Is Acti-Labs Scam Or Make Money in Your Beauty? [Review]

Is Acti-Labs Scam or Legit [Review]

The health and beauty industry is an ever-growing billion dollar industry that presents unlimited opportunities to individuals venturing into its related business. Chances are that you’ve come across Acti-Labs and wondering whether it’s a scam or an evergreen opportunity to make money while you keep your beauty intact? 

For a fact, a lot of people are willing to pay anything to look young or maintain their beauty but can you through Acti-Labs offer people that to make money? These are questions I’ll be covering in this review. 

Revealed in this review…

  • What Acti-Labs is…all that you need to know to the minute details of the company
  • Acti-Labs MLM Exposed…a pyramid scheme or one that can make you money?
  • How to make money online with no experience…the 4-step blueprint that’s helping over 1000’s of people online. The best part is…it’s FREE

Let’s blow the lid off Acti-Labs and see what’s within.

Quick View of Acti-Labs

Acti-Labs reviewProduct Name: Acti-Labs


Headquarters: France

Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: John and Yelena Miller

Founded: 2011

Products: health and beauty

Price: $30 for Ambassador & $7.5/month for loyalty customer

Summary: Acti-Labs is a health and beauty house offering skincare and custom blended cosmetics on an online store. As a direct selling industry, it employs a multilevel marketing strategy for beauty lovers to make money through their ambassadorship option. Unlike most MLMs, Acti-Labs requires no auto-ship nor quotas to remain active but you can only sell their product as an Ambassador which comes with a fee.

My Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Recommended: Not really

number one recommendation

What is Acti-Labs About? 

Acti-Labs is a direct selling industry that provides a wide range of health and beauty products for personal use and provides a business model through multilevel marketing for individuals who want to be ambassadors. It was founded by a husband and wife, John and Yelena Miller in 2011 in France. 

Their products are designed for a speciality in cosmeceutical skincare, slimming and weight loss, haircare, cosmetics, and body sculpting using all-natural and mineral-based ingredient recommended in the line of skincare. 

Currently, all their products are manufactured in France and distributed through the USA, UK and Canada. Anyone with the desire to make money can do so by joining as an Ambassador on their website.  

How Can You Benefit From Acti-Labs Offers?

Acti-Labs provides two major ways for customers to benefit from their company; those interested in their product usage and those who want to build a business out of their ambassadorship program. If you’re only interested in their products, Acti-labs gives you two ways to earn bonuses. 

By Joining The Loyalty Club

If you’re planning to be a customer of Acti-Labs for a long period, then this membership is worth considering as it will save you money. The loyalty club is a monthly customer subscription package that debits you $7.5 from your card in which you receive $15.00 credit in your wallet on Acti-Labs. 

The credit you receive can be used to purchase any product worth that amount. You can also accumulate your monthly credits which can be used for a big splurge.

The good thing about this package is that your Acti-labs credit never expires even when you’ve cancelled your subscription. However, subscription payment is not refundable.

By Referring Friends

Acti-Labs recommend a friendActi-Labs rewards customers who refer their friends and families to their online store to purchase their products. You’re given 10% of your friends’ purchase and that discount is made available to you for your next order. This implies that the discounts given are to be used to purchase their product. 

It’s free but you have to sign up for that offer before you can be rewarded with those discounts. After registering, you’re required to add your friends on your dashboard to earn from their purchase. It’s a great way to get rewarded for recommending a product you use to a friend…in other terms, it’s called Affiliate marketing.  

What if you’re not only interested in using their products but want to make money? This where you have to consider their Ambassadorship program, in other words, referred to as affiliates. Being an Ambassador gives you the right to earn commissions from your personal sales and that of individuals you recruit into the business. 

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How Do You Become An Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, you have to pay $30 for your sign-up after which you’re required to purchase Ambassador kits which ranges from $26 to $100. According to Acti-Labs, the kits contain comprehensive information about their products to help you in your business. There are 5 kits in all….

Sample Kits

This cost $Acti-Labs Ambassador sample kit26 which is the lowest amongst them. Included in this kit are samples of their popular skincare products for demonstrating to customers and information about them. You’re to know this information as your skin to kick start in your business. 

Hair-Ologist Kit

Acti-Labs Ambassador HAIR-OLOGIST KITYou would want to purchase this kit if your target customers are people interested in caring about their hair. It cost $52 which comes with sample products for caring for the hair and information about their constituent ingredients. 

Slim-Bassador and Make-Up Junkie Kits

Acti-Labs Ambassador MAKEUP-JUNKIE KITEach cost $90 for sample products and info booklet. The slim-bassador kit provides you with a road map on dieting to help your customers on how to reduce their weight and keep the body in good shape while makeup junkie provides you with the arsenals you need to work as a makeup artist. 

Skin Thusiast Kit

Acti-Labs Ambassador SKIN-THUSIAST KITIf your interest is in caring for the skin, then purchasing the $100 kit will get you informed to be of help to customers who have issues with their skin. 

As the slogan of most MLMs, be the product of the product. These ambassador kits are not only to inform you about the products you’re going to be handling in your business but to get you glued to them from the start. This implies that you need at least $56 to make commissions on sales of Acti-labs products.  

How Do You Make Money As Acti-Labs Ambassador?

Although the health and beauty industry is booming, money wouldn’t fall like manner into your bank account once you become an Ambassador…you have to work your fingers to the bone. The way you’re going to do that with Acti-Labs is through;

Personal/Direct Purchase

Anytime you make a purchase or retails Acti-labs product to a customer you earn a commission which is paid into your bank account. Mathematically,

Your commission = Retail price – Ambassador discounted price

There are 4 major ways to make money from your customer base which I’ll explain later. In effect the more sales you make, the more money you’re bringing home. To thrive in this side you have to develop yourself as a salesperson.

Recruitment/ Multilevel Marketing

Recruitment is a very common thing in network marketing. Instead of getting more customers to sell the product, you siphon people into your network to build a team of Ambassadors to increase sales base. This is where most MLMers make much money which requires leadership skills and effort. 

It usually goes like enrol/enrol two others, they also enrol two and so forth before you realise you have a huge network to rake in dollars. It sounds easier than done although there are several bonuses involved. This takes me to Acti-labs compensation plan… 

Qnet Compensational Plan-Simple To Understand

Acti-Labs provides you 8 different ways in all to make money which can be categorized into two major ways; the first category is mostly based on direct sales (Kickoff phase) and second on recruitment (leader phase).

The Kickoff Phase

#1. Base Commission (20%) 

For any product you retail to customers, you’re credited 20% commission which is paid into your bank account every Friday. For example, if you retail their $19.50 Micellar lotion to a customer, you make $3.9. This means you have to sell more to make a significant amount here. 

#2. Added Personal Sales Bonus ($5-$10)

To juice it more, Acti-labs pays you extra commission for achieving a certain amount of sales in any calendar month. If you make sales of $500 in a month, you’re rewarded extra 5% to the base commission. 

Making a $1000 sale shoots it up to 10% and they’re paid on the 7th after the month-end. You have to be more than a salesperson to have this kind of sales. 

#3. Fast Start Acti-Cash ($20)

As the name goes, it’s like horse chase sales. Acti-labs rewards you $20 for $200 sales you make for the first 14 days of any given month which is credited to your Ambassador account on the 15th of the same month. 

This bonus could be used to buy products which also earns you a commission but it shouldn’t be in your account after 7th the following month. 

#4. Customer Loyalty Club Bonus ($1.5)

As explained earlier on loyalty club, Ambassadors can earn commissions for purchases your friends on loyalty club make. With the monthly $7.5 subscription, you get $1.5 every month as long as they stay on that membership. 

That’s a very attractive recurring sales if your friends or families use the product. Both sides benefit…$7.5 earns your friend $15 credit while you make $1.5. The money will add up only if you have a huge customer base. 

The Leadership Phase

This has to do with team building to expand your network of Ambassadors while you receive commissions on them up to 6 generations deep. The ways you earn are…

#5. Earn Up To 10% of Team Commissions 

Acti-labs has 9 levels of Ambassadorship which is commonly referred to as ranks in other companies. The team commissions are influenced by the level you are and comes with requirements before becoming eligible to them. The levels are…

  • Level 1: Lead Ambassador
  • Level 2: Executive Ambassador
  • Level 3: Senior Leader
  • Level 4: Silver Leader
  • Level 5: Gold Leader
  • Level 6: Platinum Leader
  • Level 7: Diamond Leader
  • Level 8: Executive Leader
  • Level 9: Black Diamond Executive Leader

The commissions you make are summarized in the table below…

Acti-Labs compensation plan

These commissions are calculated on the wholesale price of the products that’s 80% of the retail price and are paid to you on the 7th of the following month. Team commissions of Ambassadors from level 2 are paid directly into their bank accounts while level 1 leaders receive theirs into their Acti-cash account which must be used before 7th of the following month. 

From the chart, your downlines after 6th generation don’t earn you any team commission but before you enjoy any of the commissions, you have to meet the following requirements

Acti-Labs compensation plan requirement

The fundamental thing is that you first have to make a minimum of $250 personal sales for levels 1-4 and $500 for 5 and above. In addition to that, every generation of your downlines has to reach a certain sales bracket before you can make the required team commission on them. 

For example, if you’re a senior leader, to earn 8% and 4% team commissions will require you to have a personal sales of $250, first and second-generation sales of $2000 and $1000 respectively. That will make you a total of $400 for such a hassle.   

#6. 100% Cheque Mark Bonus

Acti-Labs also pays you bonuses if you help two or more direct downlines of you to get to level 2 within 6 months. That’s a reward for your leadership skill as they will call it. You make 100% cheque mark bonus on their team commissions. 

This bonus is also valid for extra direct downlines you help to reach level 2 in the first 6 months. You’ll get a better understanding of it with the following video…

#7. Rank Bonus

For Ambassadors at level 5 and above, you earn a bonus for maintaining them for a continuous 12 months. As nice as it sounds, it implies that you have to meet and maintain the requirement in #5 for 12 month period consistently.

Maintaining that will make you the following bonus depending on your rank…

Level 5 – $625

Level 6 – $1,250

Level 7 – $2,500

Level 8 – $5,000

Level 9 – $10,000

These are good monies but believe you me, you have to recruit like mad not to talk of other responsibilities as a leader. 

#7. Acti-Car Club

Acti-Labs car club bonusIf you’re in for business with Acti-Labs, then I guess this bonus will be your ultimate goal. Not that it’s not possible, you have to work your fingers to the bone. You qualify for this car bonus when you reach level 8 or above and maintain it for 3 consecutive months.

You have to know the products well to be able to get this far. 

Acti-Labs Products

Acti-Labs offers a wide range of products from skincare to dieting. On their shop, the products available for promoting can be categorized under…


Acti-Labs skincareThese are products claimed to contain a new proprietary ingredient called “anti-complex” which has been developed under ethical principles in medical research. Several products can be found here and the price ranges from $5-$50.  


Acti-Labs bodycareConsists of lotions of different types prepared to keep the body in a good shape. The price ranges from $4 – $50. 

Pour Homme

Acti-Labs pour hommeThis category contains 5 sets of different products of price range $4-$53. They apply to the eye, face and for shaving. Looks like the product is specifically for men. 

Slimming Inch Loss

Acti-Labs Slimming Inch LossClaimed to be first developed for professional treatment which has been adapted for homebody sculpting. The range of products cost $6 – 43 which includes lipo sculpting fluid, lipo sculpting wrap kit, body mass measure, chin lift wrap band and sculpting wrap plus each.   


Acti-Labs hairThese products are engineered to help the hair grow, maintain and keep it strong supplementing it with the needed nutrient. They’re New Capill-Hair Shampoo, Capill-Hair Mask, Follicle Food, Leave It Conditioning Styling Lotion and Frizz Police which cost between $9 – 20. 


Acti-Labs teethFluoride-based products to keep the teeth void of bacteria and related complexities while retaining its whiteness. Three products; Diamond Lustre Fluoride, Diamond Lustre Fluoride Free and Diamond Fresh Mouthwash costing between $4 – 5.50. 

Nutriceutical supplements

Acti-Labs Nutriceutical supplementsThese range of products are claimed to provide you with the nutrients which focus on well-being, energy-boosting and detoxing. 4 main products; Sports Bottle 750ml, Hydra-Slim, 30 Silhouette Capsules and Vit Fit at a price range of $5-20. 


Acti-Labs dietingWide range of meals designed to meet your nutritional needs. Comes with dieting plans which cost $1 – 37. 

With these classes of products, it gives you a good option to select the product you want to sell and your target customers. But can this bring money to the table as an Ambassador? Let’s get deeper into the nitty-gritty here. 

What I like about Acti-Labs

While I might not like some aspects of Acti-Labs especially the MLM part, it will be biased not to point out some few positive things I’ve noted which are worth sharing with you.   

#1. BBB Accreditation With an A+ Rating

Acti-Labs BBB ratingActi-Labs has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) early this year, February 14, 2019, which implies that they’ve passed the standards in their business operations. If you’re someone who considers BBB’s investigations before associating with any company, then it’s a green light for you to join Acti-Labs. 

You can watch a short video below on what BBB does if you’re new to what they stand for. In short, they assess a company of their claims and values in the market place to see if they’re trustworthy. 

Acti-Labs has an A+ rating at the time of writing this review which implies that they’re at least what they claim to be per BBB standards. However, consumer reviews are not factored into their rating which is a laudable area for one to overlook.

#2. Wide Range of Products to Choose From

As a direct selling company, products are something that you can be short of and it appears Acti-Labs does well on this side. The company since changing to Acti-Labs in 2016 have added different categories of products to their online store. 

They’ve added non-skin products such as those for hair, dieting, teeth care and weight loss packages which conveys a good message that they’re focussed more on product selling. This presents a good option for anyone looking forward to working with them. 

You don’t have to be stuck with a limited number of products. What they produce fall in the category of one of the evergreen industries which is good for business. 

#3. Good Reports on Products

From the research I’ve found online, many people seem to praise them of their product. Most people reported that their product works as being promised by the company. While I’m not oblivious to the fact that some MLM companies remove negative comments about their products, Acti-Labs came almost clean in this angle from the sources that I’ve researched. 

Acti-Labs product recommendation

Acti-Labs product recommendation 1

Acti-Labs product recommendation 2

However, there were few complaints on the products which is expected because no human institution is perfect. So, in all Acti-Labs is doing a bit ok on this side.

That’s the few likes about Acti-Labs but there is another side to this which you can’t ignore if you’re considering partnering with them…ugly truths you would have to bear. 

Red Flags Revealed – Is It Worth Partnering With Acti-Labs?

Now that you’ve learned about all that Acti-Labs offers and what I like about them, let’s dig a bit deeper into the dark side of them. 

That should fairly give you two sides to weigh out if you’re considering becoming an Ambassador.

Redflag #1: No income disclosure statement on the website

Acti-Labs provides no income disclosure on their website which defaults the transparency required for the general public before joining. Without this, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…whether it’s possible to get to level 5 and above or even maintain for a specific period.

Without this disclosure, you can’t know the success rate with this company and that you can’t assess whether it’s worth investing your time and money into it. So the question is if people are making good money with their Ambassadorship program through the MLM strategy, why wouldn’t they make it public to encourage more people to partner with them? 

The answer is obvious because, with my over a year experience with internet marketing, anyone with a method or tool that deliver results showcase it to attract more customers. You know where this going, right? You can use their products but if you’re considering their business aspect, think twice…there’s something fishy here.   

Redflag #2: Acti-Labs criticized for rude customer service

Despite BBB’s accreditation and an A+ rating, some Ambassadors have expressed their dissatisfaction to service received from Acti-Labs. While most grievances were about the rude behaviour of the owner, others are about issues regarding the return of products. Some bitterly complained about the unfair treatment by customer service in resolving issues related to product delivery.

Acti-Labs complaints

Acti-Labs complaints 1

However, Acti-Labs replied to some of these complaints with a reason that those customers didn’t follow the appropriate procedure as stipulated on their website. In, all one thing was common… the response to their complaints were very rude.

Redflag #3: You can’t sell without paying for Ambassadorship membership

First of all, you can’t become an Ambassador without paying a sign-up fee which implies that you can’t sell any of their product either to make profits. In addition to Ambassador registration fee, you have to buy a starter kit to get started as a business partner with them. 

To become an Ambassador, you need $30 and the starter kit ranges from $26 – 100. So you need a minimum of $56 before you can be allowed by the company to sell their products which to me shouldn’t be so. After all, you’re helping the company to make money and in return receive a small commission.

According to FTC guidelines for MLMs, you’re not to pay for anything before given the go-ahead to sell their product. Come to think of it, you want to help a company to sell their product but to do that, you have to pay before. You wouldn’t experience that in most affiliate marketing.

This is one of the reasons why I stopped following anything wearing MLM design.

Redflag #4: No minimum personal sales, no team bonus

Proudly captioned under Ambassador sign-up page of Acti-Labs website is With no targets, no obligatory auto-ships or in fact any minimum requirements at all, you only have rewards to look forward to. If I understand correctly from the first table of the compensation plan, you need to meet certain requirements before you’re rewarded the team commission. 

How is that different from the minimum requirement which they claim you don’t need. That to me is very misleading. From the table, you need for example personal sales of $250 for levels 1 – 4 together with other sales of your direct downlines before you are entitled to the commissions. 

What this means is that without having these sales there’s no way of bringing money to the table. So in effect, you’re compelled to purchase products every month if you want to get these commissions. I don’t see this to be different from obligatory auto-ships….it’s like saying passing an exam is not compulsory but you need a test score to move to the next level.   

Issues like this are the reason why going by this recommendation has been a breakthrough in my journey of making money online. 

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Is Acti-Labs Scam or legitimate Company?

Do the red flags make Acti-Labs scam? Definitely not, but it’s more of the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend it to you to build a business career. However, the company has positive feedback and has obtained some level of trust on the internet which you can hold onto if you’re so bent on partnering with them because of their products. 

They seem to be doing well with their products but I can’t say the same about their business plan since there’s no income disclosure to prove any claims concerning that. You stand at a huge risk of losing money but the decision is yours to make. Confused on what side to turn to? Check out my conclusion to help you out. 

My Conclusion on Acti-Labs…Decide Your Path

Acti-Labs has grown from a cosmetic manufacturing business to a health and beauty industry which they have their wide range of products to show for it through the work of their laboratories. This gives them a strong competing space with their rivalries in the direct selling industry but shows no special income opportunity in the MLM arena.

Certain commissions in their compensation plan compel Ambassadors to recruits more people into their network which FTC frowns against. Being part of a system that goes against FTC guidelines can also end you in trouble. For example, commissions of level 1 Ambassadors get into the Acti-cash which can only be used to purchase products. 

Not using that money before 7th in the following month will be a loss…no option to get the payment to your account. This indirectly drives you to recruits more to climb the levels to get your commission into your bank account. 

The second example is, helping 2 or more direct downlines reach level 2 within the first 6 months to receive a 100% cheque mark bonus….another recruitment trigger

Research shows that over 99% of people fail in MLMs and most lose their money through the pyramid scheme nature of the business and since Acti-Labs provides no income disclosure, you have no assurance of success with their system. 

Aside from that, you can’t make any significant money with direct sales…most huge successes in MLMs have been in recruitment. And if you can’t do the following as I couldn’t keep up with it myself when I joined MLMs, then I would recommend you to stay away…

  • Chasing people here and there to sell them products just to make profits
  • Having to buy products every month to meet the requirement for commissions, which forces you to cough up the money for it all the time even when you don’t have it. But you need it to qualify for bonuses…that has always been the bait.
  • Organizing meetings regularly for your downlines and having to call at least 20 people a day…you’re mostly on the phone 
  • The possibility of losing the company of friends and families because they’ll finally hate to always hear your sales pitch

But there is a better option which I’ve found to make money online where…..

  • People rather come to me without approaching them
  • No need for making calls and losing any friend or family because of it.
  • You don’t have to own or buy any product or build any pyramid scheme to make a full-time income

The best part is, you get it for FREE through this guide below. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED! Click on the link below to get access NOW

4-step blueprint to making money online

Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with Acti-Labs.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

6 thoughts on “Is Acti-Labs Scam Or Make Money in Your Beauty? [Review]”

  1. Thanks for this honest review. The program seem really cool as make up is something that will keep being in use, so I believe if thr products are good, then it will keep being in the market. But personally for me, I am not a fan of MLM programs because I find it really difficult to talk people into business. Now from being an ambassador, after paying for registration, I’ll still have to purchase some kits which varies in prices and quality. These are huge turn offs for me. Best regards

    • With their research laboratories, I believe they’re doing a good job to deliver nice products to the market but can’t say much about their MLM opportunities since they don’t have income disclosure to show for it. You might want to check out this recommendation if you those requirements turn you off.  

  2. The MLM system is one that is beneficial when you find your way ton amongst th toppers of th board. I must confess I a impressed with how this program goes but I am not really down with them not having to train thier members on how to market thier products better but rather they will have to buy some kind of kits to help them out. But looking at the rating you gave them, I’ll wait to see a better offer. Thanks for sharing

  3. The health and beauty industry is certainly a major major industry with a wealth of opportunity for those who have an interest in this area.  I had not heard of Acti-Labs before this.

    It’s interesting that they have no autoship requirments to maintain your rank.  The sample kit is priced reasonably at $26. They do have an interesting variety of product kits for each product specialty.

    But all-in-all I am not a big fan of MLM.  They do have a good range of products for sure.  But any company without good customer service is be a red flag and a reason not to join.  Overall I beleive there are better alternatives out there if you are into MLM.   Thanks for this informative review.   


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