Can You Really Make Money With Turing?

Turing is one of the best places for developers to find well-paying jobs with steady income and a set career growth trajectory. It offers a suite of benefits as well.

Yes. Anyone who is a skilled engineer can make money from Turing is a legitimate platform that connects top talent in software development, cloud architecture, and other technologies to large and small US companies and startups that need such talent to grow their business.

Turing is much like Upwork but in a more advanced way. Turing also uses a complex AI vetting process that is sure to wane out the weak with over 5 hours of tests.

However, while it may be tasking to get on board and stay on board, Turing is a way for many skilled people to get well-paying jobs that match their talent without leaving their home countries and family. Turing jobs are mostly full-time and come with requirements.

The good thing about Turing is not just the pay but also the convenience that it comes with for both the employer and employee. Everyone can be happy.

What Is Turing.Com About?

Turing is a deep cloud platform that specializes in providing jobs for the best of the best software programmers in the world. Unfortunately, it is a commonplace that only 1% of developers are accepted to work on the platform.

On the other end, they provide startups and large tech companies with talent. So for both employees and employers looking for the best, Turing seems to be the magic wand to solve their problems.

Turing offers quality Silicon Valley jobs to developers to allow them to grow professionally and earn the same benefits and income that people physically in those locations earn.

Imagine living in a third-world country and making the same amount as a Silicon Valley employee; that is the promise of Turing. Turing developers work for top US companies in insurance, medicine finance, automotive, and consumer electronics.

They’re offered various roles in front-end, back-end, machine learning and data science, data engineering, and DevOps across more than 50 technologies once they’ve become part of the company’s software engineers.

Turing operates on the quest to offer Silicon Valley-grade jobs to the most talented developers across the globe and to help companies grow through access to the best talent available in the world. With Turing, companies are not bound by location when hiring.

They can get talented employees they wouldn’t have known existed without Turing. This has led to Turing experiencing massive growth in sign-ups for developers and remote hires from top-tier US companies over the last few years.

A study revealed that the majority of Turing developers were either “very satisfied” (82%) or “satisfied” (14%) with their work. On the other hand, 95% of employees stated that they would recommend Turing to a family member or colleague.

Furthermore, Turing secured a coveted position on Forbes’s List of America’s Top Employers for the Future of Startups for 2021. Turing ranked sixth within the Business Products and Software Services category and 16th overall on the list.

Is Turing.Com A Good Company To Work For?

Yes, Turing is one of the best companies to work for, especially if you stay outside of the US and yet want to work for large and small tech companies. While Turing doesn’t pay benefits such as health care, social security, and more, they ensure that you are comfortable with what you receive.

Employees on Turing can self-negotiate their salary and how they want to receive it, whether as fixed payment or hourly rates. They have a given day each month on which you are personally paid.

This date is different for every developer, and it is always stated in your contract with the company. They provide flexible working hours and only require that you spend 4 hours each day overlapping work hours with United States time for meetings and other work-related collaborations.

The rest of the time is up to you to manage and use for unperturbed work. The company profile on Glassdoor has a 4.4 rating out of 5. They have also received awards for being one of the best workplaces.

In addition, 86% of Turing employees recommend it for family and friends, while 86% have a positive outlook for the company and its business.

Does Turing.Com Pay Their Employees Well?

Yes, Turing pays its employees well, and depending on where you live, you may get even more value from your Turing income. First of all, Turing pays in dollars.

Most Turing developers are non-US citizens. If you live in a country where the dollar is much higher than your local currency, your actual local withdrawal will do you a lot of good.

Secondly, Turing pays its employees based on what is paid in Silicon Valley. As a result, Turing employees’ salaries are almost always significantly higher than employees get in their local setting or country.

Turing does not only offer competitive salaries. They also focus on more than just paying their workers. They look at bigger things like career growth, professional development, and long-term roles and contracts.

With Turing, you are assured of a constant flow of income as you grow up the corporate ladder, much like in any company.

How Much Can You Earn With Turing.Com?

According to Ziprecruiter, Turing pays on average $51,826 per year for each developer who works with them. That translates to an amount of $24.92 per hour of work done.

Turing employees are required to work 40-hour work weeks, to put this in perspective. This is an average, and it isn’t everyone who receives that amount as their salary annually.

While $51,826 is on the average side of things, Ziprecruiter also estimates that the high earners at Turing make as much as $122,000 per year, and the low earners make $17,500 a year.

How Do You Make Money With Turing.Com?

You make money on Turing by performing various tasks required by the company within your skills and experience. The jobs are mainly tech-based software and programming jobs.

Turing is known to pay their employees well, and they have some of the highest employee satisfaction in the world. So you make money on Turing by becoming a Turing employee.

You may have heard that you get to work for top US tech companies, which is also true. The fix here is that Turing will have you under their payroll, but you will actually be working for a US company that has engaged Turing. So, your employment contract will be with Turing.

To get paid on the platform, there are two models you can choose from. You get paid either hourly or based on a fixed salary. Both are paid on a set date on your employee contract.

Just like Upwork, Turing allows developers to set the rate they would like to receive as salary. But they would also give you a recommended rate if you aren’t sure or need a suggestion based on your skillset.

Turing is able to give quite accurate suggestions because of the detailed assessment that they perform for each candidate. In addition, all workers at Turing get paid in dollars regardless of which country they are in.

All your salaries can be withdrawn to your local bank account through local bank wire transfer, Coinbase, TransferWse, and even Payoneer. Turing uses a secure system where each payment you receive goes through an intermediary where you sign digitally for the amount.

Turing has contracts that you sign before you start any sort of work on the platform. On this contract will be clearly stated the date your salary will be paid. So, if you are wondering, you need to look at that long paperwork again.

How Do You Get A Job At

You can get a job at Turing by signing up to the platform and applying. Turing is an open platform, and anyone can apply to work with the company. However, even though it is an open platform on the internet, it isn’t everyone who would either qualify or want to work with them based on their requirements.

With Turing, you are assured of getting elite software development and engineering jobs, a steady income, and career growth. The added benefit with Turing is that you get access to an exclusive global community of developers, which is amazing. You probably wouldn’t have this much exposure if you worked for a small startup outside of

When you apply to join Turing, you need to meet their requirements. These include being able to work 40 hours a week, having three years or more of working experience, a 4-hour lap with US time, and fluency in the English language since you will be working with English speakers.

While these are challenging requirements, the most difficult is your ability to pass the 3–6 hour test that Turing has for prospective employees. This test, or rather set of tests, is supposed to sieve out everyone leaving only the 1% of top developers in the world. This way, Turing can deliver the best results for their clients.

How Do I Prepare For A Turing Interview?

You prepare for the Turing test by doing several things, including getting strong basics of programming. In addition, Turing works with hiring experts who have the ability to understand what it takes to succeed as an employee.

These are considered because Turing has a reputation for keeping all its clients happy. In addition, the Turing hiring experts have worked with many people and interviewed many more, making them the right people to help you get through your interview.

Part of the interview is coding tests which you must pass. Failure to do so means waiting months later to be allowed to retake the test. The good thing is that you only get to retake the parts of the test that you failed.

Right from data structures, algos, cloud tech, and various technology, Turing is the place for many developers with various skills to get jobs. However, you will be tested through a rigorous process before you can start working with Turing.

Make Sure You Have Strong Basics in Computer Science

To ensure that you pass, you need to make sure that the basics of all of the technologies that you know are strong. Some programming mistakes simply can’t be made, and Turing knows this, so they will test you for basics.

The questions aren’t always the same and may differ depending on the skills, knowledge, and experience you already have. Remember that you are dealing with an AI and cannot leave anything to chance, as small mistakes and errors will be rooted.

Humans may consider certain mistakes, but not machines. Having a clear understanding of what programming languages you know is the best way to get started with any Turing test. Apart from grasping the basics, you will need a solid understanding of computer science and how the software works.

This is because any development job is inherently a computer science job. You would need to draw from your understanding of computers and how they function to create solutions for your employers.

Never Stop Practicing

Tests are not always the best time to test people because of the tension they induce. Yet they form part of the best ways to know how good someone is at something. To make sure that small mistakes, errors, and pressure don’t get the best part of you, practice a lot.

Software developers do not just take online courses or go to college and become instantly good, they become good through practice. And that is what you need to do for your Turing test.

Look for Google coding mock tests, get practice tests from big tech companies, get your hands dirty by trying some real-world problems on your own, and speak to others who work for Turing.

Try to find out the best way possible to nail your test. You can also join communities where they guide you to pass some of such tests as Turing’s. Some good ones are HackerRank and Freecodecamp.

Develop Time Management Skills

In addition to getting your basics right and practicing, add good time management. You will need to be able to manage your own time as a remote worker, and this is something Turing is most likely concerned about.

Try to build a solid work-life balance and use the best time management practices.

Research On Recent Hiring Requirements

Every company has its screening methods. Therefore, you must conduct extensive research on Turing’s specific needs and plan according to the company’s requirements.

Find out what the company is seeking in recent hires and what they will be looking for regarding work experiences, education, and technical skills.

Conducting research on the company prior to your interview will increase your confidence and increase your odds of a successful interview. This can also give you an edge because it gives you a head start on the questions you need to ask about the job that you’re being offered.

Another suggestion is to never get discouraged when results don’t match the way you expected to see. Failure to pass a test can cause you to question your value as a programmer. However, in reality, it’s an additional test in your journey to becoming an experienced programmer.

Besides, you can make money in several ways on the internet, even with your idle computer. And there are equally other options you can try to occupy yourself until you reapply Turing.

Best Coding Practises For Turing Test

If you are looking to write an efficient and clean code, it’s likely to best follow some guidelines and codes of conduct. Here are some best methods to follow in order to write simple and clear code.

  1. Writing code that is readable and efficient is simpler to understand. This type of code makes use of the best duration and size. It is a good idea to write as few codes as you can. Limit the length of horizontal lines.
  2. Note your code in a comment to help other developers, or the interviewer can be able to comprehend the algorithm and the logic employed. However, you should avoid making obvious remarks.
  3. Avoid using the identical code repeatedly and avoid long-running functions, as it is best to use one function to accomplish a specific job. Use specific and appropriate names to define clearly what your code is doing.
  4. Avoid deep nesting because it makes your code more difficult to follow and read.
  5. Use capital letters to identify function names. Utilize different identifiers to serve different purposes and functions.

A set of coding principles in hand helps to keep the code tidy and simple. It can also help you reduce unnecessary work deadlines.

Is Turing A Startup?

Yes, Turing is a startup founded in 2018 by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. Turing is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, in the United States.

The company is heavily funded by investors and has raised over $155 million since its establishment. They have made this through the investment of 85 investors.

The company has over a million developers working on its platform with over 200 clients for whom their developers work.

What Is Turing Remote?

Turing employs developers who work full-time on a remote basis. This is particularly great news for anyone who lives outside of the US or even US citizens who do not work in the tech hotspots.

Accessing such high-end jobs is a hurdle for most developers. Turing has clients mainly in Silicon Valley and New York. They have a very flexible system.

They only require that you spend 4 hours of each working day overlapping with the company you work for, which makes sense for certain purposes. The rest of the time is practically you doing your own thing in the comfort of your home.

Does Turing Require A Degree?

No, Turing does not officially require you to have a degree to be employed. For Turing, the only requirement is that you pass their test, solidifying your name in the 1% of programmers in the world.

The platform has over a million developers from across the world in 150 countries with 100s of skills. They do not take developers based on location or educational background but only on your ability to pass their test and join the community.

How Much Does Turing Jobs Pay?

Based on Ziprecruiter, Turing pays on average $51,826 per year to developers who work with them. This is equivalent to $24.92 per hour of work performed.

Turing employees are required to be on the clock for 40 hours a week to put this into context. This is a typical amount, and not everyone estimates that income each year.

How Many Employees Does Turing Have? estimates that Turing has 646 employees. However, these 646 employees work to connect over a million developers from 150+ countries to about 200 clients, according to courses.

This makes Turing a fast-growing company with a global reach to talents worldwide. The best thing is that any talented programmer with no degree can qualify, provided you can code.

Final Thoughts: What If You Don’t Want to Code For Someone In Your Entire Career? is a great place for developers to make money remotely wherever you’re on this planet. However, do bear in mind that it is similar to working a 9-5 job, except that you do it in the comfort of your home.

In this era, the internet has many opportunities that anyone can make substantial money passively. And being a developer presents you with limitless avenues to make money online. For example, one fast-growing approach you could consider is affiliate marketing.

People with no talents in coding are even making millions of dollars every year. Some have even built careers through affiliate marketing by sharing their knowledge or expertise on the internet.

Think of what you can accomplish through affiliate marketing by offering coding tutorials, how-to’s, and guiding beginners who want to go down this path. The amazing thing is that one work you do can sit on the internet for years, fetching you a regular income.

You don’t even have to quit working for if you win a contract. All you need to know is the basics of turning your coding expertise into a money-making tool. To learn more on how to do that, check out this platform.

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