What Is Ojooo WAD About? A Scam OR Earn Up To $0.04 Per Click?

Are you looking for a way to make an extra income online and wondering whether Ojooo wad is a scam or easy money for your wallet? You’ve found yourself in the right place because this review will not only provide you with information on what Ojooo wad is about but will guide you to make the right decision.

I’ve personally tried this system and will give you all the insights so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side.

Let me be straight with you. You’re not going to be rich overnight with this program. You’re not going to build a sustainable business with it as well but the company has a good reputation than most of the PTC sites you find online. However, it doesn’t make it a 100% trustworthy site that you can rely on.

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What is Ojooo WAD?

Company name: Ojooo

Managing Director: Michael Thees

Website: wad.ojooo.com

Price: $0.00 unlimited for Standard,

My Overall Rating:  8 out of 10

Ojooo WAD is the latest advertising project managed by Ojooo company. Ojooo is a German company which started off ten years ago as a website developer for a large variety of customers. Their headquarters is in Hamburg and continues to expand its production of digital technologies in the online world.

It’s currently directed by Michael Thees. So, clearly, the Ojooo WAd is just one of the lists of businesses operated by this company. The company also owns email services, web creator business, app development, a social network called Ojooo me, an advertisement network and is now offering users of its platform to make money by watching ads.

If you’re reading this review, chances are that you want to make an extra income with the platform so I will be providing you with information on that. However, if you want an online presence this company can help you reach out to your customers at a relatively low cost.

How Do You Make Money With Ojooo WAD?

The first thing you would do is sign up with their platform. That takes you to the dashboard where you get access to several ways to earn some pennies per action. You’re to note that your earning rate is dependent on how much effort you put into it and the membership type you’re on.

You can start off as a standard user which cost you $0 but you can upgrade to economy or privilege if you want to take your earnings to the next level. You earn in the following ways;

#1. Paid To Click Ads

You get 10 plus ads to view every day which can earn you between 0.001 to 0.01 and it’s relatively higher than most PTC sites. The Ads you can find here are Ojooo offers, fixed Ads and paid to click advertisement which you can surf for a minimum of 5 seconds.

However, some Ads are only for premium members that are members who have upgraded.

#2. Offers

You get access to a wide range of tasks to earn from. Currently, these offers include Coinflip, Super Rewards, Minute Staff, PersonaLy, Ojooo grid, Offer Toro, Wannads, Kiwi wall, Payment wall and Puzzles.

You’re mostly rewarded in points where 1 point is equivalent to $0.005. You get this only when the offer you did complete is confirmed and some can take days before you’re credited with the money.

This gives you more options to maximize your earning but mind you that they’re pennies so it will take some time to make quite a decent amount of money.

#3. Earn From Affiliate Program

As their new project, Ojooo allows their members to recommend their advertisement service to business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs who seek online presence and traffic to work with them.

You can earn as high as 30% for a sale you make. This is unique to Ojooo WAD because I’ve not come across PTC site with such a program. This means you can make some decent money with this affiliate program if you put in more effort.

#4. Earn From Referral System

There are two ways to make money here: by directly referring someone to the paid to click ads opportunity to make a fraction of pennies from the ads they watch. For instance, if you use my referral link to sign up, you become my direct referral and I will earn some pennies when you view your ads. The commission on your direct referral ranges from $0.0005 to $0.001.

The second option here is to purchase a referral termed as a rented referral. Ojooo claims that some individuals signed up without any referer so you can buy them as your referral. This earns you the same commissions as direct referrals.

Want To Increase Your Traffic? Try Ojooo Advertisement!

If you’re a business person or an entrepreneur and want to have an online presence, Ojooo has got a solution for you. It’s got amazing offers at relatively lower prices that would not only boost your traffic but help with your conversions as well.

This company has not only proven to be a stable one to work with but has the tools to take your business to the next level. With the other product and services developed by them you have high confidence and proof that they can deliver. Note that, the company has a social networking platform which is Ojooo me that make them capable to give you better results than other advertisement sites.

This short video explains it better;

To advertise with them follow this link and below is what you’re likely to choose from. These advertisement options are more than what you can find on most platforms.

Ojooo Advertisement

What I Like About Ojooo WAD

#1. It’s one of the business lists of a reputable company and not just an advertisement site

Ojooo WAD is one of a few advertisement sites that is managed by a well known and established a corporate business. It’s not like most of the sites that pay some few $ to get licensed by UK company without any real location.

The fact that it handles a number of services and product implies that you can work with them without being afraid of scams.

#2. Ojooo is one of the least disappointing PTC sites

The country where this business originates from is a bad one for people who would want to engage in illegal business. It’s one of the few which has a higher earning rate and still delivering as they claim to users.

In addition, they have an affiliate program which is not seen among most PTC sites. In my point of view, this makes them stand out.

#3. There are good testimonies of payment

Not only has this company proven to be a reputable one but has delivered to the expectation of users. Most users commend them of their fast and reliable payment system. This is something you would look out for to make it worth your time.

They claim to pay you at a maximum of 2 weeks. The minimum cash out for the first time is $2 for standard users and $6 afterwards.

#4. You can get paid via PayPal

Most scams don’t have PayPal options as a payment medium for users. This implies that Ojooo is in good standing because PayPal has a certain requirement to meet in order for them to work with you. This becomes easier for PayPal users to withdraw their money.

If you don’t have access to PayPal, you can use the option of bitcoin, Ethereum or Payeer.

#5. It gives you the chance to exchange traffic to your site at no cost

Ojooo WAD provides you with the opportunity to take your traffic to the next level if you’re on a budget. You surf other people’s site to earn point where you can also exchange for traffic. This is possible because Ojooo WAD has over hundreds of thousands of users to direct them to your site provided you have the required points.

This is an opportunity for affiliate marketers and bloggers to earn free traffic without spending a dime on paid adverts.

Complaints To Take Note. Ojooo Is Not Perfect!

Despite the good indicators that favour the reputation of the Ojooo WAD, there are a few things you would want to note here. A number of users who desired to scale up their earnings have this common complaint.

Rented Referral Cost You More Than It Can Earn You

Like most PTC sites which have rented referral system, Ojooo WAD is no different. I’ve always doubted this system. They claim that rented referrals are people who signed up with no referer. Let’s be frank here. How many people would sign up with Ojooo WAD without reading or hearing it from someone? It doesn’t occur often. Ok, let’s say it’s 10%.

Yet they can offer as high as 1000’s of referrals to everyone who applies for that. Although they’ve nicely captioned it as rented referrals are offered provided they are in the system but I doubt that.

Referrals rented usually don’t convert much and you run at a loss. I suspect the rented referrals to be bots. Most users have a bad experience and I wouldn’t recommend you to try it.

Is Ojooo WAD A Scam Or A Legit?

Ojooo WAD is not a scam. It’s managed by a legitimate company called Ojooo which has been online for more than a year so it qualifies it as legit. It’s definitely not a scam because the company has a good reputation and there is positive feedback from most users that it’s paying.

You can sign up to give it a try but note that it’s wouldn’t make you rich or generate you a passive income to rely on. My recommended platform can train you to build a sustainable business that can earn you passive income at $0.

However, Ojooo has got all that it takes to help you increase traffic to your site as an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, blogger or any business seeking for online presence. In my opinion, they have the reputation and the tools to provide you with that advertisement service.

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So, Should You Invest In Ojooo WAD?

Honestly, making money online is not as easy as some people present it. You would have to put in some time and commitment to make decent money. Ojooo WAD is better than most PTC sites like Coinbulb, BTC clicks, BTC smash and rotate4all because it gives you an affiliate program which is uncommon so you can boost your earning if you put in the effort.

This would, however, be an active work considering you having to view the ads every day. For a standard user, earning up to $0.04 a day would take you 50 days to make your first withdrawal unless you upgrade. Your earnings wouldn’t be much to rely on but can help you buy some petty things.

It can be one of your income streams if you have the time to invest but putting that time in building an online business that can fetch you passive income will be better. My one stop platform which is making me passive income is Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s FREE to try and requires no credit card info or any financial details.

I hope you’ve gotten some insights from this review. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the information I’ve shared here, feel free to drop it in the comment box. Until then, I hope you make a good decision.

Your friend,


17 thoughts on “What Is Ojooo WAD About? A Scam OR Earn Up To $0.04 Per Click?”

  1. Ojooo Wad does look legitimate.  I just don’t see making a heck of a lot, or even a decent amount of money by clicking on ads, or any other tasks they offer to do.  I think that this would also get me a ton of spam emails.  Is this correct?  Have you used this, or are you currently using this?  I am just curious how much if anything you are making with them.  

  2. Ojooo Wad does look legitimate.  I just don’t see making a heck of a lot, or even a decent amount of money by clicking on ads, or any other tasks they offer to do.  I think that this would also get me a ton of spam emails.  Is this correct?  Have you used this, or are you currently using this?  I am just curious how much if anything you are making with them.  

  3. This is a great review.  Its hard to know which PTC companies are any good anymore.  Its great that they pay through Paypal.

    Personally as an affiliate marketer this would take up too much of my time.  However my wife likes doing these things.  She opens her computer and just leaves it open on the counter during the day and partakes in various different  things.

    I will be sure to show her this article and she can decide.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide the info


  4. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post on OJooo wad. I lost my job about three months ago although I’ve gotten over that and I was told I can make money even if it penny online . So I decided to make research on how to make money and I came across different platforms including ojoo wad but I haven’t tried any of these because I don’t know how they run . Reading this has really informed me on the things I need to know about ojoo wad and I think it worth giving a try.

  5. Thank you for sharing the information.

    To make an extra income online and earn money at home are probably the dreams of most of the people. I totally agree with you that you said in the article “You’re not going to be rich overnight”. We all need to keep the action and do not give up early. 

    The introductions of Ojooo WAD are very clear and detail. Now I know how it works. Thank you!

  6. Derrick,

    Ojooo Wad sounds like a great place to earn some pennies but the time involved in doing this would be hardly worth it unless you have nothing else better to do with your time.  Sounds like a good trade-off for some advertising for free but then you still have to look at the time involved in doing all the clicking of the ads they offer to make the pennies to go toward the free advertising.  But, on the other hand for all they charge and if you can afford to pay that small amount for some great advertising then I feel they might be worth joining.

    Thanks for bringing this company to my attention, I have bookmarked your site for future reference on this company.


    • Hello Susan, 

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m grateful for your comment. I think business owners and affiliate marketers can take advantage of their advertisement. 

  7. I didn’t know that sites like this offer opportunity for affiliate marketers to gain extra traffic. I could definitely use this. 

    Does the blogger or affiliate marketer have to be a paid member of Ojooo in order to take advantage of the free traffic? Can they not do it on the free membership?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.


    • Hello Jessie, 

      Thanks for stopping by. An affiliate marketer who wants to take advantage of their traffic exchange program doesn’t necessarily have to be a paid member. You can do it on the free membership.

  8. Ojooo WAD has a good profile now and they’re paying members. Although earning rate is low but they don’t spam you with kinds of stuff. I’ve tried it but don’t have the luxury of time to spend much there. 

  9. Hello Derrick
    This is another bang of useful information. It is direct and straight to the point. I want to try it out actually, but I find it difficult to sign up to get started.
    Is the site still working? How do I sign up or register to get started?
    I need your urgent response please.

    Thank you


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