Is Writing To Wealth Scam? You’ll Be Shocked To Know This!

Is Writing To Wealth scam

Do you love writing and would like to earn decent money working from home or anywhere and wondering whether is a scam or a good opportunity to make money out of it?

You’ve landed on the right place and I congratulate you for doing your research before buying into any seemingly money generating offers. For your information, there are several free writing gigs online that you can join to make money.

So you would ask…is WritingToWealth a scam, is it really different from these free sites or what value can it provide you?

Well, these are the questions I would answer as I reveal to you what’s behind the curtains of WritingToWealth. So, sit back and relax.

What Is Writing To Wealth About?

Product: WritingToWealth

Founder: NOT Disclosed


Platform Type: Writing Jobs

Cost: $34 + Upsells & Downsells

Best For: NO ONE except owner, interested people and Affiliates

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

Writing To Wealth review

WritingToWealth is a ClickBank product which promises to provide you with writing job database where you can make $100’s over and over again just writing short articles for individuals and companies.

Writing To Wealth fake proof

According to the owner if you’re not making at least $100/day then the only reason is you’re turning down too many writing jobs. Because he says he’s been able to make a full-time income with this writing job gigs and it all started when he made his first $325 from one writing job.

As interesting as this sounds, the owner is not telling you the full truth because you need to be skilful in writing valuable content for the internet so far as SEO is concerned. However, the owner says you don’t need any experience.

While you can make full-time income writing articles and blog posts for people online, you have to be a good writer and understand how to write SEO friendly content. That’s how individuals and companies can hire you to write for them.

Who’s The Face Behind WritingToWealth?

There’s no introduction of the owner of this program which makes me cynical about the claims. If the owner is making a full-time income writing articles then wouldn’t it be a shred of great evidence that this program works?

Hence my suspicion is that the full-time income claim is from the sales the owner is making from the WealthToWrite program.

What Are You Actually Getting With Writing To Wealth?

Upon analyzing WritingToWealth claims and checking out its content, it’s more of an intermediary platform that will send you to third-party websites for you to get these jobs.

So they don’t actually have the jobs to give you and there are free websites that you can join to start your writing journey.

Just to name a few…,,,, and are all free to join so why would you be paying $34 for such offers.


After you’ve purchased the WritingToWealth program, you’re taken to a membership area……..

Writing To Wealth dashboard

On the dashboard, you’re encouraged to go through their step-by-step tutorial before you get started. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect to see any information on guide or whatsoever because they said you really don’t need to be a good writer. That’s a good thing though but you need more than that to make decent money online.

Writing To Wealth getting started guide

They highly recommend starting off with which is a free-to-join website. They may be affiliated to HireWriters that’s why of all the writing job sites, it’s their highly recommended.

The Ugly Truth of WritingToWealth Revealed!

Making a full-time income writing articles or blog posts is possible and there are several other benefits to it. But before you throw your money away these are what I want you to know…….

#1. Writing To Wealth is just an intermediary platform

Although this product is not that expensive, it’s not worth the value of the money you’re investing. If you take a look at the job offers in the database, you’ll see that the sources are from free websites.

Writing To Wealth job offers

This means that Writing To Wealth basically provides you with information on where to get theses writing gigs. They’re not the original hosters of these jobs. So why should you be paying for something offered free on the internet?

In my opinion, it’s a waste of money to purchase Writing To Wealth.

#2. Exaggerated Income Promises

You can make a decent income from writing gigs but not as the way Writing To Wealth presents it. They make it look so convincing that you can make $24,700 annually without revealing to you the skills required and the time it takes.

Writing To Wealth potential earning

To be honest with you, companies and individuals who outsource writers don’t just pick anyone like that. On those free websites, you need to set up your profile well in order to get offers.

And you’ll need knowledge on SEO, keyword research and writing styles that engage readers. For some, you’ll need to do thorough research on the topic before you can write very good content. These sometimes take hours and not just 10 min for $20 that Writing To Wealth is making you believe.

#3. The Sales Funnel Revealed

What amazes me is that the program is not a one-time purchase…..there are upsells. After you pay the $34, you’ll be sold on other packages as well.

Writing To Wealth sales funnel

The one click means that the moment you click on the purchase button, you’ll be deducted $104 in total from your account. This includes the $34 and three upsells.

Interestingly, when you try to leave the page you’re offered a downsell. The $34 now goes for $24 and it again reduces to $12 when you decide to leave again.

Writing To Wealth downsell

And they’re using geotargeting software to address you based on the country you’re residing. That’s to get you into thinking that the offers are genuine.

#4. No Information About The Owner

Hardly have I come across a developer of a good program that hides his or her identity. You wouldn’t find any information about the founder or the team behind this product and that to me is a big RED FLAG.

If what the founder(s) is/are providing is genuine as claimed they should stand by it. And I don’t think you want to buy a product that you can’t find its source. Anyway, that’s my opinion and I don’t know about you.

The Good About Purchasing Writing To Wealth

#1. Get A Refund

This is not actually something I want to praise about Writing To Wealth product but ClickBank. The good thing is that you can ask for a refund within 60 days if the program doesn’t deliver results as they promise.

So if you’re of the seeing is believing type then you can give it a try to also find the truth but I wouldn’t encourage you to do that though.

Is Writing To Wealth Scam OR Legit?

What Writing To Wealth offers is not worth the money to me with the experience I have online. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam because it can be of great help to people who’re just getting started and are oblivion to how writing gigs work.

But now that you know that you can get access to those sources that Writing To Wealth offer freely, you can head towards there and create your account. If you can recall, I stated earlier that there are several benefits to writing especially if you write for yourself.

You can actually make passive and consistent income if you write for yourself.

Write For Yourself To Make Passive Income

Writing for myself is how I’m making money with the internet working part-time from my laptop. It’s one of the evergreen opportunities you would ever find online and since you have an interest in writing, it’s a plus for you.

So instead of writing for someone to offer you a small chunk of money, why don’t you pay yourself by building your very own online business with it? You just have to be rightly informed and have the necessary tools to get you started.

I learned how to write on my search for ways to make money online and I love the conversational way of writing. It wasn’t only on how to write, but what to write, the keywords to use, producing quality write-ups, writing for the web and most importantly making money out of the content of your writing.

All these and many more are from a platform of a supportive community and people with interest to write. It’s Wealthy Affiliate which you can join for free to get started and you don’t have to provide any card details.

I’m also willing to help you scale up your interest in writing to a business built on a strong foundation if you join the training platform. Sign up here and I will be there to provide you with my guide.


Over To You!

Do you have any experience with Take Surveys For Cash? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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4 thoughts on “Is Writing To Wealth Scam? You’ll Be Shocked To Know This!”

  1. Hey Derrick,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for writing such an informative review on Writing to Wealth. I have heard about it before but concept of it was never so clear than it is now. I have come to know many things from your article about this product. I don’t like the fact that the owner of it kept his identity secret because no owner of a legit platform hides his identity. Moreover this product doesn’t work the way it says and it’s overall ratings are so poor. So I think I will go for other options than choosing it.

    Again thank you for sharing so much informations.

  2. Great review Derrick,

    It’s always dodgy when the program looks promising but the owner himself doesn’t want to reveal himself to the public. In most cases, it’s because he’s afraid that someone might notice the scam in this program and would rat out the owner (I know I would) but thanks so much for exposing this scheme! I was thinking hard on joining because something about those job posts seems awfully off. 

    I didn’t see the Freelancer tag on the right, phew you’ve just helped me dodge a bullet, thank you! Hope you can save other innocent people from wasting their time and money when it can be put to great use. 


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