Dinero Facil Gratis Review – Earn $10 Per Invite OR A Scam?

Are you on the edge of joining Dinero Facil but wondering whether it’s a scam or a business that you can earn $10 per friends you invite? You have made a great decision in finding out first because they have nothing good to offer you than lies and use of your information for their own gains. You don’t have to waste your time on this scam scheme despite the convincing information floating around.

My tone might sound strong on them because I know how bitter it is to lose your time and sometimes money to scammers who present shiny broken glasses as diamond. My experience in the make money online world has taught me a lot of things, so I know a scam when I come across one. Without sounding like an empty can, let’s delve straight into what Dinero Facil Gratis is and see if it’s worth your time.

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What is Dinero Facil?

Business name: Dinero Facil

Owner: Not Found on Website

Website: dinerofacil.gratis

My Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

Dinero Facil is an online business model which qualifies itself as a get paid to (GPT) scheme that put money in the pocket of their members by sharing links with their friends. It also claims to provide simple tasks and offers to help you increase your earning capacity.

Branding itself to be genuine by answering a rhetorical question – are you guys giving away free money? They claim to get their revenue from ads and partners who sponsor them with the tasks and offers they provide to their members. That sound convincing but the only truth behind it is that they get your information and you help them to get more traffic to their site generating them ad revenue.

Also, they claim to have been in existence for 10 years (first lie!!!!) and have gradually expanded in service to a point where they can pay people $10 per invitation they bring to their site. REALLY??

How Does It Work?

From the site, it states that you get paid by inviting friends through your referral link to their site.

You fill their online form with your details and get your referral link which you will share with friends and on social media to drive more people to the site as they click on it. Upon signing up, you get a bonus of $25 of which they claim is to help their new members get started. It’s common to most scam schemes which I will provide you with more evidence as you read on.

It goes on to promise $5 for every click through your referral link to their site and when the person signs up, an additional $10 is credited to your account. When you reach the minimum cash out amount which is $100, you withdraw through PayPal, Bank transfer or Stripe. It looks easy and simple way to earn money, right?

You’ll be deceived if you fall for this and below are the reasons why I wouldn’t want you to even take a second thought of joining. Read on.

Is Dinero Facil A Scam Or A Legit?

Dinero Facil is a total scam which you have to stay away from. Please, don’t even consider signing up to see what’s inside since you might think it doesn’t cost you money to sign up. I do it sometimes but you’re giving your personal information to a site that you can’t trust. I label this scheme a scam based on the following red flags and reasons.

Lies about years in existence – The Domain is less than 6 months

Usually, when an online business is less than a year, it’s not considered as a legit but the case for this one is even different. When I checked out the domain age of this business, most of them showed not found results except for two places which revealed that the domain is about 3 months old.

It boldly states on their site that, it has been in operation for 10 years which is a lie. So, why would you want to join a business which welcomes you with a lie? However, if you want to try opportunities that have been online for a long time and still paying, then PointsPrizes and Clixsense should be your go-to place.

The Address on the Site is not Theirs

I tried to search the address on the site and guess what I found. It’s exactly the same as what I found on a platform that provides free website themes. In fact, the Dinero Facil site is from that free site which they’ve modified with some few codes to suit their business model. So you will realize that the images on the site are the same. Everything is the same.

They’re using an absolutely free site to scam people. Please, escape from them. Verify it yourself here.

Unrealistic Earning Offers

Making money online is not that easy and so simple as some people present it. There’s no free launch under the sun so when someone is offering you $25 dollars for just signing up is questionable and no genuine online business can give you $5 dollars for every click through your referral link.

It’s so funny when they try to explain how they’re capable of paying you $10 per invite. “You see, we’ve been in the business for over 10 years now. When we first started, we used to pay our affiliates $0.10 for every referral they had. However, since then, our service has grown and the value of our referrals have grown.” No matter how big they’ve grown, they can’t pay you the $10 per invite. It’s a lie!

Note that even legit GPT sites like Clixsense wouldn’t pay you that amount for the tasks, offers and surveys you take. However, Respondent is a reputable company which can offer you more than what Dinero facil claims by sharing your thoughts on market research studies.

Respondent referral campaign

Fake Testimonies of Proof

You will find on their page a place where you have happy members. These members haven’t been changing and it leaves me wondering whether they’re the only ones earning. The truth is that no one is earning so they have to manufacture some fake evidence to convince people. See below;

You Never Cash Out When You Request Payment

Wouldn’t it be a happy moment to see the money earned in your hands? It never happens because the site will be redirecting you to a different website and provide you with junks to complete before receiving the money. At this point you see Canaan but you never get there. You’ll be played in a long game till you give up. You might think that there’s something with your email or something is wrong that has to be fixed before you go through with the process.

Some people tried but later gave up when they realized that it’s a strategy to keep them busy and get them fooled. See what someone too experienced;

Dinero Facil is not a legit online business to waste your time on but it doesn’t mean you can’t actually make money online. Platforms like Respondent, UserTesting, Userlytics, UserFeel, PointsPrizes and Clixsense can help you make a decent side income online especially for Respondent. If you want to find out more on how I do that, keep up with me by reading on.

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