What Is Clixsense About? A Thorough Review!

The internet is full of opportunities that one can leverage to make an extra income while performing simple tasks which might be something that you do daily. In reality, most people spend far too much time jumping from one social platform to the other without any significant life impact. I was once in that kind of lifestyle until I decided to do something worthwhile with that time to put money on the table. So, if you’re here chances are that you also want to make some extra money and wondering whether Clixsense is a genuine platform to start off with.

Well, if you want to know what Clixsense is about then you might want to read on to find out what kind of platform it is. I’ve put together a comprehensive information about Clixsense that will cost you nothing but patience to find out all you need to know.

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ClixsenseWhat is ClixSense?

Business name: ClixSense

Owner: Mr James Grago

Website: www.clixsense.com

Address: 210 Bates Retreat, Hampstead, NC 28443, USA

My Overall Rating: 8.9 out of 10

Clixsense is currently a Get Paid To (GPT) or a website that rewards its partners in the completion of tasks or other activities to earn some extra pocket money. In effect, it pays you for promoting their cause by participating in their laid down program to engage partners and thereby getting a reward for that.

It was originally established as a Paid To Click (PTC) business model in 2007 until July 2017 when it began to operate us a GPT website. The difference in this change is that the PTC was more of clicking and viewing of ads for a number of minutes to earn some credits whiles their current GPT model provides diverse engagements other than the viewing of ads from different sources.

This business model cost you no money to join that is it’s FREE. The cost in partnering with this business model is your precious time, internet and your computer which I believe is not much of a problem since we’re almost surfing the internet all the time. It claims to have paid over $33 million dollars to its partners all over the world and continues to pay those that earn.

The business has been in the system for long and has proven to be a legit platform to work with. However, knowing how it works and the way to generate money from their business model is what will determine whether its’ worth your time and energy.

How Do I Make Money From Clixsense?

As claimed by the platform, it provides you with multiple sources of generating money by engaging in programs that might be what you easily do online without getting paid for it. From their several business sponsors, you can earn money by:

Taking Surveys

surveyThey provide you with paid surveys from different companies depending on your demographic area. These surveys are mostly about products or services of these companies to enable them to improve what they produce for their customers so doing an excellent job contribute a lot to them. The survey is in the language of your demographic location and can’t be changed so if you’re a foreigner in a country where you’re not good with the language, assessing the survey might be a hurdle for you.

Also, the amount you earn is dependent on the country you’re in and can vary from $0.3 to around $5 per a survey. The time required to complete a survey is dependent on the survey type and there’s no fixed amount of time to finish every survey. To earn from a survey you must qualify for it but most people dive in only for them to find out they’re unqualified for it halfway through.

This is common to most survey platforms. However, Clixsense offers you other avenues to earn money online. So whenever you’re rejected for a particular survey jump to other avenues on the platform.

From their site most of their surveys come from the following companies;

  • Sumplicio.us
  • OpinioNetwork
  • Opinion World
  • Toluna Influencers
  • Innovate
  • Global Test Market
  • Say so
  • Speak up
  • Sample cube
  • Pure spectrum
  • Your surveys

Completing offers

offersThe means of earning in this section is mostly by testing products or services of their sponsors. You don’t pay anything to gain access to them but all that is required is to sign up and complete them. The most common offers provided in Clixsense are testing new services or product of companies, watching a video and signing up for websites.

You have unlimited access to these offers provided they’re available and you can try as many as possible to find those that fit what you want. For people who have the uneasiness in using their information on websites may find other offers other than that.

The compensation here is not flat but varies on the type of offer and the sponsoring company. So, irrespective of your interest, you have something that might be suitable for you. These range of offers come from the following providers

  • Clixoffers
  • Persona.ly
  • Peanut Labs
  • AdGate
  • Trial Pay
  • Offer Toro
  • Wannards
  • Adscend
  • Kiwiwall

The other survey you can earn from is daily survey routers. Some of the surveys here can be taken only once per day whiles others have an unlimited number of times provided you qualify. Most of the time, people don’t qualify for the surveys but to maximize your chances of qualifying, you might want to check it several times a day.

The money you earn here might vary for some sponsors whiles most falls around and between $0.40 to $1.00.

Doing Online Tasks

TaskClixsense also credits it partners from few cents to a few dollars by completing simple tasks online. The difficulty level of the task you carry out determines the amount you should earn. The tasks could be as simple as grouping images or making searches on google and the platform provides you with a different range of tasks that you can filter to find what’s best for you.

Every task given to you might have a set of instructions for you to follow in order to complete it and specific tasks may require prior training before given access. You’re denied if you fail the prior test and the tasks are provided daily. This is put in place to give the sponsors value for the money they’re investing. They want the best out of it.

Tasks offered by Clixsense might have limited or unlimited times of access. In any case, you’re prompted with a notification about the number of times as you take it.

Referring People to the Platform

Treferralhis form of earning is like affiliate marketing. You’re provided with an affiliate link where you can share with friends or interested people to join. There are two major ways that you can earn money from this namely sign up commission and activity commisions.

From sign up commission, you earn from $0.1 to $0.3 per any active referral you get depending on the country of the person. In addition to this, you earn $2.00 for the first $5.00 that your referral makes. So in order to earn much, you have to promote this business and help out your referrals to make money.

The activity commission enables you to earn as much as 20% of the amount your referrals make on any approved surveys, tasks and offers they take. So with increasing approved activities of your referrals, you can maximize your earnings without having to pay anything.

So How Much Can I Earn With Clixsense?

As you can see, this platform provides you with unlimited ways to earn provided you have the time and the zeal to work with their system. You can sign up for free and start making money but you have to bear it in mind that the commissions of this platform wouldn’t pour in like a fountain overnight but might take you a little while to make a significant income.

To provide you with a fair idea of how much you can earn let’s put the ways of earning together. Please, note that the scenario I’m giving you is not absolute but it’s to help you ascertain the earning potential of this platform.

Let’s assume you’re approved every day for the various activities. You complete a total of 5 surveys of average $0.5 each, two offers earning you on average of  $1 per one and 10 tasks each earning you $0.02. In addition, you get 5 daily referrals of which 3 end up active and 50% of them get approved of activities.

Compounding this for 30 days is likely to earn you about $75 for surveys, $60 for offers, $6 for tasks and $142 from you referrals. This, in a month, will roughly earn you about $283 which can add to your income stream. However, you can earn more or less than this depending on how much time you invest in it and the number of activities you’re able to complete.

The Good About Clixsense

  • It’s free to join. Although this business platform earns you pennies to a few dollars per activity, it’s worth joining than falling for scams that promise you heaven on earth but deceive you in the end. You don’t have any money to lose to this business.
  • It provides you several ways to earn. You can earn by doing surveys, taking offers, carrying out tasks and also promoting the business opportunity to people.
  • It’s available in several countries. The business is not restricted to a few countries but it available to a wide range of countries provided you have internet access.
  • It’s rated as a good business to work with by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has a rating of A-. You can check it here.

The Bad About Clixsense

  • You might be rejected several times in qualifying for surveys. Sometimes you spend about 5 – 12 mins for a survey only for you to discover that you don’t qualify.
  • Their Payment system does not have PayPal.
  • Some of their offers would require you to install some applications on your phone in order to earn some money. I don’t really like this part of the business idea because the app is not relevant but you do it only to earn some pennies. It’s something that’s hard for me to do.
  • Account suspension issues. Since the platform uses your demographic area to provide you offers, there have been complaints of denial of access when you check in at different locations. This is a measure they’ve put in place to secure their system because some users have devious behaviour but it becomes a pain in the neck if you genuinely find yourself in that situation.

Is Clixsense A Scam Or A Legit?

Clixsense is not a scam. It’s a genuine business platform which has been in existence for quite a long time and the success stories shared by many members confirm their legit operations. In any case, this business model doesn’t require any money to start so it can be said as a harmless one but it’s a matter of how worth it is to the time you invest.

This business can help you earn some extra income when you put in the needed time and skill to it. Every opportunity has got its challenges so if you ever try one survey and get rejected, try it again and again alongside with other offers to increase your earnings. However, if you’re impatient and want a quick money then you might want to look somewhere else.

If you desire to build a rather reliable online business that can generate more income than the pennies in this platform, then you might want to continue reading to find out. Become your own boss by having the right skill to manage your online business.

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