What Is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For? Review-You Need to Know More!

You might be concerned about your rankings or traffic your website is receiving. That’s very important in the online world where competition is keen. It’s what brings the money.

When I started my make money online journey, I knew nothing about what it takes to increase your income until I got the training from Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s there that I got to know the key to having increased traffic and high rankings in the search engines. That is finding keywords that easily get noticed in Google, Yahoo, Bing and thereby giving you a lot of audiences.

Before then I had heard about Jaaxy keyword tool and I wondered what is that tool used for. In getting to the bottom of it I understood it this way: Assuming you have a product or service that you want people to utilize – how do you get people to buy it? It has to be made available or people have to know that your product or service exists. That awareness brings you customers when they need your product or service.

It’s as simple as it sounds but you can’t come up with any words that comes into your mind when creating your blogs without knowing what out there. When you do that, you post will lie in the middle of no where without having anyone to read it. Therefore, you need a tool which will enable you to get to know how your keyword will fair if used and give you the competition that you’re likely to meet in the search engines.

That’s what the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool helps you to do in getting your articles on the surface for people to reach it in the search engines. When that happens, you get traffic to your sites and the likelihood purchase of product or service is assured. To know what this Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is for, stick around for us to dig in.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Platform Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Platform: Online Keyword Search and Analysis tool

My Overall Rating: 9.3  out of 10

Overview of Jaaxy Tool

Jaaxy is a platform developed for Affiliate Marketers to enable them research into keywords of their niche in order to obtain high rankings in the search engines. It’s an advanced keyword research tool that has enabled many online marketers to provide assistance to customers for over millions of brand new things searched online.

With the keyword research tool, one is able to discover unique and untouched keywords that are able to drive more traffic to your site and thus giving you many conversions. In addition, it enables you to develop and discover niche ideas as well as digging deep into other areas of your niche.

When it comes to surpassing your competitors, the Jaaxy tool makes it so simple with a click providing you with all the metrics to consider in order to be ahead of the competition. Its search analysis helps to determine how your competitors are ranking enabling you to outsmart them.

As all these features help you in taking your rankings to a higher height, it provides you with a site ranking feature to access how your articles are fairing. This is what I love most about this tool because it helps me to access myself if I’m doing well with the effort I put into my site. Is that not Awesome? This tool has been so helpful to me since I understood it’s usage and I hope it helps you too drive more traffic to your site.

Let delve straight into all the goodies that this tool comes with and you’ll be thrilled. I wouldn’t just inform you but you’re going to give it a try at no cost. You try for FREE!!

Owners of Jaaxy Tool

The Jaaxy Tool was developed by Kyle and Carson who are also founders of Wealthy Affiliate University, home of Affiliate Market training. It’s with their experience as Affiliate Marketers that they brought about this tool to help people with like minds to excel in the online business. So you can simply take the Jaaxy Tool as a tool by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers.

They are two good friends from Canada of a perfect combination of Affiliate Marketing and Computer Science. They’ve proved to be trustworthy people to work with because of how they treat their business partners. In fact, they understand what service is.

What the Keyword Tool Offers

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool! it’s one aspect of the Jaaxy tool that has helped me a lot in finding ideas in my niche, developing a new direction, planning my weekly content creation and being on the alert of all the factors to consider to produce a very good content for my site.

Using this in-depth has the tendency to turn your rankings around. It will overwhelm you if you get to understand how it works. However, it might be addictive sometimes because of how it comes in handy for your search. For you to know how to come up with a good keyword the following features need to be understood using “best keyword research tool” as an example.

Avg: This gives you the average monthly searches that the keyword receives. It simply means the average number of times people search this exact keyword in the search engines per month. Looking at the example I’m using, it means the “best keyword research tool” is searched 361 times averagely.

Even though you should be mindful about this traffic numbers but any traffic is good for ranking. This is because when you get ranked your campaigns will grow with time.

Traffic: This means that when you get ranked in the first page, you have 62 likelihood number of visitations to your site. It’s more of a probabilistic number of clicks you would receive if someone researching about the keyword sees yours on the first page of the ranking.

QSR (Quoted Search Result): Since you might not be the only one providing information to others about this keyword, this feature gives you the number of sites you’re competing with. In our example, there are 253 competing sites for this exact keyword. These results consider all the search engines before it comes up with this number.

For me, I normally target a number below 70 for this feature so that I can get ranked faster on the first page with time.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): This feature provides you with the quality associated with your keyword. Having an idea about your keyword quality is a key to performing well in your rankings. According to Jaaxy Green is great, Yellow is OK and Red is poor.

Coming to the example I used it lies around yellow and the KQI displays OK. I mostly go for the green.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Power: This gives you an idea as to whether your keyword is going to do well in SEO rankings. It considers traffic, keyword quality and competition to provide you with the probability of getting ranked on the first page. Don’t forget that it’s the rankings that brings you the money so this plays a crucial part in settling on a keyword you choose.

For the example I used, SEO value is 56 % which is a little more than average. You’re to note that the higher the value the better ranking on the first page. This keyword will take a long time to make it to the first page. I normally consider 90% and above.

Domains: This feature provides you with information about the domains that are free to choose for your niche if you’re to work by this keyword. In my example .net and .org are the available domains. It implies you can’t get .com for the keyword I used.

All these features make the keyword tool an amazing weapon in generating the right keyword for your niche or post. In addition to that is Related and Brainstorm tabs on the right side. The Related gives you a list of suggestions close to the keyword you’re analyzing and the Brainstorm also provides you with titbits to generate a good keyword.

What To Note In Making Best Out Of Keyword Tool

Having this knowledge at the back of your mind doesn’t give you a perfect keyword result for anything that you type in. Your final choice has to do with your own discretion based on the results and Wealthy Affiliate University has done a good job in pointing it out. This part sometimes makes it not fan at all since your decision on the final keyword has the potential in turning your business around.

Through the University’s training, I’ve learnt that considering these three keys can be a good guide. Actually, it helps and makes it somewhat easy. This is what I’ve been practising…..

  • The amount of competition the keyword has (I normally consider below 70)
  • The amount of traffic the keyword receives (I start with 30 sometimes)
  • Does the keyword make sense? (It’s based on my discretion)

Sometimes, you get a good looking keyword from your search but it might not make a complete sense. Looking at the example I used, the keyword “best keyword research tool free” has a good result but it doesn’t make sense. So, you have to assess it yourself to see if by common sense it sounds well.

Other Features With Jaaxy Tool

The Jaaxy keyword tool is not the only package in the jaaxy tool. There are other amazing pieces of stuff that comes with it help you build a thriving business. It’s all to help you get traffic to your site and ultimately monetize them.

The Jaaxy Tool comes with the following tools in addition to the keyword tool:

  • Site Rank
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Search Analysis
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Jaaxy Help
  • Saved Lists
  • Search History

Site Rank

This is one of my favourite features of Jaaxy tool. It gives you information on how keywords are fairing in Google rankings. So in effect, it gives you a measure of performance of your business and also tells me that Jaaxy tool has my back to ensure that I make progress in my business.

It also enables you to set an automatic tracking for your keywords. You can do it at the time intervals shown in the image below. Check it out in one of my post here.

You’ll see that I’ve dropped in my ranking by 2. This is an amazing feature for business growth. You get this with Jaaxy tool.

Try it out for free ======> Here!

Affiliate Programs

This is a helpful feature for affiliate marketers. It helps you to search for affiliate programs associated with your niche. For starters who don’t know where to find affiliate programs, this comes in handy in setting you off. It doesn’t only give you ideas about affiliate programs but informs you about the commissions you can earn. It has four Affiliate platforms with namely

  • Commission Junction
  • Link Sare
  • Click Bank
  • Digital River

Search Analysis

This is a feature that enables you to study other websites that share a common keyword with you. In other words, it helps you to strategise in taking over your competitors. It also helps you to come up with an interesting and catchy meta description that will drive visitors to your site. In effect, it helps you to step up in your ranking. It provides the following data for your analysis:

  • Meta Description
  • Meta keywords
  • Word Count
  • Links On Site
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Adsense

All these are aimed at improving your ranking and thus thriving in your business. Find an example of the “best keyword research tool”.

Alphabet Soup

This feature enables you to generate tons of ideas for any keyword chosen for your niche or article. It utilizes the letters of the alphabet to provide you with variations to your keyword without distorting the overall meaning. So when you get stuck with your keyword modifications and even ideas to write about in your article, this feature is there to assist you.

The above is an example of the “best keyword research tool”.


Jaaxy Help 

This contains walkthrough videos to help users make good use of the jaaxy tools and get better results for their business. If you’re new to it, you don’t have to worry about figuring everything out yourself. You’ve got walkthrough videos to bring you up to a speed of the skill you need to utilize the tool. These are the title of the videos…

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

On top of it are 3 SPECIAL BONUS VIDEOS to give you in-depth knowledge of keywords, niche and ultimately finding success with it. See below.

Saved Lists and Search History

Jaaxy tool can be accessed anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. So wherever you find yourself that an idea crosses your mind, you access it like walking into a grocery store where you put all your product in a cart. It gives you the ability to save all ideas that you develop with the keyword tool where you can access it anytime.

The Search history, on the other hand, keeps a record of what you’ve been searching. In some cases, it becomes relevant to develop ideas for creating new contents for your niche. Sometimes going through the history also helps you to see the trend of your articles and thus enables you to develop new trends for your weekly or monthly blogging plan.

Pricing Plans For The Jaaxy Tool

Jaaxy has 3 main pricing plans which give you options for any budget that you have. But the amazing thing is that everyone is given the opportunity to use it if you want.

Jaaxy Starter: $ 0.00 It’s FREE!!

Jaaxy Pro: $ 49.00/month

Jaaxy Enterprise: $ 99.00/ month

Find below the difference in the packages. I use Lite version which comes with members enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate University. You’ve got to try this and you’ll see a change in your online business.

Who Is The Jaaxy Research Tool For?

Jaaxy has the potential in making your business soar higher and it’s got something for every online business person at all levels of expertise. The features are awesome for the following people;

  • Bloggers at all levels of expertise
  • Email marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Youtube Marketers
  • Local Business Owners
  • Pay per click advertisers
  • Domain searchers
  • Niche idea seekers
  • Internet Marketers concerned about rankings
  • People Seeking to Overtake Competition
  • SEO Companies

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Pros

The Jaaxy Keyword tool is an advanced research tool I’ve ever come across that is helping a lot in my online business building. In my experience with this platform I can ably attest to the following goodies:

  • You can try it for free with no credit card information required
  • It’s a web-based tool and thus does not need any installation of files to work properly
  • It’s user-friendly and easy to use on both computers and mobile phones.
  • It provides you with accurate and relevant information needed for your business growth.
  • You don’t have to pay for any video tutorials to know how to use it. It provides you with walkthroughs that you can start off with.
  • The Jaaxy tool provides you with a free video tutorial to step up your business.
  • It helps you to plan for your weekly or monthly content creation as a blogger
  • It gives you an idea of your competing niches.
  • Helps you to develop and discover low hanging fruit keywords
  • It helps you to track how your keywords are ranking
  • It also enables you to find affiliate programs as Affiliate Marketer

Cons of Jaaxy Keyword Tool

As technology keeps advancing, so does new features sprout out making the older versions obsolete and no meet for competition. The Jaaxy tool is the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t seem to have much problems with it except

  • The price might be a bit expensive for starters although its worth the advantages it comes with. The pro fee is the same as enrolling in the Wealthy Affiliate University where you can have the lite version. Maybe joining the University to get access to its training and having the Jaaxy keyword tool would be better.

I see it like killing two birds with a stone. However, the Pro and Enterprise versions come with more helpful features.

  • You might not use some of the features.

Summary Of What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is For

  • Discovering low hanging fruit keywords for easy ranking in search engines
  • Finding affiliate programs that you can leverage in your niche
  • Creating your keyword list for effective online business building
  • Discovering unexploited high traffic niche and keywords
  • Providing you with the performance of your keywords through site rankings
  • Finding your competitors about a keyword or niche
  • Writing a competitive meta description of your post for high clicks.
  • Finding suitable and unused domains for your niche
  • Saving your keyword lists for your projects or blogging plans
  • Studying your keyword history for new content creation ideas
  • And many more……………

Try It Yourself!

Now, it’s time for you to try the Jaaxy keyword tool. I’ve had my part telling you how useful the tool is but getting a hands-on session with the tool is the best explanation you can ever have.

So feel free and give it a try.

Your Feedback Will Be Appreciated

How was it? Drop me your opinion after trying it and I will be more than happy to get back to you. If you’ve used other keyword tools, let me know what you think about the two.

Also, do me a favour by sharing with friends and families on social media if this has been helpful to you. You will be doing a great help to someone perplexed in finding the right keywords for his or her business.

6 thoughts on “What Is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For? Review-You Need to Know More!”

  1. Jaaxy is like our survival kit in the online world it is like jumping out of a plane with your parachute. We need a tool like jaaxy if we are to have a good ranking in the search engines that converts.

  2. I use Jaaxy and I simply love it! There are so many features that I still have to explore and I can’t wait to be able to upgrade to Enterprise one day, where there are even more features.
    Thanks for explaining the differences between the different membership options because there are some features that you mentioned that I never knew existed within my membership. I’ll go check it out now.

    • Hi Reyhana,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’ve discovered something out of this post. In fact, the Jaaxy tool has a lot to offer than what most people know. If you make time for it you’ll find some useful features that are able to boost your traffic. All the best in your business.

  3. Hi there Derrick,
    This keyword tool Jaaxy is a must for any Affiliate Marketer online and basically anyone who wants to rank highly in the search engines.
    I have been a user of this tool for well over a year now, and still don’t use its full potential. It is nice to go into my back area of Jaaxy however, to see what pages of mine are ranking on Page 1 of Google. As I said, a must for your tool box!
    Cheers, Sharo


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