User Testing Market Review. Set Your Own Price OR A Scam?

User Testing Market Review

Hey there! Great to have you here and I’m glad you’re looking out on User Testing Market before you take a leap into their opportunity. There are numerous usability testing platforms which are helping people with spare time to make a decent extra income but is User Testing Market one of the legit ones to fall on or a scam to write off. 

User Testing Market operates a bit different from most usability testing platform. As it sounds much like itself you’re actually going to make money by rather marketing your test video at your own price. Yes!, that’s what this opportunity claims but one needs to watch out before jumping on. 

This User Testing Market review is intended to provide you with all that you need to know about this platform to make an informed decision. So, I’m glad to be your personal guide here. Let’s get started!

What Is About?

Product: User Testing Market

Founder: Not Found on Site 


Platform Type: Get Paid To Test

Cost: Your time ($0.00)

Best For: People interested in exchanging their free time for money or work at home Mom or Dad

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

User Testing Market

User Testing Market is a usability testing platform which serves as an intermediary between a website and app developers and testers who have free time on their hand to exchange their opinions for money. Surprisingly, the founder of this platform is not found on the site and it appears to be new.

Unlike the tradition usability testing platforms where the platforms send invites to testers to conduct products and services testing, here you submit a test with your own price based on test request available on the website. 

If you’re new to the concept of usability testing, let me take you through it briefly. Developers of websites and apps send their product to usability platforms with instructions about how it should be tested. The usability platforms provide them with people to test the product providing feedbacks which are used by the developers to improve their applications. 

How Does User Testing Market Work?

The platform is like a market place where testers upload test videos in response to test requests available on their site and set their price to it.

So this is how it goes;

A developer request for a usability test with a set of instructions referred to as task that a tester needs to follow to provide the kind of feedback they’re expecting. The requester may set a price tag to it and those who want quantitative test would add the number of test videos they want.

A tester like you and me, choose any suitable test request and head to the site to conduct the test. You follow the required task from the start to finish and create a video by screen recording your actions. You sometimes do it without any audio recording.

When complete, you upload your test video to the site with the price you’re willing to sell it. An automatic snapshot of your test video is generated to present as evidence or advertisement.

The requester purchases your test video when pleased with what seen in your snapshots. The full video is then released to the requester and you get paid. User Testing Market charges you a little fee for hosting you and other management.

However, if this process is too long for you then you might want to try similar ones like UserTesting, UserFeel, TryMyUI and Userlytics which work a bit different.

This how the test request list looks like.

User Testing Market test request

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Unlike most of the usability test sites that I’ve reviewed, this does not have any age limit. You’re eligible to join provided you can offer constructive feedback to what you’re required to do. In addition to your personal details, you should have the following;

  • A Personal Computer (Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR Windows 7 or higher)
  • A high-speed internet access
  • A standard internet browser program (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • A Working built in microphone
  • Screen recorder (there’s free ScreenCastify extension for Chrome, you can have ActivePresenter too)
  • PayPal, Bank account or Credit card

How Much Money Can You Earn?

There’s no specific amount to what you can make. You can make as much as your test videos are purchased or nothing. You can’t really be certain here because you set your price for any test video you upload although there are suggested price for every test request. 

You can, however, make anywhere from $2 and upwards per test depending on the requirements of the test and how much the requester is willing to pay. The test time could range from 5 min and above. 

For any test video that a requester pays, User Testing Market subtracts a fee so you don’t get exactly the amount you priced your video. Here’s a summary of the fee;

Price                                          Fee

less than $2                              $1

$2 – $ 10                                     50%

Above 10$                                 35%

This selling of test videos looks like a good offer but you can’t be assured of purchase even when your test video is very good. The earning here is low in my perspective considering how much you’re putting in your wallet when the fee is taken from it. If you’re interested in making averagely as high as $140 in an hour, then Respondent should be your go-to place. 

What I Like About User Testing Market?

This is not an opportunity that I would invest much time in but it’s relevant to point out some good things about the platform. 

#1 It’s FREE to join

It doesn’t cost you any money to join except your details and the data bundle you’re going to burn with it. 

 #2 No qualification and screening tests required

You don’t have to worry about getting a good rating in order to make money. When the test conditions suit you, nothing stops you to go for it. It’s one of the main difference in most usability testing platform. 

#3 You decide the price for your test video

This is not typical of most usability testing platform. While this may be a unique feature of User Testing Market, you’re to note that test requesters usually quote the amount they’re also willing to pay for any test. However, you’re likely to make the price you tag with your test video provided you do a quality job. 

#4 Accessible to all countries

You don’t have to be in a specific country before you can take advantage of this opportunity. But those in the USA and Australia usually receive payment within 2 business days while other countries will see the payment in 7 business days. 

The Downsides of User Tesing Market

Aside from the fact that User Testing Market can’t make you rich overnight or be reliable income for your living, it appears to have the potential to make you an extra income. In addition;

>> You have no guarantee of making money

Since this platform works as a marketing area for you to sell your test video, there’s no assurance that your test will be purchased. You’ll be competing with other testers in terms of sales so you have to do a quality job and have a reasonable price for your video. 

However, Respondent, PointsPrizes and Clixsense guarantee you money provided you do a quality job and you need no marketing.  

>> The platform is fresh in the system

User Testing Market is barely a year in the online world and thus wouldn’t have much trust to deliver what they claim. Nonetheless, their business concept is feasible as compared to UserTesing, Userlytics, UserFeel, TryMyUI who have been operating for years online.

This could be a positive sign in terms of availability of test requests but that has to be weighed against trusting them in delivering what they claim. 

Is User Testing Market a Scam or Legit?

So far there hasn’t been any known negative feedback from users although the business started operating in 2018 and hasn’t gotten much grounds as compared to other usability testing sites. With that said there’s not much evidence to conclude that it’s a scam but frankly speaking from my experience, the business idea is feasible and it’s only a matter of time for them to prove what they really stand for. 


Although, they’re fresh in the system but almost getting to the legit category. Since you have nothing to lose except your time, you can explore it yourself but in case you’re looking for a reliable way to make passive income, then you may want to check my #1 stop way of doing it.  

Final Thoughts - Is Worth Your Time?

Systems like User Testing Market are siding attractions which can only provide extra income but can’t replace a full-time income source. So it becomes fun at times when you have some spare time to make extra bucks. I sometimes do it myself but in pursuit of residual income, I channel my time and resources into building my own business online. 

It’s a matter of value you place on your time and the kind of life you want to create for yourself. Making the decision of building my online business was a wise choice so you can try out my #1 recommendation if you want to start yours today. Are you interested? 

If you’re, I beckon you to follow me to the training which is helping me create passive income part time working from home. You can start yours for FREE and put your credit card away. 

Over To You

If you have any thoughts or questions about anything in this post, please do well to drop it in the comment and I will be glad to respond. 

I hope you’ve gathered some insights here and until then, do make a good decision.

                             Share it, if you like it! 🙂

Your friend, 


6 thoughts on “User Testing Market Review. Set Your Own Price OR A Scam?”

  1. Interesting.  I’ve seen other work-at-home setups – some good, some medium, and some scams.  But I’d not seen a system like this, where you actually create a video of yourself testing an element of someone’s website.  I guess I couldn’t work in my jammies!  Haha.  But it doesn’t seem terribly difficult.  I suppose one upside could be that if you’re really proficient at it, you may garner higher prices for your product.  But that seems pretty unlikely.  I agree with your assessment – check out some of the other money-makers before diving too far into this one, unless you’re in a country where the others won’t pay you.  

  2. Thank you for this honest and unbiased review of the user testing market. I must commend you for creating time to do excellent job. I will like to join the user testing market as part job to get some extra incomes. I have a full time job but I still have a lot of time to spare. It will be fun to put my spare time time into something that will generate extra income for me. Thank you very much. 

  3. Hi Derrick:

    Thanks for this insightful article. I have used User Testing’s marketing solution to test campaigns before launching them. For instance, I recently tested a funnel with User Testing and tweaked it based on people’s feedback. I think the best thing about User Testing is that it gives instant results which is great. You can have campaign tested in less than a day. It is also helpful in improving the customer experience for websites, landing page, or even app on-boarding. Pretty much you can test anything as a marketer with User Testing. They have a huge database of people who are willing to test and give users feedback. Again, your article is informative and like you said, for full-time income online, I will sign up with wealthy affiliate.

    TonyCons: It isn’t recommended for time-sensitive marketing campaigns and projects.


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