Is DoPartTimeJob a Scam OR Fastest Way To Make Money?

Is DoPartTimeJob a scam or legit

Yes, making money online is possible and has by far provided financial freedom to people just working at home or anywhere. But is DoPartTmeJob the fastest way to make money online or a scam to shut your hope at?

Welcome to my review and I’m glad that you’re doing your due diligence before you engage in any frantic race that has nothing to offer you. Congratulations on that but to be upfront with you DoPartTimeJob is nothing better than the word “scam” and I will be showing you why you don’t have to waste your precious time on it.

So let’s get started!

What Is DoPartTimeJob About?

Product: DoPartTimeJob

Founder: NOT disclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid Per Click

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: NO ONE except owner

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

Is DoPartTimeJob a scam review

DoPartTimeJob claims to be an intermediary platform that pays you for the amount of traffic you send to their site. To them, anytime users are set to their website their advertisers pay them so they give you a cut of that payment.

They claim to have been on the internet for years and vouch to be paying thousands of dollars every month to their members. All that members require to do, is sit at the comfort of their homes in the couch and engage in an easy task to have money drop in their wallet.

I wish I could say it’s true but honestly not different from most scammers I’ve come across on the internet. It may be convincing for anyone who doesn’t know how things really work on the internet because nothing much goes on with the site and for your information, the site got registered in September 2018. This defies their so many years in the business claim.

To help you understand how this site will leave you in the middle of nowhere and taint your integrity at the end, let’s go through how they claim to make you money with their system.

The Deceptive Working Plan of DoPartTimeJob

DoPartTimeJob shows you 4 simple steps to make money which is no brainer for everyone to follow.

Get registered on the website: You’re asked to provide your username, password, email, address and name to receive the cheque when payment is to be made. Upon providing that, you’re verified instantly.

Login to your Job Dashboard: You’re rewarded $10 just for sign up which is so tempting to believe that system would actually make you money. You’ll find your job description, your activity report and the amount you’re left with in order to make your first withdrawal.

Carry out your job: For your task, you’re to grab your affiliate link and start promoting it to generate traffic to the site. You’re encouraged to give good comments like congratulations, good job and any sort of things that will move people to click on your link on forums, facebook, Youtube channels, blogs, twitter, Instagram and any social media platform you can think of.

They claim that any click on your click earns you $5-10 which could make you the minimum threshold in a very short time but you wouldn’t see it drop into your wallet.

Get paid for your work: They claim to pay you through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at end of every month after you’ve reached the $300 payout amount. That’s good money but it remains only virtual money which you wouldn’t have.

This process sounds so easy for every tom and jerry to make money but you’ll be surprised to find out the skeletons in the cupboard. Before you get so excited, let me take the scales off your eyes.

The Ugly Truth of DoPartTimeJob Revealed!

Several Flaws In the Registration form

A legitimate and real business ensures that its system is not flawed in any form for users to take advantage of it. As stated above that you’re required to provide a username, password and other information to create an account.

DoPartTimeJob is fake
DoPartTimeJob registration

Shockingly, there’s no verification of this information you provide. I tested it by providing at least a character in each section and I was still verified. Who the heck does that? No legitimate system would make you go through registration providing fake information.

Unrealistic Earning Offer

I’ve been online quite some time and knows at least how Google Adsense works. No advertisement company would pay you $5-10 click throughs, not even Google and Amazon do that. And this company whose verification is questionable can’t do that because they’ve been barely a year on the internet.

The $10 sign up bonus is too good to be true because this website is not a charity home. No one would go about dashing you this amount to be just sharing a referral link. Even legit survey sites require a lot of hard work to make $10 – it takes people months to earn that taking surveys.

If it was legit, everyone would be on it with his or her pet to make money. It’s a total waste of time.

Your Withdrawal is a sales funnel

Sure, you’ll see your balance counting and reflecting the money you’ve earned as your referral link is clicked on. It feels good to see that but it’s a dead end. To get to the bottom of this deceitful offer, I did a thorough search. To my utmost surprise, you’re taken to survey offers upon request of withdrawal.

And these surveys are not even free. You have to pay before you’re allowed to take it which doesn’t make sense to me. You don’t need me to explain further that they have nothing to offer you but their own selfish gains at your expense.

DoPartTimeJob has sibling sites of exact interface

Actually, DoPartTimeJob is not the only website with this kind of offers. There’s quite a number of them with the same offer just to get traffic to their sites taking advantage of people’s vulnerability.

DoPartTimeJob scam comparison
KingJobz scam
Payhourlyjobs scam

You don’t need more proof to know what the owners behind this idea are about. They’re leveraging your time and sweat to their riches and nothing else.

Who's Actually Making The Money Here!

By now you should know that DoPartTimeJob doesn’t really care about you but themselves. The free traffic that people are driving to their site is going to make them money and not you. The money you only earn is what you see on your virtual account. That’s all.

In addition, accepting to take their paid surveys offer in your quest to get the $300 would fetch them more money. And I’m suspecting that the surveys you’ll be directed to will bear a referral link. Which means they’ll earn commissions anytime you make money with the surveys.

They’re virtually sucking everything out of you and not giving a damn about you. So it’s of your own interest to stay away from them and not waste your precious time.

Conclusion - Is DoPartTimeJob a Scam or Legit?

DoPartTimeJob is undoubtedly a scam site which I wouldn’t recommend that you spend your precious time on. You might think it doesn’t cost you money at least to sign up initially. Well, I have a different opinion on that.

Think of where your details will end up if it happens that you signed up with your personal information. Not only would you be spammed with emails but it’s likely to be delivered to a third-party which you don’t know what it will be used for.

Also, consider how your integrity would be soiled if you refer friends and families that trust you only to realize in the end that, you’ve made them flog a dead horse. That will be a great disappointment.

There Are Actually REAL WAYS  make money online!

Making money online works if you know how to do it and where to get it. I was once at where you’re until I found how to do it. It’s one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made because I now make passive income online. And I’m done with scams!!

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Over To You!

Do you have any experience with DoPartTimeJob? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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8 thoughts on “Is DoPartTimeJob a Scam OR Fastest Way To Make Money?”

  1. I have a friend that is looking for some part-time work as he is between jobs and he asked me to check this site out. He has looked at a couple so far and just did not feel comfortable with what he saw. Based on your review of DoPartTimeJob seems like another one he can ignore based on your review.

    After reading through carefully what you have reported about the site, from start to finish it sounds like a scam site that I will tell my friend to stay far away from. There is no way I could recommend such rubbish to anyone, let alone a friend. There are some solid ways to make some extra income online, and even a full-time income, but this DoPartTimeJob is not going to do it…

    Thanks for your candor in this review, and thanks for getting the word out so people like me and my friend who needs a little income while he looks for a new job does not get sucked into this platform. Even if he did not lose much money, he would lose time, which has a value as well!

  2. Wow, these scams really are everywhere. Fortunately, they do leave some red flags behind that can give them away, provided the target is paying attention. For one thing, having a payment threshold of $300 is ridiculous. The first thing I’d be asking myself is what would make me so sure I’d even make that much, let alone be able to depend on them to pay it out. It seems to be that it would probably be harder to reach that threshold than it sounds, which is usually the case with just about anything. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Mark, 

      You’re always welcome to my site. I’m glad you see some red flags yourself. Interestingly, desperate and newbies on the internet fall for these scams. I hope most of them find the article useful. 

  3. I’ve been actually a member of this site for two days and i already spread it some of my friends now i got 135 dollars hahaha but i started to think if its right one of my friend told me that this site is scam and i started to look at this site and thank you for give some comment like this to us c

    • Hello, Antonio

      I’m glad the review has been of help to you. While websites like DoPartTimeJob offers you nothing than empty promises, you might want to consider this option that works for me. Who knows, it might be your best shot too.

  4. i worked on this it was really worked up to the payment process
    but after completing capture test it was nothing.
    why this happening is there any other way to do this

    • Hello there,

      To be straight with you, there’s no other way because the DoPartTimeJob is not the right place to be. You’re wasting your precious time and if you really read the review, you would agree that it was a mistake in the first place to sign up. You might want to check out this recommendation if you really want to make money online.


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