Top 10 Fishing Affiliate Programs: Awesome Commissions In Growth!

Fishing has evolved over centuries from human survival to commercialization. Today many people are engaged in fishing as a recreational activity leading to tremendous growth in its equipment market. 

While moderate growth in the sport, fishing equipment market is expected between 2021 and 2031, the over $2.5 billion sales in 2020 give a foreshadow of opportunities for affiliate marketers in this niche. In the US alone, an increase to 17% of the population from age 6 upwards participated in fishing as recorded in the 2020 special fishing report. 

Among the categories, freshwater fishing was the most prevalent one recording about 39.2 million participants, followed by saltwater fishing and then fly fishing. Overall, participation in all the fishing types has seen an upward trend among males and females of all ages. 

Hence, in this article, we have put together fishing affiliate programs that you can serve your audience with irrespective of the fishing type. We have done all the heavy lifting for you to make your choice an easy one. 

Fishing Affiliate Programs

  1. Bubba
  2. Enigma Fishing
  3. Epic Fly Rod
  4. Hawaii Marlin Fishing
  5. Legacy Food Storage
  6. Lucky Tackle Box
  7. Piscifun
  8. Pure Fishing
  9. RiverBum Fishing
  10. Trident Fly Fishing

Bubba Affiliate Program

Bubba is a US-based company that contributes to the fishing community through its specialty in fillet knives. With over a decade in operation, they’ve developed innovative tools to make fishing adventurous for all who like this sport. 

Bubba mainly produces fishing knives which are cataloged under electric, fillet, folding, skinning, and chef. They come in various blades and handle lengths ranging from 4 to 8 inches with iconic designs. 

Besides the fishing knives, Bubba also offers tools and gear like fishing pliers, gaffs, nets, sharpeners, shears, fillets, and fishing nets. Some of their products cost as low as $15 and others as high as $220. 

Bubba partners with Avantlink to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates are given access to marketing tools to promote and monitor sales. You earn a 7% base rate commission on all qualifying sales. Bubba also offers a 10% premium commission rate and is even higher for top-performing affiliates. 

Why Should You Join the Bubba Affiliate Program?

Bubba is an established company with a good brand of fishing knives. Apart from their diversified knives, they have a good range of other products to make a selection. 

Bubba also offers a 30-day warranty for their products which is good for customers. Good commission and fair cookie length.  

Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program

Enigma Fishing is one of the high-paying affiliate programs which is known for its iconic fishing rods and reeds. That explains why the company was born – taking fishing to another higher level to provide opportunities for the passionate fishing community. 

Enigma Fishing rods and reels come in various designs of good quality to give value for customers’ money. They also provide side products such as tackles, marine batteries, sunglasses, apparel, and other fishing accessories creating diversity in their online store. 

You can become an Enigma Fishing affiliate through ShareASale. Affiliates are provided with marketing resources for campaigns and sales monitoring. 

Why Should You Join the Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program?

Specializes in fishing rods and reels but has a variety of products to promote. Enigma Fishing offers high commission in the fishing industry and outstanding cookie length.

Offers lifetime rod and replacement programs for registered products as well as free gifts on purchases which you can utilize in your promotion. 

Epic Fly Rods Affiliate Program

Epic Fly Rods, also referred to as the Swift Fly Fishing Company is a subsidiary of On the Fly Productions Limited which specializes in developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling fishing equipment. 

Their equipment is tailored toward fly fishing and offers an array of products including fly rods, blanks, kits, flies, reels, and sunglasses. Epic Fly Rods also provides fly fishing accessories ranging from backcountry streamer wallet to pocket knife to hip flask as well as apparel. Besides the fishing equipment, Epic Fly Rods manages a VIP Club which gives members access to exclusive news, fly fishing tricks, tips, and special offers. 

You can become an affiliate by signing up on their website through an online form. They accept publishers, fly fishing bloggers, lodges, fly fishing forum posters, Facebook forum posters, product reviewers, and social media influencers. Affiliates get access to marketing tools and full reporting tools to track their sales. 

Why Should You Join the Epic Fly Rods Affiliate Program?

Epic Fly Rods product reviews have 5-star ratings, several products to make a selection, offers rewards and you can earn commissions for other products your referral buys once the person gets to the website with your link.

Offers a 30-day refund policy and a lifetime warranty which you can leverage for your campaigns. 

Hawaii Marlin Fishing Affiliate Program

Hawaii Marlin Fishing is a unique fishing affiliate program that distinguishes itself from the rest by how they make fishing easier and fun as well. It’s owned by Hawaiian Island Enterprise which provides an online platform for individuals and families to shop, research and book fishing trips. 

Hawaii Marlin Fishing provides boats for fishing trips on Islands, categorized under Big Island, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. They offer both private and shared fishing trips for individuals and large groups. The good thing is that they provide every boat with fishing equipment including rods, reels, fishing line, hooks, liters, fighting chairs, lures, and all other gears as well as shuttle and food delivery services. 

Affiliates partnering with Hawaii Marlin Fishing can earn commissions both from products customers buy and trips they book. You can make as much as 9% commission on products and a 20% fixed amount on all completed trips. The commissions are paid bi-monthly when trips are completed.  

You can sign up on their website through the form provided. You must have a working website to be accepted after which you’ll be given access to marketing materials. 

Why Should You Join the Hawaii Marlin Fishing Affiliate Program?

Unique affiliate program in the fishing niche with several other offers that you can promote. Long cookie duration and no minimum threshold for payments.  

Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Program

Legacy Food Storage is different in the fishing niche in that its services are rare. We added it to the list because it offers equally relevant products to anyone who wouldn’t want to worry about food preparation during fishing. 

They provide several storage food packages grouped under types: freeze-dried meats, breakfasts, entrees, side dishes, and drinks. These packages can serve small to large family sizes and individuals on fishing trips for long periods without losing their taste quality. 

They also provide food storage pack subscriptions for 3, 6, and 12 months through Affirm which could be a great offer for commercial fishers who stay on the sea for long times. 

Legacy Food Storage administers its affiliate program through the ShareASale management network. Affiliates are provided with marketing resources, monitoring tools, and real-time reporting to track sales and commissions.    

Why Should You Join the Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Program?

High affiliate commission with a wide range of products for selection, good product average order size, and relatively high EPC value. 

Lucky Tackle Box Affiliate Program

Lucky Tackle Box, LTB, is a subscription-based affiliate program whose mission is to supply monthly boxes that enthuse anglers in their fishing expedition. The boxes come with baits, lures, and tackles as well as educational materials to equip anglers with the knowledge to maximize their catch on the water. 

Lucky Tackle Box provides great value for the monthly written and video resources curated to inspire and teach anglers how-tos of baits and new techniques for an amazing fishing experience. LTB’s subscription boxes reach all regions in US and Canada and cover every fish type including bass, panfish/crappie, walleye, fly fishing, inshore saltwater, and multi-species.

Lucky Tackle Box offers 3 main monthly boxes namely starter, larger, and pro-style tournament series which are sold for $14.99, $24.99 (best selling), and $46.00, respectively. Customers have the liberty to pause, cancel or reactivate closed accounts anytime they want. 

They partner with Avantlink, an affiliate marketing network to manage their network. Publishers who want to promote Lucky Tackle Box offers would have to be eligible through the network. Affiliates are given resources and materials for campaigns, sales monitoring, and reporting of transactions through their links.     

Why Should You Join the Lucky Tackle Box Affiliate Program?

Lucky Tackle Box offers one of the unique fishing affiliate programs, free shipping in the US, and excellent recurring commissions for long-term customers. 

Piscifun Affiliate Program

Piscifun is a seller of branded fishing products that was founded by fishing experts according to their websites. They are popular in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK as well as other countries across the world.

They have high-quality and affordable fishing products categorized under fishing reels, fishing rods, fishing tools, storage bags, fly fishing, fishing lines, and accessories. Piscifun has a wide range of products in these categories which put them ahead of several shops in this niche.

The Piscifun affiliate program is managed by the ShareASale affiliate network. Affiliates of this program get access to regularly updated text links, banners, coupon/deals, Datafeed, and promotion newsletter.

In addition, you get your dashboard where you can manage your campaigns and view reports on your sales. Another thing to note is that Piscifun offers you monetary rewards to share them with your followers via a review post, Facebook, YouTube, or any medium that presents their products or services to potential customers.

Why Should You Join the Piscifun Affiliate Program?

Piscifun has a longer cookie duration which is advantageous for your campaigns, wide range of products, and good commissions. Apart from earning commissions from product purchases, you earn also from membership packages.

It couldn’t get any better-they reward you when you review their products.

Pure Fishing Affiliate Program

Pure Fishing Incorporation is a family of quality fishing brands dating from 1874. Each brand in the Pure Fishing family is well known for its high-quality fishing gear. Pure Fishing brands in Abu Garcia, Berkley, Chub, Fenwick rod, Fin-Nor, Greys, Hardy, Hodgman, Johnson, JRC, Mitchell, PENN, Pflueger, Sebile, Shakespeare, Spiderwire, Stren, Ugly Stik, and Van Staal.

Think of anything about fishing and Pure Fishing has a brand to supply the needed equipment. From tackle to rods and reels as well as accessories that make one’s fishing experience a memorable one. With Pure Fishing, you can promote a wide range of products from its brands without needing to join several others.

You can join the Pure Fishing affiliate program through the AvantLink affiliate network. You’re given promotional materials, resources, and reporting tools after getting approval as an affiliate on the network.

Why Should You Join the Pure Fishing Affiliate Program?

Despite the short cookie duration, you have a plethora of products to promote, Pure Fishing has a 30-day return policy, and a one-year product warranty and gives you access to exclusive promotions.

These provisions can scale up your sales in your promotions if you’re able to leverage them well.

RiverBum Fishing Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 10%
  • Payment Option(s): Tipalti, PayPal, Checks, Direct Deposit & Payoneer
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • URL: RiverBum Affiliate Program

RiverBum focuses on delivering quality flies developed with sharp-edge cutting technology to ensure anglers enjoy their fishing time. Their products are of the best fly fishing industry such as Scientific Anglers, TFO, Dr. Slick, Maxxon, Ross, RIO, Reddington, Jim Teeny, Monic, and several others.

If you’re interested in products for trout fishing, bass fishing, bonefish fishing, and any fish species in fresh and saltwater, RiverBum has got a wide range of products to look into. They supply a variety of fly rods, fly reels, and fly lines as well as different kinds of fly fishing accessories. In addition, RiverBum offers fish nets and apparel for fishing enthusiasts.

To sign up for RiverBum’s affiliate program, you have to do it through Avantlink or ShareASale affiliate network. Once your application is approved, you’re given access to all the needed materials and reporting tools to start your promotions.

Note that RiverBum has strict regulations in the use of their trademark so you have to take a critical look at their terms before you consider joining.
Why Should You Join the RiverBum Affiliate Program?

RiverBum is one of the few companies that specialize in flies, has a wide range of fly products, long cookie duration, and good commission. You can send them a message for their products for review especially if you have a YouTube channel.

Trident Fly Fishing Affiliate Program

Trident Fly Fishing sells basically all that you need for fishing. From fly rods to flies to anything you can think of in this sport, Trident Fly Fishing has something to offer. One interesting program they have is the Castability Guarantee. The guarantee allows buyers to test certain rods for some period before they settle on their purchase.

On the Trident Fly Fishing store, you’ll find a variety of brand products categorized into fly rods, fly reels, lines, leaders and tippets, wading gear, flies, fly tying, packs, bags, vests, clothing, and accessories. If you’re looking for a fishing affiliate program with different products, Trident Fly Fishing is one you wouldn’t want to brush off.

Trident Fly Fishing manages its affiliate program with the Avantlink affiliate network, which means the network handles all their Datafeed, reporting, and payments. Once you get approved on the network, you’re given all the resources you need for your promotion.

Why Should You Join the Trident Fly Fishing Affiliate Program?

Trident Fly Fishing provides several guarantee programs which you can leverage in your promotions, has a long cookie duration, different products, and good commission.

Summary of Fishing Affiliate Programs

Just to ensure that you get all the options covered in this post in one view, I’ve summarized the aforementioned fishing affiliate programs in a table. What you may also want to check are the payment methods and requirements for each of them.  

Usually, the programs pay a month’s earnings in the first 20 days of the following month. However, for a PayPal NET 60 payment system, sales you make in let’s say January is paid in March. Affiliate programs that use this system do it to allow for their refund period to pass. 

Hence, checking the payment options available to you is something you wouldn’t want to turn a blind eye to. Also, If you don’t know which fishing affiliate program to start with, then you would want to check on the next section after the summary.

Affiliate ProgramPlace to Sign-UpProductCommissionCookie DurationPayment MethodPayment Threshold
BubbaAvantLinkKnives, gloves, and gearsUp to 10%30 daysTipalti, PayPal$25
Enigma FishingShareASaleRods and reels20%90 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Epic Fly RodsMain WebsiteFly fishing equipment10%60 daysUnknownUnknown
Hawaii Marlin Fishing Affiliate ProgramMain websiteFishing trip bookings and equipmentUp to 20%60 daysPayPal & CheckNone
Legacy Food StorageShareASaleFood storage packs8-15%30 daysDirect deposit, Check, or Payoneer$50
Lucky Tackle BoxAvantLinkFishing subscription boxes$6.5 per subscriber30 daysTipalti, PayPal$25
PiscifunShareASaleFly rods, Reels, Fly Lines, etc.16%60 daysDirect deposit, Check, or Payoneer$50
Pure FishingAvantLinkTackle, Flies & Reels10%14 daysTipalti, PayPal$25
RiverBum FishingAvantLink/ ShareASaleFlies10%45 daysTipalti, PayPal, Direct deposit, Check, or Payoneer$25 or
Trident Fly FishingAvantLinkMainly fly rods and flies.10%60 daysTipalti, PayPal$25

How To Choose the Right Fishing Affiliate Program: A Guide

Each of the fishing affiliate programs provides different products and services so it can be confusing to make a choice especially if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing. 

Earning a commission from an affiliate program is an aha moment for every affiliate marketer. However, picking one which is relevant to your niche could be tempting if you’re only after high commissions. 

While making money could be one of your motivations as an affiliate marketer, putting the interest of your audience first can make things simpler. Here’s what I’ve put together to assist in your selection. 

1. Know your target audience: Your audience for these affiliate programs are people who are into fishing either for commercial purposes or sports for fun

Hence knowing the category they fall in will make your choice of the program easier. So be sure of your exact target and whether or not your contents are in alignment with what the affiliate program offers. 

2. Website Age and Residence: Before dropping your application at any of the affiliate programs, cross-check to see if they’re particular about your website. Some may prefer an established site while others may care less about it. 

Verifying will save you a lot of time and disappointments. There are cases where you shouldn’t hesitate to apply even when they say established sites. But for others that are specific about your country of residence, don’t bother to apply if you don’t qualify.

3. Payment Method: The last place you want to find yourself is earning commissions where it can’t hit your account. Affiliate networks like ShareASale have a number of payment methods.

However, they differ on which country you’re in so verify that first. In doing that, you’ll be certain whether or not their program is open to all countries. 

4. Commission: You wouldn’t want to leave any money on the table. Knowing the commission in regards to their product value should inform you of the worth of your investment or time. 

While your focus should be on helping people, earning a pretty decent commission from your effort will be encouraging to grow your online business. Having information on earnings per click or average order value of the affiliate program should also help you ascertain the earning potential.

5. Cookie Duration: Long cookie period is what you would strive for. Some customers usually do window shopping and may not buy through your link at the first click. So a pretty long cookie duration will be helpful not to throw some opportunities away if they should go back to buy some other time. 

There are other things like the variety of products offered by the affiliate program, their market domination, and authenticity that you shouldn’t also ignore. With these, I think you should be able to make a good selection even as a newbie affiliate marketer.

Final Thoughts: Recommendations

There’s no cap on the amount of money you can make with these fishing affiliate programs if you make the right choice for your audience and know how to do your marketing well. With the growth rate of fishing sport, there would be tremendous demand for fishing equipment in the coming days.  

This presents an opportunity as an affiliate marketer to provide valuable information while you throw in your affiliate links without being spammy. If you’re good at it then the sky is the limit to how much you can earn.  

Moreso, the key to increasing sales is getting more traffic to your website and knowing how to write content with visitors’ intent. Many affiliate marketers who have learned these skills make sales every day. 

I learned to do that with this platform for over three years now. If you’re just starting out affiliate marketing, then you might want to check it out as well. They provide you with all the resources you need at an affordable price. You can even check it out for free – no credit card!    

Over To You!

If there’s any fishing affiliate program that you would want me to cover, kindly share it in the comment below and I’ll look into it. Until then, I wish you success with your choice.

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