Is Workmines Scam Or $0.4 Per Video In Your Wallet? [Review]

Is Workmines Scam Or $0.4 Per Video In Your Wallet?

Do you seek to fatten your lean purse and wondering whether Workmines is a legitimate place to invest your hard earned money just by watching videos for a few seconds or a scam to write off in a blink of an eye?

Just as videos have become one of the most sorted after means of finding information on the internet because our eyes seem to enjoy it much, Workmines promises to put $$ into your wallet doing exactly that.

Yes, they claim you will earn $0.4 per video you watch for 30 seconds. I guess it sounds too good to be true in your ears that’s why you’re here.

First of all, let me congratulate you on doing your personal research. In this review, I will reveal to you what’s behind the curtains of Workmines so stay close.

What Is Workmines About?

Product: Workmines

Founder: Undisclosed


Platform Type: Get Paid To Watch Videos

Cost: $0.00, $40/Year & Above

Best For: NO ONE

Overall Rating: 0.1 out of 10

Workmines Scam

Workmines claims to be an online acquisition agency that serves as an intermediary between Advertisers and their highly targeted audience. In other words, they help Advertisers to drive more traffic to their websites by serving video ads to their users who invest with them.

According to them, they’ve obtained over 5,000,000 videos for their clients through which they drive traffic to them. Per their claim, they get money by driving traffic to their clients with the videos.

workmines homepage

In serving their clients, they partner with you (users who want to invest in their business model) to watch their video ads for a short time in exchange for money. However, you have to be a paid user in order to make any money which is something I find very questionable.

Actually, Workmines is not the first website to have this business model. There was once a website called Boostpal which took people’s money away and Workmines wouldn’t be different considering the claims they’re making.

Why? For some similar reasons Boospal did and others that I’m yet to reveal to you. But before that let look at how Workmines work and claims to make you money.

How Do You Get Started With Workmines?

On the blind side, Workmines advertises itself as get paid to watch video adverts but actually, you have to pay before you watch to make money. Although, they have free membership for you to start off for 14 days. The money you make with that membership wouldn’t be up to their minimum threshold of withdrawal until you upgrade.

To get started you have to register an account using your basic personal information including your mobile number. That automatically puts you on ‘new user’ package (trial) which last for 14 days unless you chose a specific package.

Workmines Packages

In addition to the new user package, Workmines offers 4 additional packages which come with different features and earning potential. Every video you watch earns you $0.4 for all packages you’re served with a different number of videos depending on the package.

workmines membership package

There’s not much difference in what Boostpal offered in last year except for the duration of the subscription fee.

How Do You Earn On Workmines?

After choosing your investment package, all that is left is watch videos every day. These are the categories of videos that you can earn from;

#1. Get Paid To Watch YouTube Videos

As you may be familiar with, Workmines serve you with YouTube videos where you can watch to earn $0.4 for each one. According to them, you can watch as much as 100 videos per day which is dependent on the type of membership package you subscribe for.

#2. Earn From Watching Facebook Videos

Like it’s commonly done on the Facebook platform, Workmines claims to pay you for commenting, liking and watching Facebook videos. Each video earns you $0.4 as the YouTube videos but the amount you make with it is tied to your membership package.

#3. Get Paid To Watch Netflix Videos

Workmines provides you with movies served by Netflix as a Video-content-consumer of the platform. You watch them like the other categories in exchange for $0.4 per video. The videos are usually upcoming videos.

#4. Referral Program

The fastest way to increase your earning is to invite people to join Workmines and in return earn commissions on the number of videos watched. Like, Boostpal you don’t make any commission on a referral who stays on a free account.

Workmines only credit you commissions if your referrals are on the paid packages and the amount you earn depends on the number of videos they watch. You earn only on direct referrals.

This feature can skyrocket your daily earnings if you have a bunch of people under you. That sounds nice, right? You don’t know what you’ll be putting people through if you know the red flags against Workmines.

Workmines Red Flags To Watch Out!

If you’re thinking of joining Workmines, I’ll caution you not to but if you’ve joined then you should be prepared to lose your money. That’s not to scare you but to help you the reality on the ground. Anyway, here are a few things to take note;

#1. Founder of Workmines not disclosed

As at now there’s no known face behind this supposedly get paid to watch videos platform. If the owner is honest and really cares about your welfare, then I don’t know the reason why he should go dark about his identity.

Let me just cite an example –  would you feel comfortable to share your personal info and pictures on Facebook if the owner was anonymous? If you answered no, then it should be of the same reason why you shouldn’t trust this platform with your hard earned money if the owner’s identity is not known.

However, if you’re desperate and chasing after shiny object, you’re certainly going to be blinded by the money.

#2. Unrealistic earning claims

Not that earning $0.4 per action on the internet is unheard off but it’s too much for the category and the kind of business model Workmines run. Making $0.4 for every video you watch is way higher than what YouTube ads even pay.

Google, one of the BIG FOUR and multinational technology company doesn’t pay YouTubers close to what Workmines claims for their Ads. Are they bigger or richer than Google? Heck no! Which implies that their business model is not sustainable and will soon collapse.

Their advertisers wouldn’t pay them such amount of money to be dashing it out like that, which is more of the reason why you pay before you can earn. They’re possibly paying you with new investors’ money and not from Advertisers.

#3. The support system is unreliable

This is typical of platforms which have faceless owners because they normally don’t want to take responsibility for their claims. There might be a support ticket for you to file in your inquiries or problems but you wouldn’t get any reply.

That’s how Boostpal operated and they’re not different from Workmines. Those times, I sent them several messages but they never responded to them. Similar is being reported by others on Workmines now.

workmines support

So whom are you going to reach out if they go dark? No one! You don’t know the owner, any representative and there’s no available contact on the site to contact. You’re virtually on your own – whatever situation you find yourself in, you face it.

#4. Workmines is no better than a Ponzi scheme

The most reasonable way to explain how Workmines would be able to pay you those earning rates is how Ponzi schemes operate. According to Wikipedia Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

Business models like Workmines which operate under these schemes would let you believe that their profits are coming from other sources like video advertisers in our case here. In reality, they’re coming from new investors and nothing else. This implies that the earlier you join, the safer you would be.

That’s why they mostly pay earlier investors to invite more referrals. This is because the more new investors come on board the longer the business operates. However, not everyone would benefit from them.

That’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s of this strategy they use that’s why earlier investors who have enjoyed a few profits would vouch for the legitimacy of Workmines. Once investors decline, the business collapses.

Also, Workmines is a GPT website which means that you don’t have to pay before you earn money. So paying money only to watch videos and earn is questionable and a don’t. You can also watch videos on TimeBucksFeaturePointsPointsPrizes and  Rewards1 and get paid.

However, you wouldn’t be making $0.4 per video because that’s what the reality is.

#5. No BBB accreditation for Workmines

One of the ways to be confident in any business model or investment is checking out the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Workmines can’t be found on BBB listings which implies that they’ve not provided any information to clarify how their business operates.

So if BBB rating is one of your checklists, then you don’t want to consider joining Workmines. They haven’t provided information to earn investor’s trust. You join at your own risk.

Signs To Watch Out For Workmines Closure

#1. Server issues

During the time of Boostpal, a week never passed by without encountering server problems. Today they’re upgrading servers, tomorrow they’re moving to a new server and so forth. Sorry for any inconvenience was the common news feed on the platform.

That’s what you’re to watch out on Workmines. It has even started kicking in the last time I checked. You’re likely to see this in your browser……….

Workmines server issues

When this sign is showing, you should know that they’re about to run away with your money.

#2. Long loading time and breakings

The site will start to load slower and sometimes information will be wrongly displayed on your dashboard. You’re likely to find your daily watched video not recorded or error in the stats.

Sometimes, you’ll have a delay in update of your daily video availability. I mean the video might not be available to watch at your usual time in some cases. While this could be a technical glitch which is likely to occur on any internet platform, the rate of occurrence is hard to accept.

You’re to watch out for these things.

Is Workmines Scam Or Legit?

From the standpoint of duration in operation on the internet, you might be tempted to say Workmines is legit but I’m afraid it’s not. According to data provided by upon domain check, they’ve been in existence since 2017 but it doesn’t prove that they’re legit.

Others are claiming they’re paying them but those are the fortunate few. My experience with a number of these platforms has always ended on the same end – they collapse eventually without alerting anyone. Their business thrives only on the money new investors pay.

They can’t be sustained with the profit they claim to make from the Video Advertisers. That’s a big NO! Also, you don’t have to pay to make money on GPT sites.

Since you can’t withdraw your earnings on the free account should at least hint you of their intentions. They wouldn’t make you rich so save yourself the money and try out for free Respondent. You can make decent money without paying anything.


Everyone would want to make money online but you should be cautious what you’re putting your money in. In the first place, I don’t agree with the reason you would have to pay before you can make money on GPT site.

They might say, that’s needed for site maintenance and other kinds of stuff. That’s unacceptable because those charges are to be paid by the Advertisers – they reap the benefit in the end.

Why should you pay them in order to watch a video they’re going to make money out of. It’s of this reason and many others shared above are why I wouldn’t recommend Workmines to you.

Wait! Let Me Show You How I Make Money Online

I fell for several shiny objects like what Workmines is claiming until I got to understand how things actually work on the internet. Now I’ve gone from a newbie to an experienced multiple income stream creator just working part-time.

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Over To You!

Do you have any experience with Workmines? Feel free to share them in the comment box below and I will appreciate it so much. I’m always ready to connect with you if you have any questions.

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

Your friend


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