Is PaidViewpoint Scam or Legit? Truth Worth Knowing!

Do you have some time on your hands and wondering how much money you can turn it into just taking part in market research surveys? Every time counts so monetizing it could at least get you a bottle of mineral water. So if you find yourself here, chances are that you’ve come across PaidViewpoint and want to be sure whether it’s a scam or legit website to drop some $$ into your wallet.

Congratulations on doing your due diligence. Falling for scams has to be something of the past and that’s what stands for in helping my readers add to their income streams.

You’ll not only find the answer to “is PaidViewpoint scam or legit”, but will guide you to make a good decision, find other ways to make money and building your very own business online if you’re interested.

Let’s cut to the chase then!

What Is PaidViewpoint?

Product: PaidViewpoint 

Founder: NOT disclosed 


Platform Type: Paid Surveys

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Is PaidViewpoint Scam

PaidViewpoint is a FREE-to-join market research survey site which is managed by a company called Ask Your Target Market (AYTM). Like most survey sites, they’re the host for market research providers which enables users to offer their opinions in exchange for money.

The website started operating online since September 2009. Their existence on the internet is claimed to be governed by 4 principles;

  • paying users for every completed market research survey
  • no screening questions once invited for any survey
  • the code that takes “boring” out of the survey answering experience is cracked
  • your personally identifiable information is secured and never sold to anyone

While their managing company AYTM ensures that quality market research studies are accessible to businesses, users who’re interested in contributing to that dream earn a quota for participating in the research. It’s basically sharing your opinion and nothing else.

How Do You Make Money at PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint provides two ways to make money. One is taking part in market research studies or surveys and the other is a referral program.

Taking Surveys

That’s the main way to make money in exchange for your opinions you share in the market research studies. Invitations are sent to you via email and you don’t have to worry about qualification as most survey sites do. Surveys usually take around 5 – 6 minutes which earn you cents.

An added feature here is traitscore which helps you to slowly earn cents around $0.03 and an increase in scores as well. Reaching a 9,000 trait score and above increases your chances of getting bonuses and raised earning rate.

Referral Program

This feature enables you to make fractions from the pennies that your referrals earn. Anyone who uses your referring link to register on PaidViewpoint fetches you 20% on their earnings. So it’s a great way to maximize your earning if you get people on board. With that, you can earn up to $25.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Unlike Clixsense, PrizeRebel and TimeBucks which offer you several options to earn redeemable points, PaidViewpoint provides mainly surveys and a referral program to make you money for the time you invest.

The amount you make with this survey site is theoretically unlimited. However, it depends on survey availability and how often you participate in the research studies. On most days, you can take trait surveys which usually earns you between $0.03 to $0.1 and increase your trait score. Its availability is influenced by your demographics.

Having a trait score of over 9,000 influences the number of surveys you receive monthly. That put you on top as high ranking survey taker enabling you to earn more. Growing your traitscore is dependent on how regular you take surveys.

The main survey earns you on an average of $0.1 with some occasional ones between $0.3 – $2. With a minimum payout of $15, no one needs to tell you that it will take weeks or months to make your first cashout.

If you seek higher payout, Respondent can earn you averagely $140 for research studies you participate. Other sites are also willing to pay you averagely $10 for every 10 – 20 minutes of your time to test websites.

How Are You Paid at PaidViewpoint?

When you’ve reached the $15 minimum payout, the cashout option is activated where you get to choose PayPal or gift cards such as Amazon and Walmart. The processing of your payment takes 72 hours after request.

Things To Note Before Deciding

PaidViewpoint has a simple interface and it’s easy to navigate around. When I gave it a try, I earned $0.085 upon verifying and completing my profile. You can earn up to $1 depending on your demographic.

Besides that, here are the two sides of the coin to take note.


#1. No screening question per survey once the account is verified

#2. Surveys take a relatively short time

#3. Free to join

#4. PayPal payment option


#1. Low earning rate

#2. A limited number of ways to earn

#3. Few gift card options to cash out

PaidViewpoint Complaints

Upon my research on several survey platforms, PaidViewpoint has been praised for a number of ways. However, it’s important you’re in the known of the few complaints by some survey takers.

>> Money issues

Apart from the low earning rates complained by many, some takers have expressed distaste to no change in earning rate after reaching the 9000 trait score. Surveys still earn them 3 cents which is contrary to what’s promised.

>> Decline in rates of survey invitations

When you register new, surveys keep dropping in but it reduces with time and eventually none. Some have earned close to the minimum payout but can’t withdraw because invitations have stopped. This is a very frustrating situation but it may be a number of reasons.

The obvious could be that the sponsors for that demographics are done with their market research. However, the right response is with PaidViewpoint.

Is PaidViewpoint a Scam or Legit?

Survey takers on PaidViewpoint might have some issues which are somewhat expected in any business but PaidViewpoint has been paying members once minimum payout is reached. Upon domain checkup, they’ve been operating since September 2009 which qualifies it as a legit platform.

To conclude, PaidViewpoint is not a scam and is doing well in payment except that it will take a long time to reach the minimum threshold. You can sign up here to get started.

If you’re interested in PaidViewpoint, chances are that you’ll consider Clixsense, PrizeRebel, PointsPrizes, Surveytime and TimeBucks which offer more earning options. If not then these best sites will pay you shortly for offering your opinions on websites.

Final Thoughts - Is PaidViewpoint Worth Your Time?

PaidViewpoint is definitely not a scam website but you might want to give further thought into how worth your time is. It has taken some survey takers as long as 9 months, others a year with the least being a month just to make the $15. Are you willing to go down that road?

On top of that, this wouldn’t make you financially free or rich. It’s merely a side gig but considering whether the payout is worth your time can’t be brushed off. What if this amount of time can be channelled into your own business that can make you passive income. There are many opportunities on the internet that you can leverage for a consistent income generation.

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