Packity Review: I Tried For 48 Hours And Guess What!

So after receiving two payments from Fluidstack upon testing, I came across a similar platform called Packity which goes like “Earn Passive Income with Your Unused Internet”. I joined and guess what; 48 hours of having my node active and I earned 0$. Does this mean Packity is a scam or you can actually make passive income by sharing your unused internet? 

If you’re here chances are that you’ve come across Packity and you’re sceptical about their claims. That’s very understandable…I was too before I tested it so in this Packity review;

  • I’ll reveal to you the inside out of what I found…fact vs reality about this bandwidth sharing industry – Packity
  • Alternatives to Packity to make passive income with your laptop
  • The evergreen method of earning in unlimited ways with the internet…..the best part: It’s FREE and no credit card information is needed

So let’s set the ball rolling….

Quick View of Packity: Can You Earn Passive Income?

Product Name: Packity

Packity ReviewWebsite:

Headquarters: Low chances of being located in the US

Industry: Bandwidth Sharing

Founder: Not disclosed

Date Registered: 22nd February 2018

Cost: Your Unused Bandwidth

Summary: Packity is a software-based solution that allows individuals to share their bandwidth through their system in exchange for money depending on your availability online. You can be connected to their node with our phone or computer provided there’s an internet to share. 

My Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

Remarks: Approach with caution

number one recommendation

What is Packity About?

Packity is a proxy network that enables individuals to share their internet bandwidth through their application and in return get paid according to the amount of GB data you give. According to them, the bandwidth obtained from your internet are served to their client to carry out their operations. 

All that you need to do is run their application in the background while your internet is on. Their software runs on windows, apple, android and yet to add Linux. The website got registered on February 22, 2018, and has an undisclosed founder. 

According to, the registrant is from the US and Scamadvisor finds it to be 12% probable based on their software algorithm detection. 

How Exactly Does Packity Work?

Packity accumulates internet bandwidth from individuals who run their node by installing their software on their device through the proxy network. Those internet bandwidths are used to serve clients and Packity gets paid for the infrastructure they provide to them. 

Packity then pays individuals who contribute bandwidth to the proxy network based on the amount you’re able to give. You earn $0.1/GB of bandwidth delivered to their network. 

According to them, their clients use the network for the purpose of brand protection, fighting back against ad fraud, & performing search engine optimization

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How Do You Make Money with Packity?

There are two major ways for you to earn on Packity, as a Bandwidth provider and through their affiliate program; either of them is passive but the latter requires some work to make much from it. 

As Internet Bandwidth Provider

Packity stresses on their site that, the average US household uses only 3% of 6TB bandwidth paid for every month and that 97% of it goes waste. If you’re in that category, then that’s a chance for you to exchange it for money. 

So while you share your bandwidth into their network to serve their clients, you get paid. The more bandwidth and hours you stay online, the more money you can make. You can even install the application on multiple devices to earn as much as you want. 

Affiliate program

Packity also pays you $3 for every person you lead to join the community. You’re credited that money only when the person you referred to the platform installs the application, runs it and stays online for at least 7 days. 

You’re given a special link called referral link of which you can share with anyone being on your social media account or whatever. This is a great way to earn a good income. Honeygain also provides a similar affiliate program and they really pay. 

How Much Money Can You Earn With Packity?

The amount you earn partly depends on you and partly on the demand of Packity service in your region. The basic rate is $0.1/GB internet bandwidth provided your availability is 60-100% which seems like an unlimited way to earn so far as you’re active and the demand in your area is high. 

Users whose availability is less than 60% are paid $0.05/GB which implies you have to be online like 24/7 to earn a significant amount. Let’s say you share 10GB daily for a month, that will be $30. 

And also if you’re able to get 10 referrals a day and let say 5 qualifies for the month, that will make you 5x30x3 = $450. Your potential earning could be $480/month provided all things work out as calculated. That is good money. However, FluidStack can earn you more than that if you a GPU machine. 

In situations where there are high demand in certain regions, Packity reward surge bonus for individuals who share their nodes. With this special case, you can earn as high as $0.8/GB and it goes for people with high network availability.

Is It Safe To Join Packity?

That’s a question you’ve got to ask before jumping on this train. Packity assures contributors of 100% safety….they claim to build this proxy network with user security at the core of their heart. In addition, they have a KYC policy to ensure that customers like you are safe. 

Honestly speaking, I haven’t encountered any security alert on my laptop when I installed the app as compared to other platforms. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve not faced any issues since I connected my node.

Things To Note Before Joining 


#1. The website has an SSL certificate

The URL of packity has “https” which means it’s safe to share your data on the platform as it is heavily protected against any malicious act. So with regards to your personal information hack, Packity has got you covered.

#2. Free to join

It’s open to everyone to join provided you’re good to go with their privacy policy. All that you need is your electronic device with the internet. That’s all you’ve got to lose and nothing else.

#3. Popular with Alexa Ranking

Packity Review - alexa rankingAccording to Alexa Ranking, 3 months ago Packity ranked around 780k but now around 100k which implies that usage of the website is increasing daily which is not bad. Most of the traffic is coming from Russia, Brazil, and India. 

#4. Uses 15% of Bandwidth

According to Packity, their application only uses 15% of your internet bandwidth which means you can run it in your background and do other things normally. You can even add other bandwidth companies like Honeygain and LoadTeam to it without a problem which is really cool.

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#1. No Information on Founder

Unlike Fluidstack where the founders share their profile with you, Packity chooses not to disclose the founder which is a big question mark. They’re asking you to trust them with your internet bandwidth and personal information while you have no idea of whom you’re dealing with. 

This is something you really have to consider before making the decision to join. 

#2. You may not make any money

As convincing as it sounds, make passive income with your unused and wasting internet bandwidth, that’s not the reality for everyone. Like I said earlier, 48 hours of being online and I have no earnings to show for it. This implies there is no demand in my region so no matter how long I stay online, I wouldn’t make any dime. 

Packity Review - disappointed members

You may also not earn anything if there are no demands in your region. Other people with similar experience have expressed their frustrations concluding that Packity is a scam. I’m in South Korea but people in the US and the UK are said to find a lot of success with them. So keep it in mind.

#3. No BBB Accreditation or rating

If Better Business Bureau is your go-to place in endorsing programs you want to join, be aware that Packity is not captured in their records. BBB investigations have not proved their claims  but it doesn’t mean Packity is not delivering on their promises. 

Some people have actually made a withdrawal. That is for your information. You might want to check out this video if you’re new to BBB. 

How Do You Get Started with Packity? 

  1. You have to visit and click Sign Up or click Get Started Now to create your account with
  2. You then download & install the Packity application for Windows, MAC or android depending on your operating system.
  3. After installation, run the Packity application and login with your account to begin sharing. Your dashboard should look something like this;

Packity Review - dashboard

Once you begin sharing, you will be able to login to your dashboard and see your node statistics, your availability statistics, and very soon your balance will also be updated in realtime like below.

Packity Review - statistics for earning

Is Packity a Scam or legit?

Packity has a high chance to be a scam. Most users have labelled it FAKE because they never delivered on their promises. Packity is simply not paying its members after taking their bandwidth.

Others have also vented out their disappointments on some forums for staying online for hours without any earnings to show for it. While it’s mostly explained as no demand in your region, it appears to be partly false considering their poor support service. 

In view of that, I will not recommend that you join Packity for your own safety. Packity smells more of a scam. 

My Conclusion: Packity Alternatives 

There are other things to worry about if you’re going to join Packity. What I’m not cool with is the fact that the owners want to go dark. That should be a sign for you and the reported cases of payment and support issues settle it. 

However, there are legitimate places to turn to if you really want to make money. Try Honeygan, FluidStack and LoadTeam and you wouldn’t have to worry about FAKE or SCAM headaches. I’ve withdrawn earnings at least once from these websites.

In fact, there are several other websites that are similar to Packity but pays.  I’ve compiled them in a list of make money online with your idle computer. Signing up a couple of them can earn you a good amount of money every month.

What if your bandwidth investment is not worth the returns? Well, there are other evergreen opportunities on the internet that can help you make passive income online….it even has the potential of replacing your main income stream when implemented effectively. Yh, you’re reading right…..

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Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with Packity.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

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  1. Thank you for the great post, and I’m glad I read your review!  I was actually about to try Packity, until I read your review.  I like it because you actually tried it.  I don’t like that the founders are unknown.  That worries me a little, although it is interesting that it is free.  I’m really worried that it could harm my computer though.

  2. This is the second review that I am reading under the bandwidth sharing platforms and it keeps looking ever real to me. I didn’t know that anything like that existed. Seeing now that you have shared this review on packity looks real good. I think it is very sad that the owners have decided not to come out plain. It would’ve been really nice. Greta job

    • It’s a risk one has to take if making money out of your unused bandwidth is a worthy cause for you with Packity. If you’re looking for a similar opportunity where the founders come out plain, then Fluidstack will be your go-to place. 


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