Is PrizeRebel Scam OR Make Money Online Now?

The internet is undoubtedly one of the busiest places where opportunities are available for individuals who want to make money out of the time they spend online. I, in particular, make passive income working part-time and I guess you would want to fill your wallet with $ if you’re here. 

PrizeRebel claims to make you money online and it takes you just 10 seconds to get started. That sounds interesting and I’m sure you want to be on the safer side before you jump on the train. First of all congratulations for doing due diligence. 

In this review, I will not only be providing you with a comprehensive guide on whether PrizeRebel is a scam but will help you to make an informed decision and discover other ways to make money online. 

What Is PrizeRebel?

Product: PrizeRebel

Founder: NOT disclosed 


Platform Type: Paid Survey Website

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Is PrizeRebel Scam Review

Prizerebel is a free membership reward website that brings market research companies and users (you and me) in one place. While you offer your opinions or take surveys on new products or services of their partners, points are credited to you in exchange for your time and participation. The points are redeemable for brand name gift cards, online game codes, Amazon gifts and PayPal cash.  

Prizerebel was founded in March 2007 and since then has grown in membership counting 8 million and over. It’s certainly a huge community of people who have the time to spare for extra money. Their doors are open to individuals of 18 years and older across the world but people living in the US, UK, Canada and Australia are likely to find more success with the platform. 

However, users of ages from 13 to 17 would have to seek parental permission before they can access the website. Prizerebel has potential in making you a decent side income and the picture below speaks well of it.  

How Do You Make Money With PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel rewards you in points for a number of tasks and activities you participate on their website. These points are redeemable in rewards once you’ve accumulated enough through the following ways:

#1. Completing offers

There are several options under this category where you’re usually taken to another site to complete specific instructions. Others typically require you to sign up on a site and confirm your account through email whiles others request filling a series of forms until you get to the final page. 

Once the advertiser validates the completion of the offer, PrizeRebel automatically credits the point to your account. The points you earn here varies depending on the type of offer and it’s recommended that you turn off any adblocker or firewalls which may lead to loss of points.

#2. Taking Surveys

This is where most of your points will come from. PrizeRebel partners with market research providers who want your opinion on products and services in exchange for points. So here, you’re basically trading your time and views about products for money but before you get started, you have to fill out your profile which earns you 10 points. 

The information you provide in your profile affects the number of surveys you’ll be eligible to so make sure the right details are filled. However, you’re required to answer a few questions for any survey you pick which is to ensure that you’re the right match. After completion, you’re credited points once the providers have checked and validated your answers. 

The points you earn here is dependent on the kind of market research provider and the time the survey takes. The daily survey routers include your Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, OxSample Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys and others.

#3. Watching Videos

This is the easiest and coolest activity to engage yourself for points but the downside is that the earning rate is very low as compared to paid surveys. PrizeRebel provides several partners but the one you might want to start off with is EngageMe TV. You select the video provider you’re interested, create an account and link it to your PrizeRebel account. 

To prevent losing credits after watching the video, turn off your adblocker. You’re required to watch all ads before and after the video for your points are dependent on it. Once the provider credits you, the points are automatically updated on your PrizeRebel account. 

#4. Completing Tasks

These are small jobs which requires accurate answers as much as possible in order to be credited points. Before you participate in any, you have to create an account with Figure Eight and follow the required instructions to complete the tasks. 

#5. Referral Program

For spreading the opportunities in PrizeRebel to friends, families, social media community or classmates, you’re rewarded points for anyone that signs up through your link. As your referral participates in PrizeRebel community, you earn a 20% bonus on their earnings. This is the fastest way to maximize your earning rate which requires effort. 

#6. My Winnings 

This section has three ways of earning points – raffles, lucky numbers and contests. Raffles and lucky numbers are ways to gamble with your points to earn more points. When you win upon announcement after the period for the lottery is over, you’re credited with the points. 

On the other side, contests are free participation challenge which takes place within some period. Every contest comes with a set of qualification requirements in order to win the designated prize. The contests are usually tasks, offerwalls, surveys, watching videos or referrals. 

#7. Promotion codes

PrizeRebel occasionally releases promo codes on their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. So if you’re mostly hooked to these platforms, you can redeem the promo codes for points which normally earns you around 5 points. Small, right? Anyway, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

#8. Daily Challenge

You earn extra points if you’re able to reach daily goals set by PrizeRebel which is usually earning a certain number of points in a day. The points that normally counts for this challenge are those earned through activities in Surveys, Offerwalls, Offers, Tasks, Daily Points, Engageme and Videoloyalty.

The above is certainly not all the ways to earn points but I’ve covered the core of them which is to give you the broader view of the earning potential in PrizeRebel. Having this information at hand you might be wondering “how to get started or how much you can make?”. Let’s find out. 

How Do You Get Started?

The first thing is to sign up on the website which takes you only 10 seconds. It’s as simple as a smile. 

1. Fill out the form with your name, email and choose a password

2. Check your email for validation link and follow it to confirm your membership. Voila! you’re ready to make money

3. Participate in the numerous options from surveys to watching videos and redeem your points. 

To maximize your earning, you might want to check out this quick video to put you the right track. 

How Much Money Can You Earn?

It’s a relevant question to make an informed decision. To be straight with you, PrizeRebel like all survey sites can’t make you rich overnight or can’t be a reliable source of income for your livelihood. But it certainly can be a side gig to make decent extra income for your spare time. 

1000 PrizeRebel points are equivalent to $10 which in effect means every point you earn makes you $0.01. While it’s better than most get-paid-to view ads, it will require consistency and a bit of time to make money every day. If you can’t stand the test of time, then you might want to check out the best ways to make money testing websites that earn you averagely $10 for 20 minutes you spend.  

However, if you can keep up with the daily challenge as a work at home Dad or Mum, then you can make a withdrawal every day or every 4 days. With a minimum 200 points, you can redeem it for $2 gift cards, whereas 500, 1000 points and more can be redeemed for PayPal gift card and others. PrizeRebel has several rewards to redeem your points. 

The Pros/Cons of PrizeRebel


#1. It’s FREE to join

#2. Several ways to make extra money

#3. You can redeem points as low as 200 for $2 gift cards

#4. Good payment reports

#5. You can access the website on personal computer, tablets and smartphones

#6. Different varieties of redeemable rewards


#1. The earning rates are very low compared to building your own business (Affiliate marketing)

#2. Some offers are a waste of time to participate

#3. Screening questions of surveys can be frustrating 

#4. Most of the offers take you to different websites.

Is PrizeRebel a Scam or Legit?

PrizeRebel is over 10 years online hosting market research providers and other task-based opportunities to provide members decent ways to make extra money online and they’re doing just that. The website is not a scam because they’re paying members as stated in their claims. Definitely, there will be technical glitches and a few complaints but it’s not a scam. 

While all indicators point to the fact that PrizeRebel is legit and doing well, you have to put in the effort to make the money. However, the earning rate is not much so you might be asking yourself if it’s worth your time. If you want something that can fetch you more than PrizeRebel, Wealthy Affiliate University training can help you out. 

A survey shows that people who are interested in PrizeRebel also like Respondent, PointsPrizes, Clixsense and TimeBucks. So you might want to check them out if you want to maximise your earning. 

Final Thoughts - Is PrizeRebel Worth Your Time?

PrizeRebel is undoubtedly one of the best side gigs to exchange your time for extra income. But is that something you’re willing to do for the rest of your life? I hope not, because you actively have to engage in activities of the platform to accumulate pennies. What if you can equally be your own boss to make passive income for a better life rather than making someone else rich? As a multiple income stream enthusiast, I encourage and provide opportunities to my readers to add to their income streams but PrizeRebel can’t be your mainstream. 

For me, PrizeRebel is far below my worth so I don’t spend much time on it. I channel most of my time and resources to affiliate marketing which is making me passive income. I got the training from Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t thank them enough for the kind of future they’re helping me to build. The fascinating thing about them is the supportive community that’s always on the alert to help you succeed. That and other reasons are why I recommend it as the #1 sure way to create multiple income streams.

If you’re interested, I’ll encourage you to follow me to the training and I’ll be more than glad to welcome you and help you with my experience to succeed. You can start yours for FREE here and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

Have you tried PrizeRebel before? Feel free to share your experience in the comment box below and it will be of great help to others. 

I’m always ready to link up with you if you have any questions too. Drop it below and I will surely be in touch with you.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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