Perfect Donor Transit Review – A Scam OR Earn $170 Per Cycle?

Day in, day out different business ideas are designed to either dupe people or help them make money online. If you find yourself here, I believe you’re also searching for an opportunity to make an extra income or increase the number of your income stream. It’s a good spirit. I admire that because putting all your eggs in one basket can be disastrous sometimes.

Today, I would like to share with you what I’ve come across in my search to add to my income stream. It’s my honest opinion on a new referral business that has a little trait of network marketing but its cycle is shorter than most that I’ve come across. I would like you to know that this business platform hasn’t been in the system for long.

So, it’s not my plan to sell you a false information for you to blindly follow them or throw away your money. Here are the reasons why I wouldn’t do that:

  • I’m an opportunity searcher who seeks other better ways to 9-5 jobs. Most jobs have not been able to meet ones demand to provide for the kind of dreams we want to build. Those that get better salaries sometimes exchange it with other things which cannot be bought with money starting with having time with families and the likes.
  • I’ve joined myself to check the legibility of the business. For better ways of success to be discovered, one has to take a risk. So, I joined to be a good guide for others who want to also go down that road. I don’t only have experience with this kind of systems but other platforms as well. So, I’m well experienced to know whether the system is a scam or not.
  • I know how it feels to lose your hard earned money to a scam system. The information I shall be providing you wouldn’t be a must join opportunity something but to inform you what it’s about. After being informed you can make your decision.

Hence, doing that to a person like you would be the greatest disappointment to myself.

Again, I would want you to have it in mind that this business platform is fresh and may not have everything up to standard on their website. Anyway, I would do best to point them out in the review. Despite being new in the system, what I would like to scrutinize is the whole business concept and its sustainability.

Every business has got to start somewhere and so I will not base my opinion on the newness and site outlook. I know if it genuine the owners will improve it. Without making so much noise around it let cut to the chase.

What is Perfect Donor Transit (PDT)?

Business name: Perfect Donor Transit

Owner: Not Found on Website


My Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

Perfect Donor Transit is a 2×2 referral cycling matrix system designed to enable users to donate to one another in a network. It’s designed with the intention to help members achieve financial freedom which happens to be the slogan of almost every business of this nature. That will be proved by the end of the day.

On their site, there are about 54 registered members at the time I was writing this review including me, your opportunity searcher. Looking at the time I got to hear of it, I can say that the number is real and there have been 850 payment that is amount circulating in their matrix. You’ll understand those terms well when I get to the explanation of how the system works.

With this gradual growth rate, I think its now taking grounds but be surprised to find no information about the owner(s) of this business platform. I’m working on it for the owners to go open on that if their system is really here to help people. It’s a risk I’ve taken in joining but I would want you to be on the safer side.

How Does It Work?

The business plan requires $30.00 startup capital. After your registration, you’re mapped directly to an upline to make payment. The payment must be made from your wallet configured at your back office. In order to pay from your wallet, you have to fund it with mobile money, bitcoin or PayPal. Failure to do this payment to the assigned upline within 24 hours will be termination of your account.

The video below explains how to make payment with mobile money.

Immediately the payment is made, you’re moved to silver or level one. At this level, you now qualify for two payment of $ 30.00 from two downlines registered either by you or your uplines. With a total amount of $ 60.00, you’re moved to level 2 which is Gold and the system simultaneously pay $ 50.00 dollars out of it to other uplines. You’ll then be left with $ 10.00 dollars in your wallet.

At level 2, you now qualify for four payments from members completing level one. Each of them will pay you $50.00 each summing up to $200.00. At this point, your total wallet balance becomes $210.00. Attached is a video to buttress the explanation.

Cashout/Cycle Out

When you’ve received all the four payment, you complete the system and you’re then cycled out. In cycling out, the system automatically makes two payment from your wallet: $ 10.00 to a vault and $ 30.00 to a participant in order to re-enter the system and restart the process.

After making these two payments, you’re now left with $ 170.00 in your wallet to withdraw. The $ 10.00 paid to the vault is a commission taken by the system for its maintenance. You’re however to note that in order to receive withdrawals, you’re supposed to have a minimum of 2 direct downlines.

When you cycle out with no direct referrals, the money will be in your wallet but you can’t withdraw unless you get two direct referrals. So, in summary, you withdraw a total of $ 170.00 upon every cycle that you complete. Watch this special case video to clarify some of the questions with it.

What If I Don’t Want to Re-enter the System After Cycling Out?

Well, that’s a good question but I’m wondering who would want to quit after cycling out when you have nothing to lose. From what I know the system doesn’t give an option to quit upon cycling out. It takes the recycling money automatically and leaves you with $ 170.00 in your cashout wallet to withdraw.

It’s something I find a little bit uneasy to accept but upon studying their system I came to a conclusion that it’s a measure they’ve put in place to sustain the system. Also, I don’t think any business minded person after earning $140.00 in investing $30.00 would want to quit since you have no personal money in it to lose.

Anyway, we’re all entitled to our opinions. The options I received upon reaching them was that you can either sell your account to someone else or contact them to help cancel your membership. Before that, you would have to withdraw any money you have in your cashout wallet. You’re to note that you can only withdraw monies in your cashout wallet.

How Do I Withdraw Money In My Cashout Wallet?

When you want to withdraw your money, you go to the e-wallet section of your virtual office. Then visit the cash out wallet and then proceed from there.

You must have a CofredPay account to be able to withdraw the money either into your mobile money account or bank account. Those not using mobile money can do a direct transfer into their bank by setting it up in the CofredPay platform. You can either use their app or create an account on their website.

Since I’ve not made a withdrawal yet I can’t tell you much about the withdrawal system and its issues. I hope to give a detailed information about that if I find this making money platform a legit that is if I ever cycle out and find that this works. Until that, you use CofredPay to withdraw from your cashout wallet.

Does Perfect Donor Transit Have Support Platform?

On their website, you’ll find WhatsApp and telegram icon which is to address your issues upon joining. However, the links don’t take me to anywhere anytime I click on it. It only takes me to a window where I’m asked to reload. But upon registering I received a link to join their telegram group page.

You will find that the website is progressively developing to meet a standard business site but they have a contact form where you can send your issues to. However, you will only find an email address to link up with them because their address and phone numbers are not provided yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with some of your questions below is a sample of FAQs that might address some of them. If not, drop it in the comment box below and I will be glad to get back to you as soon as I can.

Is It Safe To Join This Business?

From the outlook of the site and its small deficiencies, I can’t guarantee you 100% of safety. But from the study I’ve done in their system, it’s feasible and promising. As a multi-stream income searcher, it’s a risk I’ve taken to find out what really lies inside that platform and whether its worthy of your money. I would say this is first episode review of Perfect Donor Transit and I will provide the final verdict on whether it’s a scam or an opportunity worth venturing in my final review.

In the meantime, I would like to add that a couple of people have cycled out and have gotten the money but I want to see for myself. At this point where the safety is 50-50, you can try it if you’re willing to take that risk like me. If it happens to be legit, you win else you lose. Other than that, you would have to wait for my second review to clarify everything.

Is Perfect Donor Transit A Scam Or A Legit?

At this point, one might be tempted to say that it’s a scam looking at some deficiencies at their site but that might be misleading. Yes, it’s a new business in the system and that explains a bit of how their site looks at this moment. I believe if it’s legit it will be improved with time.

Therefore, there is not much obtained now to finally declare it a scam or legit so keep your fingers crossed as I bring out my final opinion any time soon from what I will find. Note that I’ve joined to dig out what it’s really is.

However, if you want to join here’s the link. Until then stay tuned for episode two of this review.

An Evergreen Alternative Available For You

As Perfect Donor Transit has the promising potential to put some money in your pocket, I want to point out to you the possibility of building your own business online. Generating several income sources from what you’ll build rather than chasing after money all the time from one source.

The platform is Wealthy Affiliate University which is where I learnt all about website building and creating income from affiliate marketing and others. You can work everywhere online with this alternative to generate consistent income online.

If you’re that curious, you can try their FREE MEMBERSHIP to see what’s inside.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Donor Transit Review – A Scam OR Earn $170 Per Cycle?”

  1. PDT is very legitimate. I have done business with them. I have cycled out twice and they have paid. You can withdraw your money through BTC or mobile money. In fact, from what I’ve seen and tasted with PDT it’s safe to invest and invite others to do same.

    • Hi Frank,
      Thanks for stopping by to share your view as a member. Good for you! I guess you’re one of the few who have seen that the system works because it hasn’t been long since their launch. As my website stands for, I hope to provide authentic information to people who are searching for systems that really work to invest. Sometimes, I take the risk to join such platforms to test if they’re legit and an example is this one. It’s just a matter of time to give a very conclusive view about it.
      However, there are other platforms where you wouldn’t be chasing the money but the money has to rather chase you. You build your own business online to generates more than one income stream. You can learn that from here if you’re interested.

      Hope to see you around.

      Your friend,

  2. PDT is just the right and best referral system i have invested in. The cycling nature eliminate the greediness feature of most of referral systems i have invested in. It does not matter whether you joined at the time of launching or after or you just joined, immediately your cashout wallet shows any amount being $10 at level 2 or $170 having completed level 2 you just get to instantly withdraw with no strings attached. However, the only one condition which requires a new member to have a minimum compulsory number of 2 referrals is not hiding.
    I have 3 accounts which have all cycled giving me a total sum of $170 x 3 = $510. Interestingly, these my 3 accounts still remain in the system still earning me money because of the cycling feature of PDT. What more will one be looking for in a referral system if not this offer by PDT.
    It is genuine
    It is safe
    Not a scam per my assessment
    Easy to join with as little as $30.
    NO hiding conditions.
    Stop wasting money on fruitless and greedy like referral system where the owners always wishes to be on top wanting others to always be beneath them. JOIN PDT NOW.


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