Is HoneyGain A Scam OR Sweet Money As Time Flies! [Review]

Not long ago after checking out on Packity another app named HoneyGain came to my radar which claims to make you money just by sharing your unused internet. Really? Is it safe to do that and how much can I earn? 

They were sceptical questions I asked myself. If you’re here, chances are that you’re faced with similar confusion and wondering whether honeygain is a scam or a nice way to earn passive income? I took the risk to try it so let me share with you what I found. 

Revealed in this review…..

  • Inside out story of honeygain claims… you make passive income?
  • The reality check……is it safe and even profitable?
  • The evergreen passive income alternate requiring $0 startup cost… part is, it’s FREE and no credit card is needed.

Let’s delve in then!

Quick View of HoneyGain

Product Name: HoneyGain

honeygain reviewWebsite:

Headquarters: Arizona, USA (possibility)

Industry: Bandwidth Sharing

Founder: NOT Disclosed

Date Registered: April 2019

Cost: Your Internet Bandwidth 

Summary: Honeygain is one of the internet bandwidth gathering networks that allows individuals with unused internet bandwidth to share in the exchange for money. It’s one of the nicest ways to make passive income online with your idle computer which requires you only to install an app and sit back to earn. 

My Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Remarks: Suitable for people who have more internet bandwidth than they use

number one recommendation

What is HoneyGain About?

You can put it as a hub whereby individuals who have excess internet bandwidth can share and in return get paid for the amount contributed. As a bandwidth sharing network, they claim to provide infrastructure to clients who use the gathered internet for research and other data related analysis. 

Honeygain’s domain name was registered in April 2019 according to and it appears to be administered from Arizona, the USA, however, the majority of their traffic is coming from Brazil from Alexa report. 

Interestingly, an app that claims to help you make passive income by sharing with them your internet has a faceless founder. 

How Exactly Does HoneyGain Work?

Honeygain simply acts as an intermediary between you and their clients. They provide you with software which does all the huge tasks for you to transfer your internet which gets used by their clients. 

You do that by installing their application to your device be it android, windows and macOS ( currently in Beta version). After which you sign up with your details which takes you to your dashboard where you see the readings of your data shared. 

While you provide a gateway into their network, honeygain make it available to their clients. This is where the money comes in. Clients pay honeygain for their infrastructure to use the assembled internet bandwidth and they, in turn, credit you money based on how much you contributed. 

Is this really safe?….you may ask. 

Is It Safe To Join HoneyGain?

Well, honeygain assures you of 100% safety with their application. According to them, they have relationships with tech universities, Fortune 500 and other trustworthy companies to provide you with maximum security. 

Honestly speaking I haven’t encountered any security breach or an unusual thing since I installed their application on my laptop to try out their system. The personal information that honeygain collects is your email, IP address, how much bandwidth you contribute to the network and the payment method you choose for payment. 

Aside from these, no other information of yours is collected according to them and that’s what I’ve experienced with them now. So, from my side, it’s safe, at least for now but yet to find if there’s any loophole somewhere. 

How Do You Make Money with HoneyGain?

There are two main ways to make money on the platform;

By Being a Bandwidth Provider

Here, you have to be a contributor to their network by sharing your unused internet with them. You do that by installing their application either on your smartphone or computer to be connected to their node to share your bandwidth. 

The more bandwidth you share the more credit you make. On the platform, you can have a maximum of 3 devices for one IP address but it makes no difference with one device since the bandwidth is just distributed among them. However, you can have as many devices as you want on different networks with one account. 

Referral Program

Honeygain encourages members to share the opportunity with friends and families who have unused internet and in return earn some commissions. This is a great way to increase your earnings with honeygain if you refer people to the website. 

According to them, you earn 10% of the amount of bandwidth that your referrals contribute to their network daily. For example, if a referer of yours share 1GB/day, it means you’ll earn 100MB/day on the person which cumulatively can add up to a nice passive income. 

Instead of earning referral commisions in data, similar platforms like Fluidstack and Packity directly pays in cash for a referral. 

How Much Money Can You Earn With HoneyGain?

I was very curious myself when “make money with your unused internet” kept crossing my path on the internet. How much can one actually make? Well, on their website, they have nicely captured it as 10GB/day will earn you $30/month which implies 10GB data is equivalent to $1. 

Depending on where you’re coming from, it can either be a good income or an unworthy investment. Internet bundles cost way more expensive in some places than what honeygain might be offering. 

The $30/month is a bit cool considering that you just have to turn on your laptop but the reality is that you may not earn much. According to honeygain, you can expect to share 2GB/day which will take you like 5 months to reach $30. 

However, you can reach a maximum share of 15GB/day depending on your network speed. Since I tried out, I’ve never reached 2GB/day although South Korea has one of the fastest internets in the world. So, in a nutshell, you can make at least $30/month if your network delivers over 10GB/day. Some people have actually earned $20 within 7-8 days.

How Do You Withdraw? 

Honeygain pays through PayPal which is processed within 24hours when you reach the minimum threshold. You should have a minimum of $20 before you can withdraw on the platform. Fluidstack offers a lower threshold of $5 and you can earn as high as $50/month depending on your network speed.

Things To Note Before Joining HoneyGain 

Passive income is the best thing you can ever wish for with online opportunities but before you jump on the train of honeygain, you might want to consider the following. 


#1. Honeygain is SSL Certified

Their domain name goes with “HTTPS” which is an SSL certification implying that it’s safe to share your personal information on the site. This certification prevents unauthorized parties to get access to your information by dubious means. 

#2. Earn Passive Income Doing Nothing

The nice thing about honeygain is that your smartphone or computer does the work for you while you do nothing. Although the earning rate might not be much, it does add up if you run for a long time when you have an unused bandwidth every month. 

At least this pays better than some GPT sites like BTC smash, Ojooo wad, rotate4all and Coinbulb. But you can also earn more with Respondent and Fluidstack


#1. Founder Not Known

There’s no information provided on their website about the founder(s) of this website like Fluidstack does. It makes me wonder why would a platform that asks you to trust them with your personal information and bandwidth not disclose their identity?

I hope the founders come out with time because I don’t think remaining faceless is good for business. 

#2. The Application Comes With Battery Cost

Honeygains application consumes about 5-8% more of your battery power according to them. Nonetheless, you can run it on the background with other applications and it doesn’t cause any slug in your computer performance.  

#3. The minimum payout rate is high

Although this is a great way to make passive income provided you have unused internet data, the minimum earning requirement for withdrawal is very high. With this threshold, people will definitely leave honeygain before they could reach that amount. 

Fluidstack has a lower minimum threshold ($5), Respondent pays you once you make the money and my #1 recommendation doesn’t give you a minimum amount to make. 

How Do You Get Started with HoneyGain?

If you’ve balanced the two sides and want to try out honeygain, all that you need to do is follow the steps to get started. 

  1. Visit their website:
  2. On the main page, click on the download tab and choose the suitable OS for your device
  3. Install the downloaded application to your device and then sign up with your information
  4. That takes you to the dashboard and you should see something like the below;

honeygain review - account dashboard

Is HoneyGain a Scam?

No. Honeygain is not a scam. My experience with the platform shows it’s a legitimate website to make a side income if you have unused bandwidth. I tried with my laptop to have a feel and evaluate the platform of its claims.

It didn’t turn out to be riskier as I perceived because my experience was far better than with Packity. The interesting thing is that I was able to reach the minimum threshold of withdrawal as you can see.

Honeygain payment proof Initially, I was skeptical because the payment option wasn’t showing but it appeared as soon as I reached the minimum. In a few business days, my payment was processed and this is what I got. So if you have unused bandwidth, then you might want to try it out.

Honeygain payment proof for bundle sharing

My Conclusion –  Things To Note!

Honeygains is young on the internet but they’ve gained popularity according to Alexa ranking which implies that there’s more to come with the platform. So far, they’re paying out members who reach the minimum threshold and that honeygain is not a scam. I have personally been paid for sharing my bandwidth. 

However, you might want to do your analysis well if you’re going to sign up on the platform. Bear in mind that not everyone would find their income opportunity profitable because it cost some people far more than $30 for 10GB of data in a day. You might want to try out this recommendation if you’re in that category. 

Making money with honeygain would be profitable for people with unused monthly internet bandwidth even though the earning rate might be small. However, it does add up and since you’re not actively doing anything, you don’t have to sweat. You can increase earnings by referring people to the platform and adding Fluidstack.

And There Is More To Earn With Your Unused Data…..

Honeygain sounds great but for me, I would like to earn more than what they offer….something with the potential to replace a full-time income job without having to keep my computer on 24/7. I can show you how to go by it in just 7 mins through this guide…….

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Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with honeygain.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop them there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

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8 thoughts on “Is HoneyGain A Scam OR Sweet Money As Time Flies! [Review]”

  1. I am usually very skeptical with platforms like this one that you have shown when they do not open up to who their owners is but seeing that you have used it yourself and it worked out well gives me a bit cooling but again the threshold is high and the income potential is quite low. There are better ways to make money online definitely.

  2. For me, it’s a red flag when I see that the owners of a program or site are unknown. SSL certification does not mean much about the legality of the business because anyone can buy it, but at least it is secure for our private information. In terms of earnings, I think my computer can earn me a lot more with other types of online earnings. 

  3. Having a platform that does not disclose the information of its owner is not safe for even you as a member, it means you can’t trust them with your dealing and money or even any vital information. Another thing i don’t like about Honeygain is having a stipulated amount before cashout. Thanks for this, I’ll not recommend it.


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