Kids Get Money Review – Total Scam! Don’t Waste Your Time!

Kids Get money Review

Have you come across Kids Get Money floating on social media with the claim to easily earn you some bucks just referring friends? As easy and simple as it sounds, I wish I could say the claims are true but they’re total lies. 

If you’re here, chances are that you have some doubts yourself and you want some verifications of their claims. Congratulations on doing your due diligence. Kids get money is a scam site with empty promises because what they’ve shown to be good at is flipping domain names to deceive people. And I don’t think you would want to invest your precious time in something that has no good intentions for you. 

In this review, I will not only be providing you with factual information as to why I pronounce this site a scam but will show you other opportunities to make decent money online as well as building your own online business to make passive income if you like that idea. 

Let’s get straight to it!

What Is Kids Get Money About?

Product: Kids Get Money

Founder: NOT disclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid To Invite Frieds

Cost: Your precious time & personal information

Best For: NO ONE

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

ids Get money Review campaign

Kids Get Money claims to be the number one earning social network that can help you make thousands of dollars within a week with social media just inviting friends. As nice as it sounds, I wish I could agree with them on that but suffice me to say that it’s a total bluff. They have nothing to offer but just a stratagem to get you into believing them. 

With a self-acclaimed title as an influencer marketing platform, they serve as a bridge between influencers (you) and advertisers. They claim to work with brands such as Target, Epic Games, Amazon, Apple and more to bring you offers where you also get paid just sending traffic to these brands. 

While it could be true that they’re working with these brands ( I doubt though), what they’re promising you is not realistic. What I believe their intentions are is for you to make them rich while you bring traffic to their sites and the advertisers as they claim. However, they will leave you with nothing. 

Hang in there. I will give you a foolproof soon. 

How Does Kids Get Money Claim To Make You Rich?

They claim that the way to make money with their system is so simple just citing example with Twitter. Of course, the internet has a reservoir of opportunities to make decent money with but it can’t be how Kids Get Money is telling you. Here is how the illustration goes;

Sign Up: You provide your name and email address after which you get an exclusive link which is your referral link as an influencer. Just signing up earns you $25. REALLY!! Who does that? I don’t think the platform is a charity home to dash you that amount. 

Share Your Link: This is where the money making journey begins. From them, you go to your social media account being it twitter, facebook, Instagram or any that you can think of and search the keyword “I need money”. You reply to all the results and drop your link in response to tweets or whatever that you find there. 

As they claim, every click through your link to their site earns you $2 and $10 when they also sign up. Sounds great, right? Like Toddlers will be riding Lamborghini and the world will be ridden off hardships.

Cash Out: They claim that you can cash out through PayPal, Western Union, CashApp, mailed checks and others. This is not different from their previous domains but you’ll never get the money into your account. 

Is Kids Get Money a Scam OR Legit?

If you have some spare time to make money online with the internet I would recommend you to check out the best work at home jobs that pay you to test websites because Kids Get Money is a total scam which will turn your sweat into their riches, leaving you with nothing. 


They’re nowhere near a legit platform because their domain was just registered on February 2nd, 2019 which you can see for yourself at A startup platform like this can’t deliver to you the kind of promises they’re making. Just to solidify my opinion:


1. Kids Get Money is just a flipped domain

It hasn’t been long when Kids Get Money existed as Kids Paid Money and Dinero Facil Gratis which I reviewed a couple of months ago. So, if they’re legit why would they be changing their domain name but they’re not smart enough to change their site interface and content. 

If you’re not convinced just type and in your browser and see where they will take you to. Besides, there’s no difference in the claims they’re making. 

2. Unrealistic Earning Claims

If someone ever promises to pay you $25 for just signing up on their platform, light a candle to his face to see him well. They can’t be that generous to dash you $25 for sign up, $2 for just sending someone to their site and $10 for every referral that signs up. They’re here to leverage your time to their profit and not to run a charity program. 

Even big companies like Google don’t pay people that much for advertisement run on blogs and Youtube. Like all get-paid-to view ads, platforms will collapse. 

Trust me, if what they’re claiming is real and legit in making thousands with social media, every man will create social media account for their pets to make money too. 

3. Fake Testimonials of Payment

As stated earlier that Kids Get Money is no different from Kids Paid Money and Dinero Facil Gratis in website interface and claims, so are their testimonials of happy members. They’re always the same but this time with a little twist. However, all of them have gotten anonymous member. Funny! 

They have nothing good to offer you. 

4. Your Requested Withdrawal Never Hit Your Wallet Inside

It’s disheartening to realize after you’ve invested all the time to make the money as they promised you and all that you see is Canaan on sight but never get the chance to step foot there. 

Normally, they will take you to several pages requesting you to fill some survey as your money get processed but believe you me, it’s just a key. You’ll never get the money and they’ll waste your time on top of that as if ensuring your safety.

Final Thoughts - Here's How To Make Real Money!

Making money online with the internet is undoubtedly a reliable means to either make extra income doing menial tasks or making passive income building your own online business. This is because the internet has billions of users making it an evergreen market to make money but not with Kids Get Money. 

You might think you have nothing to lose considering the fact that it doesn’t cost you money to sign up, mind you that you’re using your personal information to get on board which you don’t know what they’ll use it for. On top of that, your integrity is on the line if you refer friends who later realize that you led them to a scam site. 

I make money online with this website through affiliate marketing which has proven to be one of the best ways to make passive income. I learnt the skills from the Wealthy Affiliate University Training platform which you can join for FREE and put your credit card aside. You can also check out why I recommend it as a one-stop way to multiple income creation just working at home full time or part-time.

However, if building an online business is not your thing, then you might want to check the best ways to make money working at home on your extra time just testing websites. 

You might as well want to check out Respondent, Clixsense, PointsPrizes and TimeBucks for continuous earning in addition to the other ones.  

Over To You

Do you have any experience with Kids Get Money? Feel free to share it in the comment box below and it will be of great help to someone. Questions about any of the things shared in the post too are welcome.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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Your friend, 


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      • thanks derrick, my bud told me of this n I googled it and read ur stuff, thanks for enlightening us all, if it sounds too good to be true,it is, people need to do lots of research and pray proof stuff, i’d been deeply burned on stuff and no more, be blessed here,n keep moving forward, thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The review demystified the kidsgetmoney scam, its quite unfortunate I wasted my time and data chasing a dead horse but I’m glad I came across this review …..thanks for the background check

    • Hello Edwin,
      You’re always welcome to my site and I’m glad the review has been helpful to you. Sorry to hear about your investment. Anyway, you can check out other ways to make money online if you’re interested in building your own business at no $0 cost. You can start with affiliate marketing, that has been a means for me to generate passive income.


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