RewardsMobi Review: Easier To Make Money OR Scam?

Welcome to my RewardsMobi review!

Has it flashed under your radar that it’s easier to make money with apps and wondering whether RewardsMobi is a scam or you can make real money with your time?

First of all, I congratulate you on doing your personal research to make an informed decision.  In this RewardsMobi review, I will disclose to you all what it’s about and if it’s as easy as the app promises.

So, stick around as I share with you what I’ve discovered.

What Is RewardsMobi About?

Product: RewardsMobi

Founder: NOT disclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid To Take Surveys

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

My Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

RewardsMobi review

RewardsMobi is a get-paid-to website which makes available to you market research studies and other tasks to offer their opinions and in return get paid for their time spent and action taken.

It was founded in November 2018 and can be accessed almost in all countries. This website is virtually new but it promises to offer you easier ways to make money which is what drew my attention to take a closer look.

The website rewards you for opinions given and tasks completed in points which are redeemable in different gift cards when you meet the minimum threshold.

How Do You Make Money With RewardsMobi?

RewardsMobi has few options that you can earn money as compared to Rewards1PointsPrizesPrizeRebelTellwut and PaidViewpoint. They are………..

#1. Featured Offers

These are special offers that could earn you as much as 1500 points when completed. In other words, the offers are third party websites which require you to provide some personal information before getting started. You’re required to create an account and earn 5000 points on these websites before RewardsMobi rewards you.

RewardsMobi featured offers

So it’s more like RewardsMobi is promoting these websites. You’ll find Zoombucks and GrabPoints which happens to be from one management. GrabPoints offers several earning options than RewardsMobi. You can check out the review I wrote on it here.

#2. Partner Offers

Again these offers will take you to third-party websites. In these offers you can earn points by completing surveys, taking quizzes and downloading apps. The apps usually are games you have to test or play to a certain level before points are accrued to you.

RewardsMobi partnered offers

Some of the reward sites that RewardsMobi directs you to are Surveytime.ioTimeBucks and other survey routers that you have to set up your profile in order to get offers.

The points you earn in these offers vary from task to tasks.

#3. Inviting Friends

This has been one of the best ways to increase your earnings on most reward websites. RewardsMobi provides you with a referral link which you can share with friends or on your social media accounts.

Whenever someone joins through your link and earn points, RewardsMobi credits you 10% of what they make. It’s a great way to grow in points but you don’t have to go about spamming people with your referral link.

How Much Can You Earn With RewardsMobi?

RewardsMobi like most of the reward sites are pennies accumulation adventure and the amount you can earn is dependent on a number of factors – availability of offers and the amount of time you’re willing to put in.

From the offers that RewardsMobi presents, you have unlimited ways to make money so it’s a matter of the time to invest in. The minimum payment threshold is 1000 points which are equivalent to $10 which implies that every point you make can be valued $0.01.

This tells you how much time and effort you will need to make a withdrawal.

How Do You Redeem Your Points?

RewardsMobi provides a number of gift cards to redeem your points. You have PayPal, MasterCard, VisaCard and Bitcoin which all require a minimum threshold of 1000 points.

RewardsMobi gift cards

You’re expected to receive payment in about 3 days upon request.

The Two Sides To Balance


  • it’s free to join
  • Offers a good number of options to earn points
  • It’s available worldwide
  • More than one gift cards to redeem points


  • You can’t stop your job over it (You make only cents)
  • It may take a while to make your first withdrawal

Is RewardsMobi A Scam Or Legit?

RewardsMobi has been in the system for less than a year (at the time of writing this review) which doesn’t qualify as a legit platform in my requirement. However, considering its partnership with legit reward sites like GrabPoints, Zoombucks, Surveytime and TimeBucks, I will give it the benefit of the doubts that it’s far from scam either.

RewardsMobi makes it sound like it’s super easy to make money with their site which is something I find misleading. It’s an exaggeration because earning $0.01 for every point till you reach $10 wouldn’t come like hitting a jackpot.

You definitely have to put in the time and effort…not to mention you wouldn’t qualify for all surveys. If you’re so much enthused by this side gig then adding Respondent (my favourite side gig), PointsPrizes and Rewards1 can make you a significant cumulative amount a day.

While this can be added to your income stream, I prefer systems that can generate passive income without much active work. Are you interested in that? Continue reading……

Here's How I Make My Main Income Passively

Before I found what clicked for me in making money online, reward sites and other platforms were my main go-to place for accumulating pennies. While some of them could be a great source for creating a side income, I have to be actively engaging myself on the platforms.

The long hours I spent on them didn’t translate into the earnings so I realize that it’s not something that my life could depend on. That led me to search for avenues that I can use the same effort to make much money.

Guess what. I found affiliate marketing which is risk-free and requires little to zero capital cost to get started. If you’re interested, check out my #1 recommendation for the guide and how to get started.

You don’t have to be an expert in anything and if you could follow this review then you’re smart enough to make passive income with the recommendation.

Over To You!

Do you have any experience with RewardsMobi? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

                             Share it, if you like it! 🙂

Your friend, 


8 thoughts on “RewardsMobi Review: Easier To Make Money OR Scam?”

  1. Wow you have given some wonderful insights on Rewards Mobi. I just love visiting your site and reading new posts. They are very informative for me. Each time I learn some new stuff. 

    Your analysis is very well detailed and unbiased. This is all I needed to know about RewardsMobi system before using it. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 

  2. Excellent review on yet another survey site. You’re spot on that these types of sites are penny accumulation adventures. I personally dislike survey sites as you don’t qualify for a lot of them so how much money you actually can earn is nowhere near the amount they’ll claim you can. So RewardsMobi is definitely not for me. Thanks so much for your review!

    • You’re welcome, Jade. You might want to check out Respondent if you’re interested in making a decent side income. 

      However, if you’re in the quest for creating a system that generates passive income and consequently stop your job over it, then check out my #1 recommendation

  3. Hey,

    I know some of these sites. I am interested in cryptocurrencies and there is the same sort of sites to earn some online. I  have tried some of these sites, but never for long, since I realized how little money you earn compared to the huge amount of time you put in.
    But are there any such sites at all where the reward is worth the effort? I am not an expert but I’ve always had the feeling that their business model is not to create loyal users, but rather to attract new users who will take some surveys until they realize that they wasted their time. But maybe I just didn’t find the right sites…

    • For such offers, I would recommend Respondent. The earning rates are high and you don’t have to accumulate points for a long time before you can make a withdrawal. I’ve tried it myself and have received a couple of payments so you can try it. 

  4. This was a detailed article highlighting so much about RewardsMobi. I was properly educated and feel as though all the information or questions that I may have had were answered in this piece. The use of subheadings kept me engaged in continuing to read. As I myself have signed up and tested several of these sites I must agree that some are in fact legit but takes too much time to achieve rewards because you need thousands of credits to get $5.00.  Also, I also realized that several of those sites give you apps to download and play, which is something I particularly do not like. Based on experience, some ask that you play to level 32 to get the rewards, somewhat forcing you to play the game for several hours, days or weeks.

    What I would like to know though, is, did you actually get you paid on Respondent? As I have tried some, got points, but never made it to being paid. However, I do believe that several of these sites are an amazing opportunity to get extra cash but all in all, they demand too much time with very little returns. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and just want you to keep up the good work as it is very informative and clearly gives people an idea of where to look when trying to get additional income.

    • Hello Stacii, 

      Are you asking of Respondent or RewardsMobi? If it’s about Respondent, yes I’ve tested and gotten paid but for RewardsMobi, I just tried the platform. I haven’t gotten paid on the platform because I don’t have that luxury of time to invest in it. 

      I hope that answers your question. 


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