Hour Forever Limited Review – Earn 0.84% Every Hour & Forever OR A Scam?

Day in, day out several online make money platforms are launched on the internet claiming to provide financial solutions to people. If you’re here, chances are that you want a genuine online investment to make money from and you’re wondering whether Hour Forever Limited is a scam or an online investment platform that you can rely on.

Congratulations on doing your diligent check. Can it really earn you $0.84 every hour and forever as they claim?  If you want to find out, you might want to read on to the last dot on this page because I will be analysing it with you to know your stand by the end of this review.

Falling for a scam is a bitter experience so being on the right side is what my intentions are in this review. I know how it feels to lose money and waste your time on platforms that make vague promises. Let’s delve straight to my guide and my experience with platforms of this type to be on the safer side.

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What is Hour Forever Limited?

Business name: Hour Forever LTD

Owner: Hidden on site

Website: hourforever.com

My Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Hour forever is a trading and an automatic online investment platform that promises its investors the highest rate of return on investment without doing anything. They claim to be part of a bigger team of professional traders who focus on mainly Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading over multiple exchanges and markets. In other words, they generate huge sums of money from your investment through their marketing and other exchange programs they run.

They go on to boldly affirm that, their high rate of return to their investors is possible due to the extraordinary diversification of their investment. By this reason, they claim to be the fastest UK trading company which is able to provide a steady income to their investors. They in this regard, consider their system to be an effective and profitable one that delivers to their investors according to what they promise.

These are very convincing claims that I would like you to continue reading to find out whether it’s the case or not.

How Does Hour Forever Limited Really Work?

An investment company which sounds so convincing shouldn’t find it difficult to state clearly how it makes that huge amount of money to offer such a rate to its investors. However, Hour Forever Limited just maintains a sales pitch in its introduction without telling its investors how it makes that amount of money except for investment packages and how to increase your earnings.

So what investment packages does it offer?

They have four investment packages that offer different hourly profit rates. They claim that all that you need to do is choose any of the plans and sit down whiles their Professionals do the magic to earn you 0.84% of your investment hourly and forever. Below is their investment plan:

So let say you invest $200 for the 40-hour investment plan which is 5% profit hourly. This will earn you $400 profit at the end of your investment plan. REALLY?? 200% profit on your money. Are they that generous to give you that amount of money whiles you don’t do anything? C’mon!

They claim that your earning potential doesn’t end there. You can earn more if you publicise their service to friends and relatives, that is to say, earn extra more by referring others to the platform.

A Catchy Referral System.

They encourage you to make them popular as you draw people to their site using your referral link. They claim to offer referral commission to two levels, that is 5% on the investment of first level referrals and 0.5% on your second level referrals. This can actually earn you a lot of money but I’m sorry to say it’s a trap.

While the above sounds so convincing to fall for, you’ll be dashing your money to someone freely because this system wouldn’t give you what it claims. It’s a bait they’re luring you to bite because no genuine online trading company of this type can generate you 200% profit. How much do they earn themselves?

Is Hour Forever A Scam Or A Legit?

Undoubtedly, Hour Forever Limited is a total scam that you wouldn’t have to put your money in. If you’ve invested your money in before checking this review, then pray to be one of the lucky ones to receive a token from them before they close down. To not throw dust into your eyes, below are my reasons for saying you have to stay away from them

Exactly the Same Website with a Folded up Scam site and Another Similar One

With my online experience, at least I know that every genuine business with an online presence has a unique website. Even if its website theme is similar to other sites, the content and what they do will totally differ. It is not so in this case. Hour forever is just a replica of a scam site which just shut down some few months back after scamming some people.

Hour forever not only has the same theme with biteagle.io (scam site not existing anymore) and no limit investment (also operating) but the same content and even address. Just a little difference in their investment plan interest rate. See below if it’s different.


Unrealistic Rate of Return

Sometimes our quest for money makes we lose sight of the process to earn a certain amount of profit. Although bigger moves in major cryptocurrencies have made some people a fortune decades ago, that doesn’t mean every cooked fallacy have to be believed. I don’t know of any cryptocurrency trading investment that can earn you such an amount in a short period.

They’re just playing on the minds of people who know less about cryptocurrency to make money out of them. And like the biteagle.io which was reported by one cryptocurrency expert to be an unrealistic offer, so is this one.

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Investment Scheme so Shaddy

As they try to keep a sales pitch in their about us, they leave no information on how exactly they make that amount of money to give you the kind of profit they’re offering.  At least, they owe you that information as an investor so you can’t just take their word in that advertisement pitch and sign up.

Unresponsive Support Platform

At the moment, they have no contact phone number but their address is the same as that of biteagle.io and no limit investments. I’ve sent them a message myself to inquire about their investment history and how they manage to get that huge sums of money for its investors. I’ve not received any reply since and I don’t expect them to reply to me because that how they are.

It’s Too Young to Claim What it Says

Usually, an online platform doesn’t qualify to be legit if it’s less than a year in the system. They’ve been in the system for less than 2 months and I don’t expect them to be in the system for long because they can’t consistently provide that rates to its investors and survive. Actually, the money they’re giving out might not be from any investment.

A company which is less than two months is claiming to be the UK’s fastest growing trading company. In addition, their investment schemes are not real as they did not provide any information on other cryptocurrencies they trade.

I Suspect It To Be a Ponzi Scheme

Like all Ponzi schemes, the only way they can offer such profits to investors is to rob Peter to Pay Paul. They’re just paying old investors with the money from the new investors. That’s how they’re sustaining their system and nothing else. They just pay few people who sell them out by showing their payments as proof to people for others to blindly follow.

From the above information, it’ll be of no benefit to you to sign up with them. However, if you’re still not convinced and you still want to join, it’s up to you. But if you’re really interested in making an investment which will earn you a consistent income, I can show you how I earn online.

Read on to find out how I make money online. No Scams!! Be your own boss with the right information. It’s a skill so be patient to find out.

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32 thoughts on “Hour Forever Limited Review – Earn 0.84% Every Hour & Forever OR A Scam?”

  1. Their system is very unstable. withdrawing to bitcoin address is a problem. I deposited 235 dollars which are stuck on active deposit without hourly contributions to active balance. No response from admin or support


    • Hi there,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I can relate to your lost but you’ve done well dropping a comment here to save others who have intentions of signing up with this scam site.

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    • Hi William,
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