Kids Earn Cash Review. You’ll Be Shocked! Total Scam!!

Kids Earn Cash Review. You’ll Be Shocked Total Scam

The minds behind Kids Earn Cash ( never cease to amaze me with the effort they put in playing on the intelligence of people. It’s obvious how their conscience is seared with a hot iron to make riches at the expense of people’s sweat. 

If you’re here, chances are that you’ve stumbled on Kids Earn Cash with the claims to make you $500 a day. To them, it’s possible because they’re the #1 influencer platform that has the capacity to make you quick money just sharing your affiliate link on social media and doing other menial tasks. 

As simple and easy that it sounds, you’ll be shocked to discover what they truly are. First of all, congratulations on doing your due diligence. The internet is full of fraudulent websites and it’s good to do your research to find yourself on the right side. 

This review will not only help you to answer whether “Kids Earn Cash is legit or scam?” but will help you make an informed decision on how making money online works. Let’s delve in! 

What Is Kids Earn Cash About?

Product: Kids Earn Cash

Founder: NOT disclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid To Invite Friends

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: NO ONE!

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

Kids Earn Cash Review Total Scam

Kids Earn Cash claims to be the #1 influencer platform that puts money into your wallet just promoting them on social media. They claim to connect you termed as “influencer” with top advertisers such as Target, Amazon, Epic Game, Apple and more. Strangely, you’ll hardly find any ad from their self-acclaimed advertisers on the dashboard. 

They claim that their main goal is to build exposure for these brands. So as an influencer, you get paid for sending traffic to their site while you refer people through social media with your affiliate link. For every friend or individual, you refer to the site, you’re credited $10 which is pretty good money but it never drops into your wallet. 

The interesting thing is that, they claim to have been on the internet for quite some time and that their growth has made it possible to increase referral bonus from $0.1 to $10. Are they that generous? I wish I could say that, but it’s not different from what their flipped domains have claimed. 

When it comes to getting paid, they claim to process your payment through PayPal, Western Union, emailed checks, CashApp and more. The overall outlook of the site looks professional to outwit anyone stumbling on them for the first time. 

I was really fascinated by the change of website interface as I’ve been following them for quite some time when I realized that they’re in to make money for themselves. Their claims haven’t changed and I’ll be showing you soon

How Does Kids Earn Cash Claims To Make You Money?

As an influencer on the platform, what you’re required to do is as simple as a smile.

Sign up for free and get your unique affiliate link. Upon signing up, you’re dashed $25 and seeing that on your dashboard really raises hopes to carry out the mission of spamming social media :). Next is head to your social media account: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and drop the link there.

They make it easier this way: search for “I need money or making money online” and respond to those threads as if offering help and drop your referral link. That sounds easy, right? It is, but you’ll only end up preaching a false message.

Every referral that is directed to the site earns you $10 which you will see it counting on your dashboard. So if you’re able to refer say 10 people in a day that’s $100 which will reflect but you will never get it.

They also encourage you to create a Youtube video about Kids Earn Cash which earns you $50. Summing the above can make you more than the minimum $150 of withdrawal.

But you see, they make it so easy that everyone and his dog can make a fortune just bringing people to join. The truth is that no one will ever pay you such a high amount of money. NOT even Google! These are empty promises which have nothing to offer you but taint your integrity if you personally refer friends who later find out that it’s a scam.

In fact, the trend has never changed except for their website interface.

The Shock! Is Kids Earn Cash Scam or Legit?

Kids Earn Cash is nothing but a complete scam. What they’ve specialized in doing is changing domain names, adding a few twists here and there and playing on the intelligence of people who are mostly oblivious to how making money online works.

And I’m glad to help you with my experience to expose what Kids Earn Cash stand for. Here we go;

#1. Kids Earn Cash is just a rebranded scam website

I’ve been following this “invite friends to earn money” for quite some time and have seen it changed from Dinero Facil Gratis to Kids Paid Money to Kids Get Money which I recently reviewed and currently to Kids Earn Cash

The first three names had the same website interface and testimonies but this time around they’ve decided to wear a new look. If you’re not convinced type and see where you’ll be redirected to. So the question is if they have the intention to make you money, why would they be flipping their domains.

#2. Unrealistic Earning Claims

I don’t think the owners of this platform doesn’t know what money is used for to dash you $25 for just signing up, $10 for every referral and $50 for Youtube video that you create. They have no means to offer you such high earning as they just got registered. shows that their domain was registered on February 16, so how can they pay that amount. 

What amazes me is how they claim that “When we first started, we used to pay our influencers $0.10 for every referral they had. However, since then, our service, advertisers, and clientele have grown and the value of your referrals have grown. As our ad revenue and popularity increases, we pay you for the traffic you bring to our site ($10 for every referral)”.

Who the heck does that! They’re not a charity platform to give such free offers. Not even Gurus of the internet world like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft or Amazon. They’re leveraging your precious time to their riches. That’s all!

#3. Fake Stats and Testimonials

They’ve really stepped up this time around. Having a testimonial video claiming millions of dollars earned in 3 months. This can’t be true since their domain was just registered on February 16 as mentioned earlier. You see, they’re just putting measures in place to bait people who’re less informed on how making online works or are desperate to make money.

Fake Stats and Testimonials

As if it’s not enough, they’ve also cooked fake statistics to show that they’re really paying. Their stats are as fake as the quick testimonials they’ve shown. One thing they’ve done differently is that there’s no anonymous testifier but it doesn’t change what their intentions are – soil your trust with friends for them to make money out of it. 

Fake Stats

#4. Withdrawal is just a dream

You’ll automatically be drained of energy when the reality dawns on you that all the precious time and internet bundle you’ve burnt have nothing to offer in return. While you’ll see the money counting on your dashboard to excite you that the system works, the shock of your life follows suit when the money never drops into your account. 

Usually, you’re redirected to other sites as a way of showing a proper procedure in withdrawal. Truthfully, it’s a disguise to send you to a somewhat survey form which wastes your time on top of that. They’ll play you back and forth till you give up.

Final Thoughts - Here's How to Make Money

All indicators point out that Kids Earn Cash is not a platform worth your precious time. It’s a total scam website which has specialized in outwitting people who have the desire to make money online. You might be tempted to think that once it’s free, you can sign up and see for yourself. You can do that but I wouldn’t advise you to do that because you don’t know what your details will be used for. You simply have to stay away from them.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online. I was once in your position searching for every shiny thing that’s tagged “make money” which ended me up in losing my hard earned money and precious time. Thankfully, you didn’t lose money with Kids Earn Cash even if you joined. I can show you how I make passive income online through affiliate marketing just working part-time if you’re interested. 

I stumbled on the Wealthy Affiliate University training platform on my quest for creating multiple streams of income online. Through the training, I got to know of billions of opportunities on the internet which helped me to start my own online business. It was a wise decision that I made. 

The supportive community is one that I’ve never come across in my life and with that you’re bound to succeed. The good thing about it is that, you can check out for FREE to see if it would work for you before making any commitment. No credit card needed!

You can find out more about the training here or better still check out on why I call it my #1 sure way of creating multiple streams of income online just working partime. Follow me to the training to see for yourself and I’ll be there to not only welcome you but help you with my experience to succeed. You can start yours for FREE and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

Do you have any experience with Kids Earn Cash? Feel free to drop it in the comment box below and I will be more than glad to connect with you. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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Your friend, 


6 thoughts on “Kids Earn Cash Review. You’ll Be Shocked! Total Scam!!”

  1. Hello Kidearncash!
    My payment has 300$ when I request payment it offers 3 apps to complete, I downloaded their app and answered the question already but it still not verified the payment. Why? If this website isn’t fake please feedback soon.
    With Best Regard,

    • Hi Bunhak,

      Thanks for sharing your experience but I’m sorry I can’t answer your “why?” because I’m not part of their scam scheme. Besides, I’ve provided you with all the signs to know that they’re not here to make you money so I’m surprised to still have questions I’ve answered already in the review.

      Anyway, it’s a fake website and has no good intentions for you. 🙂

    • Hi Adedeji,

      I wish I could help you but I’m afraid I can’t because the site is a scam as I pointed out. You can’t get access to the site because they’ve closed it down and created a new domain for it.

      Besides, I don’t know what you need your account for because they’re never going to pay you. You’re wasting your time chasing over empty promises. Check out my #1 recommendation if you seek for genuine ways to make money online.


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