Is MySurvey a Legit Website OR Scam? Be Informed!

The internet has become a very busy place where activities ranging from social and making money take place. You and I would agree that we spend way too much time reading emails, linking up with friends, reading the news, shopping online, updating social media accounts and many others. While some spend a lot of time just socializing, others like me make a living with the opportunities on the internet. Have ever you considered opportunities which can drop $ into your wallet?

MySurvey claims to be one of the platforms that can pay you for the similar things you do online like offering opinions on products and other services. If you find yourself here, chances are that you want to make some decent money and wondering whether MySurvey is a legit platform or just one of the scam schemes to stay away from.

Congratulations on doing your due diligence.

What Is About?

Product: MySurvey

Founder: WWP group 


Platform Type: Paid Surveys

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

MySurvey review

MySurvey is an online survey community that has been in existence since 1946 as National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS collecting opinions from US citizens to influence the products of their sponsors. In 2001, the current website was launched to enable consumers to offer their opinions online and since then has been spare time stop-joint to make extra income online. 

The website is owned by one of the world’s leading communication groups, WPP who are also founders of Lightspeed where MySurvey is categorized. The website claims to have rewarded over $32 million to its members’ worldwide and continues to pay as many who can offer their opinions to influence products and services. 

They offer a variety of surveys which cost you $0 to be a member. After confirmation of membership, you can offer your opinions via cell phone or mobile app, PC, laptop or tablet and you’re rewarded in points which are redeemable in gift cards.   

How Do You Make Money With MySurvey?

As a rewarding site, you have to set up your profile after signing up in order to be considered for survey opportunities that fit the kind of information you’ve provided. The company rewards you in the following ways of contributing to products and services; 

  • Product Testing
  • Video Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Referral Program

While making money by sharing your opinions may sound easy, you have to be a bit knowledging about the product or service in question. Occasionally, MySurvey provides products or services to be tested by their members which earn you points. 

With their current development, you get a couple of tasks which requires you to take surveys via video where using a webcam is unavoidable. You’re also eligible to take surveys with your mobile phones which earns you a minimum of 10 points for every 5 minutes survey taken. 

One of the ways to maximize your earning rate is referring people to the site. Every sign up of friends or families you get on the websites earns you around 150 points which is $1.5 by approximation. So if you have a high social following, it might be the easiest way to increase your earning if people are interested. 

Bonus Sweepstakes

As a way to engage members in their survey adventure, MySurvey randomly selects members for a draw where you’re given the chance to win for yourself 10,000 points for being a participant in their community. This takes place every month and it’s more of a survey challenge, so the more you participate the higher the chances of accruing points.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

To be straight with you, MySurvey can’t make you rich overnight but with a little effort and consistency, you can make a decent extra income for your wallet. The minimum redeemable points in MySurvey is 1,000 which is equivalent to $10. In other words, you make $0.01 for every point you’re credited. The online surveys of different topics typically earn you $0.5 to $1.25 which comes in varying lengths. Usually, 5 min survey could earn you 10 points while others can earn you more. 

How do you redeem points?

Once you’ve reached the minimum points, you can request for withdrawal through their various options. Usually, you’re rewarded points once you complete a survey but some situations wait for the survey to end which can take like months. The ways to redeem your points are;

  • Cash paid via PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Tango gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Donations to charity

However, the minimum points for withdrawal may vary slightly in other gift cards. 

MySurvey rewards

Is MySurvey a Scam or Legit? Do I Recommend?

Usually, a website which has been in existence for more than a year qualifies as legit but considering the complaints of most users, it’s hard to stick out my neck for MySurvey that they’re a reliable company to make money with. They’ve existed online for more than 15 years but are not offering the claims as stated currently. 

In this light, I would recommend you to look elsewhere to make extra money. You can start with the best work at home sites that are not scams and are free but if you want a similar opportunity like MySurvey, then Clixsense and PointsPrizes are reliable platforms to go.

The value you place on yourself is how worth your time is to you. I don’t recommend MySurvey per my analysis of their performance. The following are some complaints to look out for; 

Complaints Against MySurvey

As convincing as they sound “World’s #1 Paid Survey Website” which I would side with them as a past glory title is now undoubtedly the “world’s worst paid survey website”. I did some background check and found the following common complaints;

#1. Easily banned for fraudulent act with no reason

A number of users after facing some technical glitch with their account are mostly banned and labelled as fraud. You’re not provided with any explanation for that and all the hard-earned points are scrapped. 

tagged as fraudster

#2. Awful Support System

Some users have expressed their resentment over the non-responsive support of MySurvey in times of technical glitches. Finding solutions through their customer service had mostly ended in account close up or loss of points. 

awful support system
awful support center

#3. No points rewarded for completed surveys

Some users have been denied points after completing surveys for unexplained reasons. Reaching customer service hasn’t been a solution to the problem other than calling you a fraud or closure of an account. 

no points rewarded
points not awarded

Are you tired and sick of these complaints? If you like making some extra bucks with surveys, then chances are that you’ll earn far more checking out Respondent and PointsPrizes

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Final Thoughts - An Evergreen Alternative!

MySurvey has been in operation for long with a good history of payout rate but that cant’ be said about them now. They’ve changed from an excellent company to a horrible one which I wouldn’t wish for you to spend your precious time chasing a dead horse. 

Taking MySurvey out of the picture doesn’t leave you with nothing. In fact, there are numerous ways to make money on the internet. The one I’ve found working for me perfectly in making money online is through affiliate marketing. I’ve been doing that on a part-time basis and I’m earning passive income. I got the training from Wealthy Affiliate University which I owe everything I’ve learnt to them and the awesome support from the community. 

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Over To You

Do you have any experience with MySurvey? I will be glad if you can share it in the comment box and you’re going to help people to make a good decision. If you have questions about anything in this post, please do well to drop it below and I will be glad to respond. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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