What Is PointsPrizes About? A Scam OR Easy Free Gift Cards For Claim?

The internet is full of opportunities which when leveraged well could be a blessing. Otherwise, a great loss if you should find yourself in the wrong place. If you’re here, chances are that you want to know what PointsPrizes is about and wondering whether it can be an opportunity to make some extra money or it’s a scam to stay away from.

First of all, congratulations for doing your diligent check as scams and time wasters are flooding the system. I will not only be providing you with information as to what PointsPrizes is about but will guide you to assess it for your best decision making.

Let me be straight with you. PointsPrizes has the potential to help you make some money online but it wouldn’t be something you can depend on. You can’t make consistent and significant money with it for your livelihood.

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What is PointsPrizes?

Business name: PointsPrizes

Founder: Mark Kempton

Website: pointsprizes.com

Price: $0.00 to join

My Overall Rating:  7 out of 10

According to CrunchBase, PointsPrizes is a profit type company founded on July 3, 2017, by Mark Kempton. It’s a reward or get-paid-to (GPT) website which allows users around the world to earn free gift cards and cash rewards by interacting with advertisers’ products and services.

In other words, it serves as a platform for an advertisement where users learn, test and watch videos in exchange for points which can be redeemed for cash. This means that you exchange your time and knowledge for the rewards these advertisers offer.

They have a number of tasks to engage yourself for points. This ranges from watching videos to offering your view about advertiser brands.

How Do You Get Rewarded on PointsPrizes?

You earn points or rewards from the platform which can be converted into gift cards. The gift cards could be PayPal payment, Bitcoin payment, Amazon gift card code, Playstation code, skype code and many more, each requiring a different point to redeem.

You earn points in the following ways;

#1 Completing offers

This earns you points by installing apps, testing products and signing up on websites with your information.  For game apps, after completing the installation you have to play to a particular level before you redeem the points.

The points earned here differs depending on what you’re required to do and the sponsor offering that program.

#2 Taking up Surveys

You share your opinion on products and services of advertiser brands. This is with the aim that product owners will get to understand their customers and thereby providing them with improved product and services.

Some will require you to provide information about yourself and assess it to see whether you qualify for it or not. Some of the sponsoring routers are Tap Research, Peanut Labs, Pollfish, Wannads, Adgate Media and Revenue Wall. The points you earn differs.

#3 Playing Games

If you’re a fun of games, this will be your go-to area. You play games in exchange of points. Usually, you’re required to play the game and make progress for 3 days before you can redeem the points.

This is to provide feedback for game developers to improve upon their game.

#4 Watching Video Ads

This would be an easy way to earn points but unfortunately, the earning rates are low compared to the other ways. This is accessible only if you use PointsPrizes mobile app and your geographical location matters in the number of videos that will be available to you.

#5 Finding Coupon Codes

This can be found on coupon sites around the web and social media platforms. If you want to find out how the coupon works, find it here.

Finding Coupon Codes

#6 Referring System

You’re given a unique referral link where you can invite friends and families to the site. Your referral earns you 10% of their points as long as they stay active on the platform. That’s a sure way to maximize your earning points.

#7 By completing Daily Polls

You fill a form about PointsPrizes on how you found them, their customer service and the overall speed of their sites. This earns you points every day provided you complete it.

How Much Are You Really Earning With PointsPrizes?

PointsPrizes has a lot of ways for you to earn points but you would have to put in the effort. The minimum point threshold is 3000 which is equivalent to $20. So in effect, 1 point earns you $0.00667 which is a bit higher than most paid to click. You might as well check on Clixsense which can offer you similar ways to make some extra bucks.

How much and fast you earn from offers and surveys mostly depend on your geographical area. People based in the USA mostly have the advantage to make the $20 quick because they have a lot of sponsors on PointsPrizes coming from there.

Some Simple Tips To Implement

This is not a cheat to break the system but something you can leverage because it has worked for most people to get points real quick and efficiently. Here we go ….

#1. Download the PointsPrizes mobile app: This means you can access it wherever you’re and instead of playing games on your phone, you use the offers to earn points. With the app, you can watch the video ads which you can’t on a computer.

#2. Do the surveys with the mobile apps: Surveys completed with the app are more likely to be credited than using laptops or desktops. However, you might not qualify on several occasions which is common with most surveys but keep on trying if you want to really earn.

Want to make some extra money with PointsPrizes? Sign up HERE and CHECK OUT this video to earn 1000 + POINTS. REAL quick!!

What I Like About PointsPrizes

#1. It’s FREE to join

You don’t have to pay any money to get access to the platform which makes it a very low-risk opportunity to try. No credit card information required. Similar opportunities which are FREE to make money from are Coinbulb, Clixsense and Ojooo WAD.

#2. It’s paying members

There is a good report about the system paying its users who make the threshold point. So you have some level of assurance of getting your money when you earn the points. However, payment might sometimes take longer than you would expect but it comes.

#3. You have different payment options

PointsPrizes offers you a good number of ways to redeem your points and the one I like most is the PayPal gift code. You can as well redeem points with Bitcoin, Amazon gift card and others. So wherever you’re in the world you can withdraw your earnings.

#4. Many options to earn points

Unlike rotate4all and BTC clicks which have few options to earn extra money, PointsPrizes offers you more than you can possibly use.

What You Will Be Shocked To Know About PointsPrizes

You’re Not That Safe as a User

Like most make extra bucks platforms which provide some level of security by using password options, PointsPrizes says you don’t need it because that’s convenient. So all that someone needs to get access to your account is your email address and you’ll never know it.

Payment Takes More Time Than You Might Expect

As stated earlier, getting your money is not much of a problem but the patience to wait for it. It took some people as long as 15 days to receive payment after making claims. I hope you don’t experience that if you decide to work with them.

Is PointsPrizes A Scam Or A Legit?

All indicators show that PointsPrizes is far from being a scam. It’s a legit platform to work if the amount you earn is worth your time of investment. They’re paying users as they claim but bear in mind that they’re solely a profit making company so they don’t care about you that much to provide you with a consistent income. However, you can make extra bucks which would require an active work.

Similar platforms like Ojooo WAD and Clixsense can also generate you some extra income but you can’t build a residual income with it. If you want to build a residual income, then you might want to check out my number one recommendation of creating multiple streams of income online.

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So, Should You Invest In PointsPrizes?

PointsPrizes is legit and requires no money to get started but the decision to sign up is yours to make. If you think the $20 per the 3000 points is worth your time, why not? You can give it a try and you have nothing to lose. Note that it’s an active work and wouldn’t generate you a passive income that you can rely on.

With that said, if PointsPrizes is not what you’re looking for and would prefer to make a living online by building a residual income, then you might want to check My one-stop platform. It’s FREE to try and requires no credit card info or any financial details.

I hope you’ve gotten some insights from this review. Your thoughts or questions regarding the information I’ve shared here are welcome. Feel free to drop it in the comment box. Until then, I hope you make a good decision.

Your friend,


8 thoughts on “What Is PointsPrizes About? A Scam OR Easy Free Gift Cards For Claim?”

  1. This is really informative. Thanks for posting this whether pointprizes is a scam or not. Actually, I have been making researches on how to make money online and I have come across different platforms including pointprizes but I haven’t tried any of those platforms because I don’t really understand how they run. However, this post has made me know everything about pointprizes, but the fact that it is an active work without passive income to rely on does not suit me. I think I will try the “My one-stop platform” to see how that will suit me. 

  2. never heard of this before but the fact that its free to join has caught my attention. I love gift cards for all my fav shops so this sounds like so much fun for me!! Surveys can be really interesting too if its the right topics. Im going to do this, thankyou for showing me.

  3. never heard of this before but the fact that its free to join has caught my attention. I love gift cards for all my fav shops so this sounds like so much fun for me!! Surveys can be really interesting too if its the right topics. Im going to do this, thankyou for showing me.

  4. never heard of this before but the fact that its free to join has caught my attention. I love gift cards for all my fav shops so this sounds like so much fun for me!! Surveys can be really interesting too if its the right topics. Im going to do this, thankyou for showing me.

  5. never heard of this before but the fact that its free to join has caught my attention. I love gift cards for all my fav shops so this sounds like so much fun for me!! Surveys can be really interesting too if its the right topics. Im going to do this, thankyou for showing me.

  6. There are a lot of opportunities online that one can use to earn some extra income. While some are scams, others are legit and while some can earn you a huge amount of money, others can be used to earn some little extra bucks that you can use to do one or two things.

    PointPrizes is a good system in that they are not there to scam their members but give their members opportunities to earn through their platform. I have involved myself in other similar platforms and from your description, it does seem like Pointprizes is much better than those I have involved myself in.

    From some of the testimonials I was able to find out online it does seem that they pay their members regularly but like you said it might be a little late at times but I still do like the fact that they do pay because some other similar platforms do not. I would most definitely like to give it a try. Thanks for the review.

  7. Hi Derrick,

    Nice post on PointsPrizes. I’m always on the lookout for legitimate and interesting GPT sites and this platform appears to git the bill. I’m not a big fan of surveys so I like sites that offer additional opportunities to generate some earnings. I’ve been a long time member of Swagbucks. PointsPrizes looks like a similar site and I wonder if you could tell me how the two sites might compare? Thanks for the info!

    • Hello Linda, 

      Thanks for the visit and the comment. Swagbucks and PointsPrizes are both GPT sites and are similar in a number of ways except for;

      1. The wide range of gift cards available at PointsPrizes

      2. Swagbucks search engine

      3. Shop and get cash back at Swagbucks

      4. Swagbucks is limited to a few countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

      I hope your question is answered. 

  8. Yea these click for profit sites have been around for years and they all do pretty much the same thing as you have stated. If a person has time to burn then why not, right? I tried some of these sites early on in my online journey and did not have the patience needed to sit and click for very little return.

    Your Review of PointsPrizes was informative and useful for anyone interested in this type of program.


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