the materials have been structured to help parents give the best education to their homeschooled high school children. 

They have partnered with FlexOffers to run their affiliate program. Affiliates get access to marketing resources and tracking tools to monitor campaigns as well as conversions.  

The HomeScholar Takeaways:

The HomeScholar has a solid management team, authoritative in high school homeschool space, and a variety of products with amazing bonuses to make a selection. Great affiliate commission with a long cookie duration. 

Provides valuable freebies, a monthly newsletter, and a 30-day money-back guarantee to leverage for sales. 

The Old Schoolhouse

The Old Schoolhouse Affiliate Program for bloggers into homeschooling.

The Old Schoolhouse started around 2001 as a homeschooling newsletter with a side online store of homeschooling curriculum collection. Today, it’s a thick quarterly print magazine that shares success stories and information in the homeschooling community with families across the world. It’s available in big stores and app readers where everyone can access it. 

The Old Schoolhouse has homeschool online stores that provide homeschool info-pak and curriculums in a range of general and elective subjects. They also offer planners, homeschool subscriptions, TOS digital products, and other homeschooling products to keep the homeschool community connected and informed on current trends. 

To be an affiliate, you have to sign-up on their website through an online form. Affiliates are given advance notice of upcoming sales, graphics, and textual links to use for promotions. You’re also added to a Facebook group where you can receive affiliate support. 

The Old Schoolhouse Takeaways:

A unique homeschooling affiliate program with a good range of products for selection, great cookie duration, and a trusted company with BBB accreditation. 

Awesome prizes for top-selling affiliates and freebie offers that can be utilized to increase sales. 


WriteShop Affiliate Program for affiliate marketers into homeschooling

WriteShop focuses on providing writing curriculums for homeschooling families. Since 2001 they’ve created resources for children from kindergarten to high school as well as materials for parents on how to teach their wards writing. 

The online store of WriteShop has a range of curriculums categorized under WriteShop Primary, Junior I, and II as well as printables that constitute writing workbooks for grades up to 12. They also provide video courses to help parents who have limited time in teaching their children writing.  

You can become an affiliate by signing up on their website. Affiliates are provided helpful videos to give you an overview of their program. You also get access to affiliate content databases and an invitation to their Facebook group for notices and updates on their upcoming products. However, WriteShop doesn’t accept applications from Affiliates of EU residents.   

WriteShop Takeaways:

Writing resource focused which makes it stand out from the rest, good range of products, and great cookie duration. 

Offers a 30-day return policy that can be used in marketing strategy to increase click-rate. 

Comparative Summary of Homeschool Affiliate Programs

There are different payment methods and requirements used by the aforementioned homeschool affiliate programs. I have provided them in the summary table to help in your decision process. 

Usually, the programs pay a month’s earnings in the first 20 days of the month following it. However, for a PayPal NET 60 payment system, sales you make in let’s say January is paid in March. Affiliate programs that use this system do it to allow for their refund period to pass. 

Hence, checking the payment options available to you is something you wouldn’t want to turn a blind eye to. Also, If you don’t know which Homeschool affiliate program to start with, then you would want to check on the next section after the summary.

Affiliate ProgramPlace to Sign-UpProductCommissionCookie DurationPayment MethodPayment Threshold
7Sisters HomeschoolMain WebsiteCurriculum, coaching and encouragement40%90 daysPayPal$10
All About Learning PressMain WebsiteReading and spelling15%180 daysPayPal$25
Answers in GenesisShareASaleAnswers Bible curriculum12% or more60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Compass ClassroomiDevAffiliateHomeschool curriculum workshop20%30 daysPayPal$25
Design Your HomeschoolE-Junkie affiliate networkHomeschooling curriculum creation25%UnknownPayPal$25
Homeschool TrackerRefersionHomeschooling management software10%45 daysPayPalUnknown
Homeschool GoodiesMain WebsiteHomeschool unit studies and activity pack20%365 daysPayPal$50
Homeschooling with dyslexiaMain WebsiteHomeschooling classes for the parent with dyslexia kids30%lifetimePayPal$15
Intoxicated on LifeiDevAffiliateHomeschool, health, and family40%unknownPayPal$20
The Kids Cook Real FoodMain WebsiteCooking50%365 daysPayPalNo minimum required
Living Life and LearningMain WebsiteHomeschooling printables, courses, and books40%90 daysPayPalUnknown
Nest LearningShareASaleHomeschool curriculumUp to 15%30 daysDirect deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer$50
The HomeScholarFlexOffersHigh school homeschooling training, resources, and community membership20%180 daysPayPal$25
The Old SchoolhouseMain WebsiteHomeschooling magazine, curriculums20%365 daysPayPal$100
WriteShopMain WebsiteWriting curriculums15% standard, 10% video courses180 daysPayPal$15

How To Choose the Right Homeschool Affiliate Program: A Guide

Each of the homeschool affiliate programs provides different products and services so it can be confusing which one to start with especially if you’re a beginner in the affiliate marketing community. 

Earning commissions from affiliate programs is a joyous thing for every affiliate marketer. However, picking one which is relevant to your niche could be tempting if you’re only chasing high commissions. 

While making money could be one of your motivations as an affiliate marketer, putting the interest of your audience first simplifies things for you. Here’s what I’ve put together to assist in your selection. 

1. Know your target audience: Your general audience for these affiliate programs are parents or homeschoolers but not all of the programs can help you serve them. So be sure of your exact target and whether or not your contents are in alignment with what the affiliate program offers. 

2. Website Age and Residence: Before dropping your application at any of the affiliate programs, cross-check to see if they’re particular about your website. Some may prefer established sites while others may care less about them. 

Verifying will save you a lot of time and disappointments. There are cases where you shouldn’t hesitate to apply even when they say established sites. But for others that are specific about your country of residence, don’t bother to apply if you don’t qualify. For example, EU residents are not eligible for the WriteShop affiliate program.  

3. Payment Method: The last place you want to find yourself is earning commission where it can’t hit your account. Affiliate networks like ShareASale, Refersion, and iDevAffiliate have a number of payment methods.

However, they differ on which country you’re in so verify that first. In doing that, you’ll be certain whether or not their program is open to all countries. 

4. Commission: You wouldn’t want to leave any money on the table. Knowing the commission in regards to their product value should inform you of the worth of your investment or time. 

While your focus should be on helping people, earning a pretty decent commission from your effort will be encouraging to grow your online business. Having information on earnings per click or the average order value of the affiliate program should also help you ascertain the earning potential.

5. Cookie Duration: Long cookie period is what you would strive for. Some customers usually do window shopping and may not buy through your link at the first click. So a pretty long cookie duration will be helpful not to throw some opportunities away if they should go back to buy some other time. 

There are other things like the variety of products offered by the affiliate program, their market domination, and authenticity that you shouldn’t also ignore. With these, I think you should be able to make a good selection even as a newbie affiliate marketer.

Final Thoughts: Recommendations

There’s literally an unlimited amount of money to make if you select a good homeschool affiliate program for your audience and know how to do your marketing right. With the increasing rate of homeschool education, more parents will be searching for information and resources for their children.  

That is an opportunity as an affiliate marketer to provide valuable information while you throw in your affiliate links without being spammy. If you’re good at it then the sky is the limit to how much you can earn.  

However, the key to increasing sales is getting more traffic to your site and knowing how to write content with visitors’ intent. Many affiliate marketers who have learned those skills drive home consistent sales every day. 

I’ve learned to do that with this platform for over three years now. If you’re just starting out affiliate marketing, then you might want to check it out as well. They provide you with all the resources you need at an affordable price. You can even check it out for free – no credit card!    

If there’s any homeschool affiliate program that you would want me to cover, please kindly share it in the comment below and I’ll look into it. Until then, wish you success with your choice.

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    It is providing me with several options of homeschooling programs to explore, as well as joining the home schooling affiliate programs that could benefit us. Thank you for sharing a great resource.

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