Is The AZ Formula Scam OR Bank Up To $2,000 Per Day?

Is the AZ Formula a scam

$2,000 a day!? That’s pretty much an amount to receive a shareholder offer from your bank if it should actually be dropping into your account. This is what the owner of AZ Formula would want you to believe with his supposedly done-for-you affiliate system.

Is the AZ Formula a scam or you can actually bank up to $10,000 per week as hyped in the video? Your guess may be as right as mine that it’s too good to be true.

First of all, I congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before buying any shiny looking product that can’t deliver as being hyped.

You may have come across AZ formula reviews on YouTube or blogs. I’m going to give you an in-depth look at what this seemingly done-for-you system offers.

To be upfront with you, the content of the product has quality information but the way they went about it and other issues make it very very scamming. So stick around, let me break it down right here and right now.

What Is AZ Formula About?

Product: AZ Formula

Founder: Steven Cook (NOT REAL)


Platform Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Cost: $37 + $494 Upsells

Best For: NO ONE except owner and affiliates

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

AZ Formula Review logo

The AZ Formula is an affiliate marketing system which claims to make you $2,000 per day or even more starting today. He adds that you don’t even need any special skills, abilities or training to start making that money and his done-for-you system has helped about 142 people in eCommerce.

AZ Formula Review Scam Hype

Well, the first thing I want you to note is that these claims are outrageous. Making $2,000 per day is possible online. However, Steven Cook says starting from today which is very misleading. Trust me, if it were that easy everyone will be doing it.

And how is he going to make you that money? All that this system provides is Amazon affiliate marketing guide which you have to learn and unlearn in the process to make money. That’s what he’s not being honest in the video.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make genuine money online by promoting third-party products and receive commissions on sales. You actually need the training to excel but Steven is making you believe that no training is required.

Inside AZ Formula

This third-party affiliate system doesn’t provide you much on what you’re actually going to get. Like Steven is making you believe, all that you’re required is follow the below instructions to get started…

AZ Formula Review sign up

That’s all! Nothing is provided on the homepage again. All that you get is the over-hyped video of people giving false information that it works. But after you purchase, this is what happens…

You’re Hit With Upsells

After you make the purchase, you’re sent to a confirmation page where you can download the digital product of AZ formula. When your payment is approved, a little congratulation form appears with $197 upsell tag.

AZ Formula upsell 1

This comes immediately after you’ve paid the $37 and they don’t give you the information right away. That could be very disheartening and it’s dishonest.

They try to downsell you when you turn down that offer. A product which cost $197 is now going for $97. They’re trying to squeeze all the money from you. All this while, you wouldn’t receive the $37 product.

AZ Formula downsell

Again, this is immediately after you’ve paid the $37. At this point, they would have made around $200 from you if you purchase the upsells. When you ignore these offers, you’re then taken to a different page to log in with your details again. That’s when you’ve said no to the $297 upsell too.

AZ Formula log in

What You’ll Find In AZ Formula

That takes you to the AZ formula members area where they try to get you into believing the possibility of making the $2,000 a day with a list of earning on the dashboard. It is just to get you started and nothing else.

AZ Formula dashboard

They’ve outlined how to get started in an easy to follow steps and videos which is one good thing I would say about them.

  1. Get Your Free Commission Site
  2. Get Your AZ Formula Affiliate Theme
  3. The AZ Formula – Main Guide
  4. Bonus – Amazon Affiliate BluePrint

However, you will find that most of the guide would recommend to you hosting platforms, themes and other resources which contains affiliate links. They’re really going to drain your purse to get you started in affiliate marketing which you can actually get it for free in Wealthy Affiliate.

You’re going to spend more than the $37 that this AZ formula says.

The AZ Formula – What Does It Offer

Finally to the main guide! This is a 40-page ebook which outlines how to get started in becoming an affiliate marketer with Amazon. It actually provides really good information which is not 100% scam but there are skeletons in the cupboard that you’ll be shocked to know.

In the first place, Steven Cook is dishonest. If you can recall in his overly hyped video…you don’t need any skills, training or abilities but that’s exactly what the guide is teaching you to do.

AZ Formula Scam Hype

Is this the kind of person you want to trust?

Summary of AZ Formula

The guide provides very comprehensive information which I wouldn’t be going into details. All that you’ll learn in the guide are summarized below;

  1. What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?
  2. Finding a Suitable Niche for Your Site
  3. Choosing a Domain Name
  4. Choosing a Fast Web Host
  5. Setting Up Your Niche Site
  6. Content Strategy for Your Niche Site
  7. On-Page Optimization for Your Niche Site
  8. Link Building for Your Niche Site
  9. Setting Up Social Media Profiles
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategies for Niche Sites
  11. How I Scale Up My Niche Sites
  12. How I Flip My Niche Sites

These are pretty good information that gives you a better understanding from a newbie perspective on how affiliate marketing works.

However, all these information are found at owned by Rohit Palit. It’s there..word for word which makes it suspicious that he’s behind all this. Or it could be that someone has stolen his intellectual property and making money out of it.

Rohit Palit is really versed in SEO and has a good reputation on the internet. So why would you be buying free information on the internet?

This why I wouldn’t recommend AZ formula to you.

The Ugly Truth of AZ Formula Revealed!!

#1 Steven Cook, the CEO & Founder Is Not Real

I copied the address of the founder image on the homepage to TinEye site and guess what…..similar image has been used on different sites.

AZ Formula founder scam

Actually, the image is from the shutterstock which the designer of the website used. So Steven Cook is a pseudonym and is not a real person to find anywhere.

If the AZ formula is as good to deliver results as what it been hyped in the video, why would the owner be using the wrong identity? This means their intentions are not to help you make money but rather rob you of what you’ve sweat for.

#2. The AZ Formula is actually FREE!

You’ll be throwing your money away if you buy this product. All that you get from AZ Formula is not different from the guide Rohit Palit has outlined on his website – It’s totally free…word for word.

So, the question is…who’s actually behind the AZ Formula? There are only two possibilities; either Rohit or someone has stolen his content to make money out of it.

#3. Fake Testimonials

All the testimonials backing the AZ Formula are nothing but lies. Most of these crooks hire people on Fiverr to make fake testimonial videos for them. Don’t be surprised, that’s the reality with the internet.

az formula fake testimonial

With as little as $10, you can get someone to do that. You see how interesting it is just to lure people into purchasing a fake product.


AZ Formula featured logo

You see how they’re making you believe that they’ve been featured by Forbes and the likes. For those of you, who are moved by the these brands, it’s to play on your intelligence.

Steven Cook has no good intentions to make you $2,000 a day.

#4 Overly Hyped Product

Do you think Steven Cook will sell a done-for-you system that generates $2,000 a day for just $37? Just think of it….front end price together with the upsells summing to about $531 which is approximately 27% of what one system generates in a day.

I don’t think he cares about you that much to offer that to you at a low price. If it’s really true, he would have given the blueprint to his friends and families……, not you.

Affiliate marketing is what I also make money online with and to be honest with you, it’s not that simple to make $2,000 a day. Although, it’s possible but not in the way he’s making you believe.

In addition, he said done-for-you system but actually, it’s not. With what I’ve seen in the AZ Formula is nothing than a guide. You’re going to set up everything by yourself and write your own contents. In fact, you can get all that AZ Formula provides for free at Wealthy Affiliate together with a supportive community.t

The Good

#1. Request For Refund

As part of Clickbank policies, you can get a refund if the product doesn’t deliver results as claimed by the vendor. This is actually not a good side of the AZ Formula but from Clickbank.

You get a refund by following the necessary procedure as outlined in Clickbank’s terms of sale.

Conclusion - Is AZ Formula Scam or Legit?

From the perspective of the content provided in AZ Formula, it’s pretty much relevant information to give you an understanding of affiliate marketing. However, the claims and issues with the AZ Formula make it nothing more than a scam.

In my opinion, it’s designed to rip off people of their hard earned money and leave you in frustrations. A Founder who can’t stand by his product is enough to tell you that the self-proclaimed done-for-you system is not worth your money.

But there’s a better way…….

For my journey in affiliate marketing, what I’ve come to learn is that having good training, the right tools and surrounded by likeminded people is enough to make you succeed online. You get all these in Wealthy Affiliate. You can put your credit card away and start for free.

In addition, I’m willing to offer you my experience to succeed in your affiliate marketing business if you would start it. I’ve helped others and I’m ready to help you too. 

Wealthy Affiliate comment


Over To You!

Do you have any experience with AZ Formula? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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Your friend, 


4 thoughts on “Is The AZ Formula Scam OR Bank Up To $2,000 Per Day?”

  1. Another one! This one’s even crazier, promising $10k a week, lol. You are doing a great service here by alerting the public to these thieves and unscrupulous opportunists. This one seems classic with a small startup, followed by ridiculously high upsells. While it seems like most people should be wise to this by now, we have to remember that not everyone has seen what these crooks can do yet. There’s always a first time for everyone and it may come later for some than for others. If anything, it’s important to get this information out there, because you never really know how many honest people you’re saving from a very costly mistake.

    • Hello Mark, 

      I’ve been scammed before so I know what it feels like in desperate times to seek change in one’s life only to be led to a dead end. I hope others find it useful. 

  2. Your article has just opened up my eyes, to how someone like me can be easily scammed on the internet. I have experienced being part of AZ Formula.

    I joined it at one time when I was very new to creating an online income. I was sold by AZ Formula’s statement, that I did not need to have any background experience, well yes…and just as you said, the minute I joined and paid my initial $37, their up sells started popping up.

    I also verify, your comment about, the guide being the only good thing they offered. Needless to say, I ceased my membership and got out of the AZ Formula as soon as I could. This is now over a year ago before I found your suggested program, Wealthy Affiliate, which is an amazing platform, by comparison to AZ Formula.

    Great to know as well, that you can look up someone’s image on Tin Eye site or Fiverr, to check if people are actually real or not. Thank you for that tip; one I wished I knew back then.

    Your post has given me great advice and much to think about, in future, when checking out other affiliate programs.

    • Hi Tuakalau, 

      Thanks for sharing your comment and I’m glad you’ve found something valuable in the post. I hope several others with interest to make money online finds it too. 


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