Top 15 Christian Affiliate Programs: 10% Minimum Commission!

Over 2.5 billion people in the world identify themselves as Christians. About 37% of this population are in America and 26% in Europe. At least 50% of them use the internet one way or the other to purchase something on the internet. 

Considering the faith of Christians, most would prefer buying products and services from companies that share their core values. That belief is a cause for many of them to decide where to buy their things as it’s also seen as a demonstration of love for one another. 

Therefore, knowing the right affiliate program to serve your audience with is the secondary step of making sizable affiliate commissions. It all starts with knowing the appropriate niche to begin with to hit the nail right on the head for your success.

This recommendation will be helpful to you If you’re struggling with how to select your niche. I learned most of my skills from that place.   

Now, let’s dive into what I’ve gathered to help you with. Looking at the great numbers of potential customers, you have enormous opportunities for your online business with these Christian affiliate programs. 

Christian Affiliate Programs

  • American Bible Society
  • Answers in Genesis
  • Bein Harim Tourism Services
  • Christian Strong
  • ChurchSource
  • Clear Day
  • CrossFlix
  • Dayspring
  • Ignatius Press
  • Judaica Webstore
  • Kerusso
  • Memory Cross
  • Nest Learning
  • PureFlix
  • The Jerusalem Gift Shop

American Bible Society

American Bible Society Affiliate Program for Christians

The American Bible Society has been around since 1816 with a mission to spread the Good News to the world. They’re accomplishing that by making available Bibles to people of all races in different formats and translations that are easy to understand yet affordable to buy. They have over 80 scripture translations all at competitive prices. 

Their store, has several Bible versions and New Testaments in English and Spanish translations as well as Bibles and Christian resources for children, teens, scholars and academicians. They also offer free Christian resources which could be leveraged by affiliate marketers to increase conversions. 

You can join the American Bible Society’s affiliate program through ShareASale. They have a dedicated affiliate management team to provide you with all the relevant information to be successful. You don’t have to be a well-established site to apply. 

Why Would You Promote American Bible Society?

They have many Bible versions in over 80 languages that’s awesome translations at affordable prices to make your selection. Besides, they have a wide range of other resources including free Christian resources. This presents an opportunity to leverage for sales. 

Most importantly, if it’s your desire to impact people across the world with life-changing messages then you shouldn’t look any further. The American Bible Society has been in existence for over 200 years so you can be sure of partnering with a great company. 

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis Affiliate Program for Christian Bloggers

Answers in Genesis is a Christianity-defending ministry that aims at equipping believers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to defend their faith. They focus specifically on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis by presenting evidential biblical worldview to expose popular evolutionary theory fallacies.

Answers in Genesis offers apologetic resources for all age groups from teaching to digital materials. They have various kinds of apologetic books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, homeschooling and curricula, online courses, vacation Bible school, apparels, greeting cards, posters, games and a lot more. 

Their affiliate program is powered by ShareAsale, however, you can make inquiries on their website for more information if you want. They appear to welcome sites of any authority level which is very good for beginners.    

Why Would You Promote Answers in Genesis?

Answers in Genesis has a wide range of products, awesome commission and several translations to make a selection. Their ministry has been in existence for over 30 years which gives you a great assurance of your partnership. 

Besides, they have a Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter that provides Biblical history experience which you can pitch to your audience. They also offer regular specials and clearance that affiliates can leverage to increase conversions. 

Bein Harim Tourism Services

Bein Harim Tours for travel bloggers

Bein Harim Tourism is a tour operator with an Israeli government license which plans, organizes and conducts guided tours to the most historically and theologically significant places in the country. They have been in service for over 15 years and offer several tour packages for individuals and groups. 

Bein Harim Tourism provides services including daily tour, private tour, ship to shore, airport transport and a variety of tour packages designed to meet tourists language preference. They cover most of the prominent and historical sites such as Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Caesarea, Galilee, Jericho, Dead sea and other theologically important places in Israel. 

You can join the Bein Harim Tourism affiliate program through the ShareASale platform or directly on their website. Either way, earn you 15% commission per purchase. They also offer a travel agent program for those who want to also partner with them. 

Why Would You Promote Bein Harim Tourism?  

It appears to be the most prominent tourism service in Israel with a good range of tour packages, tour guide in several languages, transportation services to and from tourists’ hotels. 

They’ve been in service for a very long time which implies they might be doing something right. Also, they have a longer cookie duration which is relevant for affiliate marketing.  

Christian Strong

Christian Strong Affiliate Program for Christian Apparel

Christian Strong is an online store which deals in Christian apparel for men, women, teens and babies. Their drive is to create designs and artworks on t-shirts to help believers represent Jesus and the Christian faith in a fashionable yet affordable way. 

They provide Christian hoodies and sweatshirts in addition to t-shirts for all ages. Each collection of shirts showcase a targeted message that provides an opportunity for believers to share the gospel of Jesus. 

Christian Strong partners with Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates get access to resources such as coupons, banners, text and many more to run their promotions. You’re also encouraged to contact their affiliate manager in case of issues. 

Why Would YOu Promote Christian Strong?

Christian Strong has a vast number of products to make a selection, requires no minimum withdrawal threshold and gets an average order of $400. 

Also, they provide you with coupons that you can use to drive home sales. 


ChurchSource affiliate program for Christian affiliate marketers

ChurchSource is an online store whose mission is to meet the needs of Pastors and church leaders by connecting them to faith-based resources. They’ve been in service for over 25 years and are backed by highly respected Christian publishers, Zondervan and Thomas Nelson. 

ChurchSource offers different types of Bibles, ministry resources, study guides, commentaries, devotionals and Christian books for the church, small groups, families, children as well as individuals for personal enrichment. Their Bibles and Christian books come in different formats from ebooks to CDs to a wide range of hardcover styles. They have several Bible versions and translations at competitive prices. 

They manage their affiliate program through ShareASale online network. The network helps you to track your sales, conversions and commissions where you’re given access to the relevant resources for promoting their product. 

Why Would You Promote ChurchSource?   

You have a wide range of products for Bibles, study guides, ministry resources and a good number of translations to make your selection. ChurchSource also offers you regular sale and clearance opportunities to leverage for increasing sales. 

 Over 25 years in business and still counting which makes them a reliable company to partner with. Also, they provide 90 days money-back guarantee which could be attractive to customers. 

Clear Day

Clear Day Affiliate Program for Christian Affiliate Marketers

Clear Day is a media group whose mission is to help people see God clearly and make a world impact through contents centred on Jesus Christ. It’s a simple site whose domain was registered around 2013. 

Clear Day offers books, courses, CDs and DVDs which help people to share Jesus with loved ones through music, classes and films. They are focused on building one in the knowledge of the holy scriptures for a Christ-like living. Clear Day also provides resources for Pastors, churches and Christian organizations in the area of money. 

Their affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network for the management of sales, commissions and payments. You’re given access to their affiliate manager upon sign-up to help you with any challenges you may face. 

Why Would You Promote Clear Day?   

Clear Day offers an attractive commission and several types of Christian resources to select. Aside from their long-standing operation, they periodically stock their store so you have a variety of products coming in regularly. 


CrossFlix Affiliate Program for Christian related movies

CrossFlix is a subsidiary of Christ Vue Incorporation whose mission is to strengthen the faith of believers in Christ through entertaining Christian movies or films. As part of this, they intend to also empower Christian artists, directors, producers, distributors, and production companies.

CrossFlix is subscription-based and can be streamed on the computer, phone, tablet and smart tv anywhere that the internet is accessible. They provide thousands of inspirational movies, television shows, documentation, children animated movies and Christian education for kids and adults. 

You can either sign-up on their website or through ShareASale. There is no difference in benefits for joining through any of them. The commission you make for the subscription type may differ from the general percentage. Depending on the subscription, you may earn:  

  • $20 for Annual Subscription
  • $10 for 3 Years Subscription
  • $2 for Monthly Subscription
  • $1 for a Trial Subscription

Why Would You Promote CrossFlix?  

CrossFlix has a wide range of entertainment contents with a strong faith message to select from, offers 30 days free subscription and other promotions. 

They also offer a money-back guarantee in some cases and other perks which are great to increase sales.


DaySpring Affiliate Program for Christian Affiliate Marketers

DaySpring is a US-based company that was founded in 1971 with the mission to make Christ known through printed messages. They focus on Christian faith-based and family friend markets by equipping people with resources to know God and share His love in ways that inspire others.  

Apart from being the largest publisher and distributor of Christian greeting cards, DaySpring also provides Christian gift cards, jewels, Bibles, Bible covers, devotionals, children books, journals and notebooks, home decors, valentine gifts, ecards and many more. They offer over 7500 products with more than 2000 online providing you with unlimited products to choose from. 

DaySpring partners with commission junction (CJ) to manage its affiliate program as stated on their site. They seem to also work in conjunction with ShareASale affiliate network so any of them can get you on board. You’re given affiliate-only promo codes and offers besides other resources to help drive sales. 

Why Would You Promote DaySpring?    

You have an enormous list of products to make a selection of, regular incentives and bonuses, promo codes and offers to utilize to increase sales. 

DaySpring offers free domestic shipping for orders over $50 which you can use to maximize your conversions. They also give top-performing affiliates rewards and bonuses for helping them drive their mission.

Ignatius Press

Ignatius Press Affiliate Program for Christian Affliliate Marketers

Ignatius Press is an apostolate whose mission is to work jointly with the Catholic church in evangelism and education through the publication and distribution of Catholic prints. They’ve been in the Catholic marketplace for over 20 years and always working to deepen the spiritual lives of people in different ways. 

Apart from the Catholic prints, Ignatius Press offers CDs and DVDs of faith-based audio and video contents for children to adults. They have a long list of prints ranging from Bibles to history to gift cards. Day to day resources that go with the catholic mode of service and faith can be found in their store. 

Ignatius Press works in conjunction with commission junction to manage its affiliate program. You’re given banners and other resources as an affiliate to use for your promotion. They pay monthly once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. 

Why Would You Promote Ignatius Press? 

Ignatius Press has an enormous range of products for affiliates with a Catholic audience to make a selection. They offer seasonal specials and regular clearance items which you can leverage to max up sales. 

They also provide you with other holiday special offers. Overall, they’re great for Catholic focused content creators. 

Judaica WebStore

Judaica WebStore Affiliate Program for Christian Affiliate Marketers

Judaica Webstore is an Israeli company that functions as an outlet for several large Israel-based corporations to retail their products. They focus on bringing the best that Israel offers into one place in an online store. 

They have over 20,000 products including books, music, movies, software, Dead Sea cosmetics, Israeli wines, food, home decor and arts. Some of their popular products are obtained from Israel’s best known international retailers like AHAVA Dead Sea skincare, Yarden wines and Nadav Art silverworks.

You can earn from this program if your audience is Jewish communities, Israelis abroad or are Christians who are interested in Holy land products. You can sign up as an associate partner either on their website or through the ShareASale affiliate network. According to them, it takes three business days to review and provide you feedback on your application. You’re given banners and other text links for your promotions. 

Why Would You Promote Judaica WebStore? 

Judaica WebStore is an authoritative online store for Israel-based products with a wide range of products to choose from. It appears to be the number one stop for audiences interested in products from the holy land.  

They offer worldwide shipping and a money-back guarantee which you can tie in your promotions to increase sales. 


Kerusso Affiliate Program for Christian T-Shirts
  • Commission: up to 20%
  • Payment Option(s): Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, PayPal
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • URL: Kerusso Affiliate Program

Kerusso is a leader in Christian apparel whose mission is to help believers proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through products. They’ve grown over the past 25 years to be one of the biggest Christian apparel companies in the world to supply faith-based T-shirts for evangelism. 

They create and design Christian T-shirts, jewellery, toys, gifts and accessories with Bible verse prints and embroidery that many wears to start conversations about Jesus. Every collection of shirts is designed with a targeted message to present an opportunity to share the love of Christ with people.  

Kerusso affiliate program is managed in conjunction with Flexoffers and AvantLink. Affiliates are given several resources to promote their products. They constantly design new collections of products providing a continuous flow of creativity and variations. 

Why Would You Promote Kerusso? 

Kerusso is one of the popular and dominating Christian apparel with a wide range of products of various designs. They have one of the high-paying commissions and good cookie length which are essential for making sizable money.    

NB: Kerusso is currently not accepting affiliate partners anymore. They’re likely to open applications in the near future.  

Memory Cross

Memory Cross Affiliate Program for Christian Affiliate Marketers

Memory Cross is a unique affiliate program that focuses on origami folding cards for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching children. Their creative tools help to inspire today’s generation with the Gospel message. 

Items offered by Memory Cross include Bible stories, Gospel tracts, Scripture memorization cards, envelopes and speciality cards such as flashcards for teaching children ABCs. Besides the Memory Cross cards, they provide Fair Trade products that cover home decor, toys, clothing and more. 

Memory Cross has teamed up with the ShareASale network to offer an affiliate program for interested partners. Affiliates get coupons, banners, texts and other resources for their promotion as well as tools to track, report and receive commissions. You also get access to their affiliate manager for queries. 

Why Would You Promote Memory Cross? 

Memory Cross provides cards with unique designs and contents, a 100% money-back guarantee, free card packs that cost only shipping fees. They offer the longest cookie duration which is good for making sales. 

A portion of their profits is used to support the Foundation Center of Helping Hands Orphanage and the Good Samaritan Medical Clinic. So you’ll not only be making money but helping them to impact lives as well. 

Nest Learning

Nest Learning Affiliate Program for Christian Affiliate Marketers

Nest Learning started over 20 years ago as creators and distributors of animated stories from the New and Old Testaments with the mission to impact the lives of children, families and caregivers. 

Today, Nest Learning covers a wide spectrum of products carving a name for itself as a wholesale distributor of family entertainment, home education and Christian products in the market. They supply products such as home education, Sunday School and VBS curriculum, family and educational DVDs, Christian products, toys, games, apparel, jewellery, home decor and other resources.

Nest Learning partners with ShareASale to provide its affiliate program. Affiliates can track sales, get real-time reporting and commission checks through the network with the resources given.  

Why Would You Promote Nest Learning? 

Nest learning offers over 14,000 products making a good range for your selection. They also offer free shipping for sales over $79 which you can leverage to increase sales and clicks. 

They pay every month provided you meet the minimum threshold requirement. 


PureFlix Affiliate Program for Christian streaming videos
  • Commission: up to $15 per sale
  • Payment Option(s): Direct deposit, Check or Payoneer
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • URL: PureFlix Affiliate Program

PureFlix is a subscription-based video streaming and family-friendly media which focuses on serving contents that inspire hearts, change lives and lift the spirits of members. It’s a Christian equivalent of Netflix where the movies are inspired by the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. 

They have a variety of movies selected to serve all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, how-tos, hobbies, educational videos, and many inspirational and devotional titles.  Their movies can be streamed directly on PCs, iOS, Android, TVs and Roku devices. 

PureFlix affiliate program is managed with commission junction network. You can find it at the advertiser’s section to sign-up. Affiliates are given access to tracking and reporting materials to help them promote their offers.  

Why Would You Promote PureFlix? 

PureFlix is one of the trusted Christian movie streaming services with over 15 years in operation. They provide 7-day free trial and exclusive coupon offers which you can utilize to increase sales. 

The Jerusalem Gift Shop

The Jerusalem Gift Shop Affiliate Program for Israeli Made Products

The Jerusalem Gift Shop is one of the largest and most respected online retailers whose mission is to connect nations around the world to Israel through gifts from the Holy Land. The establishment has been in operation since 2004 and continues to expand its product base through partnerships.

They offer over 3000 gift products including anointing oil, jewellery, perfumes, artworks, cosmetics, ceramics, Bible study tools, Christian and historical books, baby gifts, Christian movies and music. These products are gathered from the best of Believer owned businesses, artists and musicians in the Land into their online store. 

The Jerusalem Gift Shop partners with the ShareASale network to manage its affiliate program. You get affiliate resources for your promotion as an affiliate. They also have a dedicated affiliate manager to answer all queries and issues with their program. 

Why Would You Promote The Jerusalem Gift Shop?  

The Jerusalem Gift Shop is one of the largest Israeli online stores with a vast number of products. Affiliates get promotional codes, a $5 bonus on the first sale, an additional 4% commission on each sale you make in the first 60 days and a $15 bonus on the first 10 days within 30 days of joining. 

They also ship about 95% of orders on the next business day which is great for business. 

Comparative Summary of Christian Affiliate Programs

Most of the Christian affiliate programs as summarized in the table below pay affiliates in the first 20 days of the next month for the previous month’s commissions provided the minimum threshold is met. 

Checking the payment options available to you is a factor to consider when selecting because that will save you a lot of issues. If you’re on the fence and don’t know which one to start with, then you might want to find out from the guide in the next section.  

Affiliate ProgramPlace to Sign-UpProductCommissionCookie DurationPayment MethodMinimum Threshold
American Bible SocietyShareASaleBibles and Christian books10%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Answers in GenesisShareASaleApologetic materials12% or more60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Bein Harim Tourism ServicesShareASale or on websiteTourism packages15%90 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Christian StrongCommission JunctionChristian apparel10%UnknownDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50 for direct and $100 for check
ChurchSourceShareASaleBibles and Christian resources10%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Clear DayShareASaleCourses and Christian resources15%60 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
CrossFlixShareASale or WebsiteChristian movie subscription30%45 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$25 from website and $50 from ShareASale
DayspringShareASale and Commission JunctionChristian gift cards and other resources13%30 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Ignatius PressCommission JunctionCatholic prints and resources10%45 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50
Judaica WebstoreShareASale or WebsiteIsraeli products eg. books, home decor10%30 daysDirect deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer$50


NB: Not available now

Christian apparel20%45 daysBank transfer, Wire transfer, Check and PayPal$25
Memory CrossShareASaleOrigami folding cards and fair trade products15%90 daysDirect deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer$50
Nest LearningShareASaleFamily entertainment, home education and Christian resources12%30 daysDirect deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer$50
PureFlixCommission JunctionSubscription-based videosUp to $15 per sale45 daysDirect deposit, Check or Payoneer$50 for direct and $100 for check
The Jerusalem Gift ShopShareASaleFamily entertainment, home education and Christian resourcesUp to 15%45 daysDirect deposit, Check, PayPal or Payoneer$50

How To Choose the Right Christian Affiliate Program: A Guide

Earning commissions from affiliate programs is a heartfelt joy for every affiliate marketer. However, picking one which suits your audience could be a daunting task for most people, especially beginners. 

While making money could be one of your motivations as an affiliate marketer, putting the interest of your audience first simplifies things for you. Here’s what I’ve put together to assist in your selection. 

1. Know your target audience: Although the general audience for these affiliate programs is Christians, not all of them can help you serve them. So be sure of your exact target and whether or not your contents are in alignment with what the affiliate program offers. 

2. Website Age and Residence: Before dropping your application at any of the affiliate programs, do cross-check to see if they’re particular about your website. Some may prefer established sites while others may care less about it.

Verifying will save you a lot of time and disappointments. There are cases where you shouldn’t hesitate to apply even when they say established sites. But for others that are specific about your country of residence, don’t bother to apply if you don’t qualify.  

3. Payment Method: The last place you want to find yourself is earning commission where it can’t hit your account. Affiliate networks like ShareASale and Commission Junction as found in most of the abovementioned programs have a number of payment methods.

However, they differ from which country you’re in so verify that first. In doing that, you’ll be certain whether or not their program is open to all countries.

4. Commission: You wouldn’t want to leave any money on the table. Knowing the commission in regards to their product value should inform you its worth of your investment or time.

While your focus should be on helping people, earning a pretty decent commission from your effort will be encouraging to grow your online business. Having information on earning per clicks or the average order value of the affiliate program should help you ascertain the earning potential.

5. Cookie Duration: Long cookie period is what you would strive for. Some customers usually do window shopping and may not buy through your direction for the first time. So a pretty long cookie duration will be helpful not to throw some opportunities away if they should go back to buy at another time. 

There are other things like the variety of products offered by the affiliate program, their market domination and authenticity that you shouldn’t also ignore. With these, I think you should be able to make a good selection even as a newbie affiliate marketer. 

Final Thoughts: Recommendations

Affiliate marketing can generate tons of money if you select a good affiliate program for your audience and know how to do it right. Christians who would prefer to buy from faith-based companies due to their belief, it presents a huge opportunity to make even millions. 

I know most Christians tend to shy from money because of the popular Bible phrase “money is the root of all evil”. However, many forget that the emphasis is the “love of money is the root of all evil” so don’t let that keep you from maximizing your earnings when possible. 

The key to increasing sales is getting more traffic to your sites and knowing how to write contents with visitors’ intent. Many affiliate marketers who have learned those skills drive home consistent sales every day. 

I’ve learnt to do that with this platform for over three years now. If you’re just starting out affiliate marketing, then you might want to check it out as well. They provide you with all the resources you need at an affordable price.    

If there’s any Christian affiliate program that you would want me to cover, please kindly share it in the comment below and I’ll look into it. Until then, wish you success with your choice. 

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  1. Thanks for the list of resources for Christian Affiliate Programs. Who knew there were so many, as I don’t think I have heard of any of these. The commission payouts seem pretty good compared to Amazon too.

    If one has a travel blog I think a good one to investigate would be Bein Harim Tourism Services, as many people would love to visit Israel and see the culture and history there. I for one am one of them.

    Crossflix is another one I am going to investigate. However I don’t think I would try and promote bibles online, as many people get them for free from their various church organizations, so I don’t think the market there would be too lucrative.

    • Hi Michel, 

      There are a lot of things you can promote in the Christian related niches. 

      You’re right about promoting Bibles online unless the version you want to promote has some extra features that are hard to find. In this case, it would be beneficial to promote it if people get value from that feature in reading and understanding the Holy Scriptures. 

  2. Oh wow, I never thought there would be affiliate programs for promoting the Christian faith, so I am very pleased to read this information. I grew up in a very Calvinistic Christian household, and it seems that fewer and fewer people are supporting and following a Christian lifestyle.

    Being able to promote Christian living through affiliate marketing, is the ultimate way of getting the message out there. Thank you for sharing a great list of Christian affiliate programs. 

  3. I don’t know why it would be a problem to promote a book from Christianity or a movie. Since we ourselves see that technology is advancing every day, this will not be anything new in a couple of years. Affiliate programs are good for you and will help a lot people who deal with this topic.


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