BTC Clicks Review – A Scam OR Earn Up To 0.00046 mBTC per Click?

Almost everyone speaks of Bitcoins these days and its increasing popularity in the online world is making transactions a bit easier and convenient so people want to have in their wallets some Bitcoins. I guess you might as well want a bit of Bitcoins and BTC clicks present you a way to earn some of these coins.

If you find yourself here, chances are that you’ve heard about BTC clicks and you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or a way to earn 0.00046 mBTC per every ad you click on.

First of all, congratulations. It’s always a good thing to do your diligent check on systems of making money online before you commit yourself even if they present you a free sign up package. I know how it feels like to invest your time in something that in the end doesn’t turn out to be what you were promised.

That’s what I’m going to help you avoid through this review as a multi-income stream enthusiast to save you time.

Is BTC clicks a scam, a waste of time or a worthy course to pursue? This is a question you would answer yourself at the last dot of this review through the guide and the analysis with my experience online. So, let’s get started.

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What is BTC Clicks?

Business name: BTC Clicks

Owner: Not Found on Website


Price: FREE

My Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

BTC Clicks is an advertisement and paid to click (PTC) site which offers individuals who have time to spare to exchange it with bitcoins by viewing ads for 10 – 20 seconds. You’re basically looking at the site that the owners have paid BTC to advertise without having to interact with it or click any button on it. The owners of the sites are of the hope to get people ending up on their sites to know more about them, thereby getting more traffic to their sites.

So, there’re two sides here – advertisers pay BTC clicks for some number of clicks in viewing their site and they do that by paying its members when they view these ads. Similar concepts are used by rotate4all and Clixsense (one of the best and reliable get paid to sites) to provide a fair means for people to earn pennies online. Most of these sites, pay you in cash but this one earns you bitcoins per every ad you view.

They also provide members with a referral program which you can recruit or drive more people to their sites. This is a good option for you to maximize your earning if you see it worth your time to invest. You earn by waiting for the time assigned to the ad to elapse by leaving your browser open. Let’s get to the details to have a fair knowledge as to how you will be earning if you decide to join.

How Does BTC Clicks Work?

They support their paid to click system by using some of the money they receive from advertisers to pay you the viewer. The money is shared according to the membership packages and their referral program.

When you sign up (FREE), you’re given access to their ads after your account is verified through your email. When I first tried out their site, I was given 17 ads which I viewed for 10 seconds for some and others for 200 seconds. The 200 seconds is the highest viewing time I’ve seen so far but the lowest you can get to the best of my knowledge is 10 seconds.

Anytime you click on the ad, you’re taken to a new tab where you’re required to view until the time elapses. After that, you complete the captcha that shows up to earn your bitcoin. That is to ensure that you’re human and if you get the answer wrong, you can refresh it to review. You wouldn’t earn the coin if you don’t stay on the tab for the time to elapse.

You can earn from 0.00002 mBTC to 0.00007 mBTC per the 10 – 20 seconds ad you view. It can be higher than that sometimes when the time is more but bear in mind that the amount is in mBTC so you can imagine how much and how long you would have to view these ads to earn even dollar.

However, there’s an option to double your earning by upgrading to a premium member or referring more people to the platform. You just have to be careful in upgrading to premium.  You can easily lose your money to this system since your earning rate wouldn’t be that high which I don’t think it would be something worth doing as you can’t really depend on the income you would generate.

You can withdraw at a minimum amount of 0.10000 mBTC at no charge fee. You can do the maths to see how long it will take you to accumulate that balance.

Would You Really Earn Much?

Your sole aim in signing up on this platform is to be able to earn an amount that would be worth your time. Once it’s free doesn’t mean you have to spend your precious time which you can equally invest in other ways to generate a reliable income.

Let’s do a simple mathematics here.

1000 mBTC is equivalent to 1 BTC which implies that if you’re earning averagely 0.00005 mBTC, you’re actually making 0.00000005 BTC per ad you view. This is equivalent to 0.000223 USD per ad which is less than a penny. It can be your side attraction thing though but it wouldn’t fetch you much.

1 BTC is equivalent to approximately $4,500 at the time of writing this post. You can only earn a penny if bitcoin should shoot to around an 8 figure. While this is possible, it could take years for this to be realized but does this make it a scam?

Is BTC Clicks A Scam Or A Legit?

From analysis and the looks of BTC clicks, it’s not a scam. It’s been in the system for more than a year per my search which qualifies it as legit. I found out that it’s been around for about 5 years now.  A number of people have good testimonies of payment when minimum payout balance was reached.

However, some have lodged bitter complaints of suspension of accounts and denial of a payment request. From their experience, you’re suspended for violating terms of service without you knowing it. It’s a caution you would have to consider if you intend joining the platform.

You can go here if you want to register and see how it works for yourself.

My Personal Analysis

BTC Clicks has been in the system for long and qualifies as legit but to earn a significant money online, you would have to consider other options to see if its worth your time.

Their website has a simple theme which you can easily navigate around. It’s reasonable for the amount they’re offering as a paid to click site looking at how they sustain their business model from advertisers. And like most of these sites, you don’t have to pay before you view the ad which is what they’re also doing right except for upgrading if you want to earn more.

However, the earning potential is not something you can really depend on. Earning less than a penny a day is not something I would recommend for you to stay with for long although you don’t view the ads for the entire 24 hours. But that time can equally be used to earn a significant money online if you build your own business online.

The referral program is there to step up your earning but hey, you’re just earning a portion of the fractions of pennies they’re making. Note that, the referrals have to work seriously in order for you to see its worth. You can as well upgrade which is something, I wouldn’t urge you to do. Even for that, you’ll still be earning less than a penny a day.

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Your comments are most welcome. Do well to drop your experience below about BTC clicks if you’ve used their platform before and I will be more than glad to connect with you. Until then, I hope you make a good choice.

Your friend,


6 thoughts on “BTC Clicks Review – A Scam OR Earn Up To 0.00046 mBTC per Click?”

  1. Boy, I think I would have to spend all day on the computer looking at ads, etc to earn any kind of minimal income with this.  For this reason, I would definitely stay clear of this and probably any company that is a pay per click type program.  Seems to me I would have to do an immense amount of clicking to make., well  pennies.  Have you tried any of these programs to test out exactly what an hourly wage might be with these types of programs?

    • Thanks for the visit and taking the time to comment. I’ve actually tried to experience the boredom of clicking but it has nothing to put on the table. Actually, the ads you get in a day would take you a maximum of half an hour to finish it. 

      To answer your question, the hourly wage might still be less than a dollar. 

  2. Thanks, Derrick, for this informative post on BTC clicks.

    This is a subject that I find only attractive to “algorithmic techies”. I, for one, would not feel very comfortable investing time and money, in a program that could be swiftly pulled from under my feet.

    Real money, even our so-called plastic money, will be around for a while, IMHO. As you probably know, a money system needs to be “backed-up” with something. Unless all the World Banks deposit ALL their MONEY into Bitcoin, don’t expect to get rich on this system in the near future.

    I do like the other affiliate program that you mention. Having looked through Wealthy Affiliate, it does offer a lot more hope of financial gain, providing one is willing to work hard to become successful. This, in my opinion, is a much better offer.

    I enjoy reading your reviews. They are well-written and entertaining.


    • Thanks, Paul for your kind words and your opinion. I hope others who have the intention to build something significant online find it helpful. 

  3. Hey Derrick,

    It is a great review on BTC clicks. It seems mostly legit.  People complaining about payments is what actually I do not like. That can be part of a scam as per my opinion,

    Making very little money is definitely a waste of time. But sometimes we believe it is better than nothing without considering time and ignorance. I did some like many of us but soon enough I was lucky to realize this boring nerve wreaking earning of pennies are destroying my brain.

    But BTC might earn you some if you get free premium and if you have enough to recruit. If you are in some underdeveloped countries with a weak currency, it might get some pocket money.

    I feel fortunate to get involved in WA where I spent my time wisely.

    • Hello Anusuya,

      Thanks for spending some time here to share your view. It definitely going to make a difference to some in underdeveloped countries but it a matter of how much one values his time. 


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