Kajabi Vs. Systeme: Know This for Course Creation and Online Learning!

Online learning is blowing up, and more knowledge entrepreneurs are now than ever. But, if you are a course creator, juggling with tools is probably one of your worst migraines.

This article compares two all-in-one online learning platforms, Kajabi and Systeme.io. Read on to make a better decision.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi can be described as an online platform for creating courses that allow users to manage their business from one central location. From creating courses to marketing and beyond, Kajabi can handle everything for you.

Kajabi was first thought of by Kenny Reuter, who wanted to create a side business teaching people how to create toys online. Although he wasn’t that enthusiastic about teaching on the internet, he was passionate about making it more straightforward for people to promote their expertise on the internet.

It was easy to grasp the potential surrounding the idea. Kajabi co-founders Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser believed they could enable people to earn money from their knowledge and digital media. However, they’d require an online platform that could make the process easy and effortless for entrepreneurs to accomplish this.

When you’re a creator of courses online, you quickly realize how difficult it is to master all the different elements of running an expert business on the internet. It isn’t just the cost, although also substantial; it is the hustle of struggling with lots of platforms just to hold your business together.

This is where Kajabi shines, particularly for online course creators, coaches, consultants, and experts who want to profit from their expertise in several ways. As a result, Kajabi has become one of today’s most sought-after online learning platforms.

Since its inception in 2010, Kajabi has grown to become the colossal success the company is now. It has helped thousands of people get away from work that doesn’t fit their needs anymore and has enabled people to achieve their goals.

You can market your product or courses on an integrated platform. With Kajabi, you can design pipelines. These systems let you achieve high conversion rates by turning prospective students into students by implementing effective marketing funnels.

You can include the landing page, offer to allow leads to sign up with emails, and more.

If the prospective customer becomes a student, you can pay them through the website. It is all without leaving Kajabi.

Kajabi is in the process of becoming the perfect “all-in” platform. The features are discussed in the following sections. Kajabi can beat out the major online course platforms because of the numerous features and benefits it offers.

Main Features of Kajabi

Kajabi, at its core, is designed for online learning entrepreneurs, but systeme.io sure gives it a run for its money. The gateway to the internet as a business person is to have a website.

You can easily create a beautiful website with the Kajabi builder. You can list and sell your products on your custom domain with the platform and sell your courses and products.

However, the number of products you can sell is limited by the package. The platform has a Wistia video hosting integration that allows you to use your Kajabi hosting bandwidth to host files on Wistia at no extra cost.

The platform is also a hot cake for eCommerce and does well if you have several products, courses, and services to sell like an expert. You can perform order bumps and upsells and give different pricing options for subscriptions, single-price checkout, and payment plans.

The course-building infrastructure allows you to create courses, have quizzes, use drip content schedules and analyze both your students’ performance and your course’s performance with analytics tools.

Features of Kajabi

  • Website builder
  • One-click sales and marketing templates
  • Unlimited hosting of files
  • Email marketing with broadcasts, personalization, sequences, and automation.
  • Ecommerce features such as integrated checkout, single price point, subscriptions, coupons, upsells, and payment plans
  • Course builder – quizzes, course video and file hosting, insights and analytics, drip content.

Advantages of Kajabi

  • “All-in-one” marketing, sales, and business management tool.
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to use marketing tools for various online businesses
  • User-friendly and intuitive platform design
  • Wistia video hosting

Disadvantages of Kajabi

  • Higher than average pricing plans
  • Lack of custom certificate design by course creators
  • Lack of diverse student assessment features
  • No free plan is available

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi is a great platform for hosting your courses. But its pricing compared to systeme.io may cause you to think twice. The platform has three packages or plans.

The first one, called the basic plan, costs $149 per month of use with a free trial. All of the Kajabi packages have a free trial. So, you can try out all of them for free before deciding.

But back to the basic plan; you get to launch only three products and 3 pipelines which is much of a sales funnel. While you get unlimited emails with Kajabi, you can only have up to 1,000 active members. You can however have up to 10,000 contacts.

There are also other features, basically webinars, templates, assessments and quizzes, and more. You don’t get to create an affiliate program and you can’t get the Kajabi branding off your stuff even though you pay for this plan.

Neither do you have access to the code editor to make your own custom edits to your pages? The worst part of this package is that you don’t get 24/7 chat support. Email and chat support should be pretty basic if you ask me. Systeme.io offers support to its free users.

The next plan is the growth plan for $199, $50 more than the basic plan. It allows you to host as many as 15 products, 15 pipelines, and unlimited landing pages and marketing emails.

You are, however, limited to 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. You get access to the code editor with the growth plan and can remove the Kajabi branding.

The last plan that Kajabi offers is a $399 per month plan that costs an extra $200 if you are upgrading from the growth plan. This is the Pro plan. But what does it come with?

Well, you get 100 products and 100 pipelines. You have unlimited landing pages and marking emails as usual. The juicy part of this package is that you get 100,000 contacts and 20,000 active members.

You can also add up to 25 admins to your account and have three websites live on the platform.

Who is Kajabi For?

Kajabi is a one-stop business platform that is ideal for experts and “Knowledge Entrepreneurs.” Kajabi lets you create, market, and sell classes online, membership websites, a coaching program, and many more.

Kajabi is utilized by more than 25,000-course creators, including major names such as Amy Porterfield (online marketing expert), Brendan Burchard (personal development coach), and Billy Gene (social media marketing expert).

Kajabi is used by more than 33 million students and created more than $650 million worth of revenue. Kajabi is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and course creators who require an online course platform that is able to manage the content of courses and marketing emails, site design, sales funnels, and many more.

It isn’t just limited to online courses, either. The platform is able to sell any electronic (or tangible) product.

If you are looking to create any of these, then Kajabi can help you!

  • Online Virtual Summit
  • Mastermind / Coaching Program
  • Membership Site
  • Online Cleanse
  • Virtual Yoga Retreat
  • Multiple Online Courses
  • Free Online Training for Lead Generation
  • Ebooks and Pdfs
  • Audio meditation course with the private podcast feed
  • Multi-week workshop series

What is Systeme.io?

Systeme can be described as an online system that lets users set up a full website to sell and conduct online classes. It can be utilized by educators, bloggers, and, most importantly, businesses already operating to provide information to their target audience.

However, Systeme.io is much more than just an online course creator. Systeme.io is the top All-in-One marketing tool that lets you market your product and services in a distinct domain, with all the functions of a funnel sales method.

Systeme.io is a great tool to start an online company, but it’s also extremely effective and has more than 10,000 satisfied customers who have benefited from this clever tool.

The most significant potential of Systeme.io is the online platform. It lets you manage and manage a variety of automatization features that you could build at your discretion. For example, making custom newsletters and promotional deals are easy and allow you to direct your prospect through the entire sales funnel.

In the year 2010, Aurelien Amacker, the founder of Systeme.io, was running a successful online coaching business; however, he had an important issue-the fact the company was too small to grow.

He was involved in everything selling including coaching, promotion, and all the other tasks that came in between. It’s an issue that is all too frequent for small-scale business owners.

In wearing many different hats, you bind the potential for growth to your own limitations. It’s a certain method to slow your progress, and Aurelien was aware that something needed to be changed.

The solution was straightforward. Instead of selling and coaching by himself, the owner decided to employ the services of a salesperson and coach to teach them his method and the principles of his coaching method.

The result was immediate. Sales grew rapidly, and, as Aurelien was not sucked into coaching or selling, he had the freedom to focus on other important areas that comprised his enterprise.

When he took a step back, he noticed that there was a second opportunity to help his business operate even better and expand quicker by using the software.

Like many business owners on the internet who are employing separate software for every aspect of their business.

Hosting his website, sending emails, generating sales controlling affiliates, and hosting classes of it needed a different set of software. He considered, “What if I could make a software that had all of the features I need under one roof that was simple and easy to use?”

Systeme.io was then born. It was launched in 2018 to the French market and soon was ranked as the best online software for businesses in the nation, with over 10,000 clients.

Main Features of Systeme.io

Systeme.io is packed with features. For an online course creator, you need more than a video host to start your business. This is where systeme.io shines as it presents the 360 integrated platforms with almost all the features you need to launch and grow your knowledge business.

It has sales funnels, a website page builder, email marketing features that come with autoresponder and automation functions, and more. You can sell digital products as well as create your own email marketing program to help your students and clients make money when they refer you to their friends and colleagues.

If you are into content marketing, the platform has a blog feature that allows you to easily create and publish blog posts instantly. With analytics and A/B testing functions, you can test your stuff and optimize them over time.

It’s a pretty efficient ecosystem and has a marketplace where you can sell your stuff and expose your brand to affiliate marketers who are looking for products and courses to promote.

Features of Systeme.io

  • Sales Funnels
  • Ecommerce features
  • Dropshipping
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Business Automation
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Online Courses
  • Blogging
  • Sell Products
  • io Marketplace

Advantages of Systeme.io

  • Suitable for Beginners, Individuals, and Small Businesses
  • Ecommerce functions and marketplace
  • Simple and Easy to Use Interface
  • Lots of Marketing and Automation Tools to Choose From; All in One Platform
  • The Systeme.io Free Plan Is Great for Beginners
  • Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program

Disadvantages of Systeme.io

  • Lack of some Third-Party Integrations
  • Page Builder is a Work in Progress
  • Features could be overwhelming
  • Lack of Onboarding Process, Little Tutorials Available

Systeme.io Pricing

The systeme.io free plan is a great option for those who are just starting out. Systeme.io Free plan is ideal for bloggers, marketers, and affiliates who are getting started with their venture or simply want to test the program before committing to a paid subscription.

You can, however, only create one course with the free plan. That seems fair enough. But there are few restrictions in the free plan, apart from 2,000 email addresses. You can have unlimited students as long as you are within the 2k email limit. But that ironically limits you to not more than 2k students if you examine the reality of the plan.

The plan lets you build up to three sales funnels, with ten steps across the funnels and unlimited emails you can send out per month. In addition, in this plan Systeme no-cost plan, you are able to create a single course with unlimited students.

The free plan is equipped with Stripe along with Paypal integration which means you don’t have to pay any transaction fees to Systeme.io when you accept payment via Stripe or Paypal.

The next available systeme.io package is the startup plan. It allows you to create up to 5 courses and, as usual, unlimited students. But this is, of course, limited to the 5,000 email limit placed on the package.

The Systeme.io Startup Plan is ideal for affiliates and bloggers who want to make their businesses more profitable by offering a cost-effective pricing plan. This plan is only $27 per month, which is affordable compared to other plans.

You’ll find everything you need in the Startup plan, which is available in the free plan. However, with a higher quantity of sales funnels, elements of the funnel, and contacts and emails each month.

The plan also comes with ten sales funnels with ten automation rules, 10-upsells with a 1-click total of 50 steps in all sales funnels, five courses, and unlimited students for your classes.

If you want even more of everything, then the Systeme.io webinar Plan is ideal for you. It allows you to create up to 20 courses. It is good for entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses more profitable.

If you are an expert course creator, this may just be the one for you, especially if you already have a large email list and are probably migrating from a different platform. The package has free migration to it. This means you don’t have to worry about losing important assets created in your previous platform.

The monthly plan will cost you only $47 and unlocks everything the Startup Plan offers, but with a larger quantity of funnels and steps within the funnel and email addresses per month.

This plan includes 50 sales funnels and 100 automation rules. 100 1-click upsells in a total of 300 steps across all sales funnels, 20 courses, and unlimited students for your class.

The Systeme.io Unlimited Plan is perfect for entrepreneurs who wish to make their businesses more profitable. It has on offer a free migration service, one-on-one coaching sessions to kickstart their business and no transaction costs are included with the plan.

The cost is only $97 per month and includes everything you can get through the Webinar Plan. With this package, you can host unlimited courses. That’s amazing, right?

In addition to the plan’s advantages, you can also avail endless sales funnels, infinite steps within the funnels, and unlimited contacts. There are also unlimited membership websites, unlimited emails every month, Unlimited automation rules, Unlimited upsells with 1-click Unlimited order bumps, etc.

What syteme.io offers sound too good to be true. I felt that too until I tried it myself. Take a look at the platform here. If you’re committed to your business and would like to get the most benefit from it, this is the approach to consider.

Who is Systeme.io For?

Systeme.io is a platform that helps you provide information and knowledge to your clients and students. Systeme is an internet-based platform that lets you build a fully-functional website to sell and conduct online classes.

It is a great tool for educators, bloggers, and, most importantly, those who are already operating businesses to provide information to their customers. Systeme.io is specifically designed for small-scale business owners looking for an easy method to run their company and sell their products online.

It’s a fully connected and integrated system and is designed to function as a complete unit or solution for online entrepreneurs.

Systeme.io is great for:

  • Email Marketers
  • Coaches, Teachers, and Course creators
  • Bloggers & Affiliate marketers
  • Professional Service Providers
  • eCommerce Products
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Small-Sized Business Owners
  • Medium Sized business owners

Systeme.io Vs. Kajabi: Feature Comparison

The two platforms, Systeme.io and Kajabi, provide a range of useful features for creating your digital membership or course. But, when it comes to the wide range of tested tools and features for online course creation, Kajabi is the one with the most advantages.

However, Systeme.io wins the price battle. They offer a free basic plan with up to 2,000 contacts on your mailing list, which makes them an appealing choice for someone new to the business on a budget or for someone who is now building an email list from their community of followers.

If you compare the two platforms by price alone, Kajabi is more expensive for those just starting with limited contacts. But, once you start to build up your contacts and expand your company, Kajabi becomes more cost-efficient.

This is even clearer when you read the details. With Systeme.io, when you’ve accumulated greater than 2,000 customers, you have to move to the paid plan. One lead magnet or sales funnel could produce thousands of leads. This easily gives you the perspective of what is at stake here.

You could easily use up your free plan with a single funnel or offer. This means you may think you are shielded from paying until you launch your first course and realize that you can’t use the free plan anymore and have to cough up some money to purchase the next affordable plan.

With Kajabi, the cost is slightly more upfront. However, you’ll get access to additional options (and greater features and functions) right from the beginning.

For instance, for $119 per month, you can connect at least 10,000 contacts, have 1000 active members, be able to send unlimited emails to your students and clients in all your marketing efforts as well as create infinite landing pages. You can also choose to sell three products.

Kajabi provides more features and greater creativity for a higher price in an apples-to-apples comparison.

How do they differ in terms of their features?

Features are among the main pillars of every platform, and it’s for a good reason: online course development is among the most effective ways to earn money online every month but it also demands quite a lot of features if you want to peacefully automate your business and relax for most of the time as you make that money.

Systeme.io provides a simple editor for creating your courses. However, it’s your responsibility to develop and design your courses. If you’re an experienced educator, that’s great! But if not, then you could be caught up when it comes to creating courses.

In addition, creating an aesthetically consistent brand for your course’s design and email newsletters as well as marketing efforts could be a major headache for Systeme. There are more fonts available within the Course Builder than the marketing software for email.

It’s not an issue if you’re only beginning. However, when you’re looking to expand your business and wish to increase your branding, you’ll wish you could utilize identical fonts and colors for every marketing element.

However, Kajabi has style and branding that is integrated across all tools. Therefore, you can apply the same elements of design, fonts, and colors to every part of your company.

Kajabi makes it simple to develop courses. They also provide templates, known as Blueprints that give an outline for starting with the kind of digital product you’re creating.

Only through Kajabi will you have access to the variety of templates available and the creative freedom and consistency in the branding throughout all platforms, including your course, podcast website, shopping cart, and emails.

The process of creating an online business and selling digital goods doesn’t only mean having the right tools at your disposal. However, it’s also about having the capability to make your creation “your own,” allowing you to expand and scale up as you add more students or members. In this context, Kajabi is your go-to option.

Finally, knowing that you can access different levels of support is everything in a digital company. Do you want to be restricted to support via email, which is a waste of time waiting for answers, or gain no-cost access to walking video tutorials, a vibrant community of other entrepreneurs with similar interests, and dedicated live chat support for technical issues when and when you need it?

If you take a look at all these choices in a head-to-head Kajabi against Systeme.io analysis, it’s simple to recognize that Kajabi offers more advantages. It’s initially apparent that it’s more expensive. However, when you take a closer look, it’s obvious that you’re getting the value you spend for.

From branding to features to the ease of use and help, creating your online course or membership on Kajabi is a wise choice that allows you to take control of your business at present and in the future when you expand.

However, if your online business is affiliate marketing-focused and needs all the required tools from starting up, marketing, management, funnels, scale-up, webinars, and even creation of simple online courses, Kajabi will not serve you well.

Systeme.io may be your best consideration in this regard. I’ll recommend you test it out to see it for yourself. Besides, it costs you no money to try it out.

Systeme.io Vs. Kajabi: Features Comparison Table

Website BuilderYesYes
Course BuilderYesYes
Email MarketingYesYes
Ecommerce FeaturesYesYes
Unlimited Video HostingNoYes
Affiliate program managementYesNo
Evergreen WebinarsYesNo

As you can see above, Systeme.io provides an all-in-one platform optimized for succeeding in the affiliate marketing business. The features that they offer are by far cost-effective and deliver results. You can start with their free plan.

However, Kajabi is more specialized in online course creation and has matured features in aspects like large community. Hence, you may want to consider that if that is your focus.

Systeme.io Vs. Kajabi: Which is Good For Course Creation?

Both platforms make excellent platforms for creating, marketing, selling, and managing an online course and community. In terms of a community, Kajabi stands out.

But that only becomes necessary if you have a large following or a community. Systeme.io wins in most instances. For more features, you can get systeme.io for free.

For $27 per month, you can get what Kajabi offers for $149. This is a huge difference.

Over To You!

Hi there! I hope this comparison made things clearer for you. Is there any platform you would me to cover? Kindly let me know in the comment section

Until then, I hope you can now make a firm decision on which one to go for.

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