What Is Userlytics About? Earn Up To $90 OR a Scam?

We all at some point in our life would have to ask the opinion of others about what we’re doing or a product of ours to help improve it. Well, Userlytics says that you can offer your opinion on products and get paid for it. 

Sounds great, right? So, if you’re here I’m presuming that you’re looking for a way to make extra money online and want to clear any doubts about Userlytics. 

For you not to be on the wrong side, I’ve thoroughly put together all the relevant information to bring you up to speed on what Userlytics is about. 

You’ll find out whether it’s really a make extra income opportunity or a total waste of time. A scam, or a way to make up to $90 doing simple tasks? 

Let get’s straight at it!

What Is Userlytics About?

Product: Userlytics

Founder:  Alejandro Rivas Micoud

Website: userlytics.com

Platform Type: Get Paid To Test

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Userlytics review

Userlytics is a usability testing platform which was founded by Alejandro Rivas Micoud and since 2008 has been providing offers to people who like to exchange their time for some extra bucks. 

So what is usability testing? Let’s take for instance that you’ve developed product, for example, a phone application. You would want to know how someone feels when the app is used. 

Your friend installs the app on the phone and navigates through the features providing you with his view on how it responds to things he wants to do. 

It’s as simple as that. Usability testing enables small start-up companies to large corporations to understand their customers. It gives them insights about what helps user experience in using a product of theirs and thus scaling up to meet that demands.

In a nutshell, Userlytics is the bridge between these companies and testers that’s you and I. They claim to pay you money as a tester by offering your opinion on products you’re given to test. Is it so at it claims? Let find out. 

How Does Userlytics Really Work?

Userlytics claims to be a global business that receives clients from all over the world and make offers available to their testers worldwide. These offers could be testing websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of materials from their clients. 

To make extra money from this platform you have to be recognized as a tester. You do that by signing up – requires you to complete a  short and easy form at no cost. After you become eligible for invites where you can speak out your thought loud on tasks asked to complete being its website or app. 

Once your test result is accepted, you receive payment amounting to the type of project that you took. Some of the things you’re to expect in the testing include;

  • Answering a series of questions
  • Conducting a search or finding an item on a site
  • Giving your thoughts on a series of advertisements, video or apps.
  • Making a comparison of sites 

Check out this video excerpt to get a clear picture of what you’ll be required of you.

What I Need To Get Started?

Before you qualify for Userlytics test, you should be 16 years and above. Able to speak your thought out loud and clear, having the following as well; 

  • A Personal Computer (Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR Windows 7 or higher)
  • A high-speed internet access
  • A standard internet browser program (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • A Working built in microphone
  • Webcam
  • Smartphone or Tablet

How Much Can You Earn?

Userlytics does not offer you several ways to make money like other get paid-to-sites so you have only one way of earning by the testing. The amount that you make will depend on the number of tests you take. 

While offering your experience and answering questions during the test you can $5, $10, $20 depending on the requirement of the test and the time spent. 

Typically, you earn $10 -$20 for 20-40 minutes spent on a test. However, they claim that some project can earn you $90 depending on the demands but that’s very rare. This would make a good amount of money if it should come regularly but it doesn’t happen so. 

The number of offers you get sometimes depend on your rating and how swift you grab a test before someone else does. So, you always have to be on the alert but if you don’t want that then you can try Clixsense and PointsPrizes. They don’t require user ratings and the likes.  

What I Like About Userlytics?

Despite the challenges that this platform comes with and the fact that you can’t make passive income with, there are good things that I would like to point out. 

#1 It’s FREE to join

This is what makes it a low-risk opportunity, unlike others that you have to pay membership package before you can qualify to make money. All that you need to is your email to get started. 

#2 No qualification test is required

Unlike UserTesting which requires you to take screening questions before testing any website or apps per invite, this one is different. This has been the complaints of many usability testing platforms but you won’t face such issue here. 

#3 Good payment history

They’ve not only existed for years but has been the love of many who seek extra income online. Payment is made once in a week when your test feedback is approved. 

#4 You don’t need any experience

Anyone with the time and will to know how the system works qualifies to join the platform. You don’t need any previous experience to be accepted on the platform but failure to meet client’s need will affect your rating and hence earning. 

#5 It’s open to all countries

Userlytics is a global provider, unlike other online opportunities that are accessible to certain countries. However, most of their user testing projects are in Europe, North America with recent exploration in South Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Japan and other countries. 

#6 You can get paid through PayPal

Although Paypal is not available to all countries but the fact that it’s a trusted company not only boost confidence of users about Userlytics but being assured of receiving their payment once issued. 

The Downside of Userlytics

Earning $10 – $20 for any for every user testing offer you complete is a quite good offer but you might be disappointed if you don’t get the following in mind before you join. 

>> Your rating affect your earning

To ensure that testers give out their best by delivering quality work, clients are required to rate every testing completed before approval. 

Your rating is dependent on a number of factors such as clarity of voice, completing of required task, praising the sites without providing any valuable insights for improvement and others. 

Poor performance in any of them gives you a lower rating which means no invitation for subsequent offers. If you’re scared of this and want platforms where the rating is not needed, then you might want to try Clixsense and PointsPrizes.

>> You may not make any money

To make money from this site, your timing has to be right because the offers are limited. It’s more like first-click, first-take and this will require that you’re on the alert mood every time waiting for a “ding” sound. So no test available, no money. 

Does it sound like a no-go area to you and want a reliable source of making passing income? Then try out my #1 recommended platform to set you financial freedom road. 

>> It’s not for you if you’re shy of the camera

I know it’s not easy for some people to be on camera but this opportunity requires a video capture where your face has to show. So if you’re webcam phobia, then you might want to look elsewhere like Ojooo WAD, Clixsense and PointsPrizes.

However, if you’re cool with it then UserTesting too will be good for you. 

Is Userlytics a Scam or Legit?

You can judge for yourself by now, right?  Userlytics is paying users as the claim despite the few cons that you have to bear if you decide to sign up with them but to the best of my knowledge, it’s not a scam. 

Also, they’ve been in the system for more than 8 years which makes it a legit platform. 

However, you can’t be rich or make a consistent income with this system. In addition, it requires active work to make a few bucks. Although it can be another stream of income to you nonetheless if you’re interested in building a residual income online, then you might want to check out how I do mine.  

If you want to give it a try, watch the following examples on different platforms to get more insights.

Final Thoughts - Is Userlytics Worth Your Time?

Userlytics offers you quite a good way to make some extra income online but it’s a question of how long you’ll be able to go with them and the kind of income stream you want to create for yourself. 

I like it myself in making extra money to take care of other things but owning a business online is my priority. Generating a passive income is the best thing every successful person would consider. Do you?

If you’re interested in that, I’ll beckon you to follow me to the training which is helping me create passive income part-time working from home. You can start yours for FREE and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

If you have any thoughts or questions about anything in this post, please do well to drop it in the comment and I will be glad to respond. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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