FluidStack Review: Make Passive Income With Your Idle Computer!

Fluidstack provider review - Make passive income with idle computer

Welcome to my Fluidstack Review!

Do you know that you can leverage your computer to a system that can generate you passive income without doing anything? If you don’t know, the answer is yes. Fluidstack with a pioneering technology has developed a system which makes it possible and has been proven to deliver results.

Having a system in place that generates passive income has been the order of the day. It’s by far the greatest way to amass wealth for yourself with mostly a one-time effort. That’s what FluidStack is aimed at, paying individuals who can rent their computers to them when not in use.

Do you have a computer which lies idle during the day or when you’ve gone to work? Let’s see how FluidStack can help you make money passively with your computer without breaking a sweat.

What Is FluidStack About?

Product: FluidStack

Founders: Gary WuReaal Khalil and James Cox

Website: provider.fluidstack.io

Platform Type: Cloud Service Provider

Cost: Your Idle Computer ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in making passive income with their idle computer

My Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Fluidstack provider review - make money with idle computer

The ultimate 4 step blueprint guide

FluidStack is a developing technology aimed at creating one of the fastest and distributed clouds around the globe. In simple terms, the technology is to develop a huge cloud infrastructure by bringing together a ton of thousands of servers from computers around the world.

This is where you make a passive income with FluidStack as a hardware provider with your computer when not in use. You provide FluidStack access to a portion of your bandwidth to be used for content distribution in their cloud.

With this cloud, they’re able to serve clients with content delivery service and other cloud services including high-performance computing.

So Who Are The Faces Behind FluidStack?

FluidStack was founded by three Oxford University graduates namely Gary WuReaal Khalil and James Cox. The platform has been online since June 2013 and continues to increase in the number of individual hardware providers who’re making around $50 a month.

Founders of FluidStack

Are you skeptical about how these graduates are funding their work? No need for a cause of alarm because their business idea is being backed by original investors of SpaceX, Protocol Labs, Spotify and TransferWise.

Ready to make passive income with your idle computer? Let’s understand how the system works first.

How Exactly Does FluidStack Work?

FluidStack functions as an intermediary service provider that makes available hardware of hardware providers to cloud services buyers. Which means that FluidStack doesn’t provide hardware directly but only a cloud service marketplace.

A cloud service marketplace is an infrastructure of Fluidstack that enables you that is hardware provider to link your devices to FluidStack cloud servers where they’re organized and sold as cloud service to cloud service buyers.

This rather sounds too technical, but it’s far clearer this way. Whenever you’re not using your personal computer, it either sits there or turns off until you log back on. But when you have an account with FluidStack, you’re able to share your computer and bandwidth with them to be used as a cloud service where you get paid.

How? You connect your computer as a hardware provider to their server nodes where a small portion of your bandwidth is used by content delivery on websites and other services.

There are tons of hardware providers connected to FluidStack worldwide which are gathered and sold as cloud service to cloud service buyers. So in effect, FluidStack pays you for making available your idle computer and bandwidth to serve its client. You don’t have to do anything and you get to make passive income monthly.

How Do You Make Money With FluidStack?

FluidStack helps you to make passive income with just your computer doing virtually nothing yourself. You make money in the following ways;

#1. As Hardware Provider

This is the main feature that makes you $5 – $50 a month depending on the availability of your computer. Here, you become a hardware provider to their cloud system where your bandwidth is used for content delivery and cloud computing by cloud service buyers.

As a hardware provider, you should have at least 2GB RAM, 10Mbps upload speed and several free storage spaces up to 10GB. If you’re not sure of your upload speed, you can check it here. Currently, their software supports only 64 bit Windows OS.

FluidStack only connects to your computer whenever it’s idle and the amount you make too is dependent on your device speed.

#2. By Inviting a Friend

FluidStack pays you $5 for every friend or referral you direct to this opportunity. This is a great way to increase your passive income on this platform. Respondent also offers such opportunity but higher than that of FluidStack – $20 per invitation.

However, this is not a recurring commission but it can really add weight to your wallet if you invite several people. A good way to invite people is sharing your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums and others. For example, getting 100 people to join has the potential to fatten your wallet by $500. That’s good money!

Before you’re credited with the $5, they need to set up their working node so it’s advisable to help them get started.

How Much Money Can You Make With FluidStack?

The amount you make is tied to your upload speed but generally, it’s between $5 – $50 per month. FluidStack periodically measures your upload speed and pays you depending on the upload speed your computer is delivering to them.

According to their measurement, you earn $5 for upload speeds less than 100Mbps, $10/100Mbps/month up to $50. So having an upload speed of about 250Mbps can earn you around $20. Earnings are credited daily into your payout and you get paid on the last day of the month.

So for example, if in a month you deliver around 250Mbps upload speed and refer about 10 people, then you’re going to make around $70 which is a decent amount.

How Do You Get Paid?

Currently, FluidStack pays through PayPal automatically on the last day of the month. The minimum threshold of payment is $5 which is higher than what most survey sites can earn you with active engagement.

At least you’re sure to earn $5 with your idle computer provided you have 50% availability. With this, I see it as a great way to earn with my laptop when I’m engaged with research work in my lab. You can try it for free and see how things turn out for you.

How Do You Get Started On FluidStack?

FluidStack has made it pretty easy for anyone who shares an interest in their strategy and can passively generate income even with little computer experience. All you want to do is go through their sign up process but you would want to be sure that the following requirements are met to hasten your approval;

  • Microsoft Windows 64bit
  • Personal desktop computer or laptop which is always online
  • 2GB RAM
  • Free storage space of up to 10GB
  • At least 10Mbps upload speed (check it here if you don’t know), anything more is a bonus to you

With these, your account will be approved in no time – I mean you’ll start earning very soon. Mine was approved almost instantly. It’s recommended that you register with your PayPal email address because that’s what is used for your payment.

You can set your account by following the procedure below if you have the requirement.

How To Set Up Your Account On FluidStack

  1. First, you have to register for a provider account. This is what will pop-up when you click on this link: provider.fluidstack.io

Fluidstack registration form

NB: Use your PayPal email for the email address.

2. When your account is approved, you’ll see something like this;

Fluidstack setting up of node

Head to the “Download Node button” and follow the instructions to complete your set up.

3. After set up is complete and connected, you should see on your dashboard readings like this;

Fluidstack review - node running

Now you’re ready to fatten your lean purse passively with your idle computer. 🙂

The ultimate 4 step blueprint guide

Frequently Asked Questions About FluidStack

Is FluidStack Safe To Connect Your Idle Computer?

The goal of FluidStack it to make good use of the vast amount of under-utilised computing resources around the world. Instead of letting your computers sit idle, FluidStack wants to organize them into useful cloud servers.

FluidStack confirms not to be in the data selling business or cryptocurrency mining, and they have a dedicated team to preserve the privacy and security of your computers.

According to them, they’re a venture-capital backed company and are trusted by a network of thousands of individuals and businesses around the world. So in simple terms, it’s safe to join.

What Is My Idle Computer Used For?

Your computer is anonymously aggregated into a cloud network of thousands of devices. These devices are then used as a whole, with tasks distributed amongst all of them, in order to provide low cost and high-performance cloud services.

Currently, FluidStack provides cloud services such as CDN and video transcoding. It’s their aim to rapidly expand the number of services they’re able to provide.

What Is the Impact On My Machine When Connected To FluidStack?

It doesn’t affect the performance of your machine at all. The software detects when you are using your computer and only runs when the device is sitting idle. You should never notice it!

In addition, the cost of electricity running a node is minimal. It’s not like cryptocurrency mining, which is very hardware-intensive and drains you of electricity.

How Many Nodes Can I Install On My Computer?

You can install as many nodes as you want! You’re welcome to do that.

However, FluidStack currently pays out once per IP address, so installing multiple nodes in the same location will not make a difference in your payout. But, it may ensure that you will get paid at the end of the month, by having more availability!

Can I Run Multiple Virtual Machines On The Same Computer?

No, that doesn’t work on FluidStack and you’re not encouraged to do that.

Can I Get Paid On Multiple Computers?

Yes, as long as they aren’t on the same IP address! You will only get paid once per IP address, as they will be sharing the same bandwidth.

My Node Is Connected But It Show Last Seen. Why?

When you notice that, run through these steps:

  1. Restart your computer, and check your dashboard after ten minutes.
  2. Make sure you haven’t changed your networking configuration since you installed the node. This means ensuring that your router settings, your firewall, and your anti-virus have not changed.
  3. Restart your router.
  4. If this still doesn’t work, reinstall the node with a new installer from your dashboard

Is FluidStack A Scam or Legit?

On the basis of cloud services and their claims, they’re paying as promised and I’ve not found any complaints against them in terms of payout. Undoubtedly, FluidStack is not a scam although they’re still in their developmental stage.

Also, they’ve been online for more than a year which qualifies them as a legitimate platform to make money with. With my experience on the platform so far, it’s a nice way to earn passive income with your idle computer which is one of the reasonable justification why I would connect my computer to their nodes.

So, you can head there and create your account before the month slips away. 🙂


Aside, my highly recommended way to make consistent residual income, FluidStack also offers a nice way to trade off your bandwidth and hardware for a passive income. Any passive income adventure one way or the other would require some form of investment – either your time or money. 

So, it’s a great way having your idle computer make you money while away or asleep. The amazing thing is, you can try it for free irrespective of th country you’re in. You might want to try it out if you want to add it to your income streams. 

However, it’s necessary for you to balance the two sides to decide for yourself whether it’s worth joining.


  • You can sign up for free
  • It’s available worldwide
  • You don’t have to actively engage yourself to make money (passive income)


  • Available only on Windows OS and specifically 64bit
  • You have to leave your computer on all the time to increase your availability


Over To You!

Do you have any experience with FluidStack? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

                             Share it, if you like it! 🙂

Your friend, 


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