18 Best Work at Home Jobs That Are Not Scams And Free

As a founder of this website, multistreamincomeonline.com, I would want to be of great help to people who visit my site. In that regard getting to understand how you interact and easily navigate around the site not only inform me how helpful the site is to you but how to monetize it. This is why companies or developers pay third-party companies to give them insights on how their websites are performing with respect to the value they want to give to their customers. 

The third parties then recruit testers who give their opinions based on a set of instructions as they complete tasks on those websites and get paid. To be a tester you should at least be internet inclined and be able to think out loud in offering constructive opinions. 

I’ve thoroughly put together sites that you can get paid by testing but before that, you might want to have the following in order to get started.  

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Before you sign up for any of the usability testing platforms, you should have the following in place. 

  • A Personal Computer (Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR Windows 7 or higher)
  • A high-speed internet access
  • A standard internet browser program (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • A Working built-in or external microphone
  • Webcam
  • Smartphone or Tablet

Sites That Pays You To Test Websites

1. UserTesting

You earn $10 for every website or application you test. The usability testing takes 10-20 minutes and you get paid through PayPal after your test results have been approved. Some test can earn you $3 while others can earn you more than $10 when the time is longer than usual. Testers get invitations through email and it works on the basis of first come, first served.

2. Userlytics

You earn $10-$20 for every 20-40 minutes of testing that you partake. You get paid through PayPal and there’s no qualification test required. Most of the testing projects are from Europe, North America with recent explorations in South Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Japan and other countries. 

3. UserFeel 

Get paid $10 for every 20-40 minutes of usability testing that you’re invited for. Before you receive any invitations, you’re required to take a sample test. You take a screening test to ensure you fit the test you’re being invited to. The platform is multilingual and you’re paid through PayPal at the end of each week when test results are approved. 

4. TryMyUI

Pays you $10 for every thought you offer on websites which usually take 20 minutes to complete. Payments are made on every Friday through PayPal when your test results are approved. You should be 18 years and above before you can sign up for this usability testing and qualification test is required before you get invites. 

5. User Testing Market

This works a bit different from the above sites. You make money by selling a usability test recording that you have made. When you sign up, you head to the test request session and you make recordings of any test that you’re interested. The test could be audio or video. There’s no age limit here and you get paid through PayPal, Bank account or credit card. You earn from $2 and above for a 5 minutes test recording that you do. 

6. TestingTime

Get paid up to €50 for every 30 – 90 minutes of usability testing that you partake. You’re paid through PayPal which takes 5 – 10 day after your test is approved. You offer your thoughts remotely on websites or in-person with clients. The remote testing is conducted with Skype which requires that you send your phone number and Skype ID to TestingTme platform. 

7. UserZoom (IntelliZoom)

You’re paid $10 for every 10-20 minutes of testing that you’re invited for. This requires that you’re 18 years and above. After you’ve signed up, you take a couple of sample tests which records your voice, face and computer screen. You receive invitations based on your profile but screening test is required on every invite. Your testing results get approved within 3-5 days and you get paid through PayPal within 21 business days. 

8. PulseLabs

You become official PulseLabs Panellist when approved after taking a Practice test. You get paid $3-10 for every quality feedback you give on every test invitation which takes averagely 15 minutes.  Every test session completed goes through a quality assurance processing to ensure that your feedback is of good quality. Exceptional feedback wins bonuses. Payment is sent through PayPal a week after test completion.

9. Analysia

Get paid $10 surfing the internet for about 10-15 minutes while you carry out a set of instructions. You provide your opinions while carrying out the tasks. Invitations are sent to your email when your profile meets the customer request and payment is made via PayPal. During the test session, your screen and audio are recorded. 

Get paid testing websites

10. WhatUsersDo (A Company of UserZoom)

Get paid $5 for every test invitation you’re able to convert. After signing up, you download their screen recorder and take a practice test after which you receive invitations when tests are available. You’re paid through PayPal on the 25th of each month. 

11. Userbrain 

Get paid to speak your thoughts while you carry out a set of tasks for about 5 – 15 minutes. You’re paid $3 via PayPal for each test you partake. After sign up, you’re asked to record a test example where feedback is given to you on how to improve certain areas for future tests when necessary. 

12. Testlio

Pays you for the number of hours you invest in making quality contributions to a product. It focuses on US nationals and pays $20 hourly for finding bugs in apps. Payments are done on a regular weekly interval and you’re likely to have increase in pay rate based on your results and commitment.  

13. Testio

Upon registration, you add all the devices you would like to do the test on and proceed with your first test where you get paid. You get paid for the number of bugs you find where most important or critical bugs earns you up to $50. Payment is done once per month via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or bank transfer. The more devices you have the more opportunities you will have to test.

14. Validately 

You open a tester account at Validately external panel where you’re asked to provide certain information such as name, email address, PayPal email address for your payment processing and other details. You receive invitations through email and you’re required to be 18 years and above. The amount paid varies per the type of test you participate in but you can earn a minimum of about $25 for live usability testing with a moderator which takes about 30 minutes.

15. Enroll

Get paid by simply clarifying contents or completing a set of tasks on websites or apps to improve on the quality of company products. Upon registration with your email and password, you’re asked to provide certain information, including, but not limited to your name, preference of device for test, location and PayPal email address. You’re required to be 13 years or older and 16 or older for those living in Europe. You get invitations through your email and the compensation varies.

16. Checkealos

You get paid to test websites about apps, banking, cars, virtual reality, insurance and e-commerce. You earn €8 for every feedback session that you complete which takes 15 minutes. The sessions are either in Spanish or English so you specify the language that you want. Payment is made through PayPal. 

17. Loop11

This requires that you’re 18 years and above before you can sign up. Upon registration, you’re to take a 5 minutes qualification test to ensure that you fit for their invitations. There’s not much about payment on the site but they claim to pay above average to testers of high-quality usability testing. From Crunchbase, the company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Australia. 

18. StartUpLift

Get paid $5 for every feedback that is accepted by startups companies. After signing up on the platform, all available opportunities will be displayed in your “opportunities dashboard”. So you click on the URL, follow the instructions to complete the tasks making sure to provide quality responses. Payments are made through PayPal every week on Monday for accepted feedback. It works on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Tips To Make The Best Out of Usability Testing

These usability testing platforms are very popular on the internet so you might be disappointed if you expect to complete more tests in an hour. The truth is that there are more testers than what these customers could supply. Arggh! You don’t have to give up now as these strategies can help you out. 

  1. Join a multiple of these usability testing platforms possibly five or more. 
  2. Make sure to sharpen your skills by practising more with sample tests provided on their websites. You can as well record yourself while you surf websites offering comments along with your navigation. Then let someone grade you on how you performed. Doing this a couple of times will boost your confidence and equip you with the skills. 
  3. Offer quality feedback with a clarity of voice and try not to praise the websites or apps like telling them everything is ok. Your rating is tied to the invitations you get so quality work is important. 
  4. You might also want to consider adding task-based opportunities such as Respondent, PointsPrizes and Clixsense while you wait for invitations for usability testing. However, if you want to create your own business just working at home, then you should check my #1 recommendation.  

Final Thoughts - An Evergreen Alternative!

While the testing opportunities listed above can earn you extra cash just working at home, you certainly have to put in some effort as it requires active work. On top of that, you’re not going to be rich testing websites all the time so try looking into building your own online business that can make you passive income. One of the ways I’m doing that with this site you’re on is through affiliate marketing which I learnt from Wealthy affiliate training platform

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Over To You

Do you have experience testing websites? If so, briefly share it in the comment box below and I will be glad to connect with you. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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