LambdaTest Review: Over 2000 Real Browsers Live Testing OR Lie?

Your web applications, web pages and online stores are not just mere websites but relevant assets to generate you tons of money if user experience and cross computing is perfect. Internet marketers and companies not in the known have lost a huge chunk of traffic and revenue for that matter for incompatibility issues.

Think of this; how do you feel if you get to a site where things are haphazardly arranged and navigation is difficult? It’s more like things are falling apart. You look for the close button, right? That’s what usually happens when browsers don’t give a well-organized outlook of a website on any device.

This is where cross-browsing testing tools become handy not only to analyze browsing experience on different browsers on mobile, tablets and desktops but help you to debug them for better user experience.

Web app developers can’t do away with them to provide quality products to their customers while business owners can’t afford money to be thrown away into the window for shabby work.

There are a number of software tools that deliver such platforms for the testing and if you’ve found yourself here, my guess is that you want to be informed on whether LambdaTest is the right tool to use.

First of all welcome, and I will be providing you with all that there’s with LambdaTest to make a good decision.

What Is LambdaTest About?

Product: LambdaTest

Founders: Asad Khan & Jay Singh


Platform Type: Cloud-based Cross Browser Testing

Price: $0.00 & Above

Best For: Bloggers, Freelancers, Small & Big companies of Webapp, Webpage & online store developers

Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10

LambdaTest, also known as LT is a scalable cloud-based cross browsing testing platform engineered for Digital Marketing Creative Agencies, Web design and development companies, Software testing companies, System Integrators, PaaS, SaaS, Internet-based businesses, E-learning Companies and many others to provide all testing cloud infrastructure need.

LambdaTest was founded on 2017 by Asad Khan and Jay Singh and is headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. They’ve continuously expanded their platform covering all testing needs required to not only improve the efficiency of the product but get it into the market quick.

The platform provides over 2000+ varieties of desktop and mobile browsers at different resolutions on the cloud, automation and parallel test sessions, features for debugging and reducing testing time with just a click of buttons here and there.

With these, developers are saved a lot of time in producing a good product.

Key Features of LambdaTest

Live interactive browser compatibility testing

Having the resources to test your web apps on is a great asset to giving your product a high standard. LambdaTest provides you with real machines of different operating systems on desktops and mobile phones to tests your web apps.

LambdaTest provides you with the needed developer tools for real-time compatibility testing of over 2000 up-to-date browsers on desktops and laptops. This feature supports all operating systems you can think of.

Faster Automated Screenshots

Developing a top-notch website/web app is not just by writing codes, but testing for all metrics to ensure usability is on point. With a click on available LambdaTest configurations, you get access to 2000+ desktop and mobile browser combinations for live compatibility testing.

With their tunnel, you can get screenshots in seconds of full webpages which you wouldn’t have to do it manually.

Selenium Cross Browser Testing Grid Online

To get feedback in the shortest possible time, this feature allows you to run parallel compatibility testing on all versions of browsers on their scalable selenium grid. This reduces your build times significantly.

Check Responsiveness On All Screen Sizes

This feature helps you to visualize your webpages or web apps on different screen sizes. It gives you the feel of how your website responds to actions users take. It’s a cool feature to improve user experience irrespective of device size.

During the testing session, you can change the resolution of the screen size to see how the elements of your web application respond to all these changes.

Seamless Collaboration And Testing

An amazing feature for developers working with a team. If you’re a team leader, it simplifies your work by being able to share with your teams logged issues your team members.

With the built-in tracking feature, your logged issues during testing can be edited and assigned to your respective team to work on it.

Testing Locally Hosted Pages: Lambda Tunnel

This feature helps you to fully optimize your locally hosted pages before it goes live on the real browser environment of users. You’re provided with a secured cloud platform to not only host your pages but perform your compatibility testing.

Debug With Native Developer tools

You get a debugging platform on a virtual machine while you do your browser compatibility test. This has all the developer tools pre-installed and supports all devices for your work.

Smart Visual Regression Testing

When it comes to visual deviations in terms of icon size, colour, texts, elemental positions and others on your applications, LambdaTest provides an easy to use the feature with just a click. You’re able to detect differences on your new build in comparison to the actual on different browsers.

You don’t only get to detect the deviations with the feature but debugs to provide a solution for an optimized outcome.

Geo Location Testing

With LambdaTest tunnel app, you’re able to connect locally and private hosted web applications to the cloud servers, where you can test location dependent processes or actions on over 2000+ browsers.

This has to do with pop-ups, language change and other targeted settings you’ve developed for your application. This feature helps to serve visitors accordingly.

LambdaTest Inbuilt Issue Tracker

The LambdaTest package not only debugs but makes it easy to track issues where you can export to PDF, share with anyone you’re working with.

This gives you complete control over the issues you track and that you don’t need a third party project tool to manage. It saves you money for purchasing such management tools.


What I Like About LambdaTest Cross-Browsing Tool

24/7 Support From Tech Experts

Whenever you have issues during your websites or web application cross browsing test, you don’t have to beat yourself up. Their support team is just a shout away ready to help you fix issues.

With their remarkable support system, several channels are put in place to ensure that you’re served on time. You can reach them by filling a contact form, shooting them a message in-app, calling or sending email to their support email.

Several Integrations

LambdaTest offers you a good number of project management or communication tool integrations that at a click you can push all your bugs between the platforms. This enables you to work faster and get your product ready for the market.

Easy-to-use Plugin and Extension

LambdaTest makes your cross browsing testing as easy as a smile by offering WordPress plugin and chrome extension where you can automatically take screenshots on different devices.

You get to see how the element of your web application appears so that optimizations are done to improve usability.

They provide a scalable solution to meet all levels of demand

Irrespective of your working force, LambdaTest has good package for an individual developer, small or large group to work effectively to ensure seamless responsiveness of your website or web applications.

Freelancers can get good support for the features the software comes with for fast work and debugging.

You’re provided with a free lifetime membership

This is something I find with a few platforms who provide good services. You don’t have to only take their word for the awesome features outlined here about the software but see for yourself.

You automatically get access to the Freemium plan for life when you sign up. The package gives you 60 minutes of LambdaTest live testing and other awesome features which get renewed every month.


Start-ups and freelancers can get a day pass

LambdaTest provides you access to their complete software if you just want it for a short time. So, all the awesome features described above are given to you at a cost of $15 for 10 days.

This is to help freelancers and others just starting up their business.


LambdaTest Pricing

LambdaTest has four main pricing plans: one being free for life and the other, a customized pricing plan to suit any enterprise based on user demand.

The other two have monthly and annually plans which are charged based on concurrent sessions. However, user limits are added to the plans based on the edition you subscribe to. If you intend to work with them for a long time, subscribing for annual plans would save you 25%.

LambdaTest monthly pricing plans
LambdaTest Monthly Pricing Plans
LambdaTest yearly pricing plans
LambdaTest Yearly Pricing Plans

A concurrent session is the number of live testing you can conduct at a time. For instance, 2 concurrent sessions mean that you can run simultaneously 2 live tests at the same time or two users can run one live test each concurrently.

User Satisfaction - Reviews of Surveyed Users

To provide you with concrete information to make an informed decision, I’ve not only tested the platform myself with this site but have gathered information from other users and companies to provide the two sides of the coin.

Weighing the two sides yourself, it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to take the next step. Below are what other users are saying;

LambdaTest user satisfaction
LambdaTest user satisfaction review
LambdaTest user satisfaction fantastic customer service
LambdaTest user satisfaction software delivers
LambdaTest user satisfaction awesome product
LambdaTest user satisfaction easy to use
LambdaTest user satisfaction testimony
LambdaTest user satisfaction no complaint

Conclusion - Is It The Best Cross-Browsing Software?

LambdaTest offers several amazing features with proven performance from different users which is worth to be considered if you’re in search for cross browsing testing tool. A test with my website has given me insights into its responsiveness when visitors of my sites navigate around.

That helps me to improve on my site performance so you can try for yours. Besides you get the chance to test it for FREE before you even upgrade when there’s the need to do so. The other interesting thing is that you can downgrade when you think you wouldn’t be using it much at a particular time.

Also, apart from testing it myself with my site, I’ve searched the internet to find any issue with their software and have found none as at the time of writing this review. It’s hard to accept that LambdaTest is almost flawless now.

That should be a positive thing for you to try it out if you’re really in search of a reliable cross browsing software. LambdaTest should be able to provide you with all that you need. Get on board to test for FREE.

Over To You

Do you have experience with LambdaTest or any other cross browsing software before? I’ll be glad to connect with you if you can share in the comment box below how satisfied you were in your usage. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

                             Share it, if you like it! 🙂

Your friend, 


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  1. Hi Derrick,

    Thanks so much for this review of LambdaTest. I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. Before reading this review, I wasn’t sure if LambdaTest would be something for me which is why I wanted to read a few more reviews on it. But now, after reading your review, I will definitely give them a chance.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. For what the free membership offers, its certainly not a bad deal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    • That gives you the chance to test things out before going for any package. It’s worth finding out yourself than letting others tell you. After all, you have nothing to lose. 

  3. Dear Derrick,

    Your reviews are very thorough and of great benefit to those who are looking for additional information (as always). I got helpful insights from your review post.

    LT features are mind-blowing and amazing. I am happy to know that they are a genuine company with a great service and being a blogger I believe this will be very helpful to my online business. The reviews, features and the video you embedded is very helpful in my decision making.

    Obviously I am keen and interested in improving my site performance. $15 for 10 days sounds interesting and gonna try it and see how it goes.

    Thank you for this elaborated write up.

    Much Success!


    • Hello Paul, 

      I’m glad to hear that the information has been helpful to you. It’s necessary we put our money at where our mouth is so giving your website the best performance wouldn’t only be user-friendly but would boost your business. 

      Hope it delivers good results to you. 


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