TestingTime Review: Earn Up To €50/Hour OR Work @ Home Scam?

Are you considering making money in the comfort of your home by just sharing your opinion about products and services? Hitherto, you may probably have given your view about a product and had no reward. Now, TestngTime claims to put money in your wallet by just doing that.  

So if you’re here, my guess is that you have some time on your hands and you want to make money out of it but wondering whether TestingTime is a go-to place or a scam? Is it one of the paying legit usability testing sites or just a prank that will waste your precious time? 

It’s very understandable to be sceptical so in this TestingTime review, I will not only be providing you with all that TestingTime is about but help you to make an informed decision and also guide you on how to make passive income just working part-time or at home. Let’s delve in!

TestingTime Campaign

What Is TestingTime About?

Product: TestingTime

Founders: Oliver Ganz, Rahel Vils & Reto Laemmler 

Website: testingtime.com

Platform Type: Get Paid To Test

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

TestingTime Review

TestingTime is an automated usability testing platform that recruits test users for usability testing, interviews, focus groups, workshops and online surveys. It’s a Switzerland-based company which started as a part-time project until it gained popularity and was branded as TestingTime AG in early 2015. 

It was founded by Oliver Ganz, Rahel Vils and Reto Laemmler. TestingTime claims to have over 100,000 test users who are provided to their customers based on the test requirement to offer both quantitative and qualitative user research. Their customers usually come from UX and market research companies who are regularly in need of users to test their products or provide information in a particular field. Currently, TestingTime claims to provide service to large corporations such as UBS, Zalando, SBB, Trivago, Doodle and others. 

TestingTime Customers

Therefore if you’re a corporation and needs the service of TestingTime, it will be expedient to check out their pricing and what they can offer you here. For someone, who want to have fun and as well earn some extra income online, let go further to see how you can leverage this platform to your advantage. 

How Does TestingTime Work?

After a UX or market research company books a usability testing, TestingTime recruits members who are suitable to partake in the test based on their profile. The test could be in the form of an interview, usability testing, focus groups, workshops and online surveys which is done remotely or in-person with clients. 

For example, if there is a digital product to be tested, you receive an invitation through your email when you qualify based on your profile. You then take screening questions to ensure your fit for the test and when you qualify, you pick a suitable time for the test. You’re however to note that this works on a first come, first served basis so you wouldn’t want to miss your notification when a test drops. 

 On the agreed date and time, you show up at the customer’s office (i.e in-person test) or on Skype for the remote test where a set of instructions is given for you to carry out the test. A moderator will be available to provide you guidance in the course of the testing so you’re advised to think out loud and provide constructive opinions. There’s nothing like wrong or right here so say things that you experience with the product. 

When your test is successful and approved, you’re paid through PayPal which takes about 5-10 days. The testing time normally ranges from 30 – 90 minutes which can earn you up to €50. Check out the video below;

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Your first step to earning extra income from TestingTime is signing up. For the in-person test with clients you only need yourself to be there on time but for remote testing, you need the following in addition; 

  • A Personal Computer (Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR Windows 7 or higher) with Skype installed
  • A high-speed internet access
  • A Skype ID and phone number
  • A Working built in microphone
  • Webcam
Unlike UserTesting, UserFeel, Userlytics, TryMyUI, TestingTime doesn’t allow the use of smartphones or tablets for the test. 

How Much Money Can You Earn?

TestingTime claims to invite members once or twice in a week to partake in product testing. However, you can’t be certain whether you’ll receive an invitation as stated because there are instances where people don’t receive any at all. 

All things being equal, you earn up to €50 for any test you complete which implies that you can make around €200 a month or even more if you’re able to do about 4 tests. With that said, it means you always have to be on the alert anytime you receive an invitation so that someone doesn’t snatch it from you. 

This looks promising but you can’t be sure that you’re going to make that amount of money in a month so you might want to increase your options by trying similar sites like UserTesting, Userlytics, UserFeel, TryMyUI and User testing Market.  

What Happy Users Say About TestingTime?

From my viewpoint, this usability testing platform can’t provide you passive income but I couldn’t agree more with what the happy users are saying. 

#1. Very Low Risk, FREE to join

You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to get started. All that you need is your email address and other information. However, you’re going to pay with your time. Other free money making platform that you can try are Respondent, PointsPrizes and Clixsense. 

#2. The company is trustworthy
#3 Good payment history
#4 You don’t need any experience
#5 PayPal Payment

#6 No mininum cashout

Complaints by Users

In as much as I would encourage you to add it to your income streams, keeping the following in mind will be helpful. 

>> Providing you phone number is a requirement

>> You should expect 1  or 2 test in a week. 

This is certainly not your sure way make to passive income or make a decent monthly income to take care of yourself. Check out Wealthy Affiliate if you want to create wealth with the internet.

>> You may not make any money

The focus of their service is on Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Users in other countries might have fewer invitations but at worst case nothing at all although they provide English testing. Even if you’re in any of these countries, failure to accept invitations on time means no money for your wallet. 

If you want to be assured of making money by building your own business then you might want to check out my recommendation. 

>> Usability testing might be intimidating for some people if going on live is uneasy for you. If you’re in that category, I would recommend you to try PointsPrizes, Clixsense or Time Bucks

Is TestingTime a Scam or Legit?

Undoubtedly, TestingTime is not a scam considering the good report of payment and the reputation of the company. Also, they’ve been online for more than a year which makes it a legit company to work with. Their domain was registered in 2005 if you check on whois.com which means they’ve been online for long to be trusted. 

thumbs up

 However, you can’t be guaranteed to make a particular amount of money in a month so you shouldn’t consider income from TestingTime for your budget. However Respondent can earn you averagely $140 per hour if you’re able to complete any task. 

Final Thoughts - Is TestingTime Worth Your Time?

TestingTime is legit and has proven to be a reliable company to make an extra income but you have to bear in mind that it requires active work to make that money. Have you ever considered your one-time-effort making you money now and days to come? I mean creating a passive or residual income by building your own internet business online. You can check my #1 stop platform that’s helping me build my main income stream business in affiliate marketing.  

If you want to start your own business today, then I’ll encourage you to try out the training which is helping me create passive income part-time working from home. You don’t need any experience to start and there is an awesome comunity always willing to help you succeed. I will be there myself to provide you with my experinece to excel. You can start yours for FREE and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

If you have any thoughts or questions about anything in this post, please do well to drop it in the comment and I will be glad to respond. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

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Your friend, 


14 thoughts on “TestingTime Review: Earn Up To €50/Hour OR Work @ Home Scam?”

  1. I have heard about similar platform before, they pay up to $20-50 per test. But I have my reservations for this kind of platforms, it looks too good to be true. I would have loved to sign up for for TestingTime, but my morale dropped when you wrote that they have preference for certain countries and payment could take up to 10 days.Nevertheless, users in Europe can sign up.

    • Hi there, 

      It works just that you can’t rely on it because invitations might not be consistent. However, you might want to look into affiliate marketing to make passive income if it’s a no-go area for you. Check out this training platform to get started.

  2. Testing time is a good platform. The amount they pay is actually encouraging. If it was a worldwide program, I sure will be ready to participate. However, the problem with this program is the fact that you won’t get task always and when you do, you may be unavailable. Would be good for people in the locations mentioned especially if you already work from home.

  3. Thanks, this is the first time I am hearing of Testing time. I have been getting so many emails inviting me to test products. I did not know how reliable those emails are. Testing time seems like a reliable company but the money to be made is so little. And the amount of tests you get in a week are too few. Thanks for the information. 

  4. I was searching for the TestingTime reviews to find out either is TestingTime a scam or legit and then I landed on this page from Google search and I’m happy that I did because you have explained everything that I was searching to find out about TestingTime. Good to know that it is a legit program. However, what are the available payment options? Is Payoneer available to withdraw our earnings or PayPal is the only option available?


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