Vs. GetResponse: Which is The Best For Affiliate Marketers?

The average online marketer uses 175 tools to run its business every day! If you do not want to end up in such a position, you might want to critically examine both products to suit your needs better to save time and cost while being efficient.

For example, GetResponse serves an audience geared toward dependence on email marketing. In contrast, Systeme helps affiliate marketers who value sales funnels and other features and simply get the job done but aren’t standalone best.

You may have to choose what matters most to you from such a tool since they pack a lot of features, but some aren’t as good as the primary features of the platforms. Read on to make a more informed choice between Vs. GetResponse.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing tool. The platform has gained popularity as one of the most preferred email marketing solution solutions. The platform states that it has over 350,000 customers, 96% of whom love its service.

Even though GetResponse started as a simple email marketing tool, it has become a solution for several other online business problems such as funnel and landing page design, marketing automation, and even a chat system that was recently added to the suite of tools on the platform.

With GetResponse, you can generate leads, and mailing lists with highly targeted and specific tagging systems, send email campaigns, and automate your marketing, such as abandoned cart sequences.

In addition to this suite of email marketing tools, GetResponse has advanced analytics features that allow you to use third-party trackings such as Google Analytics and their native tracking data. As a result, you can easily view how well your campaigns and assets perform on the same platform.

The platform may have started as an email marketing solution, but they are indeed well-positioned now to help online entrepreneurs meet their business needs mainly on the platform.

Whether you are an e-commerce owner or run a traditional business with an online presence, GetResponse is one of the platforms to look out for if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for most of your needs. In addition, the platform provides live chat and email support for eight languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish.

Main Features of GetResponse

GetResponse is primarily an email marketing automation platform with features that started in 1998. The platform has grown to be one of the best in that area of marketing; email marketing.

However, they have also evolved and added advanced marketing tools to become an all-in-one marketing solution for small and large businesses. The central aspect of the platform can be said to be the best part of the platform, having been developed as the first product.

But the platform has evolved to include other marketing features such as website builders for quick website development, webinar hosting for up to 1000 participants, and paid ads features. Landing pages with conversion funnels, live chat, and SMS features.

These features enable lots of small businesses to get what enterprise organizations get at a budget that suits them. But like many other products, the more you want, the more you pay. While Get Response may be a little generous with features, they are less generous about the number of contacts you can send campaigns to.

This is probably because that is still their primary core feature and the rest are just so that they can stay in the loop of relevance. This is possible because many email marketing platforms are pivoting from offering only email to various other aspects of marketing.

Features of GetResponse

  • Email marketing with advanced segmentation and list management tools
  • Website builder (drag and drop) with templates, domain management, and form (and popups)
  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars
  • Paid ads; tools to create, run, and manage social and search ads.
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion funnel
  • Live chat
  • Web push notifications
  • SMS Marketing

Advantages of GetResponse

  • “Usable” Free Version
  • Solid Advanced Email Marketing Features
  • Great User Interface
  • Great for Individuals and Small Businesses
  • Amazing Templates to Get Started With
  • Chat and Email Support, 24/7

Disadvantages of GetResponse

  • Drag and Drop Builder Isn’t The Best
  • Not the Best All-In-One Marketing Automation
  • You Can’t Get Your Cash Back if You Cancel
  • No Phone Support For Individual Packages
  • A/B Split Testing is Limited And Allows Only Content and Subject Lines

GetResponse Pricing

Off the box, GetResponse has four pricing packages, with the basic being free access to the platform. With the free version of the platform, of course, there will be a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do.

But you can send unlimited newsletters, create one landing page, have access to their website builder, create signup forms and connect your domain. In addition, the ability to secure your domain is a plus since most platforms will reserve that for paid product versions.

However, while you have an unlimited newsletter on the free package, you can only have up to 500 contacts. If you have 500 contacts, you can send unlimited newsletters to them. But if you want to be able to add on more contacts, then you will have to go for the next available package.

The next in line is the “Basic” package. The package allows you to do much more, including everything from the free package. The main advantage of the basic plan is that it will enable you to send campaigns to up to 1000 email contacts for $15.58 per month that you use the platform.

In addition to all that the free plan offers, you get to use autoresponders, have unlimited landing pages instead of just one, unlimited website builder usage (which indicates that the website builder is limited in features for the free plan), basic email list segmentation and the ability to schedule your emails.

If you have been doing email marketing for a while, you know this is perhaps the only option to get started with if you are serious about your business. No one has time to send emails by logging in at each time.

With scheduling and autoresponders, you can do much more with GetResponse. While you get all these for $15.58 for the month, you may need to send emails to more contacts without the need for more features; GetResponse has got you.

They allow you to pay slightly higher for more contacts without added features. You get all the features and can pay for extra contacts up to 100,000 contacts. This is a good deal since you are not forced to go for a higher plan simply because you want to be able to message a few more contacts.

The “Plus,” which GetResponse tags as the “Top Choice,” comes with everything in the “Basic” plan with a few advanced marketing tools. This is probably where things get exciting, and possibilities begin to open.

The plus plan has, in addition, marketing automation which means you can send abandoned cart sequences with a single simple setup. You can also set up and host your webinar on GetResponse, add up to 3 team members, use their advanced audience segmentation features, host up to 5 sales funnels and contact scoring, as well as tagging.

All this comes for $48.38 per month. Just as with the basic plan, you can choose more contacts and pay slightly higher than the original plan price. You can choose up to 100,000 contacts which will cost you $491.18 per month.

The last in the “For Everyone” package plans are the “Professional” plan which adds everything GetResponse can give out of the box. You get unlimited automation.

This is useful if you have a large business with different products and services that need automation to get leads into paying clients or buyers.

You can also organize paid webinars, which is not possible with the other packages, add up to 5 members of your team, send web push message notifications, and create unlimited funnels compared to the meager five funnels for the second-best plan. Lastly, you have the eCommerce features that GetResponse has to offer.

For all of this, you pay $97.58 for the out-of-the-box features we just outlined. But of course, the contacts yet again vary. The listed price for each package or plan comes with only 1000 contacts, which means that if you have more than 1000 contacts, you will have to pay more if you want to keep all of them.

But which marketer will work hard to acquire leads only to use a few extra bucks as an excuse not to mail them? Smart move by GetResponse. But that also means marketers with multiple large lists will be forced to pay more. The off-the-shelf pricing is more of a facade than the real deal in such a case.

Keep these details in mind as you make your decision. For instance, if you are into eCommerce, your only choice is probably the “Professional” plan, but you can only message 1000 contacts.

If you have 5,000 contacts, you have to cough out $138.58 every month to get your marketing going. Note that all prices stated here are for the GetResponse annual subscription. Therefore, your price may be more or less depending on whether you choose to pay monthly, annually, or every 24 months.

But what if all of these packages are too small. Perhaps you want much, much more? Get Response also asked this question. This is why they have a pricing package to choose from for mid and large companies with higher needs. Unfortunately, they have only two packages for this set with custom-only pricing.

The first is the “Max” plan, which comes with basically all features and general support, just their chat and email support available for only English, Polish, and Russian-speaking countries.

You get all the features for email marketing, marketing automation, and their newly added SMS marketing with the ability to send up to 1000 SMS, organize webinars for up to 500 participants, landing pages, web push notifications, and add up to 10 users to your account.

The second offering in the mid and large companies package is the Max2, which was recently added and came with a few more added goodies such as up to 5000 SMS sends, webinars for up to 1000 people, unlimited users, and single sign-on, and marketing automation consulting from GetResponse.

Who is GetResponse For?

GetResponse is primarily for small businesses that want advanced marketing but are on a slightly better budget. While the price could quickly skyrocket with more than a thousand contacts, it goes without saying that GetResponse is a solid platform for email marketing.

If your business relies largely on marketing automation, specifically with email, GetResponse is a great choice.

The new features are great, but they seem to have quite some way to go. For instance, the drag and drop builder features have quite some improvement to do, so if your business builds a lot of funnels, this may not be the best option.

On the other hand, if you have a WordPress website or blog and want a solid email solution to go with it, GetResponse is great. For eCommerce owners, small brick and mortar businesses and other small businesses can rely on GetResponse for its extended experience in the email space.

Perhaps as the other features develop and improve, the platform could achieve its aim of becoming a full marketing automation tool. Until then, you can largely rely on it mainly for email, which is also good if that is what your business depends on primarily.

What is

Systeme is an all-in-one marketing and automation software platform designed for people tired of connecting several platforms and holding their business together using duct tape.

Systeme is a truly all-in-one platform for newbies and small businesses. But that is not only the area that shines. Systeme comes with a more than marketing edge.

The platform seems to be designed for affiliate marketers, coaches, and individual online business owners who want to scale. True to his word, the founder has helped over 8,000 (according to the Systeme site) entrepreneurs who use Systeme.

The founder of Systeme faced challenges dealing with many tools and platforms, and he just couldn’t scale his setup. So, he created Systeme, which will serve as the one-stop-shop for all the tools he wanted, enabling him to scale his client’s businesses faster.

If you are a solopreneur, you will probably be happy with the offering from this platform.

Main Features of is one of those few platforms that try to do everything and equally be good at all of them. The platform has all manner of features that make sense for small businesses and solopreneurs just starting out.

However, the main tool on the platform seems to be its sales funnel functions which allow you to build “Clickfunnels quality” funnels without the associated costs from platforms like Clickfunnels, Kajabi, and Kartra.

However, it isn’t just more endowed than most of its competitors. It also has competitive pricing that will make you want to move all of your marketing infrastructures to Systeme.

It also serves as a good alternative for various email marketing software like Mailchimp, Convertkit, and GetResponse.

In addition, it has a robust email marketing system that has autoresponder and scheduling functions. You can also track and take account of the analytics of your assets.

If you are an eCommerce owner, Systeme has got you covered with their eCommerce integrations, dropshipping features, and several payment integrations such as Stripe and PayPal.

If you want to do advanced marketing, it has automation tools and A/B testing. In addition, you can combine the various tools available on the platform to automate your entire business infrastructure.

But if you want more features, you can get them. Further, Systeme offers online course hosting, webinar hosting, and blogging.

It has completely simplified all of the three features that are highly sought after. Most of the available solutions are sole platforms that do not offer all features out of the box. But with Systeme, you get almost everything that an online business person needs.

And if you have such a successful course or eCommerce business that you want to allow others to make money as tour affiliates, you can add affiliate marketing to any of your products to enable your visitors to share your products and receive a commission for the sale.

Considering all the benefits and the low price, this all-in-one marketing platform is hard to resist. It is possible for beginners not to understand the incredible value of this SaaS platform.

The alternatives are 3-10 times more expensive for the same function. This money can buy ads, assets, or content that will ultimately increase your business’s revenue. Is not perfect? Although no software is perfect, the starter plan is completely free.

Features of

  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Business Automation
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Online Course Creation
  • Blogging
  • Sell Products

Advantages of

  • Suitable for Beginners, Individuals, and Small Businesses
  • Simple and Easy to Use Interface
  • Lots of Marketing and Automation Tools to Choose From; All in One Platform
  • Free Plan Is Great for Starters
  • Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program

Disadvantages of

  • Lack of Third Party Integrations
  • Page Builder is a Work in Progress
  • Features Could be Overwhelming
  • Lack of Onboarding Process, Little Tutorials Available Pricing

Systeme has only four plans off the shelf, with the first being absolutely free for a lifetime. We stress the free for a lifetime because of the sheer value in the free package.

Unlike GetResponse, which starts with 500 contacts for the free package, Systeme offers 2000! This comes with unlimited emails with one campaign, three sales funnels with up to 10 sales steps, and the feature to create a blog with unlimited blog posts.

In addition, you can create one course for free and have unlimited students and unlimited file storage. This is extremely convenient because some platforms rope you in with a free offer like this only to limit you with space and ask you to pay. Not with Systeme.

They allow you to use one slot each for workflows, automation rules, A/B test, order bump, 1-click upsell, tag, and deadline funnel. Coupon codes and payment integrations. You can also create your affiliate marketing program under this free plan with a webinar, custom domain, and 24/7 email support.

This is beyond generous, to the extent that many don’t believe they can keep the offer up for too long. Only the future will tell; the platform currently has over 8,000 entrepreneurs using it.

The basic plan comes at $27 if you pay monthly and $228 if you pay annually, saving you a few extra bucks. In addition, it offers up to 5,000 contacts and multiplies the offerings of the free plan.

The same goes for their second most expensive plan, named the “webinar” plan, which costs $47 for monthly payments and $396 with 10,000 email contacts and yet again doubling the offerings of the “Startup” plan.

The most expensive plan is the “Unlimited” plan which costs you $97 monthly and $828 if you pay on an annual basis. All paid plans come with free migration from your previous setup (s).

For each paid plan, you get a 30% discount if you opt for the annual payment. This is a huge saver if you are sure of what you are doing and are willing to commit medium-term.

Who is For? is suitable for both beginners and experienced business owners. may be the most user-friendly tool for overall marketing platforms compared to other tools. Kajabi is the closest thing to my mind, and it’s five times more expensive.

On the other hand, provides everything you need to run an online 6-figure business. Real users have proved this, and I use it too. Vs. GetResponse: Features Comparison

Email marketingYesYes
SMS MarketingYesYes
Domain managementYesYes
Form Builder (and popups)NoYes
Website builder (drag and drop) with templates,YesYes
Marketing automationYesYes
Paid adsNoYes
Landing pagesYesYes
Live chatNoYes
Web push notificationsNoYes
Sales Funnels/Conversion FunnelYesYes
Affiliate Program ManagementYesNo
Online CoursesYesNo
Sell ProductsYesNo

From the table, you can see that is affiliate marketing focused and provides all you need to scale up your business. What I like most is the features for creating online courses and selling digital products.

However, if live chats, paid ads, and web push notifications features are the lifeline of your business, then you may want to consider GetResponse. In all, I think offers value for money considering the features it comes with. Vs. GetResponse: Which Should You Buy as an Affiliate Marketer?

Systeme is indeed endowed and has many more features than GetResponse. However, GetResponse has also got a few features that Systeme lacks, such as chat and SMS features. GetResponse has been around for over a decade and has solidified its name as one of the best email marketing solutions out there since 1998.

Systeme, on the other side, has only existed since late 2017. Both have many features to qualify for the all-in-one marketing automation platform tag. However, both have their strengths and focus.

GetResponse is, at its core, an email marketing platform. And as much as they keep adding features, their pricing points to what matters most to them; email. This makes GetResponse great for small businesses and eCommerce brands that want to automate their email marketing with a brand that has solidified its name in the email world.

Building funnels and creating websites may be possible, but the features haven’t reached the level of replacing Clickfunnels, Woofunnels, and Cartflows. With WordPress, duct-taping several of these solutions is quite easy, provided you have the funding to buy them.

If so, you can get everything together and use GetResponse as your email autoresponder, scheduler, and automation. On the other end, Systeme is extremely focused on helping small businesses and solopreneurs get up to speed with high-end tools at a fraction of the price if you want to go the duct tape route.

It offers so much value for even the free package, which the company says will remain free forever. However, it makes a pretty hard bargain if you are hard on cash and need a quick platform that does it all. If you are also a beginner, you can easily get overwhelmed by both platforms due to the many features.

However, Systeme makes their interface much easier to navigate even though they need a walkthrough onboarding step-by-step process for new users. Systeme is further lacking in instructional material on using the platform compared to GetResponse.

Even though Systeme just came on board and needed time to get such a community as GetResponse, most experienced affiliate marketers who have switched to the platform are pleased with the value they get from their features.

Recommendation: Making the Right Choice.

In conclusion, deciding to go for GetResponse or should be simple, depending on your budget and the nature of your business.

If live chat, paid ads, and web push notifications are the lifeblood of your business, then GetResponse is your go-to option. Otherwise, may be your best option for the value it offers for all its features.

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  1. You are absolutely right when you mentioned that the choice depends mostly on your budget and how you want to do business. GetResponse is the all-in-one marketing software empowering you to put your business in front of the right audience. 

    Whether it’s email marketing campaigns, landing pages, or automated sales funnels, GetResponse gives you everything you need to communicate with your audience and grow your business. 

  2. This is a very interesting and helpful comparison of and GetResponse. I have used GetResponse as an email marketing tool, so did not actually realise that they also offer more than just email marketing 

    The features of do seem to be better aimed at the needs of affiliate marketers, with more benefits for an affiliate marketer. Thank you for this helpful comparison, I will explore both options more to see which one will suit my needs better. 

    • It’s no surprise. Most people usually don’t explore all the features of such platforms unless they need that feature. 


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