Taking Work Review: Before You Regret Check Its Scam Status!

Hi there! Welcome to my Taking Work Review.

TakingWork.com claims to provide you with simple data entry jobs and tasks which you can earn as much as $3,000 per month just working with your computer 2-3 hours a day. Did this get your attention?

If you’re here, my guess is that it sounds too good to be true in your ears and want to be on the safer side. First of all congratulations for doing your research and I must say your guess is as right as mine – Taking Work is a big scam and it will be of your own interest to stay away.

That’s what they’ve proven to be do well and if you care to make money online then I can show you the best way to do it.

In this review, I’ll not only show you what makes TakingWork.com a scam website but will share with you legit ways to make money online. Let’s cut to the chase.

What Is TakingWork About?

Product: TakingWork

Founder: NOT disclosed

Website: takingwork.com

Platform Type: Data Entry Job

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: NO ONE except owner

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

is Taking Work scam

Taking Work claims to be data entry jobs provider which you can sit at the comfort of your home with your coffee beside you and make decent money monthly. The domain of this site was registered on May 2018 which is the same month this scam site: InstantWorking also got registered.

It’s not a surprise that both of them sing the same thing. They claim to provide you data entry jobs which earns you $1 per line and pays you through bank cheques, PayPal, Bank transfer, Western union etc,

The minimum threshold for withdrawal of your earnings is $100 but hardly would you get the money into your account if you even get a data entry job.

If you need a place to make money with the internet, then it’s not TakingWork. It’s a scam and I’ll proof to you soon but before that let’s see how they work.

How Do You Start Off TakingWork?

Register an account: You provide basic personal information including your email and you get verified. Immediately you log in to your account, you’ll see that you’re credited with $5 as sign up bonus.

Data Entry Jobs: That’s what they claim to provide you…. a data entry for captcha but surprisingly there isn’t even one for you to enter. You won’t find any on your dashboard. However, they claim that each line of data entry earns you $1.

In addition, they claim to offer you 50% on earnings of people you refer to the site. This would have been a super easy way to make money but I’m afraid so. You’re not going to realize these claims because they’re total lies. Let me show you why…

The Red Flags Of TakingWork Revealed!

The Data Entry Job Is a Lie

There are data entry jobs opportunities on the internet but TakingWork is not the place to get such jobs. When you go to your dashboard, there’s no data entry job section for you to start although they tell you data entry is done in your account after registration.

There’s actually nothing like that and all those news about the increment of data entry earning are fallacies.

It’s Just a Cloned Website

TakingWork is not different from InstantWorking in all aspects except for the homepage colour. They’re just wearing a different cover but all their offers, structure and almost everything is the same. I suspect they’re from the same owner just wasting people’s precious time and data bundle to their gain.

Just to point out a few…

  • They were registered in the same month and year with the same registration contact.
  • The information in the dashboard is exactly the same except for the theme colour
  • No contact information provided
Taking Work scam comparison

Unrealistic Earning Claims

Taking Work claims to pay users $1 per line of data entry which makes me wonder where they’re really coming from. They’re too far below the ladder of a multimillion company to pay you that amount. Not to talk of how long they’ve been in the system.

Even paying survey sites like SurveytimePointsPrizesRewards1GrabPointsTimeBucksPrizeRebel and PaidViewpoint wouldn’t pay you that amount for the kind of claims they’re making.

They’re not a charity website to be dashing you that money if at all they’re even providing the data entry jobs. They have no thought of you so trying out Respondent would pay you better.

Site Support Is Not Responsive, Dead!

They claim to give coaching session and classes to their members in order to upgrade their skills and earn more. I wish I could say so but it a total lie. There’s no support or coaching of that sort on their platform. They just cooked those writings.

In reality, the site support is actually dead and there’s no assistance for you in case you encounter any problem. The contact button only takes you to somewhat chat or comment area they have written.

The information you find under the contact as reviews from users of the platform is exactly the same as that of InstantWorking.com. This makes it so obvious that the two sites originate from the same owner.

Unsecured Website and Fake Registration

Before you enter any personal information on a site, the first thing you would want to check is the security. Taking Work is not secured so you have to give it a second thought when registering. What is means is that attackers can get hold of your details.

Taking Work not secured

As I suspected TakingWork to be a scam and not any serious website, I tried registering with just characters and guess what. The registration went through with no proper check whether I’m a real person or not?

Taking Work Scam registration

Do you think a real site of legit business would let anyone pass through registration without verification? So, keep your personal information and seek opportunities that work online. These legit websites verifies you and you can atleast make money. 

No Payment Proof And You Wouldn’t Be The First!

What the owner of the site has learned to do well is duplicate the same site and put them in a different interface. Nothing good comes from this site so if you think what they claim to offer you is real then you’re deceiving yourself.

Your wallet wouldn’t taste the smell of the earnings from this website because they don’t pay anything. There hasn’t been any payment proof and you will not be the first to receive any money. If the website doesn’t provide you with any data entry jobs, then what are you going to get paid for?

RespondentRewards1PointsPrizesSurveytime will have something better to offer you if you really want to make a side income. Other than that, the best way to make a reliable income is through this recommendation.

Conclusion - Is TakingWork a Scam or Legit?

TakingWork is scam which you don’t have to waste your precious time on. The site is unsecured for your personal safety, has no data entry jobs as they claim and you wouldn’t make any money.

Think of where your details will end up if it happens that you signed up with your personal information. Not only would you be spammed with emails but it’s likely to be delivered to a third-party which you don’t know what it will be used for.

Also, consider how your integrity would be soiled if you refer friends and families that trust you only to realize in the end that, you’ve made them flog a dead horse. That will be a great disappointment.

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Over To You!

Do you have any experience with TakingWork? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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  1. Any time the owner is seemingly nonexistent, that’s the first red flag. The second red flag came from the screenshots of the website, it looked like something from the 1990s. Upon visiting the site myself, it looked like something that some amateur college student designed in a dorm room. Like, wow….I don’t know how anyone would fall for this but upon clicking the Contact page, there are actual people on the page contacting the ‘admin,’ whoever the admin is. 

    • Hello Todd, 

      Thanks for visiting and grateful for your comment. I hope it helps desperate people to realize that there’s nothing to be made on the website. 


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